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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Camelopardalid Meteor Shower – 23 May 2014

My sweet friend Dawn of Reiki Dawn shared this post and it reminded me I had seen this information earlier in an email from someone. I wonder if this is why all today I have been experiencing slight dizzy spells where my equilibrium is off – sort of putting me in that Cosmic Ocean feel?

Any of you feeling anything today?

Lucas 2012 Infos

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell folks here we go again getting seeded from deep space with a brand new meteor storm first time ever for earth. As we all well know meteors are all from different parts of the universe. They are older than time and always have an agenda. Last year meteorites were found in the Sahara desert that were from Mars, when cut open they had  life in them. I totally believe that these space rocks come to give us something that we must need.

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Seeing with the Heart – A Way to Perceive Energy & Bring in More Light

Temple of the Sacred Heart by Tania Marie – available here:

I hardly read books anymore, unless I receive a big message it’s important I do so, but I used to read a ton. I currently only have two books I’ve been led to read, after quite the hiatus. Lately, however, I keep getting these nudges to share passages, excerpts and quotes from past books I’ve read.

Since information isn’t new, but recycled, and in most cases “ahead of its time” I find, the information seems very relevant to recurring patterns and themes that I see and feel come up for the collective.

And seems natural, since many of the things repeating are the most challenging to wrap ourselves around and to practice on a consistent basis. Ironically, they also hold valuable gifts that can be the key to unlocking doors of experience we are wanting to, and about to, enter.

It’s about timing and perspective, as to what we are ready to hear, embrace, or actually put into practice.

Today I’m sharing some passages again from Sanaya Roman’s channeled book, Personal Power through Awareness, coming through Orin. Several things kept jumping out at me this week from her book and I’ve let them unfold as they wanted.

Here are some quick insights from her book that may hold some gems of wisdom currently for you in your relations with others and yourself:

As you tune into others, open your heart, and embrace them with a thought of love, not criticism. Imagine an unloving, critical person tuning into someone’s energy. The other person would not open (even subconsciously or on an energy level) to reveal any information, for that critical energy would feel like an intrusion. Then imagine a gentle, caring, and loving soul seeking information. The other person would open to that warmth and bask in that love. As you start to sense energy, you will discover not only the pain and confusion in others, but also different reality systems that may not fit into your own. If you approach people with compassion and tolerance, you will be able to gather much more useful data. Many people are very aware of energy, and yet when they sense something that does not fit with their known reality, with life the way they believe it to be, they tune it out. You will need to be willing to see that many people think differently and believe in different things than you without making them wrong, if you want to accurately perceive their energy.

Tolerance means you can accept many different viewpoints and love people for who they are. If you are willing to be tolerant, you can embark on an enormous adventure. Each person has a unique way of looking at the world. If you can discover what is unique, is free, open, and loving about everyone you know and meet, you will discover new ways that you yourself may become more free, open and loving. It is fascinating to discover the ways people perceive the world. As you open to many beliefs, you will become more fluid and less rigid yourself. To grow lighter yourself, be flexible and adopt whatever viewpoints are appropriate to the outcomes you desire. Most people are fixed within their own being. They have been taught the world operates in a certain way, and that is how they see it. This inflexibility leaves them with fewer and fewer areas of freedom and choice. You have seen people who are stuck in certain ruts. They are unwilling to change even though their lives don’t work for them…If you want to direct the energy in your life, if you want to see clearly the world you live in, you will need to be willing to see life from other people’s perspectives, which may be quite different from your own. As you do so, remain open and nonjudgmental, keeping a sense of discovery, love, and adventure.

Pain is only triggered by another person when there is already pain within you.

Every time another person creates pain in you it is a gift. It is showing you an area in which your heart has not yet learned to be open. It is showing you a place where you may bring more light into yourself. You have drawn certain people into your life to show you the places where you need to become more open. Part of your lesson will be to stay open and loving even when they are acting in a way that used to cause you pain.

Before you approach the other person with recrimination, closing your heart and pulling away, creating more separateness and pain, stop. Ask yourself if you are willing to bring in light.

White Rabbit Magick – Joy Gets Her Own Wonderland House

Joy’s new cardboard house

I share my art studio/office/healing and crystal room with my sweet bunny companion, Joy. And now she officially has her own little home that resides within our shared room, compliments of dad. It is a cardboard house she can sleep in and chew all at once with a little cardboard pathway up to it!

She’s like the White Rabbit in her Wonderland magick house now (being that she’s mostly white with gray spotting and back). Our shared space is one that holds a lot of potent energy with every crystal, except for two large ones in the dining room, that I have residing in the space with us where we work and play together.

As I’ve shared before, Joy is quite the healing bunny and loves working with crystals, as well as loves to help mom with Reiki and intuitive sessions – acting as a telepathic channel or conduit/bridge between us and the Spirit world, between Nestor (my dearly departed twin soul) and I, and between Earth and the Otherworlds.

Joy sleeping in her cardboard house

Like Nestor, she loves to also work with Tarot cards and will choose some with her teeth, assist with my painting and gets very excited about them, will channel answers through my pendulum, and when I place either my hand on her or my Third Eye to hers, will channel messages and visions to me to assist myself or to assist in readings I am giving others.

She is definitely a magickal little bunny and rightfully so, deserved her own little magick Wonderland house she can call her own and can simultaneously chew on to work those teeth and nerves (good for rabbits so they don’t chew things that can be both damaging to house or themselves)! It has three stories, with little ramps to each (the top one is the penthouse deck) and several doorways and window openings to make it a perfect bunny tunneling expedition. So far she’s staying grounded at the bottom floor hanging out, napping and chewing her cardboard carpeting.

I love my sweet little Joy and give her a reciprocation of the beautiful love and support she provides me. What a cutie!!!


Welcome 2012!

2012 Energy IS: Fearless Love, Integration, Empowerment, Creativity, Natural Harmony, Balance, Magic, Clarity, Wisdom, Flow, Joy, Inspired Conviction 

Here is a lovely and supportive message from Spirit Speaks, channeled from Mother Mary that I felt really had a simple and beautiful sharing to address the current changes unfolding and our roles in the shift: 

For those who are not on my newsletter mailing list or missed the facebook posts, I wanted to extend these thoughts and sharings from my heart to yours now that we have stepped into this amazing year of 2012…..

As we put peaceful closure to what was quite a full year of transformational experiences, it is time to be ever more present and focused on the now and to leave the rest behind us for good – moving forward only with the love and healing wisdom that is shaping the new we have desired.

Like for many of you, this has been a year of gathering, organizing, tending to, and blending all the ingredients of my story together for the recipe of life path intents I have been envisioning and intending for years and in many ways, all my life.

To many, it may always seem as if it’s a never-ending story of winding labyrinths that challenge us at every turn, but be sure that all the pieces of the journey have been leading you ingeniously back to the sanctuary within – back to the core of YOU. And at that core is the unfolding beauty that is taking form in this new world in harmony with the rest of the visionaries – buds that are promised a life as a flower in the garden of life.

Had it not been for my unfaltering convictions, heart felt beliefs, unequivocally magical life experiences, and the loving presence and supportive nudges from dear ones, I would not be where I stand today. For everything I am deeply grateful and while I still falter, I have learned my processes and how to unconditionally maneuver and assist myself through the challenging times and the self-sabotage. It’s not that we necessarily arrive at a point of being healed of all things without experiencing any bumps. But we learn the perfection of it all and to become empowered through the understanding and trust that we have the ability to shift the experiences more swiftly, the more we consciously understand how we operate, come to integrate all the pieces, and learn how to support a more flowing life.

We are in this time of instant shifting and instant manifesting. So much so, it will almost not even phase you that things changed. This is the beauty of the work we have been doing for so long and what has been percolating. It seems at times nothing has changed, but when you stop to look, it has changed so much and in many cases you won’t remember how you got where you are and how you surpassed the fears you once had.

This is a year of fearless love in every way possible – love of our passions creatively, compassionately and uninhibitedly expressed, love for each other, love of life, love of the earth and all the beings we share it with, love of the mysteries of the cosmos, love of YOU.

My intent is that everyone experience the power and magic of love uniquely through the vehicle of you and cohesively melding with the experience of the collective for the highest good of all concerned. I intend to provide my unique heart contributions to support empowered and loving experiences through creative and visionary healing arts that will help along that journey.

An exciting and full year is upon us. This is why it is important to be mindful of nurturing and taking care of your precious physical being so that it may be a powerful vehicle in life for you to bring about the beauty you are flowing forth. I have learned this and am currently in process of doing the same, after my overhaul with it this year, as I have seen the year ahead in my visions and wise is it to tend to the body that will make it possible. Your body is your temple and through it we are gifted the ability to experience amazing things, as long as we keep it fortified the same way we fortify our spiritual, emotional and mental well being. Integration and honor of all our parts is necessary – not a luxury.

I am heart-fully excited to assist in the miracles you desire this year and beyond, while simultaneously supporting us into natural harmony with the Earth and Cosmos.

My company, Emerald Bridge, will be getting a face-lift and kicking off the year with a lot of new things, both solo and in co-collaboration (as these are times to come together with our gifts):

* Events – Experiences of the senses and beyond: Visionary and creative arts, book signings and art openings, inspiring talks, channelings, high vibe foods, music, fun & more (special guests to be announced). There will be 3 events in the Orange County area at the beginning of 2012 to kick things off with a bang and events will be continually evolving, growing and spreading to help assist with the collective shifts. Stay tuned for details. The first starting in February – A chance to connect and enjoy an integrative, in-person “experience” 

* Classes & workshops – in person Reiki sessions – Unique Reiki, empowered living, healing arts and more – taught solo & in partnership (coming in early 2012 – the first in February)  

* A new visionary series of healing, empowering and magical paintings for our current times (coming in early 2012 and beyond) 

* New crystal pendants to assist with your intents and aligned with the Earth energies of the now – introducing collaborative creations with Reiki Master Teacher and  Designer Allison Jacobson for some progressively gorgeous, out of this world high vibe birthing of new crystal friends – we will blending our energies and gifts for some super charged pieces (coming in early 2012) 

* Sacred tattoo designs – personal portals to spiritual skin – high vibe creations intuited just for you and to integrate your intents (now available for commission: 

* Spiritual Skin – Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep available on Amazon:  – stay tuned for book signings and upcoming talk at the Boise, Idaho 208 Tat2Fest: 

* L.O.V.E. Seeds – Love Our Vibrant Earth Lemurian Seed Crystal Pendants and Pendulums (now available at: ) 

For more information about Emerald Bridge and its focus and how you can help in assisting all of these new paradigm creations into being and to continue to grow and provide more inspiring events and offerings please visit here and consider donating any heartfelt amount: 

Emerald Bridge is in process of evolution into what it was envisioned to be and very exciting things are to come that will be revealed in time, but it can’t all be done solo, nor is that the energy of the now. Any assistance and support is most appreciated. If you would like to donate services that are aligned with the events, please drop me a message. As always, I am available to assist and donate services and offerings towards any collaborations you may have as well that are in heart alignment and mutually resonating.  

If interested in more information please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions and inquiries. Any sharing is always welcome.

Wishing you a Beauty-full New Year.

In abundant love, magic and creativity,

Tania Marie

Emerald Bridge  

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