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The New Buddha: The Masters are Arriving Daily

heart_mindThis is a long, but interesting read posted by Steve Beckow, founder of the website Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Towards a World that Works for Everyone. 

Summary of transcript post:

Ranjit, the new Buddha of Unity and an eight-year-old boy living in India, discusses his mission and the special challenges it presents to be born awake into a non-awake world. He tells us how to orient towards the new children so as not to smother them (for they will leave if we do) and yet to realize the full promise of their potential to educate and lead us. He describes how the new children learn, what their challenges are, and how best to interact with them.

He tells us that masters are returning daily to assist everyone on all paths and from all faiths. He tells us that he is of the lineage of Sanat Kumara, who incarnated as Dipankara Buddha, the Buddha to whom Gautama confessed his desire to be a Buddha. The lineage is therefore Sanat, Gautama and Ranjit.  

Excerpt of one of the messages shared:

“And, my dear friends, we are here to teach you. We are here to teach you by example, as so many of you are teaching by example, and through your fields, your cosmic fields, how you can be.

This is what we demonstrate and show you —that there is more, that there is more wisdom, more understanding, more love, and complete connection. So what we are demonstrating to you is what your life can be like.”

You can read the entire post here:

The New Buddha: The Masters Are Arriving Daily 



Learning to Embrace Timing: “Spiritual Skin” – New Ebook Now Available Plus 50% Off Painting Launch!

Percolation often catapults a leap. When you think you are behind schedule, that isn’t always the “reality” of the situation. It just “seems” to be. In fact, you are probably doing a lot of the work on an energetic level in preparation and then when you sit down to do the actual work, it moves much quicker and with synchronicity than if you had forced it before its time. Schedules, forcing and hard work is a thing of the past. Divine, synchronous timing, allowing, embracing and ease is a thing of the now.

3 years ago I was planted with the seed of inspiration that this ebook needed to come through, but timing was not right, so I was unable to and didn’t start. Then a year ago I finally knew that timing was closing in, but it had a slow start, as there were still elements needing to come together that could not be forced. It’s the same with my paintings. If I try to force something, it just won’t work. I just know, when the time is right.

All the key elements started to come together that were needed, on time, including things in my life, the right connections, and more. It took me several months to get started, even though I had completed all of the research, had a sense of what to write, etc. At this point, timing and a certain balance within my life that would support its creation, became the last needed elements and then boom, I wrote like crazy and everything I knew I wanted to put in the book just came to me and it all morphed together. It not only was the right timing, on a collective level, but my energy was aligned with what was needed to infuse the book with and to be a proper channel for what was to unfold.

It still took months on end to get it to this point, including edits after edits and learning curves on many technical aspects I had no idea about. And along the way, many major life changes, a brand new website and new work focuses.

So after 3 years of the “seed” stage & 1 year of prep, the percolating process of my ebook finally blossomed into magical manifestation. I am extremely joyous in sharing my 1st ebook with you:

Spiritual Skin
Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep

It has been a labor of love & synchronous unfolding in ways I couldn’t begin to share. I know many of you have been asking about it & all I could say was that it was on its way, as when you create something it can never be rushed or forced into a contrived timing.

The ebook is available both in PDF and Kindle versions. For more information and how to order, please visit I am in deep gratitude to all that contributed & am honored for being able to be a channel for this information. I hope you will enjoy.

I will be preparing to get back to creative painting and designing now with this ebook – my “baby,” birthed, which is what it feels like, as so many new inspirations are ready to come forth in abundance.

In celebration of my new ebook launch and a huge surge of creative inspiration that is now ready to explode, I have just announced not only that the ebook is now available in both PDF and Kindle versions, but that I am offering a 50% discount on my latest painting, Rebirth ~ Children of the New Earth.

This special is only if you mention this offer and is good only until June 21, 2011 (Summer Solstice) for the first 20 people. It is good for a canvas giclee, regular price $750. With offer. Now ONLY $375 for a 30″ x 30″ gallery wrap giclee (plus shipping).

This is a huge savings off of a painting that carries the New Earth heart energy for consciously loving and cocreating, a theme that coincides with my ebook, “Spiritual Skin” and a painting that will be featured at Earth Walk 2011.

I am wanting to, in any way I can, help raise the vibrations towards conscious compassion for the earth, the animals, each other….and potent, energetic images hold portal access into that space when we embody and integrate the energy they emanate.

To view the painting click here: or contact me to send an image or provide more information.

Creative Wishes!

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