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Honoring Your Personal Timing ~ Seeing the Moth in Me


If you remember, when I was in Malibu I became aware of a cocoon hanging from one of my plants – the mint -while I was doing a mini Tarot card reading for myself at our picnic table.

Seeing the cocoon went perfect with the message I had received and how I felt to be in my own cocoon still.

I’ve been caring for the cocoon and the life within it, since, gingerly carrying the pot and making sure that it is safe during travel.

Funny thing is, I thought that it was in process of cocooning, when in fact it was actually in process of emerging!

The black I saw was not the caterpillar, but indeed the Moth inside, slowly awakening to take its first new breath of renewing life.


Just yesterday, as I was tending to my plants, I discovered her.

A beautiful and mysterious little Moth with thick fuzzy body and lovely deep colors that blend with Nature.

She still seems to be in a partial state of slumber, as she adjusts to the world in her new body.

I read that they need to go through a process of eclosion when they emerge from the cocoon, where they hang to properly inflate their wings. This process of inflating, drying, and hardening their wings takes up to about 6 hours.

They may be able to fly before that, but unable to go far because their wings are still too heavy and soft.


This little one has been hanging for a much longer time than that so I began to wonder.

Is she having challenges with the process?

Is the change of environment inducing a different process for her?

Is she confused by being inside where I have my plants right now?

She was moving around, so I gave her Reiki and went out to find her a leaf and held it out for her to climb on to.

She did, and I introduced her slowly to the great outdoors again.

She moved around on the leaf and opened her wings, but did not seem to want to fly.

She seemed to want to stay close near my hand.

I let her acclimate slowly while giving her Reiki and asking the Faeries to assist.

I left her for a little while in a covered area by my shoes to keep her safe and protected, but able to leave if she wants.

She did not.

I started to wonder if she wanted to leave?

Or if she still isn’t quite ready and needs some more time?

Perhaps being like a preemie baby that was eager to set foot in the world and start a new adventure, but still has a few more things to integrate before actually setting off on the journey.

I then saw myself in her.

I felt how eager the creative energy within me has been to erupt forth and yet I still have a few things of my own I’m tying up before I can fully fly on the wings of that new energy.

And so I brought her back inside.

I wanted her safe to do her thing in the timing that she needed.

I held the leaf out to the stems of my arugula plant so she can hang there and continue her process in her own timing – safely and under my care.

My guess is that it may mirror my own, as I’m a couple of weeks away from things fully taking flight in my own life.

Dave said to me this morning, as he kind of shook his head and smiled, “Seems like you now have two special needs children, adding a special needs Moth to your care.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, well I’m a special needs soul so I kind of ‘get’ them.”


The Magick That Takes Place In The Chrysalis

transformationYesterday, while spending the day with a sweet friend of mine at Knotts Berry Farm connecting with our inner child through laughter and screams, we also shared some great conversations. One of them led us to discuss the magick of the butterfly, and the miracle transformation the caterpillar goes through to emerge as such. It felt significant.

That conversation inspired this post, as the pure alchemy of that transmutation it undergoes is truly worthy of note, and perhaps you may not fully realize what a profound process the caterpillar goes through in order to renew itself into the enchanted winged one it becomes.

This goes in line with my post, November Thoughts ~ Becoming a Butterfly and may be of interest to all of you “cocooners” out there.

The caterpillar doesn’t merely go hide and sleep in the cocoon and then sprout wings, but nearly fully dissolves into a liquid inside the chrysalis and from memory-retaining imaginal disks, magickally metamorphosizes.

It is from these transform agent-cells that they reconstruct and rearrange themselves to grow anew, after they digest themselves into a primordial soup from the digestive enzyme they release within the cocooning phase.

I love the symbolism and implications of this and how much it resonates with my current experience. I’ve been through the cocooning stage many times, but this time I consciously feel the process explained here.

Here’s an article by Daven Hiskey that shares more about this:

Caterpillars “Melt” Almost Completely Before Growing Into Butterflies In The Chrysalis

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