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Letting Love Lead ~ Alluvia Love on a New Relationship Paradigm & My Own Thoughts

loveBelow you will find a timely post that my sweet friend and fellow Reiki Master Teacher, Denise Sheehan of Sage Spirit Coaching shared as a guest blog today by Alluvia Love on new ways of relating from a place of unconditional love. But first, I wanted to share some of my own feelings that her article and recent conversations brought to mind.

There are many ways to “be” in relationship and more and more people are discovering what speaks most naturally to who they are, as they continue to process, work with shadow energy, and start releasing old definitions and conditioning discovered through their personal exploration. This opens up an expansive experience where each person can choose how to create the kinds of enriching relationships that feed their individual and unique souls.

People are feeling freer, more empowered, and joyful when they realize they no longer have to live by certain standards and expectations, and they let go of pressures and unnecessary roles they “have” to play.

The unconventional is becoming more conventional in some ways, as more people embrace their trueness.

Getting married, having children, and finding that “one” person is so beautiful, enriching and wonderful to both the individual and all whom that person touches, yet it isn’t for everyone and isn’t the only or “right” way.

What is ALSO beautiful is knowing who you are, embracing, embodying, and sharing that in the way most expressively mirroring of you and how that translates in the form of relationships and creative “birthing” energy, which makes you a powerful and valuable investor of energy into the collective pool as well, helping to enrich others’ lives because you are living authentically.

As the masks and illusions drop away, we are left with the creative freedom to reinvent our lives, work, relationships, and fulfillment from a place of love within our hearts that speaks to each of us, as is perfect and aligned with personal and collective evolution. However that translates is perfect.

It’s interesting, but not surprising that this post came in today when I was actually sharing about my own way of relating and approaching relationships with a couple of dear people in my life. I’ve been in many relationships and have experienced a lot over the course of my life, playing out things that were not me and me, moving in and out of exploring it all to discover what feels most naturally reflective and mirroring of who I am.

When I didn’t understand myself fully because of being so energetically impressionable and unable to decipher me from others, I fell into roles that ultimately were uncomfortable, unsatisfying, painful, and confining – at times even detrimental to my health, well being, and chosen path I came to live out. Ultimately learning that I find my own satisfaction within my own experience and that relationships are something I choose to share in, but not that I need something from.

I don’t view relationships as needing to supply me with any or all things because I know that is only satisfied by my relationship with myself, which allows me the experience of giving and receiving from that well of wholeness I feel within.

Over the course of my life I have given a lot energetically away to others, as I know many of you have as well, and I’ve learned to give to, and love, myself now. In receiving that nurturing from me, it ultimately results in a reflection of receiving from others as well, in a healthy and perfectly mirroring way without “needs” and attachments.

And like many of you, I’ve tried to go against a lot that I intuitively felt and this has only brought sadness and disappointment because I would try to make something happen that simply wasn’t possible, or had expectations rather than allowing, releasing, and focusing on my own shifts. Eventually this leads me back to a greater understanding of myself, which never is about any one person or relationship, but what that reflects about the core of who I am.

I only have issue with this when I start to define things and place myself in a box that I am never going to fit into or when I focus on things conditionally or in limited perspective to my usual expansive ways of seeing. This takes me to a place that is not of my nature and essence, although is a healthy exploration of shadow and things that come up from others around me that get triggered.

We all have a choice about how we want to create our lives and experiences to be and perhaps that will evolve continually for you, or you’ll find one way that feels most resonating for life and grow within that particular experience played out.

I think the key is to love one another no matter what we choose and to do our best not to add to the pressures, judgments, or criticisms of one another if in fact what someone chooses is completely opposite or incomprehensible to you.

We cannot know, nor live, the journey each person is on and what is important and healthy for them to do. But we can love each other regardless because that is what love is all about, afterall – it does not see with bias.



Anyway, here is Alluvia Love with her insights on new relationships in her article, “Letting Love Lead”:


Relationships/connections are primarily about Love over any individual’s needs and when Love is allowed to lead, individual needs are met. This is possible because Love, and not ego, determines the way individual needs are met in accordance with the needs of the Universal whole. ~ Alluvia Love


Humanity is entering a new relationship paradigm.  The new way of connecting with another human has nothing to do with rights, ownership, expectation or exclusivity.  It is about learning to let Love lead, about trusting an abundant and life-affirming Universe, and about service to Gaia.

Does the idea of losing control of the other humans around you bring terror?  Let your fear guide you to your limiting beliefs about what is a human being and what is our natural role in connecting with one another.  If you look around you will see that the only being you can control and own is yourself.  Every other being will come and go and live and die on their own path.  Even if they make a promise to always be there, it will not be true in a physical sense.  Truly we cannot own anything because it is all a temporary manifestation of a life-affirming Universe in which change is the only rule.

Humans seek to create certainty in an uncertain river of life.  We create insurance contracts, employment contracts and marriage contracts.  Human agreements don’t mean anything to the natural world which will burn, erupt, erode and die.  This is what the paradigm shift is all about.  Humans have gone too far against nature and the Universe is requiring us to realign with the natural world in order to survive as a species.  The paradigm shift is about reclaiming our true human nature so that we can co-exist peacefully and beneficially with Gaia.

So the new paradigm relationship work for humans is all about reclaiming self in connectivity with Gaia.  In rediscovering our true sacred nature as humans and our unique life paths as individual sovereign beings in service to the Whole, we also rediscover and reclaim our ability to connect in a life-affirming way with other humans.

Flo Aeveia Magdalena, healer/teacher/author, says it beautifully:

By claiming the self, you learn how to stay in a dedicated space of ritual with your own being. It means that everything you’re living makes sense because it honours everyone at the same time.  It honours you and it honours the other person. It frees them from responsibility to make you happy, to have sex with you, to marry you, to give you children, or to be in some way present for you – supporting you financially, emotionally or in any other way. It says, “I’m going to do all this for myself. I’m going to live this in a way that makes sense to me. Every moment from this time forward, my own honouring is my primary focus. If I honour my field in integrity, I live in a fullness that makes me awaken all the time to my own capacities and potentials.”  You are creating a reality so that the other person can respond to you from that set of circumstances.

Reclaiming self is the service we all commit to one another in any form of relationship.  It is our highest service to “other” and to Gaia.  Self-realization takes us out of victim mode (I need you) and stands us firmly in our personal power (I am complete and I want to share my capacity with you).  The empowered human always has a unique potential to share, and nothing to demand or expect or exclude.

Exclusion is an old paradigm concept.  New paradigm is inherently interconnected and therefore all-inclusive.  That doesn’t mean we have to allow what we don’t enjoy in our immediate surroundings.  It means we serve the highest purpose for everyone involved.  That means if two humans cannot enjoy one another, then they will physically separate themselves  by a distance so as not to diminish the vibration/capacity of either.  This is an act of courtesy and not fear.  Ultimately we will all cease to fear one another.  The empowered human has nothing to fear in relationship because she is already complete.  Anything the sovereign allows into her realm is Joy to her because she lets Love lead.

September 2014 Astro-Energy Report: Times They Are-A-Changing

time transformationThis is a great article on current energies we’re experiencing collectively by Sarah Varcas of Sarah shares what I feel to be some “spot-on” insights from what I’m feeling/sensing from around.

The original was posted here: September 2014 Astro-Energy Report and also reposted here: September 2014 Astro-Energy Report.

Here are Sarah’s insights:

After the intense pressure (both positive and negative) many have experienced during August, September 2014 comes as something of a relief! It offers a break of sorts during which we can catch our breath, take some time out and settle into our ‘new normal’. There has been a recent energetic theme which can best be characterised as the ‘return of the repressed’. This Freudian term is used to denote the emergence into consciousness of repressed thoughts, feelings and memories many of which we may have believed were over and done with. Such a process often occurs at times of intense change, largely because it is our unconscious which conspires to prevent us from changing in fundamentally life-altering ways. During a time such as we have been through these past few months, the gates to the unconscious are flung open with every suppressed fear, denied emotion, ignored desire bursting out to assault our senses and do its level best to keep us from stepping out of our comfort zone. Just when we thought we’d dealt with our lack of self-worth bam! Self-hatred rears its ugly head the likes of which we’ve not encountered in a long time. Just when we thought that depression we struggled with for so long was healed, there it is again, penetrating every corner with its heavy, oppressive presence. Just when we thought we’d really got to grips with ‘this whole compassion thing’, we can’t bear to be in the same room as anyone else for fear of ripping their head off! We can end up feeling like nothing has changed and we’re simply the same person we were a year, two years, ten or twenty years ago!!

The other side of this coin is the rapid shifts which have taken place for many in the past couple of months. Positive progress has abounded in some peoples’ lives, but even this doesn’t come without its stresses! Big change often comes without guarantees. We know what we have to do and that doing it is now unavoidable, but we don’t know what the outcome will be, only that we cannot remain where we are. We take a leap of faith and hope for the best. Wherever we find ourselves on this spectrum of experience, September offers an opportunity to process more deeply all that has happened in recent weeks, and come home to ourselves in the midst of all this change.

Throughout September an alliance between Saturn in Scorpio and the North Node in Libra provides the energetic backdrop. It encourages us to own up to aspects of our shadow-self which may have been causing concern and allow them to show us where and how they need to be accommodated to align with the flow of life at this time. The problem with the shadow is that we allow it to isolate and shame us into silence. That’s why we repress it, denying the thoughts and feelings which cause us so much consternation. Anger, despair, hatred, jealousy, fear, feelings of rejection, of unworthiness, any or all of these and more can be cast into the unconscious in order to keep our every day consciousness free of such troublesome emotions. The process seems tidy and efficient, but in practice it doesn’t work so well. The amount of energy used up trying to keep everything hidden, albeit unconsciously, is energy we don’t have available for our own well-being. It’s like leaving an electrical appliance plugged in, using up power when we don’t need to. It’s costly and unnecessary. Energy is precious. It requires respect!

The funniest thing about the unconscious is that we all have one and mostly its contents are the same as everyone else’s. The details may vary a bit, but basically it’s the usual morass of anger, lust, envy, fear blah, blah, blah. We’re simply hiding what we all share, but somehow, somewhere along the line we’ve picked up the belief that it’s only us who has these feelings and we really need to make sure no one else finds out otherwise there’ll be all kinds of trouble!! This is how we collectively prevent anyone else owning up and ensuring that no one points out what’s really going on in the human psyche.

So why am I saying all this? Because September is a great month for normalising what we all share; for accepting, without fuss or fanfare, that we all have these strange and sometimes troublesome tendencies and it’s all part of being human, not some dreadful aberration with which only we have been burdened. Anger, jealousy, depression, hatred, despair, violent impulses, lust, whatever it is we’re not owning up to we can rest assured there are thousands out there not owning up to the same things!! It’s what makes us human, apparently! We don’t need to make a huge drama out of it, wailing and beating our chests. Simply accepting that all this mess comes with the human territory can clear away a whole load of pain and stress right there! September can be ‘coming out of the unconscious closet’ month and if we make it work we’ll all feel significantly more relaxed by the end of it!

After the first week of the month, during which we can settle into the terrain of low-drama ‘this is just the way it is’, we have a Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron. This is a powerfully healing Moon, but it may come with exceptionally heightened sensitivity for a couple of days either side. Be sure to schedule in some time out and avoid stressful environments and activities if possible. When Chiron is lit up by a Full Moon there is enormous healing power to ‘download’ but as the healing brings us back to a state of wholeness the imbalances previously maintained may become particularly evident for a while. If so it may be useful to remember that energy is simply energy, neither good nor bad, just neutral, so whatever ails us can be transmuted into something that heals us if we let it. If however, we identify too strongly with the pain and distress we solidify it and create energetic structures which are far tougher to transmute and shift.

This Full Moon speaks of healing needed due to our previous avoidance of difficult emotions. The imbalances it seeks to correct are those created by denial. It asks us to feel fully whatever arises now, no matter how much we believe doing so will overwhelm us. It won’t. And in allowing the feelings to be felt fully and without judgement we are inviting healing into our lives and allowing our energy field to rebalance and realign. This is a time to watch our thoughts with an air of detachment, to refuse to believe what they tell us about ourselves. We are not our thoughts nor our feelings, but something altogether more constant and dependable which rests beneath them. We are the presence which can watch thoughts and feelings come and go, the life force which hums gently beneath all drama, passion, despair, joy and rage. This Full Moon calls us to identify with that, not the fleeting content of mind, and to know ourselves as something altogether more present and vibrant.

A few days after the Full Moon, Mars enters Sagittarius (on 13th/14th September) offering a lift and some positive energy to power our journey. This shift of Mars comes with inspiration and motivation. The healing from the Full Moon can really make its mark now as we move forward increasingly unencumbered by old energies which restrict and define us in ways no longer fitting for who we are. Mars remains in Sagittarius until the end of October, so we have a useful ally here who can help keep us upbeat during the down times and focused on the goal when getting there seems like a burdensome struggle. The 16th September sees further in-coming support in the form of an alliance between Uranus, Chiron and Jupiter remaining until the beginning of October. Freedom is most definitely in the air here, if we choose to claim it. But it must be a choice and we have to commit to following through on the choice, even when the going gets tough! This is not freedom without a price. This freedom comes at the expense of security, certainty and predictability. It challenges our assumptions and cuts shackles we may prefer to keep right now, thank you very much! But if we can allow those shackles to be cut and keep the faith that in doing so something greater can emerge in our lives, the final two weeks of September sees us laying the groundwork for the two eclipses in October, the first of which (Lunar Eclipse on 8th October GMT) packs a particularly liberating punch! (More on that nearer the time..).

The 22nd September GMT sees Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn. Retrograde since mid April, it has uncovered some dark and painful places both personally and collectively. Issues of power and power-over, revenge, resentment and hatred have been rife alongside a strengthening of those prepared to look such suffering in the face and see it through and out the other side into clarity and freedom. The about- turn of Pluto this month adds weight to the theme of normalising the shadow so we can all own up. There’s no need for shame or fear if we’re prepared to own it and work with it consciously, getting to know our own psyche at a deeper and infinitely more intimate level. Many of us seek intimacy with others, especially that ‘special’ other, but we shy from intimacy with ourselves first and foremost. The heavens this month call us to self-intimacy before all else: a willingness to give up shame and embrace all that we are and all that we have to share with others.

A New Moon in the second degree of Libra on 24th September heralds the start of an eclipse season which lasts until the end of October. The Sabian Symbol for this degree signifies an increase in the frequency of light, a vibrational upgrade, setting the scene for the coming eclipses in October and providing clear and unequivocal indication of their potential! It is very encouraging to see this zodiac degree accented now, after this month’s themes. Ah, the power of acceptance to enlighten and illuminate! This New Moon does exactly that, demonstrating what all this challenging inner work has been in aid of.

The month comes to a close with the Sun and Neptune in a quincunx alignment from 26th to 30th, connecting the divine will with our own personal one. This connection comes not without challenge as we may discover in stark terms precisely where we are unwilling to surrender to a higher understanding, preferring our personal perspective for a while longer! No worries: we can only go as far as we can go, and if we need to stick around where we are that’s fine too. An eclipse season always comes with stops and starts, and if this is a stop, a start will be on its tail before we know it! So wherever we find ourselves come the month end we can be sure of one thing: times they are a-changing and we with them.

Lemuria, Creative Empowerment, & Purity of Heart – Guest Blog by Denise Sheehan & Words From Me


Sunset over the Pacific Ocean from 2 evenings ago – Felt perfect for the essence of this post and Lemuria

Today I’m sharing a combined post that comes through the Sage Spirit Portal blending both a piece from my dear friend and co-creator of conscious evolution, Denise Sheehan, and a short piece from yours truly.

Denise is a conscious evolution coach, Shaman, Conscious Channel for Socha, and fellow Reiki Master Teacher (in fact we trained together under our beautiful RMT, Laura Bruno. All three of us used to live in the Reno/Tahoe area and on visits to see my family in Reno I still get to see Denise, which is always a treat. You may remember Denise from the guest blog I posted by her, “The Shift: What on Earth is Going On?”.

I was just reading and listening to Denise’s most recent post, Journey to Lemuria, and it was filled with such a gentle, loving and expansive energy that it felt like a beautiful and sweet piece to share for anyone wanting to be in that heart space today and feel a glimpse of Lemuria through the hearts of Denise, her partner Dana, and Socha – the star essence they both channel. Included in her post is a video of Denise and Dana.

Conscious channeling is actually a topic I’ve been wanting to share a bit more of at a later date, so this is a good little intro for that exploration to come.

The other piece, as I shared, is a short one by me that Denise blogged as a guest post just yesterday. It’s something I shared on Facebook, but not here (as I share a lot of material there that doesn’t get to my blog). So I thought you might enjoy reading it if you aren’t in the Facebook world. The topic is Personal Power and Alchemy.

I hope you enjoy both of these posts found at the links provided above, which speak to the power of our purity when we step into the source of our heart and creative essence.

Thank you Denise for sharing the purity of your heart.

THE SHIFT: WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON? by Guest Blogger Denise Sheehan

Denise Sheehan – CEO of Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki

I’ve been intending, the last several months, to start sharing interviews with, and guest blogs from, other visionaries in the fields of creative and healing arts who are forging the way to manifesting a new reality of co-creative Earth experience. I started one interview that is still in process of wrapping up, but when I recently, on the same day, had someone contact me about guest blogging and heard that my friend and fellow Reiki Master Teacher, Denise Sheehan, was also tapping into this collective channel by starting to share guest blogs as well, I took it as my synchronous heart nudge to open the doorway now, rather than later. And so, Denise and I contacted each other about sharing guest blogs for our collective community.

If you are a fellow visionary sharing passionate and transformative gifts of service from your heart’s love and joy that would like to guest blog or be interviewed you can contact me at

But for today, our focus is on guest blogger, Denise Sheehan, from Reno, Nevada. I had the pleasure of going through my Reiki training with Denise when I lived in the Tahoe/Reno area. It’s always amazing to see who comes together in Reiki classes, as it’s always a perfect synergy of souls that create a web of connection. I have since moved back to California, but Denise and I have remained in connection and we refer clients to each other in the areas where we both now live. A benefit of having gone through training together and creating a soul friendship that goes beyond just a fellow student, we are able to recommend each other’s Reiki services, knowing it stems from the same heart core and the same loving Reiki Master Teacher, and mutual faery friend and colleague who you hear me mention quite often, Laura Bruno!

Denise is a multi-faceted spiritual entrepreneur and CEO of Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki. She beautifully and heart-fully shares her unique gifts in service to others as a Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach, Shaman and Author. Her passion as a life coach has led her to incorporate various branches to her offerings to include becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the internationally accredited Coaches Training Institute, Certified Job Coach with NextJob, Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and also offers pro bono coaching helping women and their families to transcend poverty, to become financially independent, and to thrive in all aspects of life. She co-authored a college textbook, Substance Abuse Prevention: The Intersection of Science and Practice and has also authored and co-authored several others products on the topic of prevention, including a popular national curriculum, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training.

On a more personal note, Denise is a passionate, loving, sensitive and radiant light who so generously gives of her heart and exudes a gentle power that is both nurturing and encouraging. She sees the beauty in everyone and everything around her and lives from the joy of her heart, in effort to empower others to do the same. She shares her experiences with life partner Dana Bratcher, who co-facilitates the Sage Spirit Reiki classes, and their mystic and beautiful animal companions, Myo and SunBear. It is an honor and joy to know her and be both friend and colleague in co-creation of the New Earth we are birthing. Thank you Denise for shining your courageously vulnerable heart and for being a loving example of channeling your joy in service to others.

You can read more about Denise and all of her beautiful services offered at Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki

Today’s guest blog comes to us from Denise Sheehan and is titled, The Shift: What on Earth is Going On? I hope you enjoy her sharing and take time to ponder the questions she poses at the end as a means to set the tone for your day and the directions you intend to take and experience on your journey in life.

The Shift: What on Earth is Going On? – by Denise Sheehan

Do you sometimes have the feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore? At the same time that economic, political, social & other structures seem to be falling away, much that has been concealed by those in power comes into the light. Revolutions, large and small, take place across the world as people rise up and claim their empowerment. In terms of planetary activities, we might also note the earth’s upcoming crossing of the galactic equator, magnetic pole shifts, solar flares and more that effect our collective and individual electromagnetic fields in ways that perhaps we cannot fully imagine as yet.

At the same time as we experience transition and transformation in the external world, much shifts within us too. Does is seem as if time accelerates at an amazing rate, and even young people are aware of the change? Have you noticed increased access to intuition? Have you experienced an expansion of love energy in yourself, your family, and your community? Have your dreams become more multi-dimensional? In our moments of love and joy, we come closer to Christ- or Buddha- conscious, nirvana, heaven-on-earth or our essence. As above, so below.

Let’s be honest. Not all of us are feeling like shiny-happy people, and no one that I know feels that way all the time. At the same time that we, as individuals, come more into the light and love vibration, we become more able to see our own shadows rising up to the surface, dancing into our awareness, and begging for release (just as the shadows in the external world come out of concealment – as within, so without).

Our shadows may involve unhealthy beliefs, thought-patterns, habits, memories, feelings and more. Often times we project our shadows onto others, “Oh, I don’t like being with her; she’s so negative!” Really this is an opportunity to see and heal whatever negative thinking patterns we experience. This healing is really essential to our well-being and happiness. In times like these, we manifest what we think much more quickly. If we continue to think of negative occurrences, relationships, patterns and more – even defining ourselves as our story around these patterns – we will simply create more of the same until we’re ready to release it all and to embrace our full potential.

Denise Sheehan in her magical realm with SunBear

Pioneers of evolutionary thought like Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bruce Lipton, and many others, explore the need to evolve or become extinct. Blending science and spirituality helps to issue in a new era of peace and love. Ultimately, the shift is one of consciousness expanding, our conscious evolution. These are indeed times to celebrate, even as we sometimes uncomfortably and ungracefully release the past, along with the old structures that don’t serve our collective well-being.

This is my definition of conscious evolution: it’s an acknowledgement that change, or evolution, is inherent in the human experience. We, as conscious evolutionaries, are awake and intentional about our response to world changes. We know who we are at our core, and we paint our lives with creative, artistic brushstrokes. It’s about alchemy, as we shift ourselves and our world from polarity- to unity-consciousness, from logic-centric values to incorporating intuition and heart-based knowing, from having and hoarding to offering our unique gifts into the world. We honor and embrace the feminine and masculine, nature and technology, science and spirit, youth and elders, being and doing.

Here’s a four-minute video of Barbara Marx-Hubbard speaking on conscious evolution:

How do you define consciousness?

What does evolution mean to you?

In what profound ways is your world shifting?

Who do you want to be, moving forward from this moment?

The View from the Window – Many Windows, Same Train

Each moment of each day is in constant transition and where it used to be odd to others to experience and watch some of us constantly shifting, it is now becoming common ground for most. Even for me, who is a constant chameleon of metamorphosis, this rapid change has increased my own transitional processes. I used to be able to foresee more, but now I am much more short-sighted and moment focused than I have been. I still get overall energy and essence feelings on things, as well as can sense general directions energy is going, but I have no urge to see past today and am asking of myself only to embrace what is before me now – looking within at all the pieces and choosing consciously what is most optimal to my desired creation of experience.

It’s a very interesting time and everyone is experiencing amping up and intensities in their own ways, which includes ups and downs relative to each, while transitioning takes place. I know for myself, this is very true and I tend to exhibit the shifts and each step of the process a bit more dramatically and symbolically than most, as that is just my way. I’m used to my processes and so I don’t get alarmed or surprised by the transitions, even when I hit my own uncomfortable, more challenging, some times painful and “off” days.

I find it hard to share the things I experience, as each person’s experience is as I shared, relative to them and them only. We may share similarities, but no one can walk in our shoes and live in our skin, but us. Needless to say, we are all experiencing change and it’s just part of life. The way we embrace change, is what makes the difference. And opening our hearts and our perspectives can lead us to the magic in all of it.

There is nothing wrong with the ups and downs, as life is a full spectrum experience. That is what we are here in human form to have – an “experience.” All the levels of emotions are part of that experience and enable us to go to greater depths of our hearts and to really embrace the sensuality of humanity that is what we choose in being here.

I don’t attempt to try to explain myself or to make someone understand me. That was something I have gone through in my past processes of first learning to become an individual, after realizing who I was conditionally expressing, wasn’t a mirror of the real me. This is a process we all go through and then we come to feel at home within (regardless of what is going on without) and understand that we no longer need to rebel against something and that those “somethings” were actually gifts in reminding us who we really are and to assist us in understanding ourselves, learning to love unconditionally and compassionately, and simply are mirrors of the divine oneness that creates the experience of life here in duality.

But now is a time we can move into integration, where we see all sides and can understand from a new, uncharged perspective, how it all is just pieces of the puzzle of consciousness expressing itself, to experience and learn of itself. Only through our hearts and “real” love can we do this. Love DOES heal all.

Every day I am in constant inner reflection, as I have innately always had the drive to look deeper and discover the magic of life – and to find “my” truth. What that is for me, is and will be different than what that is for others. It is not necessary that we all share the same vision and experience.

Yet, it’s funny how once we arrive at certain experiences, understandings and epiphany breakthroughs that change our personal lives in what feels to be profoundly joyous ways, we feel this “need” to have everyone on board the same train.

The reality is, we can be on similar wavelength trains, but definitely there is no room for all of us to sit in the same seat, right? And how stifling to the unlimited creative miracle that free will provides opportunity for. There are many seats with their own windows on the train and from each, many perspectives and beauty to behold, as the train passes along its collective trajectory.

We can create the experience we want by focusing on what it is we each want to create, consistently living and being that which we desire, staying present and unconditionally loving, opening our inner heart eyes, releasing everything we ever thought we knew, and releasing attachment to others joining or even to what exactly that “has” to look like and when.

This can be challenging to do when bombarded by so many external factors swarming around us, beckoning our attention with temporal stimulation, knocking on our door to see if we will react or respond, tempting us with temporary comfort and numbness, feeding the aspects of our less than strong parts that perpetuate pattern cycles, or masking themselves as shiny new toys of the moment that “could” actually be ingenious self-sabotaging mechanisms that make us think we are moving towards what we desire, but actually are side steps to what we really want.

To top it off, we have the daily life experiences to attend to, different factors of our individual experiences that are teaching us about ourselves, conditioned and authentic elements we are weeding through and tons of energetic factors all simultaneously swirling in and around us – sometimes that can either feel like supportive gifts of opportunity to embrace or dramatic diversions out of our control, depending on our perspective in the moment.

In the end, does any of it really matter in terms of what, how and when we choose to do with what we have before us? Not really, as life is an experience and all of life is choice, and choice eventually leads us where, in the bigger picture, we need to be, where ever and whenever that may be and however that looks.

But if you find yourself complaining and unhappy and spiraling in the same exact experiences over and over that make you miserable, then perhaps there is another choice you could be making and side-stepping, which in fact would change your seat on the train and hence, the experience of the ride and the view you are seeing. It all really depends on what you want and how far you’re willing to go to make that your reality. There really isn’t any time trajectory, but your own and throughout life you can continually change seats on the train until perhaps one day you also realize you ARE the train, the conductor, and every seat and window view and then life becomes the journey.

The questions to ask yourself are: What do I want and what am I willing to do to have it?

I do this often and as I mentioned, it is why I do some dramatic shifts in my life on a more than “average” basis, to assist myself in the ways I know that work for me to help me to make the changes and create the experiences I choose to have.

The last steps sometimes can be the trickiest and for me that can mean extreme flips like the Hanged Man or looking like The Fool (in Tarot). It’s not that way for everyone, nor has to be. I only share my experience, from my seat.

I find that intuitively listening to my heart, following through in consistent action with what it tells me, being more open and detached than ever, while simultaneously more unconditional and heart open than ever, consciously doing my best to be present, authentic, and finding my own inner rhythm, balance and joy is what works best in these current energies of the now. And if I stray from any of that, that is when I find myself more challenged and “off track.”

Trains can change tracks, but there is no need for head-on collisions or mishaps when changing course. We can jump tracks and constantly maneuver from one to another smoothly and evenly in any condition presented, as long as our hearts are conducting the way. It’s a choice we make in each moment. And currently those choices don’t take long to manifest direct results – everything is instantaneous. I have seen this for myself and how there is no more luxury in terms of being able to make several of the same choices without receiving direct, instantaneous manifestation to reflect a message. It’s then STILL our choice of what we desire to do with it and what we want to create.

Life can be magic or misery. It’s a moment to moment choice and in the end, we may go through both and both may be present, as it’s all just part of the Oneness of consciousness and experience that just IS.

I am guided to write certain things at certain times based not only on what I pick up on collective energetic levels, but are also what I currently see as a theme in my own life and current transitions.

Just me…reflecting, shifting, preparing for the next phase of the journey and how that emanates from within

Right now is one of those dramatic shifts again and it has included changes and new things that are taking place, that I feel heart-guided to integrate into my life to assist my transitions in order to flow with and support the energy shifts collectively. For me it is about embodying a return to natural harmony inside and out. Some of those changes include transitioning back to 90-100% raw vegan, getting a couple of new energy tattoos to assist my next phase and to balance, bring depth, opening and closure, getting ready to make a dramatic hair style change to lighten, infuse my life with new energy and perspective, and emanate authenticity from within, going through a major closet revamping and clean-out/giveaway, detaching in big ways, while connecting with a bigger picture that I see in my heart, and flowing in each moment with the work that calls to me to do – remaining flexible and open to how it evolves…symbolic and literal changes are steps that can assist our creation intents.

A peak at my newest tattoo done yesterday on my left foot – a stylized Faery Star I designed – also known as Pleiadian Star – gateway to the Otherworld. It is still red and swollen so I shared it in black and white. Will be finalized with my next tattoo early September

The only truth is the truth that dwells within your heart and no one can tell you what that is, but you. Others can assist in helping to uncover it and reveal things that you hide from yourself, but nobody appreciates nor will change by anyone else telling them how and when to do that and what that should like.

When we try to observe another’s window view from our own, it is distorted. If we each unconditionally love each other, realizing we are sharing the same train ride and can do so in joy of all the different forms of beauty that can be seen from each window of the collective soul, then the journey will BE the harmonious miracle it IS.

I don’t need anyone to rectify my existence. The most profound relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves. ~ Shirley MacLaine

Every relationship you have ever formed is you having a closer look at yourself. ~ Stephanie Azaria

The whole moon and the entire sky are reflected in one dewdrop on the grass. ~ Dogen

Your destiny is in your hands. Creating the life you want is only, and always, up to you. ~ Darren L. Johnson


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