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Exploring and Deepening – Feeling Freer and More Freely Giving

Lake Tahoe

Reflecting at my beloved Lake Tahoe

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action. ~ Peter F. Drucker

This seems to be the underlying theme of the energies that this year is heralding for me so far. How are things translating in your life with the new energies? Have you noticed a shift, even if slight? Perhaps greater peace or increased synchronicities? Wishing for something and then getting it? Maybe big life moves and changes are taking place? Starting new projects or training, new jobs, new relationships with others or yourself, making a literal move, exploring a passion you’ve long had, releasing, cleaning out, facing and integrating the old? Have you finally decided to make that commitment to what you’ve longed for, what ever it is? Or perhaps, like me, you feel a sense of calm and greater wholeness as the changes take form within?

I’ve definitely experienced a shift, since the tail end of 2012, and it’s taken place, gratefully this time, with such natural flow that from outside it may seem as though nothing much has changed, yet inside I am quite aware of the magnitude of that change and how it is translating.

That is how I see things have been unfolding for many others as well. Since we are each unique and on different trajectories of our individual journeys, in some cases, outward reflections may be more dramatic and/or the way of experiencing the shifts may come more dramatically. Some of this is just the natural process of things integrating and releasing. Some of it is a call to pause and rest, if you haven’t, in order to allow yourself to integrate and for your body to adjust to the new frequencies. And in some cases,  if it’s not recognized that you’ve asked for these shifts you’re experiencing, there may be some remnants of struggle to fully embrace what they mean for you as they “do” come to fruition.

Since intentions are so powerful, now more than ever, it is equally as important when asking for things, to be mindful of how you would also like to receive them. Perhaps adding, “with gentle grace please,” would be more supportive for your process rather than, “bring it!” LOL

I’m always interested in knowing how others are experiencing the energy currently in their lives and love to hear stories about the way that expresses, relative to each. Since we are all connected, there are always common themes and shared waves of experiences that seem to emerge. We also tap into the same well of collective feelings and thoughts and so many times we will answer what one was questioning and asking for, finish where the other left off, speak out loud what the other was thinking, or provide the insight at just the right moment needed…I love to see the thread of comments and posts here or on Facebook and to receive emails and messages about this happening regularly.

Contacting the Source deep within releases your creative power that is both You and More than You

We are continuously tapping into our collective Source and opening the channels to greater connection, depth, and telepathic exchange. No longer is it just the empaths, sensitives, intuitives and psychics experiencing these synchronicities, but everyone is beginning to realize there’s something magickal at work, even if just in the back of their minds. 🙂

Starfish in Bimini

Starfish reflections in the aqua Bimini waters – finding your inner star

For me, despite feeling drawn energetically more inward right now, I am noticing the depth of connection I feel to everyone and everything has increased in magnitude even when I honor this need to go within. I also see a direct reflection on increased quality of life and output.

Another interesting piece I’ve been watching over the last few months is the dropping away of ideas about things I once used to long for, or thought I wanted and needed in a certain way, the more I’ve tapped into the Source at the center of my being. The way in which I am receiving what I desired at the core, is now coming through my deeper connection experienced and through unlimited ways and sources. This change and release not only leaves me feeling more whole and empowered, as this continues unfolding, but leaves me also feeling freer, which in turn allows me to freely give even more.

This goes to say how important it is to intend the source of what it is we want, or the essence of what it provides, rather than how that needs to look or be. Releasing that attachment, allows for much more to come than we thought could.

This has not always been the case for me, as I come from a long, rough, lonely road that likely mirrors much of what many of you have gone through. And the more the journey progresses, the more I see and experience the reality of what is possible and the reason to keep the faith and believe, despite all odds.

Change is possible and there is a depth to our hearts, connectiveness, and understanding that is accessible now more than ever. And with continued nurturing, community support, and willingness, your/our greatest power is coming into being.

I am continually enjoying discovering with each of you, the reality of this infinitiveness we all speak of and the truth that all we ever needed DOES really lie within. Everything is icing on the cake we create from our creative power, free will, and choice. Centered at our core, is the Source of All That Is.

I find that this is also having an effect on the things I create, how I relate with others, what I feel daily, the well of energy I have to draw upon, and what and how I share. I can tell when I’ve been in the deeper recesses of being, by what manifests from the reflected experience.

While there may be times I energetically go more within or retreat, I experience this as greater depth of connection to everyone and everything regardless. It also provides my means of recharge and balance, so that I may more effectively hone in on what’s most important, put forth more focused and harnessed energy, have more to give, as well as draw from “the greater good” source within me.

I feel more expansive and here in presence, even if I’m not physically always experienced. Interestingly, this is the way I experience my beloved and departed Nestor who is no longer in physical form. Kind of a cool perspective to reflect on, which I have been in this reflective time I’m in. And something I’m enjoying to further explore and deepen.

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