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Inside the Faery Kitchen ~ Creating Harmony of Heart & Home


I’m always cooking up a storm in my life, whether it be through my creative projects, new ideas, challenging myself, or literally in the kitchen. “Creating life as a work of art” is my motto carried out through every level of living. And one of my loves is creating inspiring vegan dishes in the kitchen and hosting a Faery feast!

In the past this was isolated to doing it mostly for myself, as I lived a life of solitude in many ways, but with balance pervading my life, I have enjoyed extending my passions into a love of creating for and hosting others.


I love being challenged to find new culinary inspiration, love decorating and nurturing our home, and making others feel like queens and kings if I can when they step into our home.


This deepens the gratitde I have for our new home that allows me to be the Faery I am in all the ways I love to be, whether nurtured by the Forest for my work and well being, or nurturing others who pass through this Forest Portal.

And that’s exactly what I was up to this past weekend…creating a warm welcome for a dinner party we hosted.

These photos are a peek inside the Faery kitchen and what I was brewing with love and magick.


Dinner was a twist on a recipe a friend/chef gave me years ago that I tweaked of ginger chickpea fritters that had yummy flavors of green onion, ginger, chipotle peppers, cumin, mango juice etc… either coated in crushed macadamia or walnut, done in the pan with veggie broth over half red quinoa and half herbed pine nut couscous with side simmered broccolini and mango, and topped with Thai peanut sauce (this was my fav) with blends of coconut milk, lime juice, mint, apple cider vinegar, and more. I then garnished it all with mint leaves on top and served with a simple side salad of spring herbs, avocado, and grape tomatoes.


I then completed the dinner with a special pineapple upside down cake extravaganza mandala with homemade coconut whipped cream.



Cooking is where I experience, very literally, how the process is the fun. Sometimes it’s simple and quick and other times very involved. So there’s definitely a timing factor involved, and planning ahead with more complex things, but there’s also the spontaneity of the moment in following inspiration and intuition.


This happens much faster when I’m pulling together something just for us at home with what ever I have on hand. But in the case of a dinner party or event, there’s definitely the element of surprise mixed with calculation…making it a balanced experience of both sides of the brain being used.

My favorite thing is to find and blend unusual and complimentary flavors in a burst of yummy explosion in your mouth.

Faery alchemy!

In the end, if I find myself with a smile on my face, I know I’ve followed my heart and am exactly where I need to be.



And for everyone who has been asking me to put together a cookbook of my own creations over the last several years, I’ll just say that there is one coming in the near future. So stay tuned…..

Food Is Even More Fun On The Road

Well, everything so far seems to be so!

Fun that is.

Every day offers something new, but it’s like doing it all in this tiny mobile Faery house where it feels like Christmas morning every day.

Oh the novelty of life in the Magick Bus!

But as the title shares, there’s just something about spending nearly all your time outdoors that makes feasting and creating food even more fun, as you are inspired by your surroundings and connecting deeper with your own nature within…nourishing yourself with fresh goodness comes naturally.

A few nights ago we enjoyed grilling onions and portabellos on our portable fire pit and made soft tacos filled with guacamole and chipotle salsa that we also warmed and lightly grilled, melting a dash of vegan cheese on them. We then shared them with our tummies around a fire.

Food is always about what we’re feeling and what feels to be most supportive to the energy and the environment/experience of the day and moment.

So the other day it felt like a grounding but refreshing day. So we enjoyed a salad of baby romaine, arugula, carrots, and lightly breaded sweet potatoes and tempeh first marinated in a BBQ tamari blend with vegan ranch and ground pepper for lunch outdoors.


I then two days ago felt it was a Sun Oven day and so I was inspired to make coconut rice on the Colorado River.

There were a few eyes wondering what the heck I was doing, but wow best rice ever! As all things are in the Sun Oven.

It was the fluffiest, most moist and flavorful yet!rice

I used 1 1/2 cups of eco-farmed whole grain rice, 2 cups water, 1 cup coconut milk, and some Himalayan salt to taste, then put in my pot in the sun oven and voila! Not sure if it took 2 hours or 2 hours 45 mins as I didn’t check constantly since you can’t burn or overcook. I just went out to align the sun although can still cook without that, just takes longer but easy as you can go about other things as it cooks.

The temperature inside the oven got to about 335 degrees in the sun.

I then made a curry dish to go with my coconut rice. However, I could have just eaten the rice as a meal, it was so good!

While on the Colorado River last week I was also inspired to make different fruit bowls each day in place of my usual smoothie creation.

So we enjoyed bowls of sunshine over-looking the Colorado River each day there.

One day I put together a refreshing fruity delight of pineapple, mango, raspberries, and apple sprinkled with coconut, cacao nibs, goji berries, and fresh squeezed orange juice drizzled over, as you see here.


Another day it was banana, plum, orange, and mango cut up with coconut and cacao nibs.

And each day a new combo inspired by what I felt in the moment, as I love making every day special.

My mini traveling garden also really perked up some more while on the River and I cut a fresh bouquet of mint from it. Mint is revitalizing, refreshing, and carries wisdom and virtue. It is my favorite aromatherapy for invigoration and renewal (peppermint to be precise).20160301_103804_resized.jpg

I used some fresh in the curry dish and the rest I dried to use for my tea, in smoothies, and as an infusion to my vegan chocolate mousse pie I’m going to make today, as Dave missed out on it when I made it for the Private Immersive Retreat in Pine Grove.

I’ve made a ton of yummy and fun creations every day since we’ve been living in the RV and a lot of it enjoyed outdoors or cozyed up inside.

I checked in with another friend who is traveling and living in an RV with her husband (they started just a few months before us and are vegan too) and she reiterated the same saying, “I so agree! I’ve never enjoyed cooking or preparing food as much as I do now! I look forward to it.”

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, although haven’t always had the time I would have liked to really explore more creativity, except now and then. So I’ve learned to create quick and easy creative dishes, which are still amazing.

Extravagant doesn’t mean better.

Simple and made with love seems to be the ticket and mirrors Nature’s simplicity.

But now that I have shifted gears and created a life where I have more time and the pace is all about slow and steady, in the moment, presence, peace, patience, and breathing it all in, I am getting back into trying more new things (still keeping it easy, but adventurous to match our lifestyle) and look forward to enjoying it in the great outdoors.

You don’t have to live in an RV to create and enjoy easy, nourishing food for the soul.

You can make every day special too, where ever you are, letting your heart guide you.

You’d be surprised as to how your intuitive senses would create deliciousness if you allowed it the freedom to explore.

But I do highly recommend enjoying some meals outdoors whether on your balcony, patio, backyard, packing up a picnic to take to the park, beach, or mountains….It will truly enhance the experience and bring you closer to Nature and to yourself.

Nature just makes everything more fun and taste even better!!

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