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Whimsical Wednesdays ~ The Artist’s Corner: If You Don’t See What You’d Like in the World, Create it Yourself

We’re creative beings by default, regardless of whether you feel you have a creative bone in you or not. We all have creative potential to not only express through the creative forces at the root of our being, but to actively co-partner in remaking our shared world and collective experience. We each embody a unique expression of All That Is and are a part of the life cycles of birth and death transmuting into new forms over and over, just like the life and death of a star.

When we find ourselves unhappy or unsatisfied with what we see and experience around us in the outer world, we can look within at ways we can tap into our creative power to start reshaping the inner world of our experience. In this way, we start to experience shifts in domino-effect that have far-reaching benefit.

If you wish to see something “out there” try creating it “in here.”

This can be in larger ways like desiring to experience more compassion in the world, so you commit to walking in compassion as much as you can on a daily basis, starting with having compassion for yourself.

Or, it can be in smaller ways, like wishing you could find that perfect item that you envision, but no one carries, so you make it yourself.

In each case, and all of the myriad of other examples and possibilities in between these, you are using your creative energy to create something. You are taking initiative and action by harnessing the creative forces within you to find ways to bring about/birth from the impetus of an idea, inspiration, strong desire, or dream.

And this makes you powerful.

Yes, you are powerful.

You are co-creating life and the type of experience of life you want to have, regardless of what is out there or not.

I actively engage in both types of “creating,” choosing to be more of the things I want to experience in the world and creating little bits of magick my imagination and heart desire.

The latter is what I did recently with two little rabbit Faery gardens I created for me and Astrid.

And in doing so, not only did I create something I wanted, but wasn’t out there (at least that I knew of), but the energy carried within each creation has twofold reach in not only making my heart happy and creating sweet energy for Astrid and me, but in creating these mini worlds, I’m creating a space of potential – like a timeline or portal – that acts like creative visualization for manifestation. They help to draw in layers of meaning, possibilities, and integration into the “now” experience.

This is the new creation I just made yesterday for our Wonderland room.

It’s called Royal Cosmic Wedding: Union of Inner Harmony.

Just the title likely gives you a hint at the energy embodied here, speaking about that marriage of wholeness within the divine perfection that we already are. And if there is any imbalance or turmoil within these parts of ourselves, it unifies them in harmony and understanding.

Royal Cosmic Wedding Union of Inner Harmony (2)

It’s created atop a vintage white porcelain castle planter and is currently the centerpiece to our room sitting on the highest platform of Astrid’s butterfly sleigh that she sleeps under.

Royal Cosmic Wedding Union of Inner Harmony (4).jpg

To further help you understand the symbolism within it, here is what I included in the creation:

There’s a black AND a white bunny, a unicorn, a bunny in a swing at top center, two bunnies holding the Faery Queen’s white gown, a crown I found and glued atop her head, puffy white cattail on the reeds that double as nature and stars, a green dragonfly on one of them, and there’s a little book on a silver plaque holder that says “Once upon a time” with words beginning a story and an image of a castle on it. All of the figures sit atop gold sparkly stepping stones like gold coins that light and support the way.

Royal Cosmic Wedding Union of Inner Harmony (3)Royal Cosmic Wedding Union of Inner Harmony (5)Royal Cosmic Wedding Union of Inner Harmony (1).jpg

It and Once Upon A Time: The Rabbit Faery Queen are the two mini themed magick rabbit worlds I decided to create and keep for Astrid and me.

Once Upon A Time The Rabbit Faery Queen.jpg

Bringing art and love together, to me is “creating life as a work of art” – my personal motto.

Art, to me, is a manifestation of love.

When we create something from ourselves, no matter what it is, it is an extension of the love within us expressing creatively and that reaches out to another’s heart, bringing us together.

Everyone’s creativity, because it comes from the source of harmonious love, has value.

And in exploring, discovering, and bringing forth our creative energy, we are celebrating the hidden gift of being alive.


Note: Although I cannot create another of the Royal Cosmic Wedding: Union of Inner Harmony, due to the one-of-a-kind vintage castle planter, I did make a second of Once Upon A Time: The Rabbit Faery Queen for our Etsy shop, The Magick Rabbit, that sold. I can make more of that one if someone’s interested.

I’ll be sharing 3 new mini rabbit Faery gardens either this or next week – the last ones I’m making, as I’ll be focusing on new creations for the shop to share over the next weeks and months.

More mini rabbit Faery gardens can be found here, along with the original magick rabbit paintings, prints, greeting cards, and journals:

Tania Marie ~ Creating Life as a Work of Art

This article came past me again today when someone messaged about it, and it felt like a nudge to share it once more. It’s an article I wrote as a contributing author for The title of this article happens to be one of my personal mottos, and the theme heading of my blog. Perhaps it might speak to you in some way.

tania marie


My life wasn’t always an expression of my heart. Well, not my truest and wildest heart, but rather a tamed one that felt similar to what it might be like receiving a heart transplant – part of me I had accepted, but not naturally of me.

While I did incarnate, as we all do, with my full gifts intact and flowing, it wasn’t long before the naturally expressive, unhindered, and unencumbered me took a back seat in the dark recesses of my human vehicle.

The beautiful innocence we all bask in the glow of from onset tends to diminish, as we soon begin to forget who we are, under the heaviness of all that is not us. These unwelcome, but unquestioned strangers squeeze that little child into the tiniest, deepest part of us we can manage hiding her in, which will prove a courageous journey to recover her from later.

This isn’t always the experience, nor does it have to be. However, the journey of my heart was one that I had chosen to walk in all colorful feeling extremes, in order to come to know my thread of expression within the collective tapestry, and to have a foundation of true understanding and breadth of compassion from which to connect from.

The journey wound through various paths of trials and explorations, as I experimented to find the right balance of elements that when kindled, would ignite the resonant recipe of me.

It hasn’t always been an easy journey, but it has been an invaluable and rich journey – one I wouldn’t change even if you told me I could. I can’t imagine my life any other way and now have only gratitude for every courageous soul that was willing to show up exactly as they did to assist me with my personal evolution.

I believe we contract soul agreements and that the people we have had the most challenge with, are some of the souls who love us enough to know that they may be temporarily resented and despised, as we both move through our journeys.

We have the opportunity in every moment to rigidly close ourselves off like a guarded steel trap, or to gently open ourselves up like wings of a bird taking to flight.

Right now, and in every now-moment, you are either closing or opening. You are either stressfully waiting for something – more money, security, affection – or you are living from your deep heart, opening as the entire moment, and giving what you most deeply desire to give, without waiting.” ~David Deida

Through the obstacle course of my life I set up to experience, I shared in the wound of fragmentation that we each go through on the journey to unifying the powers of seeing, knowing, feeling, and being. There is a wounded healer in all of us that desires to quench the thirst of self-purification through release of conformity and mediocrity that has held our soul’s true power and magick down.

At every turn we can choose differently. Choose to shift perspective. Choose to feel and believe differently. Choose to take different actions. Choose to be more present. Choose to respond with conscious awareness, unconditional love, and compassion. For we see in others, the shared wounds we both desire freedom from.

It is our sovereign free will that we can exercise to create anew in each now moment. And from this presence of heart, we can activate the powerful vulnerability of our personal integrity to be the voice of change needed, in response to all experiences.

There came a time when I was ready to see, both literally and figuratively. And to be willing to look within is where the journey to wholeness begins.

I actively do my best to practice and remind myself to stand in that wholeness of heart and soul, as I believe it is the bridge that provides the potential for others to do the same. And I gently keep encouraging myself when I move through moments of learning and re-learning, realizing that the journey is more valuable than any idealized destination.

After all, we are here to experience all that life as a human has to offer. We didn’t have a clause going in saying, “Only IF it is exactly like this, will I incarnate.” We chose because of the adventure and the possibilities available. We knew it would come with the ups and downs. And we were celebrated in our courage to come anyway.

As a natural artist of life, I have always danced with healing arts and creative expression as either a childhood tool to escape the pains of the past, or a means to which, as an adult, I could recreate the world I once escaped to, as my now reality. It wasn’t until much later in life, however, that I embraced the gifts that showed up from early on – the arts, imagination, intuition, sensitivity, and connectivity – as the channel for self-expressive service to others.

Yet, everything to me has always been rich in symbolism, which I felt had the power to shift experiences through the potent and fertile doorways they created.

So I developed a knack for the alchemy of transmutation through the vehicle of integrated self-expression from the heart. And I am living more aligned with that true and wild heart of mine and enjoying life more now than ever because of, not in spite of, everything that has been part of my experience.

I invite and welcome others into the dance with self and to align with the way in which speaks to your own heart’s rhythm.

I believe that creativity and heart are not separate. It takes a heart to dream and it takes creativity to love unconditionally. Love and creative energy I believe are the most powerful forces in the Universe. The more creative expression is engaged and supported, the deeper our hearts expand, as they are then also being nurtured to grow.

And it is through love and creativity that we will integrate healing within and without, the more we exercise them.

Everything I share is with intention of supporting an integrated and empowered experience of discovering your own heart wisdom, while activating your creative manifestation abilities that will enhance the quality of your life and in turn, create collective ripple shifts as a reflection of your example of living from that wholeness of you. I hope to inspire and nurture courageous heart explorations that lead to self-empowerment through a return to natural harmony.

You don’t have to be a visionary artist by way of your life’s work, to make your life work as a vision of artistry. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you started living the wonder? Activate the heart of you by cultivating the art of you and within that state of being uniquely you, you will be free. 

The Artist Within


image: colors –

Being an artist of life and experiencing all that comes with that, I love this excerpt from Jon Rappoport’s latest article, which you can read in its entirety here: The Artist Within

“The artist within is not a creature of habit. He offloads what is already known and understood, because he wants to reach farther.

Yes, he may build on what he already knows, but this is just the starting point. Soon, he moves across the threshold of the knight errant, and he enters the non-system.

Others mock him and call him crazy, but: they too want to make the journey. They are aching to find the New, because boredom is driving them crazy. That is their central problem, no matter what they say and claim.

They are trying to be smug and self-satisfied. They are trying to be oh so normal. They are trying to be “rational” to the bitter end. They are trying to be something that is slowly strangling them.

But they will never admit it.

Most of all, they will avoid the impulse to create. Creating is their greatest fear. Because they sense they will have to get rid of their pose. They will have to go beyond systems, which compose their armor.

They will have to make a leap. They will have to put something new into the world and defend it against the people they know all too well: critics.

The artist who has already made the leap acknowledges that his core is imagination. He lives through and by it. He doesn’t retreat to the average. He doesn’t give up and strive to become a happy machine. He doesn’t allow the world to dictate to him. He doesn’t sedate himself.

He doesn’t fall back on so-called spiritual systems and their slogans and palliatives. He doesn’t build false gods and pretend they already exist. He doesn’t engage in the daily practice of asking someone or something to save him.

He doesn’t think of his life as an exercise in solving problems. He sees through many lies, but that is just the beginning of his work.

He wants new and startling realities, and he makes them. He doesn’t wait for them to appear.

He doesn’t wait for some ‘superior entity’ to tell him what to do.”

Introducing Tania Marie – Creating Life As A Work of Art

Recently, I was asked to contribute as a Wild Woman writer for the Wild Woman Community, which I gratefully accepted, as I love the vision behind it. This is my introduction article that has just been posted. For those of you new to it, the Wild Woman Community is a growing (with nearly 25,000 followers) online sacred Wild Woman Circle of healers, artists, creatives, and businesses that promote a holistic approach to life through their shared knowledge, experiences, and services so that women have a safe place where they can seek wisdom, find understanding, feel inspired, and be connected. It is still in the introductory phase, but will continue to expand and offer insightful articles and supportive resources from contributors. Samantha Wilson is the Founder of the Wild Woman Community who shares that the inspiration behind the Community came from the Wild Woman Archetype in the book “Women Who Run With The Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. In Samantha’s words, “I see my journey over the last two years as working with the Wild Woman within me and the three most important lessons learned were: the need for creativity and spirituality in a woman’s soul life, how women heal themselves and others through the telling of their stories, and the need for women to collaborate rather than be in competition. From this understanding, the Wild Woman Community was born. I am hoping that it will evolve into a digital platform, a 21st century global women’s circle, where every woman is welcomed and her story honored.” You can read more about Samantha’s personal journey – walking away from being a practicing litigation lawyer into the unknown and freeing self discovery as a Life Coach and Energy Healer with focus on supporting women – and get introduced to the other Wild Women by visiting “Wild Woman Community – Awaken the Wild One Within

Surreal Made Real – Inside the Pure Imagination of Visionary Artist/Photographer Jee Young Lee

stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-4I woke up still “imagining” from the surreal dreamscapes of photographer and artist, Jee Young Lee, and thought that her images may be a perfect way to greet your day – through the world of YOUR imagination.

Thanks to my good friend Jason for sharing her visionary world with me. As a fellow visionary artist and self-proclaimed dreamer, she had my heart immediately and reminded me of our limitless potentials where anything is possible…and with a lot of heart – probable!

Imagination is unlimited power. We can utilize our imagination to create each experience of each day stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-5to be exactly as we desire and we can imagine our current perspectives of what we are experiencing to shift and become as we would prefer them to be as well. Imagination is your inner vision that you can intentionally decide to visualize, which will change your life in accordance with your will.

There is always evidence of your creative power at work. You just may be too busy to see it, your “conditioned” mind just might be tricking you not to believe it, or your old pains may be scaring you out of trusting it.

stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-2Every day is an experience “I” am creating by my choices in each moment and my decisions to utilize part or all of what I have available. And every moment I create from this space, from my sovereign free will and creative power, I free myself a little more.

The man who has no imagination has no wings. ~Muhammad Ali

Abundance is imagination realized. ~Jon Rappoport

I LOVE this visionary artist’s explorative journey demonstrating the unlimited potentials of creative energy. And some of the images she created expressed my current experiences so beautifully, as well as feelings I have had. Perhaps you’ll find some that speak to you as well.

I hope you enjoy immersing in Jee Young Lee’s photoshop-free photography (at the link below) from her exhibition named “Stage of Mind” where she melds imagination with skilled precision to transform her small studio in Seoul, into magick!

So…Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination. Take a look and you’ll see into your imagination …

Jee Young Lee’s “Stage of Mind”

stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-1And to conclude, in the words of Willy Wonka:

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Wanta change the world?
There’s nothing
To it

There is no
Life I know
To compare with
Pure imagination
Living there
You’ll be free
If you truly wish to be

Food As A “Work Of Art” Enlivening My Life

tropical fruit, granola and smoothie

breakfast of tropical fruit, granola & smoothie in grenada

I always look forward to meals, especially my morning smoothies, which really get me over the hump of waking up – something that can be a bit of a challenge and a process to take “smoothly”. 😉

Since I went vegan about 8 years ago, my whole relationship with, and experience of, food is so enlivened. I don’t remember loving food so much, nor consciously understanding the whole picture connection of it as a source of overall well-being even beyond just myself. Each meal is nature’s “work of art” and making meals has simplified into a lively whole food experience that is circle-of-life-encompassing.

These reflections nudged me while I was having lunch and so I was inspired to share this for whatever reason. And now, having just finished my lunch, my tummy is feeling so content right now and I am feeling clear and ready for today’s creative process of painting.

mixedvegetablesI am enlivened and blessed by the foods that Mother Earth provides. And today that was a “bowl of gratitude” filled with a beautiful salad of baby kale, broccoli and sunflower sprouts, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, strawberries, and a touch of sauerkraut, all sprinkled with hemp seeds, chlorella, and fresh pepper.

I find making meals to be simple and quick (the more simple and quick, the better – not only for time efficiency, but in terms of assimilation) and I see how every day is a cohesive experience of all aspects of my life working in partnership to support optimal results.

Yet no matter how simple a meal may be, it is exquisite in nature whether intentionally created into a work of art, or simply realized as the work of art it truly is – much like our beautiful temple bodies.

My personal motto is “creating life as a work of art”, as you can see by the title/theme of my Blog. I see every thing as an integral part of the “painting of experience” I am creating each day, with each stroke of color having great meaning and depth. The more clearly each color is expressed and chosen, the more vibrant the “life picture”.

And I do LOVE vibrant colors, as one can tell by viewing my painting portfolio. The colors of my creations mirror the spectrum of nature’s miracle wonders and bounty.

Everything is always so filled with synchronicity, as not long after I felt guided to share this short thought today, someone sent me this video below that seems so fitting. Perhaps a different song choice would have reflected the beautiful images even more so, but nonetheless these are stunning images of fruit and vegetable sculptures that mirror this sentiment I am sharing.

I hope you enjoy these “works of art” as you contemplate your own life’s creation.

“Reflections” Cosmic Sunset Over the Ocean Painting Now Available in Giclee Prints

ocean-reflectionsThis explosion of life on canvas in the flow of a cosmic sunset birthing over the ocean has been a favorite of many, including myself. Hence, it is the foundational piece I use for the heading of this blog and to represent the symbolism behind my personal motto – Creating Life as a Work of Art.

This piece was originally part of a commission I had created and yet I always felt that this portion of the piece was meant to be its own, stand-alone energy. I remember a dear friend of mine in Canada expressing his being taken into a cosmic vortex through the image, which then took him and I down the road of creating cosmic commissioned pieces mirroring both of our loves.

It wasn’t until people started asking me if it was for sale and inquiring about using the image for things, that I looked into making it available in giclees.

I’ve even had a few people think the image was a photograph, asking where it was taken, to which I answered,

“It lives in my imagination.”

Because so many people have been moved by the energy of this piece and me always listening to the Universal nudges, I explored the possibility of making it an option for others to have in their own sacred spaces. This was quite the task to track down the original file, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, and through my efforts I have been able to bring forth this piece, which I simply call, “Reflections,” to others.

Below you’ll find some of the sizes and options available. Smaller or larger sizes to accommodate your needs are possible, as well as payment plans. Prices do not reflect shipping, which will be on a per order basis, calculated on the destination it is going to. However, as with any of my paintings, if you are not completely satisfied, you can return your piece for a full refund, minus all shipping costs.

Giclee Print on Fine Art Paper

15 x 30 $150
19.2 x 36 $200
21.3 x 40 $250

Gallery Wrap Giclee on Canvas

15 x 30 $250
19.2 x 36 $350
21.3 x 40 $450

You can contact me at with any questions and to place orders.

You can also visit Gallery of Creations to see all available originals and giclees of pieces I currently have available.



Enhance Your Life with Creative Infusion

creativity is boundless

What are the hindrances to your creativity? Both internal and external barriers can affect your creativity output

The powerful theme of cultivating imagination and creativity continues, as there’s a lot of that energy to go around…endless amounts in fact….and a lot of it not being utilized in the ways and amounts it could be.

I’m in the middle of a lot of creative energy flowing and percolating and I love it! It is so nurturing and balancing for me to be able to allow inspiration and imagination to run free. And I am so grateful that my work allows me the opportunity to express myself in these ways, as I’m currently enjoying a bunch of new and very potent sacred tattoo designs I’m channeling, and many new Crystal Illuminations and other paintings are emerging now that I have my new canvases ready to go!

It’s all inspiring the visionary in me to go to the next creative evolutionary phase.

But even if I’m not in creative mode, specifically as my work/service, I am constantly in creative mode in my life – thoughts, feelings, actions, inner and outer world – as it is one of the foundations that is vital to the optimization of living and manifesting abundantly.

My new favorite quote, that goes along with my life motto of “Creating life as a work of art,” is one I came up with yesterday: 

“You don’t have to be a visionary artist by way of your life’s work, to make your life work as a vision of your artistry.” ~Tania Marie

I wrote an inspired post this morning on one of my Facebook pages, that I’ll share below, as I really feel that creative energy is so important and powerful and if not being used, really in effect is what will start the aging and depletion mode of your life, rather than keeping you at optimal enlivened freshness.

Life is about cycles and renewal and from completion of a cycle you are rebirthed. This is the nature of all things and the natural rhythm of life.

These cycles take place in every moment! You have the opportunity to recreate yourself in any given moment from the top of your head to the tip of your toes…from the depths of your heart and DNA to the reach of your soul. Your body’s cells are constantly also renewing themselves and you can aid that process with invigorating innovativeness and visionary imagination.

When creative impulses come to you, what do you do with them? Do you push them aside, ignore them, tell them to wait until another day, month, year, when you have time for it?

What if you knew that your creative impulses were reflections of your very children or inner child and that each time you pushed them away, you were crippling their growth, stunting their inspiration, teaching them to devalue things that enrich life, putting out the flame of their passion and ability to embrace balance and well being? In essence, cutting off their life force?

Would you still tell your inner child/children/creative impulse to go away?

Creative energy is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. If you cultivate it, it will support your manifestation desires, as imagination and creativity lead to abundance. It will also bring you harmony, balance, inspiration, joy, and well being.

The good thing is, if you happen to push it down for the moment because you’re engaged in something else, just remember that that energy is still there needing a release and you can still go channel it when you’re home from work or finished with the task at hand. It will thank you and in doing so, it doesn’t stay energetically stuck and run a muck in your body. You can also find ways to channel it through your work in the moment, creatively. 🙂

Yes, the mind is a wonderful thing and yet we hardly use it at all in the ways that could benefit. Cultivating your ability to think for yourself, expand your perspectives, and exercise your right brain more, will bring balance to your life.


Image Source:

Creativity isn’t just about painting, drawing, music, poetry, writing, sculpting, etc…it can be creative visualization, nurturing your imagination, having curiosity and pushing the boundaries of your thoughts and ideas, trying or doing something innovative, adding a different element to your work to change things up a bit, experimenting with a new recipe you just create in the moment, creating a creative environment that nurtures your soul, dressing in something new and expressive of your inner you..etc.

Just have fun in what ever way you can when the impulse comes and don’t be afraid to explore your thoughts and back up a feeling you have to step out even a tiny bit from your comfort zone.

The benefits of this will be invaluable.

So how important is creativity to you? Maybe the way you answer this question will change when you realize how vital it is to the quality of your life and you start to see the results when you implement supporting your creative impulses to express yourself and explore new horizons.

It helps relieve stress, anxiety, frustration, anger…it can uncork those blocks you feel, provide greater clarity and dissipate the confusion..nurtures and cultivates your self-trust and helps you overcome fears…and it can also supply you with more energy, vitality, joy, and wonder for life – all of these directly affecting the state of health of your body, mind, and soul.

Start out by trying to do one thing a week, then maybe one thing a day that supports your creative expression. Even if that means more time spent playing with your children in their imaginary world. The more we, as adults, can step back into the world of our inner child, the more magic begins to manifest in our lives.

Artists make time for creative expression regularly, as it is essential to their creative output and a way that they grow through their work through that vulnerable practice of allowing. The more creative expression is engaged and supported, the deeper our hearts expand as well, as they are then also being supported and nurtured to grow.

Creativity and heart are not separate. It takes a heart to dream and it takes creativity to love unconditionally.

And if you are an artist that has another job to help support your love, it’s helpful to continue making sure you are channeling your creativity as much as you can and not forget about your passion, so your spirit remains vibrant and you can bring that vibrancy and joy into the other work you do too. It’s also important to feel gratitude, as well as to see the gift of that work in supporting your passion and helping you to learn different skills that can keep you balanced and bring depth to your life and creations in well-rounded ways because of your experiences it provides.

And perhaps you may even find employment that in some way compliments your unique expressive needs and supports your creative passions in different ways the more you think outside-of-the-box. Sometimes that means being creative about the job possibilities and not limiting yourself to what is possible in terms of opportunities out there. Perhaps it means redefining your position, or seeing it in a different light and bringing something new to it that may make it more fun.

Infusing your life and your work with creative expression is life-enhancing and transformational.

What can you do today to bring some creative spark into your experience?

Pure Imagination – Living There You’ll Be Free…If You Truly Wish To Be

It is always interesting to consciously experience synchronicity at work, as this morning I had been inspired to write a little bit about how each day welcomes an opportunity to live from the alchemy of creation and integration and how all experiences can be rich when living from a place of empowered choice and awareness. This stemmed from the last few days of things, I had purposefully noted, supporting an increase to the breadth of my experience – something that is always happening in our lives, but the more we are conscious about it, it takes on a whole different meaning.

Every day I find myself in a multi-faceted experience of a self-created work of art. And it is consistently blossoming through the evolution of exercising my creative and free will. At least that is how I see life…as a work of art and you are the Michelangelo of your own life.

We are each involved in this every day, whether we are aware of it or not, and if you start to see life this way then you start to create different works of art than you used to.

It’s almost like I am the paint brush that jumps into the color choices and then rolls around, lays, jumps, walks, runs, flaps my wings, swims through and spreads those colors around on my life-canvas, creating an energetic imprint of what satisfies the things I am feeling and seeing on all levels and even, the result of what I come to learn in the process.

The last few days I found to represent an example of how particularly fulfilling the eclectic mix of alchemical elements I am choosing to experience can be like an artist’s palette of my imagination manifested. Everything can be body and soul satisfying on so many different levels, especially when they are coming from my own conscious choice creations. They provide me the opportunity to continually recreate a fulfilling reality from everything I have within me and demonstrate how utilizing my heart’s imagination and truth can be freeing.

Much like the subject of the reblog I just posted this morning, about creating our own realities like an artist painting their life and experiences through the canvas of their heart, intentions, and imagination, I noted how things I choose to do are reflective of brush strokes from each level of my beingness – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – bringing forth their colors to the canvas of my experience.

I’m still loving the quote from Jon Rappoport, “Abundance is imagination realized.”

Interesting that last evening I had a very powerful a-ha moment, too challenging to explain in words, when I was tapping into this truth in a very “clicking-in” way that took my mentalization of this quote (even before I had seen it this morning) to a whole other level of actually feeling it penetrate as an embodiment on EVERY level. And that understanding lingered with me this morning of how this idea of creative manifestation can and will be consistently natural to my experience with the continuation of exercising and “being” what I had discovered. Then when I read Laura’s post with this quote in it, it was directly in reiteration to the integration that I had tapped in to.


The chocolate case at Anandamide where you will find “products of inspired diligence” and “discover objects of immense aesthetic value, imbued with a sense of terroir, seasonality, and craft.”

Needless to say I enjoyed fulfilling all parts of myself over the last few days and valued my ability to appreciate understanding the breadth of reach these experiences have. Each experience was multi-layered, despite perhaps being viewed in more simplicity by others. I am constantly seeing the increase of integrative layers consciously surfacing through each seemingly one-dimensional thing and how they incorporate the foundations that are most important to me. It’s not that life has to be complex or that I’m dissecting it like a scientist in each moment. It has become a natural process of simultaneously seeing the multiplicity that is embodied within every experience, at the same time enjoying the presence of its singularity in the moment.

  • Conscious conversation with a friend while hiking in nature (taking note of its beauty) under the powerful sun (its heat having me exercising my abilities to regulate my body through breath and understand its processes and needs)
  • Multiple facets of work I rotate through and interacting with different people through it that constantly exercise different parts of me and challenge me to grow each day
  • Nourishing food that I ponder how each part of the whole meal is feeding aspects of myself
  • Watching, for the first time, Billy Bob Thornton’s amazing performance in his self-written and directed movie “Sling Blade” that had me deeply reflecting on the moving layers and life choices in both the bigger and little picture sense, causing me to more fully integrate themes that books like No Boundary by Ken Wilber have helped me expound upon and opening my heart and levels of appreciation for others even more
  • Kayaking through Naples, Long Beach on a beautiful and windy day with friends and contemplating how we choose to journey the waterways of our life and realizing how many hidden gems await us around each corner we have yet to explore
  • Being introduced by friends to Long Beach’s Anandamide: Psychedelicatessen – an organic, vegan and raw superfood chocolatier and confectioner that is creating true alchemy in the form of pure and potent nourishment that feeds body and soul while you listen to Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination” in the background – awakening the joyous wisdom of the inner child
  • Enjoying an extremely funny evening at a comedy club night for tearful laughs of joy that enliven and heal the body from the inside out and revealed a crowd of life-experiences that each have their own relative journeys those laughs are nurturing
  • A spiritually enriching day of empowerment supporting 4 new Reiki Master Teachers more fully into their paths and engaging in continually deeper and meaningful conversations to explore the core of beliefs and fears – allowing me opportunity to grow and challenge myself to remember all that is already within me so that I can trust in the unity of my soul experience being there for me always, just as it is for each and every one of us

The dessert case of “balances and explosions” at Anandamide where “you will discover constructions of the future and recreations of old childhood memories, merged into a complex network of multi-textural sweet decadence.” Includes their out-of-this-world home brewed kombucha.

All of these were some of the things that were part of the last few days and are examples of how I consciously choose to weave the tapestry of my life with experiences mirroring my inner landscape desires, and then am simultaneously valuing the layers each provides, while actively taking part in the way I utilize and continue to create more experiences that are meaningful, enjoyable, and have impact in collective ways as well.

The reality I am creating to live in, every day is increasingly being less and less affected by anything around me. Why? Because there truly is this place that exists in between all others that holds all possibilities. That’s where I choose to focus my creative power and in doing so, help to create a new reality into being along with all the other “dreamers.”

We can utilize our imagination to create each experience of each day to be exactly as we desire and we can imagine our current perspectives of what we are experiencing to shift and become as we would prefer them to be as well.

Imagination is your inner vision that you can intentionally decide to visualize, which will change your life in accordance with your will.

Everyone has imagination. Some just exercise it more than others. And one reason for this is that as we go through life, that innate sense of living naturally from imagination as children, is taught out of us. Well, good news is, you never lose anything. It’s always there, but you have to actively engage it, nurture it, and put it to action.

You can use your inner vision to see how you want your life to be and if you practice envisioning this daily with faith, concentration and love (alongside all the mindful practice of the things you’ve come to learn over time, and actively doing healing integration on deep levels), one day your life will look exactly as you imagine. Acknowledge and have gratitude for every small reflection of this, for that will increase your experiencing more through appreciation.

There is always evidence of your creative power at work. You just may be too busy to see it, your “conditioned” mind just might be tricking you not to believe it, or your old pains may be scaring you out of trusting it.

Every day is an experience “I” am creating by my choices in each moment and my decisions to utilize part or all of what I have available. And every moment I create from this space, I free myself a little more.

You don’t have to be a visionary artist by way of your life’s work, to make your life work as a vision of your artistry. ~Tania Marie

Willy Wonka knew what he was talking about. Truth and empowerment live in his words:

Hold your breath
Make a wish
Count to three

Come with me
And you’ll be
In a world of
Pure imagination
Take a look
And you’ll see
Into your imagination

We’ll begin
With a spin
Traveling in
The world of my creation
What we’ll see
Will defy

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Wanta change the world?
There’s nothing
To it

There is no
Life I know
To compare with
Pure imagination
Living there
You’ll be free
If you truly wish to be

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Wanta change the world?
There’s nothing
To it

There is no
Life I know
To compare with
Pure imagination
Living there
You’ll be free
If you truly
Wish to be

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