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Black Garnet ~ Earth Magick, Mysticism, Creative Vitality & Rooted Embodiment

black garnet

While in the crystal flow here after our lovely Crystal Magick workshop yesterday, I thought I’d share a little about a newer addition to my now much smaller, but very focused crystal family here.

She’s a Black Garnet from Russia.

Small, but mighty.

And loving the feel of her energy.

Feels like she is supporting me to work with the deep mystery of things in a magickal way while also helping to strip down to the most vulnerable truth within that releases energy to move through me with greater flow.

This helps with creative inspiration for sure! Not to mention greater life force vitality.

I feel she has a portal that perfectly fits under the pad of my thumb when I hold her – a portal to the inner realm and other worlds where I can journey further and shine a light on more things needing to be revealed, as well as retrieve and reclaim parts of myself.

This all feels perfect for the energy that I am and have been working with, along with my continued desire and need for inward focus.

I felt guided to take her along on our 8 mile hike this past Saturday above the coastline across from Crystal Cove beach.

I held her in my hand throughout the hike and with the wild winds of change that accompanied the whole journey, I was feeling a powerful shamanic energy from her that is very connected to the Earth and elements.

It’s hard to tell in the photo, but she sparkles quite a bit and is much like a little black star-dusted flower.

Her size making her fit for a Faery – one who walks the edge of different worlds.

I love that she comes from Russia, as my name, Tania, has Russian origins (although I am not myself Russian – at least that I am aware of) and means Faery Queen. 🙂

black garnet russia

This particular Black Garnet is also known as Melanite, which is a type of Andradite Black Garnet.

Metaphysically speaking, Melanite is known to have a very strong Earth star chakra connection, which helps with actualizing and manifesting dreams into reality – making the intangible, tangible.

It helps to clear and remove blocks that can free the flow and revitalize both the root and sacral chakras. In this way it is connected to the kundalini energy and has the ability to stimulate and awaken it.

This lovely Black Garnet encourages positive feelings and boosts self-confidence, stabilizes and balances, enhances sense of security, as well as yes! heightening, strengthening, and providing an infinite source of creativity because of that energy stimulation and flow – which also translates physically into increased blood circulation and flow.

Great also for bronchial disorders, calcium absorption – strengthens bones, magnesium and iron, good for eyesight, helps treat cancer, strokes, rheumatism, and arthritis.

It’s a great grounding stone, connects your life force to the fiery Earth’s core, great for the personal journey of self-discovery with integrity, helps work through anger and mistrust challenges, emanates an empowering energy that supports greater commitment, will power, and courage to stay on your spiritual path, strengthens and protects your aura to deflect unwanted and negative energy, calming if you have nightmares, supports good beginnings, solidity in significant relationships, and helps you learn both self-love and loving others in a healthy way as that refection.

In addition, honesty is strengthened and heart and throat chakras are supported to release blocks in energy there – all helping with the expression of your truth.

In continuing to research more about them, I continued to see the support and reiteration for all that I was sensing from this little, powerful stone.

This to include their being an Earth magick stone that connects you with the elemental forces and mysticism to support your work, harness the energies to bring forth goals, and work that magician alchemy.

While feeling a deeper connection to Earth, it will help cultivate your own personal power that is held within your depths of being and perhaps have you realizing your essence more fully. Rooting your energy brings about greater embodiment of who you really are. And the grounding effect it has will be supportive in rebalancing you if you work a lot with high vibration crystals and do a lot of energy work in general.

Apparently Black Garnet/Melanite can be found in several different areas and carries different energy, as well as works differently, depending on its origin.

Some come from Mexico, California, and Russia.

According to some sources the Russian Black Garnet is “absolutely” the most powerful, as it combines both the energies of the Mexican AND Californian Black Garnet.

The ones from Mexico assist greatly for the physical body with their earthy gentle and slow current.

California Black Garnet has a very strong, pure, high vibrational energy that goes straight to working in the ethereal level as it penetrates in the head and crown. It is because of their strong Titanium energy that they support emotional and mental healing more than physical.

So, as you can see, since the Russian Black Garnet integrates both types, it is all-encompassing with how it energetically assists on all of these levels.

All I know, since I haven’t worked with the ones from Mexico and California, is that this little Russian black jewel is definitely potent. I am looking forward to continued work with my new friend and seeing what else I discover.

10 Reiki Charged & Programmed Crystal Pendulums Available Plus Receive A “How-To-Use” With Purchase

I love pendulums and crystal pendulums are my favorite go-to when it comes to working with them.

As we continue to evolve into more empowered and embodied living, pendulums are one tool that people are drawn to in order to assist in tapping into their Higher Self/Essence/Sub-Conscious, etc.

I regularly use a pendulum, alongside my intuition and spiritual work, finding them to be very supportive and reflective friends with quite the personalities! Being that they reflect and mirror us, it is quite amusing to consciously see how we operate on deeper levels. And it is also very revealing to acknowledge and support our truth, which they will draw forth for us to embrace.

I offer crystal pendulums in my crystal workshops, but started getting requests by others not able to join the workshops or simply interested in them, so I am offering some if they call to you.

Pendulums are easy, fun, and empowering friends that anyone can work with and everyone who does try them, even if just once, are amazed by the magick at work that happens the instant they do.

There are only 10 right now I’m making available (now only 1 remaining). They are all crystal pendulums, each unique and carry their own energy.

Each will be Reiki cleansed, charged & individually programmed and will come with their own velvet pouch. $6 shipping & handling will be added at check out.


Click on photo to enlarge

The 10 crystal pendulums to choose from (now only 1 remaining) include the following and are in order as seen in photo: (Note: there are only 1 of each)

1) An amethyst point with clear quartz sphere – SOLD OUT

2) A rose quartz point – SOLD OUT

3) A lapis lazuli point with copper and Third Eye (6th) Chakra symbol – $26

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4) A smokey quartz point – SOLD OUT

5) An amethyst wand with clear quartz point and sphere – SOLD OUT

6) A 7 chakra mixed loose raw stone with clear quartz point and sphere – SOLD OUT

7) A smokey quartz point – SOLD OUT

8) A labradorite point with copper and Throat (5th) Chakra symbol – SOLD OUT

9) An aventurine point with chakra stones on the silver rope – SOLD OUT

10) A tiger’s eye point with clear quartz sphere – SOLD OUT

When you purchase your crystal pendulum you will receive a link to some helpful hints and ideas on how to work with your new friend, if in fact you don’t know how, or simply want some support. So please be sure to include your email address so that you can receive that.

And if you’re interested in Crystal Elixirs, I have just 4 now remaining.

To order yours and to read about each of their properties, please visit: Crystal Elixirs

Only 9 Potent Crystal Elixirs Left!

This has been an amazing batch of Crystal Elixirs and I’m so happy that so many people have been able to receive the nurturing, support, and boost from them. For what ever reason I had been guided to make a lot this last time and it seems that was a good call and embrace to the intuitional nudge I had, as over 60 were made and now only 9 remain. (7 since this post)

I’m grateful to be able to provide these affordable little magickal supports to people, and I’m quite enjoying the energy kick myself, I might add.

That said, these are the last ones remaining. I’ve sold out of some of the options, but still do have options in each of the elixir choices, although only have 2 – 3 available in each option.

To remind you, these elixirs were created on over the Full Blood Moon Solar Eclipse of 4/4 and the preceding and following day’s Solar and Moon energies.

To order yours and to read about each of their properties, please visit: Crystal Elixirs

Simply scroll down to absorb the metaphysical energies shared and to find the easy Paypal buttons to order.

What I have remaining:

Crystal Elixir #1 – 1 oz Dropper Bottle – SOLD OUT

Crystal Elixir #1 – 2 oz Dropper Bottle – SOLD OUT

Crystal Elixir #1 – 2 oz Spray Bottle SOLD OUT

Crystal Elixir #2 – 1 oz Dropper Bottle SOLD OUT

Crystal Elixir #2 – 2 oz Spray Bottle – NOW SOLD OUT 

New Crystal Friends: Golden Selenite Flower, Tibetan Quartz with Water Bubble & Tantric Twin Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystal

I recently was befriended by three new crystal friends that were eager to come home with me. These included two I was already familiar with, but the addition of a third I’d not seen before.

I always like to share about crystals, as I know many of you also have a great love and reverence for them like I do.

strawberry lemurian3The first Crystal is a Tantric Twin Lemurian Seed Crystal with Rainbows and a Timelink to the past (I’m still in exploration on more this powerful beauty has to share). Such a lovely and large Lemurian of this family of crystals. I have already four of these and so this last one rounds out to my favorite number – five.

Twin energy seems to keep coming up for me. Tantric Twin seems to be a metaphysical name these Master Crystals are known by, but they are also simply Twin Crystals.

Twin Crystals help in building relationships of all kinds and can be used in meditation to receive clarity and insight on hidden challenges within relationships and the ways in which you can heal them. They can directly help you to heal things in your relationships or even the relationship with yourself, as well as support relationships build on solid foundations. They can hold space for tough conversations within your relationships, to assist in communicating more from the heart and with compassion, patience, and loving presence.

When rainbows appear in the Tantric Twin Crystals, as with mine, this is very useful to project healing energy into the relationship, infused with lightness, joy, and optimism.strawberry lemurian2

Tantric Twin Crystals are two of the same length (or nearly the same) growing together from a single root/common base and work with the energy of Soul Mates or Soul Partners (people your soul is connected to that assist with mutual soul evolution – these can be friends, romantic, family, co-workers and you can have many), Twin Souls/Flames (two parts of the same soul that split into Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that feel like completion when they come together – not necessarily different genders but more Yin/Yang relationships that complement one another rather than being exact duplicates), and romantic relationships, but also help us attract like-minded people, and to work with that Twin energy within each of us of our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in wholeness. They will also bring energy to help strengthen and deepen the relationship we are already currently in and enhance connection within the special bonds we have.strawberry lemurian

There is no separation or true boundary between the Twin Crystals.

To learn more about Strawberry Lemurians please visit my article: Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals ~ The Scarlet Temple to the Heart and Beyond

tibetan quartz2The second Crystal to share is one I’ve also written about before – a Tibetan Quartz with Rainbows. I have one other one of these, so now they each have a friend. This particular one is a Self-Healed Crystal (meaning it will assist in healing of the self on all levels since it contains the wisdom of how to do this) and has an alive, moving water bubble inside, which you can’t see in the photos.

I have one other Crystal like this – a Herkimer Diamond. Having the millions of years old trapped water bubble makes it a special healer to work with the emotional body and your deepest essence self. It will help illuminate and stimulate the ability to see in the darker parts within self, face fears, remove emotional and energetic chords, release old emotional patterns, and understand the layers of who you are in a core way.tibetan quartz

This new Tibetan Quartz feels like a mother and child energy and so it mirrors the connection I have with my two bunny loves and even with this aspect of self-nurturing with my own inner child I’m engaging in a new way right now within my self. There is even a very tiny small growth underneath that is beginning to birth from inside the mother – you can actually see the core of it inside the mother and then the outward protrusion stemming out. And another small point that seems to not only have grown at the bottom, but at some point might break off. It’s a very birthing with creation energy crystal and full of nurturing love. All really awesome energetically for new growth, expansion, abundance, fresh opportunities, and rebirthing.

To learn more about Tibetan Quartz please visit my article: “OM” Vibration Tibetan Quartz ~ Perfect Grounding with Expansion Crystal

selenite flower2And the third and last Crystal to share about is my new find (at least new to me). It is a Golden Selenite Flower and is so amazingly Cosmic and magickal, I get chills each time I pick it up and did right away when I saw it. The first one I picked up of the ones I saw was the one that came home with me. It is also known as Golden Ray Selenite. If my memory serves me correct, which I can’t rely on these days, I think I remember the woman I purchased it from sharing that this particular kind comes from Canada.

This is a completely natural formation that will carry the energy of Selenite, but with additional metaphysical properties due to its golden essence.

Golden (Ray) Selenite are powerful, beautiful, and high vibrational Crystals that have come to light calling in the highest frequency of white light and the Golden Ray of Buddha, some say, storing Ancient Priestess teachings and can be used for a variety of metaphysical purposes – making them excellent for any healing environment.

It connects to the Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Heart, and Crown Chakras, helping to integrate, open, and activate them. This supports us in creatively manifesting what is from our heart, directing our will in a loving, joyful manner. We are then able to create our reality based on intention, trust, and joyful wisdom.

It helps you to become attuned to, and harmonized with, your soul purpose for this lifetime.

Focuses are on joy, manifestation, and creation/creative energies and are really good for digestive issues and addictions, as the dis-ease of one’s will.

I’m just so enraptured by this Crystal. There’s something very much like home about it to me. Literally every time I pick it up I’m filled with chills, as mentioned. There’s something both inner Earth and Cosmic about it and no wonder as Selenite is an embodiment of “As Above, So Below”.selenite flower

The first night I slept with it upon arrival home, I had a very interesting dream in Egypt.

I found this particularly interesting information online about Selenite connections to Alabaster that could have some connection to that in a literal way: “…one theory on the origin of the word “Alabaster” links it to the use of the stone to create ritual vessels sacred to the goddess Bast in ancient Egypt. But generally, the name “Selenite” isn’t used to refer to Alabaster, even though they are the same mineral.” ~Selenite by Oraia Helene

I hope you enjoy exploring these Crystals and that perhaps with each piece I share, you might find something that speaks to you and maybe even a Crystal friend that might be calling. I find that once you have the intent to find a particular Crystal, it will find you!

Last Batch of Potent Crystal Elixirs Available in Limited Quantity

As mentioned in my previous post today, I had to cancel this week’s trip due to some challenges with the bunnies I needed to support. And along with that there’s also been the cancellation of two upcoming events – the Florida Crystal Love & Healing Workshop and the Summer Solstice Magick & Manifestation Workshops in Oregon.

Due to those events shifting, I now am able to offer the Crystal Elixirs I had created for the events to anyone interested in them.

crystal elixirsI have both the Crystal Elixir #1 – which includes Herkimer Diamond, Orange Jade, and Iceland Quartz and the Crystal Elixir #2 which includes Rose Quartz and Amethyst available in both dropper and spray form.

I have two different sizes available in the Crystal Elixir #1 dropper form – either a smaller 1 oz or a larger 2 oz. The spray bottle form of both Crystal Elixir #1 and #2 are available only in 2 oz bottles. Crystal Elixir #2 is available in 1 oz smaller dropper form as well.

There are limited quantities of each and once they are gone, there are no more. You’ll be able to purchase them at the links below until they sell out. You’ll know if it’s sold out when you go to purchase. I’ve already sold nearly 50 of these two, so they do go rather quickly.

I can’t tell you how powerful these are. It’s simply an experience. Most people comment immediately feeling their high vibes the minute they hold the bottles…the energy just pulsates. And while I’ve heard many things from people about some pretty amazing experiences from using them – including incredible stuff that even made me giggle with surprise, I can only speak for myself saying that these elixirs have been supporting some major changes in my own life, as I continue to use them consistently. They can be used also for your personal/living/working/sacred space, plants, animals, and given as gifts to others.

These are for people ready to actualize a leap. If you want a little more gentle process, I’d go for the #2 Elixir: Rose Quartz and Amethyst, although it’s still a kicker.

If you’d like to go for it and really want that support to help you embody quicker shifts, I’d go for the #1 Elixir: Herkimer Diamond, Orange Jade, and Iceland Quartz.

Both are lovingly supportive, but read about their properties, so you can get an idea of the assistance they provide.

Here are the properties of each:

Crystal Elixir #1 infuses the following:

  • Herkimer Diamond (giant Record Keeper with rainbows that acted as the generator for our ceremonies in Peru and is infused with the energies activated at each sacred site) –  Herkimers are powerful high-vibrational ascension crystals that will take you to the highest spiritual vibration possible while still being in your physical body. They can really help you to move you forward in many aspects of your life. They support expansion of your being and allow almost unconscious connection to the Divine realms. They are potent high crystal energy stones and will magnify the energy of what ever crystals that they are combined with, to work more effectively and have a stronger resonance within your auric field. They support opening of a variety of psychic gifts. These are powerful stones for the higher chakras. The purity and beauty of the energy of these crystals may draw angelic beings and higher guides to it and you may find that you start connecting with angels. More info on Herkimers: Herkimer Diamonds
  • Orange Jade (an amazing Crystal that chose me at the market of Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu town that comes from Peru – this Crystal also accompanied every ceremony and is infused with the sacred site energies) – Orange Jade conveys the gift of inner peace, joy, and happiness, it teaches the interconnectedness of all life and all Beings, boosts your energy and provides protection, it is energetic and quietly stimulating, working with the second chakra creation energy
  • Iceland Quartz (a very pure essence, sweet, and enchanting Crystal that chose me in Iceland and comes from Iceland – this Crystal accompanied me on my magickal journeys while there) – Quartz is a Master Healer, power stone that harmonizes and balances, has the ability to receive, store and send energy, powerful manifestation tool, the most versatile, multipurpose, powerful healing stone due to its unique helical spiral crystalline form, a master healer that can be used for any and all conditions, stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance, takes energy to the most perfect state that is possible going back to before the dis-ease set in, cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connects the physical dimension with the mind, ultimate “anything stone,” radiates all the color vibrations within the spectrum of light, can be utilized and programmed for any use which bring light and energy into our spiritual bodies, a “stone of the mind,” quartz can be used to imprint with any energy or information and helps to focus the mind, purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical, a powerfully protective stone bringing the purified energy in, used to perform diagnostic healing, and to communicate with spirits and other worlds.

Crystal Elixir #2 infuses the following:

  • Rare Sacred Geometry Amethyst Sphere with multi-layered Hexagon and Heart Portals naturally infused on opposite sides – Amethysts are extremely powerful and protective, high spiritual vibration, enhances serene and higher states of consciousness and meditation, calms and stimulates the mind, improves concentration, emotional centering and contentment within self, brings peace to any challenged experience, uplifts, one of the most spiritual stones, promotes divine love for self and others, selflessness, spiritual wisdom, opens and strengthens intuition and enhances psychic gifts, works with crown chakra, third eye and heart opening, promotes peace and inspiration, represents principles of complete metamorphosis, soothes, relaxes, heals, promotes healthy sleep habits and channeling, good for prosperity, because of its transmutational energies it helps open gateways into intense and transforming spiritual experiences while protecting the wearer from black magic, a protection stone in general, breaks up old emotional thought processes, attracts justice, protects and wards off danger and violent death, increases the activity in the right brain, cuts through illusion, as well as raises thoughts and aspirations to a higher spiritual level. .
  • Unusual Sacred Geometry Rose Quartz with 26 points (#26 carries many numerological potencies, including embodying the Hebrew name for God, the essence of OM, brings life purpose and soul mission together and more sacred symbolism) – Rose Quartz  often called the “Love Stone,” emanates gentle vibration of unconditional love, mother love, caring, kindness, stone of universal love and healing, restores trust and harmony in relationships, purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, romantic love, family love, deep inner healing and feelings of peace, calming and reassuring, de-stresses, soothing and happy stone, helps to comfort in times of grief, dispels negativity and protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibes, encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance invoking self-trust and self-worth, strengthens and balances the physical heart and circulatory system, releases impurities from body fluids, opens and balances the heart chakra, aids love of your fellow man (or woman), enables our heart energies to expand and embrace everything with pure, unconditional love. Rose Quartz encourages us to take a more light-hearted approach to life, not to take things so much to heart that we become unduly upset and stressed. Emotionally rose quartz brings gentleness, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and tolerance. It raises one’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth. It helps balance emotions and heal emotional wounds and traumas, even grief, bringing peace and calm. Rose quartz removes fears, resentments and anger. It can also heal and release childhood traumas, neglect, and lack of love, in part by enhancing inner awareness. It can help with reconciliation with family and others. Overwhelming or unreasonable guilt is eased by rose quartz.

You can order your choice direct here either in a dropper or spray bottle form below. Each not only has been cleansed, charged, and programmed with specific magickal intents, but also activated by the Moon and Sun, along with other Cosmic attunements: 

Usually I ship things out internationally, but it’s too challenging to do separate pricing/invoices based on individual country shipping, so these are only offered in the United States for now. $6.00 Shipping and Handling will be added to your order when you check out.

*****NOTE: Only orders that are placed today, May 28th, will be shipped out right away. Orders placed after today will go out when I return from my trip, the week of June 8th.

Crystal Elixir #1 – 1 oz Dropper Bottle – SOLD OUT

Crystal Elixir #1 – 2 oz Dropper Bottle – SOLD OUT 

Crystal Elixir #1 – 2 oz Spray Bottle – SOLD OUT

Crystal Elixir #2 – 1 oz Dropper Bottle – SOLD OUT

Crystal Elixir #2 – 2 oz Spray Bottle – SOLD OUT

April Crystal Reminders

There was a lot of Crystal energy this month and along with that Crystal Elixir magick, a few Crystal offerings, and some special Crystal & Reiki Distant Sessions.

As mentioned, until the upcoming May and June workshops, I could only offer a limited quantity more of the elixirs, as well as Crystals.

That said, since nearly all moved on, I only have one more Crystal Elixir #1 (the amazing fusion of Herkimer Diamond, Orange Jade, and Iceland Quartz, which were all activated at the sacred sites and energy centers on my sacred journeys) available and one amazing Crystal remaining – the spectacular Aquamarine.

You can order your Crystal Elixir here:


Dropper Bottle Option

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

You can purchase your new Crystal friend below:

aquamarineAquamarine – SOLD

It is extremely rare to find an Aquamarine of this size and of this quality and energy (not to mention at this price). She stands almost 4 3/4″ tall, 6 3/4″ long and 4 1/2″ wide. She channels the Goddess and Master Kuan Yin and is an embodiment of great compassion. Her service is to help bring you to the depths of your heart and to assist all sentient beings in a return to natural harmony on Earth.

Breath-taking, powerful, other-worldly and then some!

For more on this amazing Crystal’s properties please visit: Crystals

Crystal & Reiki Sessions:

And between now and May 15th you can receive the following Crystal & Reiki session specials:

***** Simply click through to your choice of session and on the Paypal invoice please add to the message, days and times that would work for you between now and then, along with your intents for the session, name, and city, state, country you reside in. If you don’t have or know a specific intent, and just want an overall supportive session, please specify that as well. *****

  • One, 15 Minute Distant Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Session: $55 (Savings of $20 – Regular Price $75)

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  • Three, 15 Minute Distant Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Sessions: $111 (Savings of $54 – Pay for 2 and Receive 1 session for $1)

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Crystals That Might Be Your New Friends & Co-Creators ~ Plus Elixirs & Crystal Reiki

As promised, I am sharing just a few Crystal friends that are looking for new Guardians to co-create with.

Nearly all of my latest Crystal offerings found new homes over the last three days of teaching (yay!), so I only have a few right now to share (see below), as the rest of the family are for the upcoming Crystal infused workshops in Florida and Oregon. If some remain, I’ll share them with you after those workshops.

For the same reason – needing both dropper and spray Crystal Elixirs for the upcoming workshops, and being that more than half have gone, I can only offer a limited amount more right now, until after the workshops.

Unfortunately, only Elixir #1 can be offered right now, but it happens to be my personal fav. This is the amazing fusion of Herkimer Diamond, Orange Jade, and Iceland Quartz, which were all activated at the sacred sites and energy centers on my sacred journeys.

I have just three of these available in dropper form, which can be taken as drops on the tongue, placed on your wrists and rubbed together, dropped in plants, taken in your water or smoothies, dropped in your bath water, etc.

You can place your order here, if it calls to you. For information on the properties of the Crystals it’s infused with, please visit: Crystal Elixirs


Dropper Bottle Option

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Here are some Crystal beauties that still await new, loving and committed homes:

skull2Lemurian Aquatine Calcite Skull – SOLD

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite is considered to be one of the stones of the new consciousness, getting its name because of its affinity to water and Lemuria. Up until now, Lemurian Seed Crystals and Aqua Lemuria from the mountains of Sumatra, Indonesia were the stones most known to resonate with the Lemurian frequency that recalled Lemuria’s “past knowledge”. Lemurian Aquatine Calcite emanates the actual feeling and intuitional awareness of the Lemurians and recalls the lost spiritual “capacities and abilities” they had.

Legends tie it also to being one of the “key stones” of ascension used by Lemurian priestesses to access other realms.

This stone is wonderful for the Throat Chakra. It’s also wonderful to work with the Third Eye Chakra to stimulate inner vision and deepen psychic abilities. Not only will it assist intuition, but also enhance the mind to open to greater expansiveness and connections of broader knowledge. In a sense it is the bridge to one’s own innate intelligence and I believe it also works with the Higher Heart Chakra energy, Crown Chakra, and etheric Chakras.skull

It helps in communications with higher beings, facilitates connection with ancient cultures – Lemuria and a bridge to Atlantis, assists in contacting spirit guides and angels, supports traumatic past life healing, helps to raise vibrations from karmic energy, promotes spiritual ascension, helps you to flow with your emotions rather than get stuck, promotes enhanced dreaming and depth of feeling, as well as visionary consciousness. It’s one of those stones that is perfect to soothe the nerves, anxiety, fear, tension, and stress so that you are nourished at the etheric level into a peaceful state of being. It’s also very effective for connecting with that boundless, unity consciousness that honors, respects, and realizes the connection and eternal quality of all things.skull3

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite assists us in tuning into the energetic frequencies of the Earth’s past, which recalls the library of information stored in our DNA to bring into greater wholeness in the now and assist the activation of all Chakras beyond the seven you’ve been accustomed to only knowing about.

And of course, the stone is a bridge to our cetacean friends – the dolphins and whales. Not only is it a communication channel to these beings, assisting our telepathic skills, but is also a way to actually feel and know them, accessing the parts of them that are within you. You find your senses magnified beyond the physical confines of the body.

The energy of this stone is like a flowing melody to me, which I believe helps us to activate and embody our own personal frequency and song.

seraphiniteSeraphinite Heart – SOLD

Seraphinite, and just as its name reflects, it does indeed embody the “spirit of an angel.”

A Seraphim, by definition, is an angelic being, considered to belong to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy that has three pairs of wings.

The angelic Seraphinite not only carries the energy of these powerful angels, but it also resembles them with the silvery infused angel wings that appear inside. It is one of the most powerful stones for physical body healing and a great stone for healers and self healing,

Seraphinite is a beautiful, deep green – when caught in the light is Earthy and resembles the vernal forests in Spring, but can be a very dark, almost black-green at times, like the depths of the forests when you venture beyond the Sun’s reach. It is one of the Angel Crystals that gets its deep green from the Chlorite in it, which is extremely healing and sometimes also appears in clear Quartz. There are silver “fronds”, like a fern has, throughout the crystal that flash brilliantly in the light. It is these “fronds” that resemble also the angelic wings.

seraphinite2Their green color represents the renewal of life, physical healing, the essence of the Heart Chakra, and Earth connection, which helps people who feel alienated from their physical bodies to appreciate and love the wonder and miracle of their physical form. With this appreciation you are open to allowing more light to infuse your human body. You can place it on any part of the body where you feel more balance is needed and where there is a disconnect experienced. One way to meditate with it can be to imagine silver light wings softly feathering in and around you as you visualize and embrace your body in wholeness and unified health and well-being.

It is definitely an enchanting crystal.

The darker green, sometimes almost black coloring, adds the element of grounding. The silvery wings are almost white, which symbolize Spirit and flow of nonphysical energy. This reflects a physical entity infused with the light of Spirit, so they are much like Earth Angels manifest, or the new Luminous Humans we are becoming.

Seraphinite, found only in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia, is considered by many as the premier healing stone of this age most suited to bringing the body into line with Light energy. It is among the most powerful of stones also for bringing into alignment the “I AM” column of the spinal cord. Of course its lovely green coloring reveals it as the perfect Heart Chakra stone that both centers, energizes, harmonizes, and bridges everything all at once.

Seraphinite carries a very feminine energy, which supports greater awareness and experience of the Divine Feminine, but it also is a healing crystal known to aid cellular regeneration! It even has the ability to help you become aware of diseases linked to issues from past lives and is believed to cause old patterns of dis-ease and imbalance to fall away. This creates the opportunity and space for new patterns to form that are of the highest order of wholeness. It can aid the decoding of the DNA to help bring about the decline of former systemic diseases and as they subside, the vibrations of the new arrangements within your DNA become prominent.

Seraphinite provides clarity of vision and understanding to see and know truth about your life, as well as what needs to be changed in order to experience the harmony you desire and deserve. It also encourages daily contact with the highest order of angels when you meditate. You can use it on any area or Chakra of the body, but some examples are placing it on your Crown Chakra for aligning all of your Chakras, holding it over your Heart Chakra to receive its healing love and protection, as well as to be able to always give unconditional love to others that resides innately in your heart.

tibetan quartzTibetan Quartz – SOLD

Tibetan Quartz are really amazing crystal friends that embody the powerful “OM” vibration and are perfect for grounding as you expand your awareness, spiritual growth, and Reiki. Reiki Master Teachers and practitioners alike will find a resonance with Tibetans.  The darker black and smokey gray spots and inclusions are a distinguishing, unique quality of the Tibetans. They occur in single, double terminated and cluster. I have found that both the clear and darker crystals of this kind to be both equally powerful and individually gifted. The darker ones have an ability to help us empower our shadow aspects, while balancing all Chakras and meridians and taking us into some mysterious recesses of exploration. They are also excellent for dissolving energy blockages and purifying energies. Wearing or carrying this type of quartz will cleanse the aura and protect it from negative influences, as well as helping ground the wearer.

This particular one is a very dark, self-healer, mysterious one. Quartz that come from Tibet are attuned to the esoteric knowledge that has existed in Tibet for ages, which is available to you when you meditate with them. You can attune yourself to this ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Eastern cultures and will find it helpful in healing practices (especially Reiki) to draw energy to specific areas and Chakras of the body. It will also assist you with accessing the Akashic Records if you choose to.

Tibetan Quartz helps you to focus directly to the point, so healing can take place from the origin and then can be drawn out and integrated with results reflected on the surface. It helps you to understand reasons past life connections are related to present life dis-ease or karmic lessons.

tibetan quartz2Tibetan Quartz not only helps in healing practices, but in your own meditation practices or simply living a life of sacredness. It can help you to facilitate fasting and abstinence if you so choose. It radiates such a powerful vibration that if worn or worked with long enough it will radiate and attune you to your own inventive powers.

Tibetan Quartz, said to be one of the twelve Master Crystals, is also wonderful for dream recall, inducing total centering, and producing an energy conducive to channeling of higher information. It fortifies and strengthens all systems of the body and as a “feel good stone” it is known to be particularly effective for chronic fatigue, arthritis, bone injuries, depression, Fibromyalgia, intestinal troubles, healing the nervous system, as well as helpful for improving mental and physical energy, stamina, and physical strength.

tibetanTibetan Quartz opens you to vastly expanded states of consciousness, clears the aura and fills the physical and energetic bodies with Light as needed for spiritual growth, assists in practicing non-attachment, and is a very strong “awakener” of the upper Chakras, allowing enhanced communication with the higher planes, as it connects to the Higher Self.

Carrying one creates a bubble of Light around the body, allowing only positive vibrations to penetrate the auric field. As mentioned, with their ability to enhance healing, they are excellent for practitioners and Master Teachers of Reiki.

Kirlian photography has shown that, when cleansed, these crystals emanate the total spectrum of color and can hence be applied to all energy medians for stimulation and cleansing, as well as be used in the healing of all energy centers. Tibetan Quartz provides protection and purification, and are perfect crystals for cleansing and sanctifying a healing or meditation room. They expand the aura, raising the vibrations such that the physical body can attune to and assimilate the full spectrum of light.

Tibetan Quartz stimulates clairaudient abilities when placed over the third eye. It assists in practicing non-attachment and they expand the aura, raising the vibrations such that the physical body can attune to and assimilate the full spectrum of light.

Love Is In The Earth author, Melody shares:

Tibetan monks, who live near where the Quartz comes from say “this crystal is found exclusively in the location where a race ‘from the heavens’ landed many millenniums ago”. It carries the vibration of the “OM” sound. These Mountains are so high only the Tibetans themselves can mine these crystals. The Himalayas are one of earth’s spiritual centers. The stone beings coming to us from this locale are highly evolved beings. They have been hidden for eons by the ancient wisdom keepers awaiting their time to arise! The Tibetan people who mine these say they were placed millions of years ago by the star people! Tibetan quartz provides an incredible feeling of grounding with expansion. These stone beings work through our Base Chakra all the way to our higher ethereal body centers clearing and aligning.

aquamarineAquamarine – SOLD

It is extremely rare to find an aquamarine of this size and of this quality and energy (not to mention at this price). She stands almost 4 3/4″ tall, 6 3/4″ long and 4 1/2″ wide. She channels the Goddess and Master Kuan Yin  and is an embodiment of great compassion. Her service is to help bring you to the depths of your heart and to assist all sentient beings in a return to natural harmony on Earth.

Breath-taking, powerful, other-worldly and then some!

In her natural state she is pristine in energetic purity and beauty with delicate little prismatic rainbows scattered here and there. Layers of lustrous, short-prismatic to tabular crystal clusters are layered in a matrix community of iced aqua that create a mountain alter of watery energy. Compact and potent, her clustered layers are firmly grounded on large tabular crystals to root her energy. You will also find sparkly Marcasite – a polymorph of pyrite which means that it has the same chemistry as pyrite but a different structure and different symmetry and crystal shapes – enmeshed between the Aquamarine clusters and layers. Its silvery luster is enchanting alongside the iced aqua brilliance and adds to her energy she emanates.

I can’t say enough about her and as always, photos never do justice to these beautiful beings.

aquamarine2Aquamarine Properties: a stone of courage and serenity and a powerful stone for the heart chakra, the thymus (higher heart) or throat chakra and will enhance communication with the Goddess while improving overall spiritual communication. Another benefit of using this crystal, is that it aids you to let go of emotional issues from your past that you have been holding on to. Within the thymus chakra (or higher heart) this energy is very powerful. It emits flowing, soothing, compassionate energy.

This lovely and gentle gem evokes the sea in both its name and its color. The meaning of this crystal’s name derives from the Latin, meaning ‘water of the sea’. The ancients saw this as a stone of courage and felt that carrying it would help them return safe and prosperous from all sea voyages.aquamarine4

It is held in quite high regard in the East as the Stone of the Seer and Mystic, a gemstone that imparts purity to the wearer, as well as encouraging the gentle nature and personality in the wearer. It is a symbol of peace. Aquamarine is said to be the stone of the sea goddesses of past times, due to its association with the sea and water.

In magic, this glorious stone is worn or carried about the body to enhance the use of psychic powers. It helps reduce our conscious mind’s hold on the psychic mind and allows our ever present psychic impulses to be heard and to enter into our more conscious mind. It is good for meditation as it brings calmness, peace and inspiration with love. It also strengthens personal power and the aura.

The stone is considered an “all purpose” healing stone as it treats spiritual and psychological disturbances as well as physiological disorders and disease. In addition, it increases one’s access to courage. It promotes motivation and comforts in times of intense physical and emotional release, while supporting one through the process.

The stone aids a life of service, shields and protects, reminds us of love and caring through times of change and in one’s life and path and purpose. It aids in promoting spiritual and psychic awareness, brings about core soul repair and healing, aids soul retrieval, and heals deeply at all levels. It is used spiritually to bring purification to one’s entire being, as it allows the inner self to better pursue one’s Highest Ideals, keeping attachments to the mundane world in perspective.aquamarine3

In addition to its remedial values, it is an excellent stone with which to make changes in your life, holding more true to your inner, spiritual self, and helping yourself remain calm and purified of your own self-polluting behavioral patterns.

Aquamarine is a symbol of true friendship, equity, courage, judiciousness and eloquence. It helps clairvoyants, harmonizes soul and body and is an amulet of happy family life. In Europe of The Middle Ages, the newly-weds exchanged Aquamarine rings. It is one of the most magical stones that can expose even astral deceits. Aquamarine acts on its wearer’s mood, as a peaceful-seascape, calming the mind.

Marcasite Properties (the silvery areas on the Aquamarine): comes from an Arabic word, markaschatsa, meaning ‘firestone’. It expands metaphysical abilities, especially that of spirit awareness and clairvoyance, provides a psychic shield that grounds, assists house-clearing or entity removal, provides a detached perspective when looking within for insights, helps you to make necessary adjustments, brings clarity for those feeling scattered or confused, increases willpower and courage, encourages you to shine, and helps foster a sense of true abundance.

Crystal & Reiki Sessions

Also, don’t forget that between now and May 15th you can receive the following Crystal & Reiki session specials:

***** Simply click through to your choice of session and on the Paypal invoice please add to the message, days and times that would work for you between now and then, along with your intents for the session, name, and city, state, country you reside in. If you don’t have or know a specific intent, and just want an overall supportive session, please specify that as well. *****

  • One, 15 Minute Distant Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Session: $55 (Savings of $20 – Regular Price $75)

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  • Three, 15 Minute Distant Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Sessions: $111 (Savings of $54 – Pay for 2 and Receive 1 session for $1)

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Grateful for Crystals

It’s been a Crystal Magick kind of week and I’m getting ready to teach a full day crystal workshop today after giving two Crystal talks the last consecutive evenings at Chapman University. I love seeing people inspired by their relationships to Crystals, which connects them more to the heart of themselves and cultivates a stronger relationship with the Earth and Cosmos.

It was really synchronous and beautiful to be teaching about reverence and relationship to Crystals on Earth Day and felt like a way to honor Terra and her gifts through a passion of mine I could share with others.

It was awesome to see everyone so excited and engaged, especially since this is the next conscious generation coming up. Grateful that there are groups like the Chapman Health and Healing Club that are spreading the light and bringing a variety of topics to their members, to expose them to what’s out there so they can be aware and also ignite their own passions and resonance that will be the guiding posts of their journeys.

I’ve also taken a bunch of my Crystal elixirs over the course of the last few days to align me with the Crystals’ essence for sharing about them. So to say the energy has been on high is an understatement.

I loved seeing the students at Chapman experimenting with the elixirs. They were all very in tune with their bodies and senses, and immediately shared the shifts and feelings from the elixirs and the differences from one to another that they tried.

It’s always amazing to experience these powerful Crystal beings and just as with Reiki, simply talking about them gets things vibed and heated up. Hope I don’t blow out anything after this. 😉

I’ll be taking a break from the Crystal teaching until end of May when I’ll be co-teaching a workshop in Tampa, FL, although am still taking my elixirs and always have my Crystal friends around me daily for companionship and support.

Crystals are constantly moving in and out of my life, depending on the shifts I make, which are supported by their love, wisdom, and energetic presence. It’s been lovely to see Crystals move on again, and some of the students feeling so drawn to bringing them into their lives.

I was so touched by this one particular young woman who immediately was drawn to one of the heart-shaped Crystals I brought to the talk and literally was moved to almost tears by the comfort she felt when she held her.

She said, “I’ve never felt this with any stone or Crystal. I haven’t felt peace like this since I moved to this city. I love my new best friend.”

I knew that Crystal was meant to be with her, and got the message on why I had felt called to bring it at the last minute.

I love that.

And I’ve experienced much the same in my own life with them.

Yesterday, after the talk another young woman asked me how I got into Crystals and I realized there was really no “one thing” that took place, but it was a culmination of all things in my life when I was embracing the next level of my spiritual journey that brought many things into my experience all at once – like opening a floodgate and it just all poured in, as if it had just been waiting for me to be ready.

Since, Crystals have been one of the supportive ways I’ve worked with to completely shift my life experience. And for that I’m grateful and I’d like to shout out an extra special thank you in honor of them today.

How have Crystals been a part of your life?

Crystals Abound! Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Sessions Special Discount Through May 15th PLUS Update on Crystal Elixirs & Events

There’s a lot of Crystal love energy a-flowin’ lately and that will kick into another high gear this week and over the next couple of months.

Beginning tomorrow I’ll be giving a Crystal Healing & Pendulums Intro talk, back-to-back nights at Chapman University in the Fish Interfaith Center for the Chapman Health and Healing Club Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by a Crystal Magick full-day workshop on Thursday – all here locally to Orange County, CA. Then on May 30th it’s another Crystal Love & Healing infusion with a workshop in Tampa, FL, followed by the June Summer Solstice workshop weekend on the 20th and 21st of Magick and Manifestation, which will combine Crystals on one of the days along with other goodies. (You can still register for these events – message me if interested)

crystal elixirsThere’s also been an explosion of Crystal Elixir energy that had me working the Faery Alchemy. I made such huge batches of the two magickal elixirs over the Full Blood Moon Solar Eclipse of 4/4 that I was able to create over 60, 1 and 2 oz bottles of both droppers and sprays of these powerful babies! Woo!! That’s a lot of elixir potency and fun, which had me feeling like the mad alchemist while processing all of these. And they ARE in fact quite powerful. Not only have I experienced them at work in my life, but have heard how they’ve been experienced as such by others.

After half already going off to do their service, I still have about half left to be able to offer during the upcoming talks and workshops in support of requests to do so.

So currently, if you’ve still been wanting some, I’ll have to place a hold on orders until at least after this week, to ensure I have enough for these events.

If you’re interested in one of the Elixirs, either in dropper or spray form of #1 (Herkimer Diamond, Orange Jade, Iceland Quartz) or #2 (Sacred Geometry Rose Quartz & Amethyst) you can message me so I can place your name on a waiting list and will contact you as soon as I know what I have available, which may be as soon as this Friday for starters.

I’ve been doing a lot of personal work with my Crystals, including working with several new Crystal friends that have come into my life, both in dream time work and in waking life, along with sacred & ceremonial meditations the last couple of months. And it’s been quite amazing, especially at night and in the meditational work.

At the upcoming events I will have Crystal Pendulums and some Crystals available for purchase and as part of your registration gifts, with the addition of some of my very own potent Crystal babies that are ready to move on to new Guardians, as our work is complete and I’m focused on work with the new wave that have come in. Any that don’t connect with a new Keeper, I’ll share here thereafter.

And that brings me to a special offering guided by our Crystal friends in support of the collective.


I have experienced not only for myself, but for my clients, friends, and my rabbit Cosmo, the powerful support that Crystals provide, and especially so when combined with things like Reiki for example – creating a holistic approach to the processes we are going through that is more energetically aligned in vibration to where many of us are currently.

I work with Crystals in combination with Reiki, as well as musical sound resonance at times, as it feels most natural to me and it’s quite potent for really getting deep with making transformational shifts.

I do this by distance, unless we’re together at an event or on a sacred retreat/journey, in which case in-person experiences take place.

Enhanced power sessions, especially including Crystals, work rapidly and penetrate deeply so this cuts out the need for long sessions, as the quality and potency is received quickly and with laser focus. It’s true that quality versus quantity is most beneficial.

I know a bunch of you are going through some big stuff, as I hear from you personally, I read what you share in your blogs and social media posts, as well as am hearing from you in my dreams EVERY night, as I continue receiving collective visitations from so many people where I’m seeing, hearing, and feeling what individuals are going through.

If you are interested in one of these distant Crystal & Reiki sessions, want to intentionally engage and take accountability in your life, and are undergoing some deep shifts, healing, and/or intentional processes into the new you’d like support with, between now and May 15th I’m offering a special on these due to the overwhelming influx of messages I’m receiving and being guided on.

So, between now – April 20th – and May 15th (that’s 26 days counting today) you can receive the following Crystal & Reiki session specials:

***** Simply click through to your choice of session and on the Paypal invoice please add to the message, days and times that would work for you between now and then, along with your intents for the session, name, and city, state, country you reside in. If you don’t have or know a specific intent, and just want an overall supportive session, please specify that as well. *****

  • One, 15 Minute Distant Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Session: $55 (Savings of $20 – Regular Price $75)

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  • Three, 15 Minute Distant Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Sessions: $111 (Savings of $54 – Pay for 2 and Receive 1 session for $1)

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The advantage of more than one session is continually bombarding oneself with supportive energy to chip away at pesky resistance, blocks, fears…especially if you know you’re a good self-sabotager, or you are feeling really stuck.

However, some people are ready for change and one session can be just the energetic kick to get you over the edge. It’s always an individual journey and results are always based on your partnering with conscious responsibility to your personal process and what is needed from you to engage and embrace for the change to happen.

There are no quick-fixes except each person’s willingness to do the work and the energetic support provides the supportive platform and loving flow, along with your current protocol, for those potentials with an infusion of a powerful jolt.

Sessions must be used and scheduled between April 20th and May 15th.

Upcoming Workshops, Events & A Special Retreat ~ Registration & Date Reminders Plus Dates I’m Unavailable




As always, if you are interested in scheduling a workshop not seen below I am always able to teach private workshops or put together a date at request to support your readiness and next step on your journey. And of course I can guest teach in your home town. Just message me with requests and questions and I’ll be happy to assist.


  • Thursday, April 23rd 9 am – 6 pm Crystal Magick Workshop  (you can register up until April 20th) $325 or $250/each with 2 people registering together
  • Tuesday, April 21st 7 pm – 8 pm and Wednesday, April 22nd 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Intro to Crystal Healing & Pendulums Talk at Chapman University in Orange, CA at the Fish Interfaith Center for the Chapman Health and Healing Clubthese are FREE events – if interested please contact me to be added as a guest. I’ll be speaking on the same topics each night (basic understanding of crystals and crystal healing, hands-on with pendulums, and exploring some types of crystals), with a different audience so only one night would be necessary to attend if interested – I’ll have Crystal pendulums, Crystal elixirs, and some Crystals available for sale
  • Saturday, May 30th 10 am – 1 pm Crystal Love & Healing Workshop with Yasmin Lageyre (RMT, Crystal & Energy Grid Healer) & Tania Marie (RMT, Crystal Healer, Sacred Artist & Author) in Tampa, Florida : We will have Crystal pendulums, Crystal elixirs, and Crystals both as gifts and available – this workshop is filling up discounts available if you register by April 30th and all registrations need to be in by May 23rd:

    If Registered by April 30th: $120 (savings of $30)

    After April 30th: $150

    If you Register with a friend: $200 ($100 per person or $50 savings each)

  • Saturday, June 20th & Sunday, June 21st – Sacred Summer Solstice Magick & Manifestation with Aymey Sangill (RMT, Feng Shui Expert, Certified Hypnotist & NLP Practitioner, M.A. Counseling Psychology) & Tania Marie (RMT, Crystal Healer, Sacred Artist & Author) in Beaverton, Oregon :  A two-day series of workshops over Summer Solstice to support clearing and empowering your life, as well as bringing more magick into your experience. We’ll have Crystals, Crystal pendulums and Crystal Elixirs both as gifts and available. Registration Deadline: May 20th***** Minimum registrations needed due to guest teacher flying in. If minimum not met, you’ll be refunded your registration fee.*****

    Where: The Offices of The Wise Alchemist
    12525 SW 2nd St.
    Beaverton, OR 97005

    When: Saturday, June 20th 9 am – 4 pm
    Sunday, June 21st 9 am – 3pm

    Lunch Break: 12 pm at cafe around the corner *Veggie snacks and water provided

    *Reiki charged and Peru magick-infused crystal pendulums and crystals will be available


    June 20th: Crystal Healing & Feng Shui Magick Workshop

    June 21st: Sacred Solstice Ceremony and Manifestation Workshop

    Energy Exchange to join one or both days’ events:

    Attend both days: $444 (save $50)

    Or choice of days: $272 per day of your choice


    Tania and wild mustangs




    Horses & Reiki: Living With Vibrational Integrity – A Four Day Certification & Experiential Retreat in Ladner, BC at Epona Rise Retreat Centre

    Thursday, July 9th – Sunday, July 12th, 2015

    To learn more and to register please visit:  

    Horses & Reiki


    Don’t forget our sacred summer retreat is coming up! This is the last retreat of 2015 being offered.

    Not only is it a chance to soak in some powerful healing time for yourself while you get to experience intimate connection with amazing horses, but you will also come away being certified in Reiki Levels 1 & 2 with the ability to provide healing support to self and others on any level, whether in person or at a distance.

    This is a limited space event due to the intimate nature of the work with the horses. Just $300 holds your space and payment plans are still available.

    Spaces are filling so be sure to place your deposit if you’d like to be a part of this special and intentional gathering.

    We’ll be teaming up with the amazing Horse Whisperer, Hillary Schneider, and her team of masterful horses for this sacred retreat.

    Every journey always has surprises in store and are uniquely created to align with current energies and the souls that are brought together, and both Hillary and I are putting together more sacred experiences to share with you beyond the scope of these basics you can look forward to.

    What you will experience during this retreat:

    * Intimate exchanges with the horses

    * Customized Reiki training to the nature of our weekend’s focuses, initiation attunements, and certification in Level 1 and 2

    * Personal attention, time, and loving support by both Hillary and Tania

    * Experience energy and learn self treatments, along with practicing with each other and the horses

    * Become more self-aware, in touch with your intuition, and feel a greater sense of balance, personal truth, vulnerability, compassion, responsibility, freedom, and trust

    * Individual energy healing and integrative sessions

    * Sacred gatherings

    * Retreat time in nature


bimini heart




This year is one of my fullest and busiest yet for me, but no matter where I am, I’m actively engaging in conscious connection to the journey as an individual and as part of the collective. So that means that while I am unable to do hands-on work while away, I’m always engaged. This supports a seamless journey where I’m able to quickly pick up and jump in on things as soon as I return, usually in a clearer and more inspired way since things are all connected and continue percolating.

The dates below are what seem to be the current trajectory, subject to shift, and more dates to be announced, as a large change may be happening end of Summer along with other things percolating.

The earliest I’m still only able to take on new sacred tattoo clients is June, as my personal schedule just got fuller. And June is actually starting to dwindle a bit in terms of availability.


April: I’m here all month working away, so it’s a good time to hit me up with things

May: 18 – 23 in Indiana, 26 – 31 in Florida

June: 31st of May – June 5th in Sedona, June 19 – 22 in Oregon

July: 8 – 13 British Columbia

October: 16 – 25 Dominican Republic


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