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New Crystal Friends – Pietersite Pendant, Carnelian Earrings, Labradorite and Faery Lemurian Quartz

Every day at Joyful Earth Crystals we strive to bring the highest quality, new creations and crystals to support the current needs of the collective. We love hearing how clients are connecting so deeply with their new friends and the transformational and loving energy they are receiving in divine timing. Even for myself, I am seeing how amped up my time spent with crystals has increased and I keep moving around the crystals in my office/studio to keep them all happy and optimally working their magick. Right now my desk is potently filled with a combo of pieces I’ve had in my secret crystal chest (which is like sparkly new energy of reconnecting with dear friends) and some pieces that specifically requested daily desk duty. Fun and wow. Anything’s possible with this combo!

Today, I’m happy to share several new items we’ve just added to our Etsy shop, which includes an amazing Pietersite pendant (I have been so excited about the Pietersite pieces birthing!), some new Carnelian earrings (yes, we are adding earrings to the mix!), and two individually amazing crystals – a magical Labradorite pillow and a Faery Portal Lemurian Quartz.

Our 10% off special is still going on until 8/8/12, so if these or any of the other lovelies speaks to you, now is a great time to welcome one into your heart and home. Enter Code LOVE10 when you check out to receive the discount.

Here are images of the new pieces in our Joyful Earth Crystals Collection. For details, photos and information about their properties, size, etc. please visit our Etsy Shop or click the individual links shared with each photo below.

Swirling blue Pietersite Crystal Pendant “Tempest of Truth”

You can see more about and order thie Pietersite here: Tempest of Truth

Ethereal “Faery Portal” Lemurian Quartz

You can see more about and order this Quartz here: Ethereal “Faery Portal” Lemurian Quartz

Magical Labradorite Crystal Pillow – images of both sides

You can see more about and order this Labradorite here: Magical Labradorite Crystal Pillow

Firey Carnelian and Sterling Silver Chain Earrings “Elegant Vitality”

You can see more about and order these Carnelian earrings here: Elegant Vitality

If interested in commissioning a custom piece or if you have any questions you can email or

10% Off Joyful Earth Crystals Sale Plus Today’s Special Feature: Ocean Jasper Heart

Ocean Jasper Heart

Crystals continue to be as active as ever these days and I can feel how much they are and have been assisting myself and others. We have some very powerful pieces in the Joyful Earth Crystals collection and many more that are still to come. We keep intuiting the timing for each of the different energies they provide, in terms of when and which we release and design.

Every now and then we offer specials and promotions and right now we have our first Joyful Earth Crystals SUMMER SALE:

10% off all items in our Etsy shop!

To save 10% on your entire purchase, first make sure you like our Facebook page:

Joyful Earth Crystals

Then share this post with your Facebook friends.

(Be sure to enter the code “LOVE10” when you checkout on our Etsy shop – – to receive the discount!)

Sale ends 08.08.12. ♥♥♥

Aren’t a Facebook member? No worries, we still honor the sale, but you must enter the above code and redeem by August 8th, 2012.

We have the beloved Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds (17 left only) in either silver or copper, several beautiful pendants in amazing stones and crystals (so supportive for the energy of the now and integrative shifts taking place), some lovely bracelets and of course the amazing individual crystals – all uniquely empowering in their own way!

If one has been calling to you, now is the time to welcome them into heart and home.

Several of our pieces have been moving quickly, including the L.O.V.E. Seeds and individual crystals. We’ve even sold many that we haven’t even posted, just due to people asking for specific crystals meant for them, or for us to intuit something for their needs, and so they never get chance to go into the official Etsy shop.  🙂

We still do have amazing giant raw dolphin/ocean Larimar, Mayan “dreamtime” sacred Jade stone sphere, courageous, creative expression Blue Quartz Ganesha energy elephants, giant marbled Gaia energy Agate turtle and a spectacular, very special, kick-things-in-high-gear, giant Smokey Quartz – I’m curious what visionary leader is going to end up as its keeper due to its powerful, energy.

Now and then I will post one before it gets into the store, just because I feel its energy reaching out that day, like today.

Today’s feature I was called to share is a lovely Ocean Jasper Heart pictured above.

This Ocean Jasper Heart stone is 1 3/4″ wide, 1 1/2″ tall and 15/16″ thick (nearly an inch) – Offering him today for only $22 + shipping 

Ocean Jasper Properties – a stone used for protection since the ancient times and discovered in Madagascar. Believed to have deep relation to Atlantis – can only be mined during low tides and in the shallow part of the ocean. Egyptians used it as an aphrodisiac and was worn in amulets & used in massages for the same effect. Considered a healing stone and rain inducer by the Indians of Native America and Asia. Known as the warrior’s stone in the Middle Ages. Jasper stones are supreme nurturers in general, but the Ocean Jasper teaches us that there is a cycle and rhythm to all the natural events and helps us realize we all are connected at the core to everything and everyone on this planet at the deepest core of our being. Good for resolving all baggage of the past and encourages personal responsibility, teaches us patience and to develop a positive outlook towards life, eases stress and lightens one’s saddness, enhances perception and concentration and is associated with the Heart Chakra. Ocean Jasper is very soothing and helps us to love one’s self as well as others. It helps heal the emotions and brings peace of mind. It helps with acceptance of responsibility and increases patience.

If interested in custom commissions you can message either myself at or the amazing creative designer, Allison, at and we will put our hearts together in creating something perfect for you. Likewise, if you have any specific individual crystal requests, we can assist in intuiting a crystal friend that would be supportive.

If interested in the Ocean Jasper Heart, message for inquiries and purchasing

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