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Upcoming Crystal Illuminations to Feature Crystal Discoveries Reflecting Collective Shifts

moldaviteI remember when I first discovered Moldavite several years ago around 2006, and the amazing impact it had in my life. Finding a stone that was of extraterrestrial origin that integrated high-vibrational Earth consciousness, felt so aligned for me. Not to mention, I was excited about its powerful energy that helps the opening of your Cosmic Heart and supports making major shifts.

You see featured here in this post one of the most amazing and highest guality Moldavite in my collection – a super fine specimen that is out of this world both in energy and rarity. You can see the way that Moldavite goes from a very dark green when just held and not in the light, to a very luminescent and translucent light green when held up to the light. Amazing!

In my post a couple of years ago on Moldavite I spoke about how it “is a definite and powerful Chakra opener and activator, particularly resonating with the Heart, 3rd Eye, and Crown Chakras. Although its energy tends to first move to wherever it is most needed in the physical and etheric bodies, it will settle and center in the heart. Moldavite is a great stone to work with on a personal and collective level in your healing work, practices, and meditations. Its transformative qualities, begins a process of energetic resonance throughout one’s entire being, thus raising the vibration. There are many benefits of this stone, and exposure to it, including, activating the dream state when worn while sleeping, helping one to acclimate to the Earth plane environment if feeling not part of this world (especially in the case of Star Children), helps foster a deeper level of compassion and understanding for the human realities of the physical plane, aids in expansion of consciousness and rapid transformation in one’s life – aiding the release of those things that do not serve one’s highest path, visionary experiences, increased clarity, vibrational raising of both yourself and the Earth, energy cleansing, strengthens, aids in self discovery and enlightenment, cosmic and crystal consciousness, expansion, and even contact with interdimensional energies, and the list goes on…”

moldaviteYou can read the entire post here: Moldavite ~ Sacred Gem of the Galactic Heart

And as the years roll on, more and more new powerful and magical crystal and stone friend discoveries continue and their discovery is always divinely aligned with personal and collective needs that support the vibrational shifts currently being integrated, and some times coming in ahead of time to start being prepared energetically to be there when others are ready.

For a while I had not been acquiring any new crystals, as I had acquired quite the collection over the years enough to have my own mega-store. Lol! And over time most have found their homes I had helped prepare them for. I take my work as a crystal keeper very seriously and I honor the crystals and stones with utmost respect and love.

More recently I have been being led to channel through more friends, as an increase in conscious awareness and readiness steps up. And this has currently brought me to the creation of Crystal Illuminations, as well as bringing through powerful pieces that are ready for their roles.

Yesterday I was able to take a small break at the Gem Faire here, which is two minutes from my home, conveniently ;), and visited one of my favorite crystal suppliers solely. I have become very attuned, over time, to letting myself be guided only to where the vibrations resonate, especially where crystals are concerned.

Back in the day, when I first was exploring the crystal realm, I remember being overloaded and my energy being pulled every which way and being energetically through the roof because of all the crystal energy around at places like gem shows and crystal stores. It also took me time to learn to differentiate between crystals really “needing” to come home with me and those that were just vibing with me, and of course my own mind was making decisions rather than my heart.

I no longer experience this, as I have learned to become balanced and centered in my energy, finding grounding, and can tune in only to the vibrations of highest resonance that are calling while weeding out the rest through a funneled boundary. I also come equipped with my trusty pendulum and ask the important questions when I am feeling each crystal out energetically.

moldaviteI was so focused in my mission at the faire to bring home the crystals ready for service through me, which made things easy and quick, that I had forgotten the feelings I used to experience. So it was interesting when I started hearing conversations from people feeling pulled all over and talking about how their pocket books were going through the ringer because of it. I also had opportunity to talk with one man who was fascinated with what I was doing and using my pendulum, and our conversation helped him to find what he was there for – he was new to the crystal world, at least in this life go around.

Then two women at the same area that I was at, who do different forms of energy work as their professions, were talking about all of the energy and feeling blown out and needing to ground. They were giving each other clearing with two giant Selenite wands from the man whose crystals we were browsing, running them along both sides of their body up and down.

We engaged briefly in conversation and then the woman asked if I wanted her to clear me of all of the energy and before I said anything, the crystal keeper of the shop, who I believe is also a Reiki Master, said, “Her energy looks clear to me.” But I did welcome her to briefly run the Selenite wands down me, as I had taken notice of these wands before, and what I experienced was a raise in my body temperature like an internal heat thermostat rising rapidly and overheating, which for me translated into a feeling of an increase rather than grounding for me, which was opposite to the effects they were experiencing. 🙂 I think it also had to do with the fact that I had been holding a tray of all of the crystals I intuitively had chosen so far and combined with the Selenite wands, created that effect. I felt immediately back to my regulated balance, which to me spoke to my grounding abilities I’ve learned to center in. But interestingly, just previous to her doing this I had noted a stone that I was super drawn to and once she was done I picked it up, coming to find it was a very grounding and Earthy crystal and so this was perfect synchronicity.

It’s fun to observe the evolution of things over time. Needless to say, I found some amazing new crystals and stones that I’m very excited to be working with and bringing into their glory as Crystal Illuminations. Some of the pieces are well known friends of mine, but many are new and carry energy I believe will resonate immensely with many of you going through current shifts I know you are experiencing. I know I wanted some of all of them myself, but I was very poignant in only taking home what was for the highest good collectively.

Here are the crystal friends I brought home that you can look forward to (which include some new discoveries):

Ocean Jasper, Kambaba Stone, Rainbow Moonstone, Staurolite, Tiffany Stone, Blue Tiger’s Eye, Emerald, Lepidolite, Chiastolite, Amazonite, Charoite, Sunstone, Covellite, Prehnite, Preseli Stone, Natural Blue Topaz, Pyrrhotite, Que Sera, Green Garnet, Stibnite, Merlinite, Green Kyanite, Mystic Merlinite, Golden Healer Lemurian, Shaman Heart Lemurian, and Nuummite!

Wow is all I can say!

And, as mentioned in a previous post, here are others that are also soon to be available, which I had acquired before:

Malachite, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, various Fluorite, Lingam, Apache Tears, Selenite, Lepidolite, Sugilite, Libyan Desert Glass Tektite, Calcite, Fire Agate, Singing Quartz Wands, Tangerine Lemurian Seed Quartz, Pink Lemurian Seed Quartz, Faery Quartz, Angelite, Agate, Carnelian, Amethyst, Kyanite, as well as carved sacred Animal Guides, magical Andaras, and a special “Sea Treasures” sacred piece.

If any of these crystal and stone energies call to you, you can commission them by contacting me. A few may be available as stand-alone sacred healing crystals, but most will be infused into new sacred paintings as a source of light in your life, from the inside out.

I will be creating and offering them in the order of intuitive guidance. So if there is one in particular you specifically are drawn to, let me know and it can be created first. As you can see there are a ton here that will keep me very busy in creative channeling mode.

I’m so looking forward to it and sharing these new friends with you.

Until then, you can browse current Crystal Illuminations offerings at my Etsy Shop here: crystal illumination

Come Explore the Crystal Illuminations at My New Etsy Shop

bannerI’ve shared the new Crystal Illuminations healing art – my latest body of work featuring crystal infused sacred paintings as a source of light in your life – but I’d like to announce that they are now available via my new Etsy Shop, “crystal illumination” for convenience and ease.

Please check back, as there will be a TON more new creations coming, as shared below.

At my shop you will be able to explore all of the new empowering energy of these “crystals of light” that you can bring more of into your life through sacred healing art creations channeled through me and nature.

To see examples of other sacred crystal paintings that have sold please visit: Crystal Illuminations and you will get an idea of the abundant creations that channel through when thinking about commissioning a special piece for yourself or loved ones.

You will sometimes find stand-alone, very unique and powerful, sacred crystals available in the Crystal Illuminations collection of healing art, as these intuitively chosen healing crystals are nature’s art, as seen through my heart to yours. Every crystal you see here and that comes through me, to you, are heart chosen, powerfully charged, Reiki infused for integrative healing, and specially attuned to assist you and the collective.

Some of the Crystal Illuminations you can look forward to soon will be featuring sacred crystals such as:

Malachite, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, various Fluorite, Lingam, Apache Tears, Selenite, Lepidolite, Sugilite, Libyan Desert Glass Tektite, Calcite, Fire Agate, Singing Quartz Wands, Tangerine Lemurian Seed Quartz, Pink Lemurian Seed Quartz, Faery Quartz, Angelite, Agate, Carnelian, and more Amethyst and Kyanite, as well as carved sacred Animal Guides, magical Andaras, and a special “Sea Treasures” sacred piece.

If any of these crystal and stone energies call to you, you can commission them by contacting me. A few may be available as stand-alone sacred healing crystals, but most will be infused into new sacred paintings as a source of light in your life.

You can choose from the crystal essences of light available, or you can commission a specific energy or crystal you feel you’d like to integrate and empower more of in to your life.

Each of the crystals that come through me are what I like to refer to as, “Joyful Earth Crystals,” which are here to help us create a New Earth experience in joy and creative love.

If you have any questions about items you see in the shop or would like to commission a custom piece, please contact me at

Ancient Wisdom For Natural Balance – Celebrating Mother Earth Today & Always

ammoniteIt is a gift and privilege to be in a human body and anything we can do to integrate our experience in synergy with the natural harmony and rhythms of the Earth is a step toward change and making a difference. Embodying that change from the inside out is the gift we give back to the Earth, and our entire collective family, which includes all of life.

Remember to bring your celebration, honor, and gratitude for Earth into every day of your life.

Wishing you a return to natural harmony today and always.

Pictured here you see one of my Crystal Illuminations painting, “Ancient Wisdom For Natural Balance” created as the essence of Ammonites speaking through as the sages they are, sharing their wisdom so that we may receive their message.

These crystal sages are “living” pieces of healing art that draw from and integrate the Earth and the Ethereal, as channeled through my heart, and continue in the vein of my life’s work focus – to support a return to natural harmony.

Crystal Illuminations are meditational portals that assist you with invoking the key essence of each crystal’s energy into your daily sacred space in order to access new doorways of experience. Each painting is a channeled imprint of the specific crystal’s vibrational resonance, as they come through me in the process of working with them, and are charged with Reiki energy.

When you gaze upon or simply have the painting in your personal space (supporting the flow of Chi), it can assist with energetic activations and help shift the energy in and around you to support desired intentions. Crystal Illuminations are a tool to help draw in a bit of magic as you journey through life.

Someone recently shared about this painting, “It is like you brought the power of the Fibonacci spiral to life.”

This painting holds a very ancient wisdom and energy that can assist an integrative experience of wholeness, healing and empowerment.


Orb energy from Ancient Wisdom For Natural Balance

Ammonite: A fossil remain of ancient creatures that dissipated from the earth millions of years ago, and eons of time have turned them into stone. Since these creatures were once alive, they are linked with the fifth element, Akasha. Fossils represent time, eternity, evolution. In general they are used as protective objects, worn in jewelry to increase your natural defenses. Fossils of all kinds are worn as amulets to increase life span, due to their lineage.

Ammonites were known in the Middle Ages as draconites, due to their spiral appearance they were believed to come from the head of dragons, and were often bound to the left arm for magical projection. In more recent times in Britain they were called snake stones.   In ancient Egypt, this fossil is named for the Egyptian god Ammon, because their shape resembles his ram horns. Ammonite was prized by the ancient Egyptian and Roman societies and likely many other cultures the ammonite was seen as a symbol of almost any deity was connected the curved horns of the ram.

Ammonite is used in finding your way down the spiritual spiral path to the center where the God and Goddess await, as well as used in past-life meditations.

ammoniteIt is told that these ‘stones’ radiate positive Earth energy, and to bring good luck as well as general prosperity.

Ammonite is said to assist with general good health, stamina and high energy. It is told to change negativity into smoothly flowing energy.

It is also said to assist with childbirth, help life the heaviness that is sometimes felt during depression, and general survival instincts. Ammonite helps to release karmic debris and harmful thought patterns.

This fossil also works on stimulating the instincts while providing clarity and enhancing personal power.

Ancient Wisdom For Natural Balance is available and can be purchased here: Crystal Illuminations

Crystal Announcements & Changes – PLUS! Crystal Illuminations Sacred Paintings Now Officially Available

chrysocollaIf you didn’t read some of my earlier posts in the last couple of months, with all of the transitions and my always following where I’m guided, I have been led to no longer offer any crystal jewelry. Instead, the evolution of things had me listening to my crystal friends’ messages to begin an exciting new co-creation with them, where-in I help to channel their essence on to canvas and they get to take center stage as healing arts sages in a way that can assist lighting up your life.

Joyful Earth Crystals still remains, as this has been the name channeled for the beautiful crystals that grace their presence in my life for the last 6 years, but it only encompasses crystals that I procure for these new sacred paintings, Crystal Illuminations, as well as occasional crystals that will be available for sale. Both embodying specially chosen crystals with a certain frequency of energy that is attuned to supporting a return to natural harmony within and without – for you and the Earth collective.

The Joyful Earth Crystals Etsy shop is no longer. Nor, is the Joyful Earth Crystals Facebook page. These have transitioned into my former J.E.C. partner Allison’s new company Aloha Shakti so that she may bring to the world her own creations and services that she is developing. (the shift was announced in the post link).

You’ll now find Joyful Earth Crystals (which is the name I call the family of crystal friends that I’m honored to have come through my life) at home here on my blog site – Creating Life as a Work of Art. The name Joyful Earth Crystals came from my two beloved animal companions Joy and Gaia (Earth Mother Goddess) merging together as the symbolism for supporting the Earth into a return experience of natural harmony, which the crystal beings are here to assist.

I have a new page Crystals for Sale that will feature any individual crystals that are being offered.

Currently I have the ever-popular and amazing Lemurian L.O.V.E. (Love Our Vibrant Earth) Seed Crystal Pendulums and Giant Aquamarine available to bring into heart and home. You can read about them at the page link, as well as any updates on things such as Pendulum classes, new crystals offered, and anything crystalline in nature. 🙂

amethyst-and-blue quartzYou will also find a link to the new Crystal Illuminations sacred paintings on this page to make them easy to find. Of course I will always continue to post blogs on amazing crystals and their metaphysical properties, new crystal discoveries, working with crystals for healing integration, share magickal experiences I have with our crystal friends, post any class or workshop updates involving crystals in any way, and individually announce any new crystals available. (Can you tell I love crystals?!)

You can quickly and easily purchase anything you see on the Crystals For Sale page via secure Paypal credit card payment. This will also be the case with any workshops and classes that I may be offering, along with any new products, services, or special offers – you’ll be able to easily just register or purchase through my blog now when I post about it.

As always, any of my paintings and Reiki services are available at my signature website Tania Marie ~ Emerald Bridge. And my book and sacred tattoo design consultations can be purchased at Spiritual Skin.

One last quick annoucement – Crystal Illuminations are now officially available for purchase!

They debuted at the April 11th RAW MARVEL art showcase where several found new homes – yay! – and now can be easily purchased at my website. So if one was calling to you, you may want to see if it is still available, as these special pieces are one-of-a-kind and moving fast.

You can view and order crystal infused sacred paintings here: 

Crystal Illuminations

For more information on the properties of each crystal painting, you can contact me. If you’d like to commission a specific Crystal Illuminations painting (for a focused energy intent or that works with a specific crystal you are drawn to), you can also contact me for a custom quote at

As always, enjoy the journey. There isn’t anywhere you need to be, but exactly where you are. All things are always unfolding in Divine perfection. 

Wishing you creative love, harmony, and magick!

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