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Seraphinite – The Powerful Winged Angel Healer Supporting Our Luminous Being

seraphiniteToday I would like to share another beautiful crystal friend of mine with you that has also become a new favorite and sits with me daily. I am constantly in awe of how crystals and stones so aligned with my personal journey, service, and where things are shifting on collective levels, find their way to me. Crystals that never would have been on my radar years ago, or even months ago, just show up. Yes, when we are ready, the tools, teachers, guidance, and support appear.

My crystal friend is the angelic Seraphinite, and just as its name reflects, it does indeed embody the “spirit of an angel.”

A Seraphim, by definition, is an angelic being, considered to belong to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy that has three pairs of wings.

seraphiniteWikipedia shares that the word Seraphim, literally means “burning ones” and the word “seraph” is normally a synonym for serpents when used in the Hebrew Bible. A seminal passage in the Book of Isaiah (Isaiah 6:1-8) used the term to describe fiery six-winged beings that fly around God’s throne as caretakers singing “holy, holy, holy”.

The angelic Seraphinite not only carries the energy of these powerful angels, but it also resembles them with the silvery infused angel wings that appear inside. It is one of the most powerful stones for physical body healing and a great stone for healers and self healing, which also happens to perfectly align with my constantly seeing the 4:44 or repetitive 4’s in general on a daily and multiple times a day basis – a sign that angels are presently surrounding and supporting you.

seraphiniteSeraphinite, as you can see in the photos of mine, is a beautiful, deep green – when caught in the light is Earthy and resembles the vernal forests in Spring, but can be a very dark, almost black-green, like the depths of the forests when you venture beyond the Sun’s reach. It is one of the Angel Crystals that gets its deep green from the Chlorite in it, which is extremely healing and sometimes also appears in clear Quartz. There are silver “fronds”, like a fern has, throughout the crystal that flash brilliantly in the light. It is these “fronds” that resemble also the angelic wings.

Their green color represents the renewal of life, physical healing, the essence of the Heart Chakra, and Earth connection, which helps people who feel alienated from their physical bodies to appreciate and love the wonder and miracle of their physical form. With this appreciation you are open to allowing more light to infuse your human body. You can place it on any part of the body where you feel more balance is needed and where there is a disconnect experienced. One way to meditate with it can be to imagine silver light wings softly feathering in and around you as you visualize and embrace your body in wholeness and unified health and well-being.

It is definitely an enchanting crystal and touches my faery heart deeply.

seraphiniteIt’s very dark, almost black coloring adds the element of grounding. The silvery wings are almost white, which symbolize Spirit and flow of nonphysical energy. This reflects a physical entity infused with the light of Spirit, so they are much like Earth Angels manifest, or the new Luminous Humans we are becoming.

This also demonstrates the fundamentals of healing and how it works by infusing the being with vibrational energy to assist the shifting alignments needing for optimal well-being. Sounds and feel like Reiki to me. 🙂

Not only beautiful, this crystal is a very special one energetically as well. Seraphinite, found only in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia, is considered by many as the premier healing stone of this age most suited to bringing the body into line with Light energy. It is among the most powerful of stones also for bringing into alignment the “I AM” column of the spinal cord. Of course its lovely green coloring reveals it as the perfect Heart Chakra stone that both centers, energizes, harmonizes, and bridges everything all at once.

seraphiniteSeraphinite carries a very feminine energy, which supports greater awareness and experience of the Divine Feminine, but it also is a healing crystal known to aid cellular regeneration! It even has the ability to help you become aware of diseases linked to issues from past lives and is believed to cause old patterns of dis-ease and imbalance to fall away. This creates the opportunity and space for new patterns to form that are of the highest order of wholeness. It can aid the decoding of the DNA to help bring about the decline of former systemic diseases and as they subside, the vibrations of the new arrangements within your DNA become prominent.

Seraphinite provides clarity of vision and understanding to see and know truth about your life, as well as what needs to be changed in order to experience the harmony you desire and deserve. It also encourages daily contact with the highest order of angels when you meditate. You can use it on any area or Chakra of the body, but some examples are placing it on your Crown Chakra for aligning all of your Chakras, holding it over your Heart Chakra to receive its healing love and protection, as well as to be able to always give unconditional love to others that resides innately in your heart.

An idea for meditating with your Seraphinite:

Softly gaze at your Seraphinite with slightly unfocused eyes and focus on the pattern in your stone, then close your eyes and imagine the pattern dissolving, understanding that it represents your own core patterns and as it is recognized and dissolved, so are yours. Then, turn your stone over and become aware of the pattern on the other side. See it as the new model and pattern of healing and balance and imagine this pattern infusing your being, as you embody your Divinity.

As I shared in my announcement post about my new “crystal illumination” Etsy Shop, if there is a specific crystal that speaks to you, or if one of my crystal friends that I share about, like this beautiful Seraphinite, feels resonating to you as well, you can commission them as Crystal Illuminations sacred paintings by contacting me. I may also have some stand-alone healing crystals available too, so either send me an inquiry or keep checking back at the shop.

If you have any questions or would like to commission a custom piece, please contact me at

“Cosmic Beacon” Moldavite ~ Star Born Custom Crystal Pendant

Cosmic Beacon

We, Allison and myself of Joyful Earth Crystals, just completed another special, co-created, custom design for a unique client. He specifically was drawn to Moldavite – I can’t blame him there, as Moldavite is one of my all-time favorites! – so we procured a special, resonating piece for him, as you can see in the photos in this blog. Moldavite is a very unique crystal that I have in my own personal collection and I’ve enjoyed designing three custom pieces so far with it for others. This is the first as a team with Allison and I look forward to more! We do have a couple of unique Moldavite pieces waiting to be created, as I speak! And one super, out of this world piece that may just end up in my personal collection, if it decides to stay with me. LOL!!!

If you’d like a custom Moldavite pendant for yourself contact either myself at or Allison at and we’d be happy to help find and create the perfect piece unique to you!

Or continue to visit our Etsy shop for updated pieces in the collection, as we do have some moldavite on the way: Joyful Earth Crystals

If you haven’t read my post, which is from an article I wrote on Moldavite, here it is again:

Moldavite ~ Sacred Gem of the Galactic Heart

And here is a breakdown of Moldavite’s Properties, in general.

Cosmic Beacon

Transformation, powerfully life changing, harnesses the Heart Chakra in a deeply powerful way to embrace unconditional love, catalyst for inner evolution towards one’s highest good, helps you in accessing your higher self, works as a catalyst for the inner evolving spirit, brings intense and rapid change, rapid healing in all dimensions of life, supports healing of environmental issues and healing illness that is not responding to conventional treatment, activates the dream state, aids visionary experiences, fosters a deep level of compassion, cosmic and crystal consciousness, contact with inter-dimensional energies, supportive if you spend a good deal of time alone in strengthening and rejoicing in your unique qualities, helps to connect with the wider universe and to align yourself with the power of the Divine, its existence predates history and was used in ancient times to bring harmony and healing to marital relationships, were gifts from royalty to royalty, worn in the breastplates of Egyptian pharaohs and were the substance purportedly used to create the Holy Grail of Arthurian legend (ancients called all clear green gemstones “emeralds” and moldavite is the only such crystal to have fallen from the sky), harbinger of one’s higher destiny and helpful and healing talisman for the achievement of it, can help one to bring about the right relationship and aligns one’s life into harmony with divine pattern.

Moldavite is said to be a fusion product of meteoric material and earthly rock, which vaporized in the tremendous heat of the impact explosion, while others contest its origins to be of extraterrestrial origin and amongst the rarest minerals on Earth. Either way, it is known to have indeed fallen from the sky and is a star-born catalyst of healing and wholeness, a sacred talisman of awakening and calls us to open the door to our destiny. It has gone unnoticed for many years, even though in ancient times it was much revered, but it seems that in this time of critical mass we have rediscovered it again and its healing powers are being harnessed and channeled through those ready to partner with its transformational abilities to support these times.

Its divining spiritual nature is believed to come from it extraterrestrial roots. Consider moldavite when you want to bring mental balance, introduce yourself to new experiences and open your mind. First use this stone over the Heart Chakra, as it will facilitate the pure intentions of the heart and heart center.

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