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Save 12% Until 12/12/12 – Crystals Supporting Evolutionary Leaps

Many are preparing energetically for the upcoming December dates of 12/12/12 and 12/21/12. These dates represent doorways of possibility for an evolutionary leap – Gateways! They are opening alignments that provide opportunity to explore your/our power to create a new world. Our crystalline friends are equally working in support of these creations of consciousness and are here to assist those courageous leaps through the gateways.

Many of you may be experiencing symptoms of this Ascension process and if so, you may find as I have, how helpful the right crystal friend/s can be in assistance to you. After all, they are driven by purity of heart in service to the collective highest good.

In support of these energies and shifts, Joyful Earth Crystals is sharing a special to honor each courageous soul and to assist the Earth in its process of transformation.

Between now and 12 pm noon PST on 12/12/12 you can SAVE 12% on everything in our Joyful Earth Crystals Etsy shop. Simply enter “love12” at checkout to apply the discount.

All holiday orders must be received by noon PST on 12/12/12 in order to ship for the holidays, as our shop will be closed for the rest of December while we are in Bimini for 12/21/12 and Allison is visiting family for the holidays.

More crystal beauties will be added to the collection in the coming weeks before 12/12/12 so keep an eye out for my posts and check back regularly at the shop link above.

Tomorrow I will be posting a new individual crystal beauty friend that is spectacular, to say the least, and I assure you will support major leaps in consciousness and experience for the right person. I’m pleased to share that all of the individual crystals have moved on to new, loving friends (including the gorgeous Angel Quartz and the amazing Giant Smokey Quartz so many felt drawn to and received healing from just by viewing them). Only the Regal Amethyst Geode Sphere still searches for its new and rightful, loving home, despite interests, which I will repost tomorrow with its powerful buddy. Divine timing always brings these beauties into alignment with their keepers. They are both amazing and potent spheres, so it seems fit they wanted to be shared together.

For now, I hope you enjoy the holiday sale of lovely crystal pendants, necklaces, and bracelets in the shop. There are a few new pieces already featured and as shared, more to come!

If you have any questions, or to purchase the Amethyst Geode Sphere, you can contact me at

Until tomorrow, crystal dreams and sparkly magick to you!

My Quartz Heart Love Emanator – Custom Crystal Creations that Personally Express You

My Custom Quartz Heart Pendant – Click Image to Enlarge

At Joyful Earth Crystals we specialize in procuring intuitively chosen crystals and stones and creating designs that enhance each crystalline being’s uniqueness.

Today, I’m excited to share a piece that I chose for myself and Allison designed so I could wear it as the pendant I saw it to be. This was no easy feat, as this is one momma of a crystal.

I was led to this giant Quartz Heart that has amazing rainbow inclusions, clarity and potency. It jumped out at me energetically and I also loved its puffy softness and flow. I knew I wanted to wear it on my Heart Chakra. I love its gentle boldness, both in size and energy, and its rainbow spectrum of creative love explosion inside. However, this piece is super heavy and it is 2 11/16″ wide, 2 1/4″ tall and 1″ thick!

This may not sound like much, but I assure you it’s huge and quite dense in weight. For me, that’s not an issue, as I’m used to wearing giant stones, but for designing it created a question mark. I knew Allison could do it and she did!

Those that know me, know I like to wear very bold and big pieces of crystal jewelry, mostly pendants and rings. While this is in theory is an expression of my individual resonance, it also presents a challenge in terms of how to hold a piece of this size and weight securely, while still enhancing and not detracting from the crystal’s beauty.

My Custom Quartz Heart Pendant – Click Image to Enlarge

I’d say Allison did a good job at both. It took a lot of determination, effort and silver, but I now have the pendant I had envisioned wearing when I first purchased this baby. The design is simple, which I like, bold, graceful, and gently cradles the crystal, allowing its essence to come through.

And boy is it potent! I tried it on my choker yesterday, which enabled it to come to rest perfectly on my Higher Heart Chakra, which was very cool, and wow! Quite the energy! It is also versatile to wear on a longer chain to sit on my Solar Plexus if I desire too. It’s quite the piece and I couldn’t be more pleased with my new friend and how it is a perfect, personal expression of me.

The same is what can be achieved for any piece you have in mind. We are able to procure crystals and stones you desire, that match your vibration and needs, or you can supply one to us that you have and we can transform it into a beautiful piece of custom crystal healing jewelry.

If interested in original pieces we have created, you can check out our shop here Joyful Earth Crystals and see if any of the crystals and their energy speak to your personal uniqueness and energetic needs. We will have more new pieces to come, but here’s a sneak peek at one of the newest that just arrived – a Labradorite and Sterling Silver Stardust beaded bracelet!

If you have any questions or would like to commission a custom piece, you can email me here: or Allison here:

Labradorite and Sterling Silver Stardust Bracelet – Click Image to Enlarge

Labradorite and Sterling Silver Stardust Bracelet – Click Image to Enlarge

Harmony ~ Our New Enchanting Spirit Quartz with Citrine Pendant

I really love today’s new Joyful Earth Crystals addition ~ Harmony. She is such an enchanting and lovely piece that I hand-selected when I found my Twin Energy Spirit Quartz and Allison did such a lovely job capturing her spiraling energy in elegant simplicity with her pendant design.

Harmony is a beautiful, single-pointed Spirit Quartz that is ice lilac in color, infused with spiraling golden Citrine clusters all around, which brings a melding of both crystals’ energies together.

Spirit Quartz is an enchanting crystal also known as Cactus Quartz, Faerie Quartz and Pineapple Quartz. This Spirit Quartz has Citrine embedded in it, which is more rare to find and adds the properties of Citrine to its energy.

I really love this magickal piece. She is even more beautiful both aesthetically and energetically, in person. If it weren’t that Allison is designing my Twin Energy Spirit Quartz as a pendant for me, I’d snatch this lovely one up myself.

Having one point she is singularly very focused and yet with all of the beautiful sparkly clusters surrounding her point, she emanates that focused energy in a spiraling effect that is like a beacon of light. So amazing!

She is available in our Joyful Earth Crystals Etsy Shop at this link: Harmony – Spirit Quartz where you will also find more photos and information about her energetic properties she will bring into, and enhance in, your life.

If you have any questions or custom requests for jewelry commissions or individual crystal procurement you can contact either or myself at

Harmony is available at the new $111 price, like the rest of our discounted-price crystal pendants. Don’t forget to check out the crystal pendants and individual crystals available at new low prices here: Blue Moon Activation Special – a couple have already been snatched up by their new keeper friends.

Here is a sneak look at our new lovely Spirit Quartz ~ Harmony:

Enchanting Spirit Quartz with Citrine “Harmony” by Joyful Earth Crystals

Enchanting Spirit Quartz with Citrine “Harmony” by Joyful Earth Crystals

Enchanting Spirit Quartz with Citrine “Harmony” by Joyful Earth Crystals

Invoke the Goddess Within – Introducing New Goddess Bracelets

I mentioned a few days ago how we have tons of new creations emerging at Joyful Earth Crystals and will continue to share them as they manifest. Alongside the new earrings and bracelets we’ve recently added and the amazing new prices on pendants and individual crystals, we now have included a line of Goddess Bracelets!

These new Goddess Bracelets are a way to invoke your inner Goddess channeled through the energy of the specific crystals the bracelet embodies. Each will have one or several crystals that emanate a specific energy to call forth from within.

These are particularly exciting to me, as I wear versions of these myself and have always been drawn to these unique and magical ways to express how I feel within. So you can imagine how exciting it was when my partner Allison was inspired by one I was wearing and came up with a version herself – the first of many variations to come! (I still have another long-standing vision for some other magical pieces I know she will beautifully manifest here shortly as well – and I CAN”T WAIT!)

For now, I’d like to introduce the first piece of the Goddess Bracelet collection – Goddess of Courage. This is a beautiful Red Carnelian and sterling silver bracelet that is sure to be renewing and vitalizing to your soul.

You can view our first new Goddess Bracelet below and for more photos, information on the properties and energy of Carnelian, and to order please visit Goddess of Courage. ONLY $33!

If you have any custom requests you can commission a piece by contacting or

Red Carnelian Goddess Bracelet “Goddess of Courage” by Joyful Earth Crystals

Red Carnelian Goddess Bracelet “Goddess of Courage” by Joyful Earth Crystals



Blue Moon Activation Special – Unbelievable New Prices to Fulfill Our Collective Mission

Here at Joyful Earth Crystals our mission is to empower, inspire and spread the healing love by connecting people and crystals. We do this with loving intention and honor of Mother Earth’s natural and magical beauty, listening to and nurturing the needs of others through creative design that enhances each divine crystal, and through careful intuitive guidance in choosing and activating crystals eager to assist with collective needs. We are sensitive to timeliness, individual and collective energy, and to the requests conveyed by our crystal friends and clients.

In our sensitivity, we always follow the guidance that best serves a greater good and that supports the mission we have committed in setting out to fulfill.

This leads us to offer our carefully chosen crystal friends at amazing prices and to follow their guidance in creating specials and price changes to reflect their timely needs, in alignment with the collective.

Feeling and understanding the importance of assisting these crystalline beings to their new keepers, brings us to this special that offers new prices the crystals have revealed to us. Incidentally, the prices all reflect the powerful number sequences that many of us see often in our shifting experiences, AND each hold their own meaning, message and activation energy.

To read more about number sequences see Doreen Virtue’s Number Sequences From the Angels

All of the new prices also reflect a 25-40% discount, revealing unbelievable prices on our current crystal pendant collection and individual crystals. Each of our current pendants is now at the across-the-board price of only $111 and our individual crystals range from $44 – $1111. Many have been extremely drawn to these pieces and we’ve had many inquiries and expressions of desire for them. It is the hope that our mission of connection can now be actualized, as we hear the message this is a vital time for the manifesting at hand.

A little Moon insight and inspiration:

The Blue Moon and Pisces Full Moon is 8/31 of this month. The Blue Moon doesn’t have astrological significance, but it is a very cool phenomenon and rare event. The Pisces Full Moon invites you to take a break and rest fully – the kind of nurturing rest that allows you to feel into the deeper meaning behind the tasks of your day so you can get in touch with the spiritual foundation of your life. With other aspects of Pluto in Capricorn to the Sun’s efforts, this aids us in using this dreamy Moon to visualize the fantasy of what your work could be so you can actualize long-term goals with spiritual intent. Tomorrow is the New Moon in Leo which helps active new energy of creative self-expression. Interestingly, I will be cutting my hair off tomorrow, and so it seems synchronous we are also “cutting” prices in activating the energies associated with these Moon phases. 🙂

And so, we are happy to share our beautiful crystal friends at these amazing new prices in support of inspired activation and actualization available to us all right now.

As a reminder of the phenomenal crystal pieces and pendants we have, here is a view at them once again, along with links to more thorough information regarding their energy, more photos, new prices and links for ordering. Synchronously there are 11 pieces total 🙂

If you have any questions or would like to commission custom pieces you can contact or allison@taniamariecom.

Dramatic Agate Crystal Pendant “Rainbow Jaguar” by Joyful Earth Crystals

Agate Pendant – was $125 – now ONLY $111

Ethereal “Faery Portal” Lemurian Quartz Crystal

Faery Portal Lemurian Quartz – SOLD

Marbled Green “Dreamtime” Jade Sphere with Stand

Jade Sphere – SOLD

Swirling blue Pietersite Crystal Pendant “Tempest of Truth” by Joyful Earth Crystals

Pietersite Pendant – was $135 – now ONLY $111

Three Natural Large, Ocean Energy Larimar

Raw Larimar – was $185 – now ONLY $111

Captivating Amethyst Crystal Pendant “Violet Serenity” by Joyful Earth Crystals

Amethyst Pendant – was $130 – now ONLY $111

Stunning and Powerful, Giant Smokey Quartz Crystal

Smokey Quartz – was $1500 – now ONLY $1111

Enchanting Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant “Love Enduring” by Joyful Earth Crystals

Rose Quartz – was $135 – now ONLY $111

Giant Marbled Agate Turtle with Gaia Energy

Agate Turtle – was $125 – now ONLY $99

Unique Jade Ganesh Crystal Pendant “Sacred Divinity” by Joyful Earth Crystals

Jade Ganesh – SOLD

Stunning Ganesha and Good Luck Energy, Blue Quartz Carved Elephants

Blue Quartz Elephants – was $225 – now ONLY $144

Abundant Creations Emerge – Joyful Earth Crystals Continues to Expand with 6 New Additions to the Collection

Wings of new energy have inspired a plethora of creations to take flight at Joyful Earth Crystals. In the coming weeks we will have even more new creative designs, exciting specials and, of course, amazing new magical friends.

Miss Allison has been in the creative kitchen, whipping up some beautiful, stylish and vibrantly energetic pieces that are bound to bring some supportive fun into your life.

We have 6 new crystalline creations to share this week (stay tuned for more!) and they are as lively as they are enchanting and colorful.

As mentioned, we’ve been branching out and adding a lot of versatility and choices to our collection to meet the needs and desires of everyone, alongside keeping in tune with the collective energies and what crystals best support current needs. Included in the new group is 2 bracelets and 4 pairs of earrings.

We continue to offer, and very much enjoy custom creations as well, which are intuitively and creatively designed to match and support each individual’s unique energy needs and desires. This is one of our recent custom crystal pendants we created for a client:

Copper-Wrapped Aragonite Custom Design by Joyful Earth Crystals

And one of my favorite things to do is to also procure individual crystals and stones that people can work with in hand, home and heart. I’ve received a lot of requests recently for specific crystals that people are tuning into to support what they are currently moving through and manifesting. So yes, you have a variety of choices Allison and I can assist in procuring and creating, as well as imbuing with specific programming and loving support.

To commission a custom crystal jewelry piece or request procurement of an individual crystal you can email or 

Check out these new creations below. Please click the link corresponding with each, to get the full explanation of their individual energies and properties, as well as to see more revealing images, and to place heart-resonated orders:

Expressive Hackmanite (Lavender Sodalite) with Creative Black Obsidian Beaded Crystal Bracelet by Joyful Earth Crystals

Hackmanite and Obsidian Bracelet

Harmonious Green Chrysoprase and Labradorite Earrings by Joyful Earth Crystals

Chrysoprase and Labradorite Earrings


Grounding Silver-Gray Hematite with Magical Lavender Sugilite Sterling Silver Chain Earrings by Joyful Earth Crystals

Hematite and Sugilite Earrings

Grounding Silver-Gray Hematite with Magical Lavender Sugilite Beaded Crystal Bracelet by Joyful Earth Crystals

Hematite and Sugilite Bracelet


Romantic Pink Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver Beaded Earrings by Joyful Earth Crystals

Rose Quartz Earrings

Ultragrounding Hematite, Black Obsidian and Labradorite Earrings by Joyful Earth Crystals

Hematite, Obsidian and Labradorite Earrings


A Crystal for Every Energetic Season – 5 New Crystals Join the Collection

Joyful Earth Crystals keeps adding more unique pieces to the collection, with more to come. As I shared, crystals are very active right now and it felt right to start incorporating larger pieces and stand alone crystals that could be programmed and utilized as tools. In so doing, they will add to the energy of your personal space and sanctuary and can be worked with in meditation to support desired intents. Having a love for and strong relationship with crystals, and knowing how much they are here to assist with all the wonderful Earth shifts, it is a joy to bring more variety and options, alongside continuing to provide those pieces you can wear with you at all times.

We have several new pieces I’ve posted before, some of which were snatched up the moment they were made available, but we just added 5 new lovely beings today that I’m excited to share. Each have very relative energy for collective needs and intents right now – a crystal for every energetic season and need! I’ve been having tons of fun communicating with these and all of the crystals lately within my experience. They are really on fire, no joke. And many have quite amusing personalities. 🙂

You can read all about their energy and what their properties can assist with, their dimensions and more details about each (including more photos) at Joyful Earth Crystals.

Here is a peek (below) of these beauties that include a lovely, large Jade Sphere (with brass elephant stand), an angelic, smaller Citrine Sphere (with small clear stand), a large Agate Turtle with Gaia energy, a Rose Quartz plug-in light to light a little love in your life, and stunning Blue Quartz Carved Elephants for some good luck and Ganesha energy.

If you have any questions you can contact me at We are also available to assist with custom pieces or procuring a specific crystal for you.

Jade Sphere

Citrine Sphere with Rainbow

Agate Turtle

Rose Quartz Plug-in Light

Blue Quartz Carved Elephants

Our Joyful Earth Crystals Collection is Expanding! – New Crystals and Crystal Jewelry

Be Confident

We’re shaking energy up here at Joyful Earth Crystals and it’s no wonder, as things keep shifting and rocking and rolling with new experiences and realities being created, crystals are not only getting more and more active, but are amping up their own energy and stepping up their service.

We have tons of new pieces that we will be debuting, just as soon as we can get them created and a lot of new ideas we’re excited to implement. We are branching out from pendants and adding some fun new items, as well as larger crystals. Being one that has quite a rare collection of crystals in my sanctuary, I can’t begin to tell you what a difference their energy adds to my life, home and work space.

New “Be” Hearts:

We have a bunch of new “Be” Hearts available in new stones – my personal favorite is the “Be Confident” Yellow Jasper (pictured above) – but we also have  “Be Energized,” “Be Love,” “Be Empowered,” “Be Flexible,” and “Be True.” Check them out here to see which heart stone speaks to the energy you’d like to bring more of into your life: Joyful Earth Crystals

New Crystal Beaded Bracelets:

Amazonite Beaded Bracelet

A new collection of fun crystal beaded bracelets begin with our newest piece, a dreamy, ocean blue Amazonite bracelet (pictured right). We are working with energies that really feel needed at this time. You can see more images and info on the energy of this lovely bracelet here: Amazonite Bracelet

New L.O.V.E. Seed Design:

Then of course we have the exciting new Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed designs in both silver and copper now available. We are down to just 17 left from our original 30. We’ve been so grateful to hear the beautiful sharings from happy L.O.V.E. Seed companions. That takes our joy to the 10th degree in hearing how these crystalline beings are making beautiful love connections. A link to the individual L.O.V.E. Seeds left can be found at the link provided or simply message me to send you the link so you can either choose, or allow me to intuit one for you. L.O.V.E. Seeds can be ordered here: L.O.V.E.

Here are some beautiful messages we received from happy clients:

New Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Design in Copper

“Yay! I just received my LOVE seed. She is beautiful. I love how she hangs like a water droplet in the silver spiral, so clear, and yet is colorful with beautiful shapes when looked at in certain ways! She feels very angelic, liberating, powerful and sweet. Some of the shapes remind me of wings, a bird and a dolphin. It’s cool how you can rotate the sphere while being held in her silver spiral. Thanks! and thanks also for all your sweet emails, and healing energy” Love, M.M.

“Love my L.O.V.E. Seed!! I received her today and I am very impressed!!! I put her on right away! Thank you sooo much for your generosity and kindness!!! You are very talented and I am very grateful, Thank you again!!!!!!!” Sincerely & Love, T.L.

Magical, Luminescent Labradorite Sphere

New Crystals:

With all the questions and recommendation inquiries that have been pouring in, along with crystals jumping forth ready to be moved on to do their service, we have decided to start offering, alongside our crystal pendants, stand-alone crystal friends that you can work with, have in your sacred space and help add Feng Shui to your sanctuary. As bridge workers, having a knack for intuitively selecting rare and powerful crystals, it means a lot to us to be able to connect human and crystal companions. I have seen how these pieces are already doing tremendous service just in sharing their photos in hearing the messages people are writing me about the healing and clearing received by visually connecting. So, imagine the potency of having them in-person to be your personal, daily support and loving friend? We have several new pieces at our shop including Labradorite (pictured above), Smokey Quartz, large natural Larimar stones, Quartz wand, Fluorite, and a collection of votives in Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Kyanite/Quartz. More on the way! You can check them out here: Crystals

If interested in commissioning custom crystal jewelry or procuring a special crystal of your choice to aid specific energy support in your life, you can contact me at



Rainbow Lemurian L.O.V.E. Peacock

L.O.V.E. Seed #8 – amazing rainbow display

Today’s featured Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed really wanted to show off its gorgeous colors. As mentioned, the newest batch of L.O.V.E. Seeds all have rainbows, but this lively one spread its amazing colors like a peacock for me when I was photographing it. Others are a little more demure in their only expressing glints of their hidden gifts and others not wanting to reveal them at all (wanting people to feel their essence rather than give away their treasures from the get-go). 🙂 Wise little ones they are! Yes, they all have very unique personalities.

However, this particular one is quite proud of its display of amazingness and it has every right to be. I think since some are a little more shy or complex in their ways of communicating, this one wanted to step up and be the example of what all of them have within them.

L.O.V.E. Seed #8 – gorgeous inclusions that each create rainbows when the light catches them just right – check out the next two photos where a rainbow begins to emerge on the left top swirl inclusion

(Love Our Vibrant Earth) Seeds pendants are special Lemurian Seed Crystal spheres created to help support us and the collective Earth as we enter a new paradigm. They are like fruits of the New Earth, seeding love in our blossoming hearts. They are created with elegant long stemmed leaves (a favorite design among our Joyful Earth Crystal clients) of pure 925 sterling silver.

If one speaks to you, as I share them, or if you would like me to intuit one for you, you may contact me at to place an order for your new friend.

Each L.O.V.E. Seed is ONLY an amazing $33 + shipping via secure Paypal credit card payments. 

L.O.V.E. Seed #8 – rainbow starting to reveal itself at a different angle

L.O.V.E. Seed #8 – at a slight change of angle the rainbow fully emerges

You can read more information about Lemurian Seed Crystal energy and how they can support you in the now here: Lemurian Seed Crystals

Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal Pendants Officially Available – One Third Already Spoken For

L.O.V.E. Seed #3 – amazing ethereal quality and some of its sparkles of rainbows slightly caught

As promised, I said I would post images of the L.O.V.E. Seeds as I was able to take photos, to help share their uniqueness. I managed in some cases to actually capture the rainbows on camera, but not in every case. It takes the right angle of light (which is much easier in person when you are holding them) and these little Lemurians shine full throttle in their “own” timing.

One third of the newest batch are already spoken for, but several still remain. Rather than only show them as a lot, I thought it would be fun to share them individually, so you can better assess their energy uniqueness in terms of resonation for you.

L.O.V.E. Seed #3 -beautiful inclusions and you can see one of its many rainbows at center and subtly at the bottom

I’ll feature one L.O.V.E. Seed each day.

Again, (Love Our Vibrant Earth) Seeds pendants are special Lemurian Seed Crystal spheres created to help support us and the collective Earth as we enter a new paradigm. They are like fruits of the New Earth, seeding love in our blossoming hearts. They are created with elegant long stemmed leaves (a favorite design among our Joyful Earth Crystal clients) of pure 925 sterling silver.

They all have very unique and beautiful inclusions and nearly all have rainbows that reflect in the right angle of light. Of the two that had open portals, only one remains.

If one speaks to you, as I share them, or if you would like me to intuit one for you, you may contact me at to place an order for your new friend.

Each L.O.V.E. Seed is ONLY an amazing $33 + shipping via secure Paypal credit card payments. 

You can read more information about Lemurian Seed Crystal energy and how they can support you in the now here: Lemurian Seed Crystals

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