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Sacred Scarab Goddess Tattoo Design

I was really excited to create this new sacred tattoo design, which was created as a powerful amulet bracelet.  However, it will be going on my client’s inner wrist, facing outward towards the hand, with the left and right lotus flowers wrapping delicately and slightly around and peeking on the outside of the wrist. It was an intricate measurement process 🙂

The challenge was in not only creating something mirroring of her and the energy that would be most supportive, but to imbue tons of symbolism within a more simple, delicate, dainty yet powerful expression that was balanced and not looking like it had too much going on for a smaller piece, even though energetically it does!

I was given free reign to intuit a design that would mirror an essence my client wanted, as well as who she is, where she’s at and headed and the design quality she likes. I’m so excited by her ecstatic love for it and can’t wait to see it in full gorgeous color very soon!

The elements I was able to get in this smaller piece (amazing what you can do with symbolism and interweaving things in a way that makes sense to the design aesthetics and energy) include the Dagaz Rune, Egyptian Sacred Scarab (mirroring a later piece for this client), the Sun, the Moon (Triple Goddess Moon symbol), lotus, henna- like style, heart/love, integrating all directions hence all-encompassing movement of energy without stagnation and seeing from all perspectives, and combining several ancient backgrounds.

While reflecting and beginning my explorations, it all just kind of fell together and I saw it in my mind’s eye how it could be integrated. The result, as I shared, creating an amulet bracelet effect with layers of symbolism included without seeming like there is too much.

We have the scarab at top center in its rebirthed form (as you’ll read below when it discovers its wings and that symbolism). The Scarab is holding the sun disk above and moon below (Triple Goddess Moon symbol which is the full Moon and the waxing and waning Moon left and right of it). Within the Scarab’s body is the Dagaz Rune. Within the Moon is a heart design created by two halves coming together making a whole – soul mate/duality integrated energy and of course LOVE!). Then we have lotus and henna-like design around.

Note the Sun and Moon above and below placements (Sun is connected with male energy and Moon with feminine energy – conscious and subconscious, mental and emotional, thought and intuition, the seen and unseen, etc. The lotus flowers are all facing different directions as stated above, flowing the energy fluidly. The Scarab has a very earthy connection, but also a spiritual/cosmic one. It is integrating the duality of Sun and Moon in order to fully integrate and manifest the reality of one’s essence-fully- realized self (read story below).

Here is some of the info on the symbolisms included: 

Triple Goddess: The Triple Moon is a Goddess symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon. It is also associated with feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities. You often see this symbol on crowns or other head-pieces, particularly worn by High Priestesses. The Maiden represents enchantment, inception, expansion, the female principle, the promise of new beginnings, youth, excitement, purity, and a carefree erotic aura. The Mother represents ripeness, fertility, fulfillment, wellspring of life, giving and nurturing, stability, and power. The Crone represents wisdom, knowing, culmination of a lifetime of experience, repose, and compassion. These aspects may also represent the cycle of birth, life and death (and rebirth). Neopagans believe that this goddess is the personification of all women everywhere including Gaia, the Earth Mother.

Dagaz Rune: Dagaz – “Day-gahz” – Literally: “Day” or Dawn – Esoteric: Awakening. Rune of the hyper-consciousness. The process of concept becoming realized. Psi: paradoxical truth, incommunicable experience, conceptual realization, Enlightenment, satori. Energy: twilight/dawn polarity, non-dual reality, unity, synthesis, transmutation. Mundane: another day, daylight, the inevitability of dawn. Divinations: Awakening – new worlds, new possibilities, new opportunities arise as others fade away, awareness, hope-happiness, the ideal, paradigm shift. Continue reading here: Dagaz also references the most basic of all cycles: Night and Day. This powerful rune is a reminder of the cyclical nature of all things. What rises must fall. What increases must decrease. All things are interconnected and in a state of constant flux. Day and night are (and will always be) in perfect proportion. There is balance in all things, celestial and material. Night has passed and a new day is beginning. See also:

Scarab:  Beetles symbolize progress, simplicity, persistence, stability, methodical, contemplative, practical, grounded, potential, security, protection, solidarity energy. They move with bellies always close to the earth, and so their wisdom is sacred and deep. They are connected to the core of earth, and so they are rooted in their knowledge about the way of life and nature. Beetles also talk to us about steady, gradual progress.  Observing them, they do nothing without pragmatic, methodical movement. Beetles also remind us of the simple things in life, and point our attention to the magic in the small.  Beetles can tame us because of their simple, unassuming presence. The symbolic meaning of beetles in countless cultures, also offers protection.  Their own hard shells do more than just convey glimmering beauty – they protect. Beetles impart messages such as:

“Get to the root of your desire”

“Be practical in your expectations of progress”

“Find stability in simplicity”

“Anchor yourself in honest, true, natural ways”

“Allow yourself to be tamed by the small and gentle.”

“Scarabs are a symbol of resurrection/rebirth, transformation and protection. This is especially true in Egypt, where symbols were much more than simple drawings, they were reminders of men’s true nature – the spiritual life.

It is clear that the symbolism of the scarab refers to transformation – the transformation of the soul from physical to non-physical, from ignorant of its nature to wise. Egyptian represented the concept of immortality and resurrection (resurrection of the soul, not the flesh) through the image of the scarab beetle, and therefore, they created seals, amulets and talismans, which served as tools to inform those who carried them about these concepts.

It is important to point out that the real “power” of the talismans and amulets was never the object itself, but rather, the knowledge it contained. A person who is imbued with the spirit of immortality and transformation does not fear death (or fear itself). Since fear is one of things that prevent people from achieving their ideals, those who do not fear are the ones who make history, so it is the knowledge that protects, the amulets and talismans are mere instruments through which the knowledge is revealed.

Egyptians observed how the young scarabs emerge from a ball of dung until mysteriously, the scarab becomes aware of a pair of wings which had always been there, and they courageously fly away to explore life outside the dung. When they discover they have wings they then fly away towards their true nature… The Egyptian tradition taught that everything that happens in nature is a microcosm of universal truths, like imprints of the divine reflected in the physical world; therefore, they used the natural phenomena to understand spiritual phenomena.

The brief life of the scarab, then, reveals a beautiful message – just like the scarab beetle lives among the feces until it discovers its hidden wings. The human soul is also trapped in the physical world (symbolized by the dung ball) until it discovers its ability to fly.

Rebirth is symbolized in this moment in which the scarab finally abandons the dung ball to be born in another reality and into its true essence. Egyptian scarabs are all about building our best, most incredible opportunities from the “poop” around us. The sun was a big deal to ancient Egyptians, with the ability to yield bumper crops, or bear down so brightly as to blight growth entirely. Scarabs utilize the power of the sun by rolling up their eggs in mud or dung. The hot sun bakes the little mud balls – essentially incubating their eggs. Pretty resourceful way to hatch babies. The Egyptian scarab also specifically represents luck in the form of solar power. And so, not only is the scarab lucky because of its own ingenuity, it’s also symbolic of rebirthing into a new dawn of life.

The scarab beetle was also associated to god Khepri, who was regarded as an aspect of the sun god Ra. Sun gods embody the role of the sun in a solar system; like the sun, which makes all the flowers in the planet blossom, sun gods make all wisdom emerge among humans in periods of intellectual darkness (they are considered humans who have reached the human ideal through many incarnations).” – Excerpts from The Symbolic Meaning of the Scarab Beetle – Egyptian Symbolism by Thais Campos

Lotus: The Lotus flower is regarded in many different cultures, as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. Its characteristics are a perfect analogy for the human condition: even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower…….The journey of the consciousness from spiritual ignorance to perfection happens through many rebirths and can be very painful and difficult, as the process of reincarnation involves the need to repair past mistakes at every new life and one faces the consequences of every action, thought and words. While humans are not conscious of their spiritual greatness, they believe that life is unfair and worthless, but as they evolve through many cycles of death and rebirth, all the darkness is slowly removed.

How it all ties together and more is a journey within itself! I’m so honored to have created this piece.

If interested in commissioning a custom sacred tattoo design you can contact me at You may also visit Spiritual Skin for more information on my consulting process, see more designs or get information about my book.

Feathered Serpent Sacred Tattoo Design

I just completed another sacred tattoo design I wanted to share and what an involved piece it was! One of, if not the most involved to date!

Some potent energies along with some extensive detailing, made for quite the process indeed.

I worked with the things my client shared, and since they allowed the flow of my interpretation/intuition in ways to bring about certain aspects, that was how I was able to intuitively feel and bring to life the vision that was coming through. I also work with how to make things make sense in balance, placement, aesthetics…that support the energy, as well as the intents. This piece will act as a template for their tattoo artist and the end result is going to be in rainbow colors, as well as a very cool style of part full-color-fill-in and part negative space – parts being inked in and others perhaps with just hints of outline and letting the skin peek through leaves, feathers, etc, which will be a very cool design style to alternate. I like the idea my client had especially with such a rich and abundant piece like this so it sort of “breathes” energy.

I wanted to create something that was both powerful and feminine at the same time..strong female energy. And so I did that with a flow and certain placements of the flora and fauna that create interesting movement and not just bulkiness. I took one of my client’s ideas and tweaked it. This resulted in creating the lotus in the mouth vision I received having the powerful feathered serpent (known as Quetzalcoatl or Kulkulcan) delicately holding the stem of the lotus that is coming out of its mouth, between its sharp teeth…there is an interesting energy of something so powerful holding something equally, symbolically powerful (yet delicate in appearance), but with care and honor and showing that delicate balance of life and union of male and female energies.

I wanted the serpent to piece to feel as if it is moving naturally (rather than contrived into an infinity symbol, which was an intent of my client’s) in the way the serpent’s feathers are placed and the actual flow of the body and form of the symbol, while literally being visually able to perceive the symbol and at the same time, with the flora and fauna placement, seeming natural and almost slightly hidden having everything work together. I have it so that the serpent will be facing forward when placed on my client’s right hip (from buttocks to abdomen region), and the crown will sit on their front abdomen (nestled energetically amidst the flowers) where the serpent is moving toward.

With all the rebirthing energy and moving into a new phase of life my client is and has gone through, this is such a powerful image they were drawn to. I really wanted to capture that essence of stepping fully into the light of their unique splendor. A design expressing that they hold within them such empowered energy and that they are on a path of continual soul evolution that is just bursting with abundance, as the magnificence of their self-recognized cosmic essence regenerating and blooming into the rich fullness of who they are honoring and embracing. Lol! A loaded sentence, for a loaded design and soul.

There is always so much symbolism and energy in a sacred design that speaks to the individual it is created and meant for. I can’t possibly write it all out. I like to let the person receive and feel for themselves. I just channel the vision and allow myself to be guided in the creation that feels to mirror the energy of what each soul desires/needs. Sometimes it can be a shock what is reflected 🙂 It’s always interesting and beautiful to hear how the designs affect/touch the soul it is intended for.

If interested in commissioning your own unique, sacred tattoo design you can contact me at or visit Spiritual Skin for more details.

Interesting Tattoo Fact: ‘Millennials’ Are by Far the Most Tattooed Generation

My back canvas of sacred body art

An article written by Jeremy Taylor for expounded on an interesting fact that I shared in my book, Spiritual Skin. Here’s what he had to say:

18-to-29-year-olds (aka “millennials” or “Generation Y”) lead the nation in getting tattoos.

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 38 percent of “millennials” have at least one tattoo. While that isn’t a huge increase over the 32 percent of 30-to-46-year-olds who have body art — only about 10 percent of those over 46 have a tat — what differentiates the younger generation is how many tattoos they get.

50 percent of all inked millennials have more than one tattoo, and 18 percent have more than five. Among 30-to-46-year-olds with a tattoo, half only sport one; only 9 percent have more than five. 

Given that millennials still have many more years of questionable decisions in front of them, for some 18-to-29-year-olds, it could be a case of their amount of bare skin being the limit.

However, through my experiences and work as a sacred tattoo designer, I am seeing a rise in this generation, as well as others, in the increase of intentful, spiritual and symbolic sacred body art as well. So while Jeremy makes what I feel to be an unfair assessment, in stating that this generation of millennials have years of “questionable decisions”  that may only be about filling up the amount of bare skin they have, I’m pleased to see the word “questionable” replaced with “conscious” in terms of the decisions they are evolving into.

Sacred Throat Chakra Tattoo Design

Sacred Throat Chakra Tattoo Design

I’m loving the energy evolution of new designs that are channeling through. The more courageously vulnerable people are in sharing with me, the more effervescent the co-creative channel between us for flowing inspiration!

For this latest piece, a few things really stood out to me energetically from my client’s sharing, which resulted in what ended up coming through while designing. I always hone in on what would be most empowering and how can it effectively be symbolically and artistically designed to capture that very essence needed.

So this latest sacred tattoo design I created is intended to go over the back of their neck (mirroring the pit of  their throat) so it lies at the upper back area and flows out and down slightly in its graceful flow to the sides, sort of energetically framing the way the shoulders begin in curvature. I incorporated the Throat Chakra symbol and energy this time and saw how I could transpose a Peacock utilizing part of it and then flowing out from it. As some know, the Throat Chakra is how you express yourself to the world and to have it strong and healthy is signified by how openly and honestly you express yourself. Empowering it supports courageous, vulnerable and authentic creative self-expression – your voice in the world, unique to you. It aids the flow and openness of communication, telepathy, and creative expression with clear and uninhibited emotions so the energy center remains unblocked and unrestricted, allowing you to bring forth your innate, unique inner truth and beauty to the world through the gifts you have to share. It allows also for you to be humble, open, and receptive to others’ uniqueness simultaneously. I felt that this focus of empowering the truth of my client’s inner voice would help guide them in aligning their actions in accord with the times. This will help them to express themselves more and more fully, as they desired, and to back it up with their authenticity of courageous self-expression without judgment or fear. A way to also “eat life” through the energy exchange of this center in giving out and receiving as they communicate their gifts in joyous voice to the world. It will also aid and promote clarity.

The Peacock was something they were drawn to and it felt appropriate for them and this design, as the Peacock is a possessor of some of the most admired human characteristics, and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty you can achieve when you endeavor to show your true colors. So it empowers the theme of my client’s authentic, creative self-expression. They say to contemplate the powers of the Peacock when you need more vibrancy and vitality in your experience. The Peacock can also help you on your spiritual path, and breathe new life into your walk of faith. The Peacock can rejuvenate self-esteem levels too and revive from that “blah” and blue feeling – just imagine the glorious, techno-color display the Peacock provides. So the Peacock helps support you in embracing your own nobility – again a great partnering energy with the Throat Chakra energy of courageous, authentic, creative self-expression. Peacocks also represent: glory, vision, royalty, spirituality, awakening, immortality, refinement, incorruptibility.

My client was also drawn to Mehndi inspired designs, but with more flow and less blocky-ness or primitive feel. So the design I was inspired to create to really emanate out the beauty of their personal self-expressive center is a flowing and graceful design with Mehndi influence. It includes the Peacock and I wanted to also incorporate the elemental and sort of alchemical connection they have with herbs – particularly Alchemilla that they have a strong relationship with. I incorporated five of these  (mirroring the energy of the 5th Throat Chakra) around the design. Five signifying change and transformative ability, as well as versatility and flexibility, as the Throat Chakra is also the energy center for change and removing resistances to flowing with the new. I love the reference of this lovely medicinal herb as genus “Alchemilla” that comes from Arabic Alkemelych (alchemy) meaning “little magical one”.

I feel there is a good balance of earth and spirituality energies in the “alchemy” of this sacred tattoo for my client that integrates as it empowers, within and without. The flow of the design, if you follow it, is almost spiraling, as well, which is like creating a living symbol that is moving the energy of this chakra – keeping it flowing and stimulated, abundantly lush and in full bloom. There is an organic, yet refined quality simultaneously imbued in the design too.

Another unique co-creative journey of sacred tattoo design empowerment!


New Emerald Bridge Empowered Heart Chakra Logo Gets Center Stage as the First Sacred Temporary Tattoo Available

Sacred, temporary tattoo designs, custom created by myself in collaboration with you are available. Now anyone can experience the transformational energy of sacred body art. After receiving many requests I decided to make my unique sacred tattoo designs available to anyone who desires their own “Spiritual Skin.” If you are interested in a custom temporary tattoo design, lovingly created just for you, please contact me with inquiries and requests at

Emerald Bridge Sacred Temporary Tattoo

Spiritual Skin premium custom temporary tattoos are high quality, safe and non-toxic pieces of art that are practically indistinguishable to the real thing. Only FDA certified colorants are used and every tattoo meets all U.S. and international regulatory requirements, as well as meet safety standards for cosmetics and toy products. Certification documentation is available upon request.

Temporary tattoos typically last at least 3-5 days. This depends on how and where applied and usage. They come with simple to use directions for application and removal.

Specific sacred design sets of temporary tattoos are in creation and will be available shortly, designed with specific energy intents that you may choose from to draw that particular energy into your life experience. These will not be custom to you, but will be collectively channeled and whichever you feel drawn to will hold an energetic footprint that matches your vibrational needs.

If you have been drawn to the energy of one of one of my paintings, these can also be created into a temporary tattoo for you as well, since each painting also holds an energetic coding of healing intents and energy. I have received requests for the In Lak’ech series to be created into tattoos, so now these also are a temporary tattoo design option, along with any other painting you may feel drawn to. You can view my artwork here: Paintings

My company Emerald Bridge has recently gone through some changes, one of which was to refresh with a new logo that would encompass its essence in simplicity, yet potency, the energy of what my company’s focus is all about. Simplicity, to me, is key in where we are, and are headed, as things are no longer in need of complexity, strain, or long duration of time – everything is speeding up and the seeming complex can now be accessed through potent simplicity. I wanted something that was also reflective of those connected with Emerald Bridge and the creations channeled through – the end result was a symbol that, to me, reflects the now where a meeting of mind and heart, body and soul is taking place in an organic, cosmic synergy of love. In doing so, the new Emerald Bridge logo you see pictured here and HERE emerged. This was a combined effort of my, and Allison Jacobson’s, design skills (a new addition to Emerald Bridge, more on that in an upcoming announcement) – me first executing the channeled drawing, just as I do with sacred tattoo designs, and Allison imbuing her intuitive, graphic design skills to bring my vision to life.

This logo was created to reflect and embody the divine and powerful essence of the Heart Chakra (or Emerald Bridge as I like to call it) and its integrative, healing synergy. The logo embodies the essence of this energy, as well as is a visual activation and meditative tool to encourage taking courageous steps in following your heart’s joy and to shift into new realities of experience. This to include a new template comprised of: trusting what you choose, living as you feel, co-creative and shared community of loving harmony void of isolation, being in your highest heart always, which allows integration of lower and higher parts of the body to work optimally, and to be courageously vulnerable so that you may boldly share your authenticity with the collective.

Emerald Bridge Sacred Temporary Tattoo

Emerald Bridge Logo

Tattoo Size: 1 ¼” x 1 ¼”

Color: Green, White and Black

Individual Emerald Bridge tattoos: $2.00 + shipping

Save 25% with an Empowerment Pack. Get a month supply (10 of the same tattoo) to empower your Heart Chakra energy. Empowerment Pack (30 day supply): $15 + shipping

Shipping within the US is $3. For International orders please send your purchase order request to to receive an invoice.

FREE Shipping on orders of $20 or more!

In stock temporary tattoos ship out in 1-2 business days.

To order your Emerald Bridge – Empowered Heart Chakra, Sacred Temporary Tattoos please visit: Temporary Tattoo Design Gallery

The Heart of First Matter – Cosmic Alchemy in a Sacred Tattoo

New Sacred Tattoo Design by Tania Marie

Today I’d like to share an interesting journey that led me to an answer and some cool unfoldings and new discoveries. Every now and then I like to share the stories behind some of the creations that channel through, as they hold some cool synchronous messages, as well as shed interesting light on supportive information that can be of benefit to others.

I was commissioned to do a custom sacred tattoo design by a very magickal client near the end of January. This client found me by divine connection, had never wanted or even had any tattoos until now, and provided no instruction saying they were leaving it up to my guides and theirs for this creation to manifest – basically stating the belief it was an attunement process for both of us and I’d know when to start and would be guided through it now that the connection had been made.

I so loved the openness to this magickal flow that was initiated and felt an extremely deep honor in being part of the energetic co-creation.

As instructed, I let myself be guided as to when I’d start, as if I tried to start when timing wasn’t ready, I came against huge blocks, was pulled everywhere else but to focus on the design, and felt unmotivated. So I honored the trust and opening and let things percolate in the background.

When timing felt ready I began- first allowing to listen, I also started following some energetic leads of things I was sensing in research to see where things lead, and then asking for inspiration in meditation for an image.

I then saw in my mind’s eye this image that I’d drawn five years ago right before embarking on my second trip to Egypt – this one for a 9-9-9 event – 9/9/2007. I received the image in a dream, which involved a man I had not met in this life yet, but ended up being on the trip, which I drew when I awoke. I brought it with me to Egypt and showed a few people to see if anyone knew what it meant or if it had any meaning at all. I was hopeful that since these people were highly enlightened individuals, all with unique spiritual gifts, we’d be bound to discover some meaning. But, nobody knew what the symbol was, although found it interesting. I kept it in my Egypt notebook I’d taken notes in from that trip and hadn’t looked at it until I was prompted from this nudge.

I put it aside, as at first I wasn’t getting the connection since I didn’t have any idea what the symbol was. So I continued my researching of other nudges. I then suddenly stumbled upon a symbol that looked very similar to mine, while perusing other info and symbols. I started reading about it and following other threads leading me to more similar images and information that finally was revealing to me what I had stumbled upon in my own unique way.

The symbol information and others’ depictions of it was supporting the image I had drawn that basically held the same characteristics and energy. The symbol is called First Matter or The Prima Materia – The One Thing. Some also refer to it as Chaos (or Chaostar) or Earth of Paradise. Sometimes depicted as the ouroboros and even sometimes as two dueling dragons at each other’s throats, releasing inherent male and female energies through the shared blood – similar to the Yin/Yang symbol. To me, it also could be similar to Hunab Ku – The Galactic Butterfly.

Some explain the essence of the First Matter, which is chaos, as seeming to evoke octal or octagon imagery. For alchemists, chaos is the First Matter and the source of all transformative energy. This eight-pointed star (the “Chaostar”) is symbolic of the chaos and power of the First Matter, which captures within its design the fractal concept of “order within chaos.

“…the first matter, as the origin of all things which exist, must be found prior to the division of the universe into the duality of mind and matter.”

I took my original symbol I’d drawn five years ago and fused it with new, potent energy I felt guided and inspired to incorporate to create a portal symbol of this energy for my client in the now. I felt, for several reasons, guided to encircle the symbol with an artistic rendering of two dragons connected as a unified essence in that Yin/Yang, Oneness-nature, minus the dueling energy. Instead, I had them energetically “holding” the energy of the symbol between them, representing alchemical magick within our ability to masterfully co-create. The essence of the idea that even though something seems chaotic and operating outside our control, there is a harmonious order that is within our grasp when we unify our parts. I felt that each represented the empowered male and female circling continuously in harmony. The image came to birthing conclusion on yesterday’s Pisces New Moon.

My client was right. This would be an attunement process for us both, revealing some interesting things. The journey in creating this piece is also VERY mirroring for me. It unlocked some hidden wisdom that supports my “now” experience of  this “order within chaos” concept as source for transmutation and transformative integration to wholeness. A little lesson in spiritual alchemy and how to perceive things through a different lens of divine perfection for what is in manifestation, regardless of how it appears. As always, symbolism will speak to each person in relative ways.

The alchemists believed that no transformation—whether in the laboratory, in the body, or in the soul—could succeed without the presence of a mysterious ingredient known as the Materia Prima (First Matter).

I love the cohesive threads that unfold when we heed the nudges.

For more interesting information, here is a cool article from Morning Star Portal called: Spiritual Alchemy: The Prima Materia

Sacred Tattoos – Personal Portals to Genetic Rewiring

The more I experience the effects of what I find to be life-changing information, the more I feel driven to share those discoveries with others. This is what took place after over 13 years and 100 plus hours of tattoo work, leading me to write “Spiritual Skin” and make available what I found to be profoundly empowering and healing. The more I saw the valuable gifts as integrated pieces to the bigger picture support of the new collective shifts, it became clear there was something powerful being revealed that others could also benefit greatly from. Personally learning how sacred tattoos were potent transformational tools made me realize the significance of what this information held and it was something that felt like a disservice to keep to myself.

And so “Spiritual Skin” came into creation and has been well received in ways I hadn’t even imagined – aiding a new paradigm of experience that mirrors the New Earth energy. I just knew I needed to share the information and heeded the nudges, but have been deeply moved at the powerful ways that the information and designs I’ve helped to create have been affecting people’s lives. It’s one thing when you know something for yourself and it’s quite another to experience and share that through, and with, others.

What “Spiritual Skin” has managed to do is take something seemingly simple, which is vastly rich in ancient history, but misinterpreted through enculturation, and expose a plethora of provocative insights blended with practical guidelines on tattoos and the tattoo process in ways never done before. People are learning how the vehicle of symbolic, intentful tattoos can alter a person’s total life experience – a concept that Dr. Masaru Emoto’s findings in “The Hidden Messages in Water” unveiled, but “Spiritual Skin” expounds on with unique perspective of the body as a portal.

It’s the same process that Dr. Emoto discusses – that of altering our and others’ genetic/DNA code with symbolically potent symbols and images that have high vibrational intents. As we are mostly made of water and water has been proven to shift its molecular structure in mirroring response to positive thoughts, feelings and images, so then does our body respond the same way with sacred, intentful tattoo images, specifically and energetically chosen, created, and placed.

A recent survey has revealed that 1/3 of people getting tattoos choose designs reflecting their spiritual or religious beliefs and first timers are especially prone to this type on first go around. I’m seeing it more and more, especially in my Bikram yoga classes. The more energy is shifting collectively, the more people shift awareness to more conscious and intentful ways, drawing them to want to bring more of their spirituality and beliefs into prominent manifestation in their lives in ways that are meaningful to them – a way of mirroring the energy and aligning with the new choices and life experiences they are having because of their joyful awareness.

Sacred tattoos can act as tangible means to access portals of experience at great energetic depth, helping you to embrace intent, can allow you to use your body’s canvas as an artistic portal to help open, heal, support, enhance, empower, and create greater flow to anything you intend – functioning in therapeutic, talismanic, and spiritual ways. And this effect can both be experienced by the viewer and wearer, helping to energetically transform on deeper levels of consciousness.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words and images are universal in how they are received. It’s the same as if you view a painting or see a photo and it moves you to feel something, or stirs something inside, or speaks to you in a way you can’t verbalize, but you just feel changed by it at a very deep, core level. Take that experience blended with potent intent and energy, ancient symbols and powerful universal images,  along with a personally intuited and lovingly woven design matching your vibrational desires, and you instantly increase the impactful, individual experience of what is being viewed or worn as your purposeful, sacred tattoo.

It’s a way that you embrace an energetic intent that alters your personal experience and helps align you with the new energy of the now. Again, just like Dr. Emoto’s findings with water shared how when you say and feel negative, low-vibrational, conditional and judgmental things versus saying and feeling positive, high-vibrational, unconditional and nonjudgmental things, this has a direct result on the molecular structure of the water it is applied to, either producing gorgeous crystalline snowflake forms or discombobulated, frenzied structures.

The same takes place with your human body temple, composed of mostly water, when you place intentful, symbolic, high vibe, potently meaningful images and symbols on your skin. Your DNA structure changes to integrate and reflect the energy of it. If what you are considering is not something you want to portray, emanate, physically manifest, or experience in your life directly or indirectly, then you may want to reconsider, as it will alter things molecularly and energetically, drawing in and mirroring the direct result in your life. So it is vital to choose with conscious awareness what you decide to place on your skin, likely for the extent of this walk of life, as what you seed will blossom a mirroring birth into your life experience. You deserve your whole-hearted presence in the decisions that form your life personally and collectively.


11-11-11 Personal Portals to Empowerment Specials

November Pre-Holiday Magic!
Embracing the Dragon ~ The Magician’s Way

Happy Taurus Full Moon and Pre-11-11-11 Celebrations!

Here are some magical and sacred “personal portal” specials I’ve been nudged to offer, as I open my own new personal portal into the collective with the birthing of my new dragon tattoo.

Please read the link for ALL DETAILS and significance with the energies now and upcoming! Great for gifts for self and others. No limit on how many you can purchase, but must be purchased by 11-22-11 and can be used any time. With the potency of where we are and we’re headed, and with holidays and a new year around the corner, these are great ways to harness those energies in a transformative, healing and empowering way towards your intents in alignment with the now!

Embrace your own inner magical dragon!

Special Offers:

Magical Reiki Healing Attunements – $11

Sacred Tattoo Design – $111 (up to 3 inch by 3 inch design)

FREE “Spiritual Skin” Book with Commission of One Regular Priced Sacred Tattoo Design (any size)

Sacred Personal Portal Paintings – starting at $222

Get all the magical details here: 11-11-11 Specials 

111/333 Special! 3 Custom Tattoos – 3 People & 3 Days ONLY = $333 of Compassionate Donations to Animals

That’s Right! The first 3 people ONLY who contact me between now and Wednesday 10/19/2011 for one custom tattoo (up to 3 hours of custom design time only) can get this for just a $111 tax deductible donation! All proceeds go directly to efforts that help animals on supportive, educational and legislative platforms.


Why: Because there is a surge of requests and needs for the sacred tattoo designs and some need a quick way to obtain this for the energy they need now. The animals, Earth, and our over all well-being need the help such donations support. AND every now and then I take the largest calling that is coming through from the collective and support those needs.

The Savings: Regular fee is $125/hour of custom creation time. That is some huge savings! (Note: Tattoo design you request can not exceed 3 hours of work)

The Way to Get this Special: You will need to donate $111 to the Halloween walk for animals I am doing on 10/30/2011. That’s right! donations only! I will create a custom, life-enhancing tattoo for you, as a gift of support to the animals. The donation must be received by Wednesday 10/19/2011.

Here is the link to donate to:

For more information on sacred tattoo designing and examples of designs visit  or





Life Enhancing Reiki, Art, Tattoo Design and Book – Supporting You to Manifest Your Desired Intents

If you’re looking for ways to empower and enhance your life, find greater clarity, receive supportive healing and inspiration, embrace more authenticity, personal power, joy and magic in your life, while unleashing your innate gifts and uniquely creative expression, then you may be interested in one of the services and offerings it is my honor to share.

In today’s world we have many ways of connecting and sharing our gifts with others. I enjoy blogging and writing here, as well as supporting through Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, alongside my personal websites. And now you can also connect and gain more insight about my work through Thumbtack – another way to keep building our co-supportive and co-creative networks.

It is my joy to support through the most naturally passionate gifts I have to share with others. I offer supportive Reiki treatments and classes, create loving animal portraits, custom and original visionary paintings, murals, spiritual tattoo designs and crystal healing pendants. I have written numerous articles in these areas and also now have my first book out on Amazon, Spiritual Skin, that is creating a new paradigm wave of transformative energy for readers tuning in.

If you feel resonation with what I have to share, and would like to know more about my work and services, please contact me with any questions. Consultations are free. Or you can browse my sites.

Check out Thumbtack or any of my web links to learn more about my services.

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