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Delving into Tarot: An Interview

This is a wonderful and insightful post for anyone interested in learning to work with the Tarot, already an avid Tarot reader and lover, or simply wants to understand more about this insightful tool and what a reading involves. Thanks to Laura Bruno for reposting and for the mystical Amythst Raine-Hatayama for her insights. From someone who loves the Tarot herself and has a personal connection that goes way back, I really appreciate Amythyst’s share.

Magickal Connections

What is the role of a Tarot Reader?

I’m going to start by telling you what a tarot reader is not…A tarot reader is not a mystical mysterious person who’s going to tell you precisely what your future will hold, set in stone, on a particular day or date.  A tarot reader is not someone who will give you instant solutions to your problems.  A tarot reader is not someone who can instantly cure your financial ills or physical disease.

What a tarot reader is…A Tarot Reader is someone with the gift of intuition (clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance– sometimes one or the other, sometimes all three), who will use the esoteric connections and images on a set of cards to look into your life.  It’s a window of your past, your present, with a hint at future possibilities.

Now…What is the role of a Tarot Reader?  Her role is…

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