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May 2017 Energy Update – The DNA Healing of the Highly Sensitive Inner Child

I think this will speak to many. Taking a break to share a quickie, but goodie.

Mystical Forest Alchemy ~ Family Integration & Rewriting Energetic History

mystical forest

My mystical forest view this morning from my creationspace

It started raining on and off yesterday while my parents came to visit for the first time, which created a cozy space for our family reunion, but also seemed symbolic of emotions and deep cleansing and renewal.

It then started raining in the night and continues this morning consistently. It sounds and feels so wonderful in our RV surrounded by the forest.

There is a snow storm coming tomorrow and Sunday.

RV living creates a greater appreciation for Nature and the changing seasons and weather because we’re right in all of it, always.

And at times like this it feels like a little warm Faery cottage on wheels or Hobbit home, if you prefer. 😉

And it was times like yesterday that will be etched in my heart’s memories.

It was the first time my parents got to see our RV and to meet Cosmo.

Both were special to share with them, but there was one particular moment that will always be dear to me and etched in my mind.

It was when I handed my mom my precious baby to hold.

None of this being any different than what a mother feels when she hands her biological baby to her own mother for the first time.

I had all the same feelings in doing so and watching him in her arms, as I showed her how he likes to be held. Then watched him snuggle up to her and lick her chest with dad looking on, caressing him as my mom held him.

There was that full circle feeling and too many different layers of emotions and thoughts to even put into words.

We enjoyed a nice afternoon and lunch visiting. I made them my potato leek soup, as mom helped in the kitchen and we talked of different things, including my connection with Cosmo and the things I do to care for him, how I understand him, and how his care is my priority above all else, showing me what is truly important in life.

I could see her wheels turning and feeling and seeing how I now really understood the bond she feels with myself and my brother and all that she has gone through in her life out of that love.

And she nodded in confirmation to all I shared saying, “That’s what you do when you have a child.”

Cosmo was once again spreading his magick.

And while this was a way of me seeing myself in my mom, my mom also gets to see herself in me, as I am not the traditional mother and teach her the importance of balance and also caring and nurturing the self.

I have become a mother, enjoying cooking, being in my home, caring for my children and partner, but I am also integrating my gifts into service beyond the home, continue traveling extensively on my own and for my work, and following my heart by doing the things I love and that nurture me.

I have added layers to the role of women in our generational line…which has taken much strength on my part to break out of the mold.

We sat on the couch after lunch and I showed her my new Tarot decks, deciding we should have her pull a card from the Faery deck, which she did.

It was the perfect card for my ever-giving mom:

Her Special Place ~ basically speaking to a need for solitude, quiet, creating a sacred place for yourself and giving healing and love to yourself.

And so here I sit in my own “Special Place” embodying the energy of my truth and gifts, as a bridge for her to her own. Just as her beautiful motherly heart has been integrated into my own life by her loving embodiment.

The rain in these mystical forests is flowing its alchemy and I feel the ancients watching on, as we change the course of energetic history, shift our DNA, and create a new way of being.

Frequency, DNA and The Human Body

Frequency and sound resonance…some of my favorite things. This article and the video in it by Nigel Stanford – which is very cool! – connect with my post today on Lisa Parks and her exploration with water and thought/feeling frequencies as art: Artist Manipulates 48 Pools of Water with Her Mind

Clarity of Heart – Malachite Looking Glass into the Heart of You

Rich light to dark green banded honeycomb Malachite wrapped in fine, pure silver with a pure sterling silver, 18” adjustable chain with lobster clasp. Wrapped crystal including bail is 2 1/4" tall x 1 1/4" wide x 11/16" deep. All silver is hypoallergenic (contains no lead or nickel) and American made.

I’m excited about the newest creation to our Joyful Earth Crystals line – Clarity of Heart– the first of several more Malachite beauties to emerge. What an amazingly gorgeous stone, not only for its powerful properties, but its incredible visual uniqueness. This particular piece is like a banded honeycomb portal with dimensional effect, as if a looking glass providing vision into the authentic depths of you.

Clarity of Heart is now available at our Etsy Shop.

You can find other lovelies there as well. Unfortunately, the L.O.V.E. Seed from yesterday’s post has already gone to its new keeper. But keep checking in, as more and more pieces will continually be birthing and yours may be percolating in the ethers.

Malachite Properties: opens the heart to unconditional love, creates peace and calm, provides a fresh new and fearless outlook to get in touch with your authenticity and inner child, soothes the soul, releases stress, supports emotional stability, promotes new beginnings, instills loyalty, promotes leadership and business success, is an important protection stone that can be worn to detect impending danger, aids blockage removal and inspires to help manifest goals, promotes growth and builds up strength, provides extra energy, power and wisdom, aids self-understanding and positive transformation, promotes increased physical and psychic vision, helps you find balance between ego and higher will, absorbs, protects and cleanses negative energies from the auric field, balances the wearer, guards against radiation and clears electromagnetic pollution, has wonderful healing properties, high copper content of the stone gives it a very steady pulsing electromagnetic energy field that clears and activates the chakras and attunes to spiritual guidance, encourages risk-taking and change, aids release of old traumas, breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns, helps counteract self-destructive romantic tendencies, encourages true, pure love, teaches responsibility in all ways, releases inhibitions, develops empathy with others, alleviates mental disturbances and increases concentration, enables absorption and processing of information, stimulates dreams, helps wearer remember and renew the connection to the All.

Physically, Malachite helps balances mood swings and heals menstrual disorders, boosts the immune and nervous systems, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the liver to release toxins, is the stone of pregnant woman, aids the heart, treats asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, fractures, swollen joints, growths, travel sickness, vertigo, tumors, the optic nerve, pancreas, spleen and the parathyroid, overall, aligns DNA and enhances the immune system.

Wear Malachite, hold it or place it on the alter to increase your ability to send power toward your magical goal (as it amplifies whatever energy you project), to guard against negativity and physical dangers, or if worn on the skin near your heart, to help expand your ability to love and draw love to you. Malachite is effective on all chakras, but particularly the Heart Chakra. It is an ideal meditation stone that supports understanding of yourself and others.

Malachite is deeply connected to ancient Egypt, going as far back as 4000 B.C. As the prime gemstone used for power by the upper class Egyptians, it was used most often in amulets, statues, and in the headdresses of pharaohs. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead it is said that the goddess of the sky “drops stars on the earth in the shape of green stones.” Malachite is often referred to as the Peacock Stone, as it was considered sacred to the goddess Juno, whose sacred bird was the peacock and the eye-like pattern within the stone resembles the peacock feathers.

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