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Sacred Celtic Mandala Tattoo Design

Celtic MandalaI love observing the shifts that take place and the energy that flows in at any given time. It’s all very telling…always. They seem to come in waves and this especially holds true with the sacred tattoo energy I help co-create. There definitely feels to be an energetic pattern or commonality that aligns.

As shared, there was a big surge of “Africa” energy for a while and a lot of Divine Male clients all at once, then a major shift into Shamanic energy, and now we come into the enchanting Celtic flow.

It’s really fun to be able to travel the eclectic, mystical waters as I dive into where the next co-creative sacred tattoos will take me.

Today’s design I’m sharing is what channeled through as a sort of magickal Celtic Mandala integrating both a sacred geometry and organic energy together. The symbols that came through for it (mirroring of my client) were the Spiral, Triple Spiral, Triangle, Circle, Daffodil, and Dragonfly. This piece was intuited for my client’s left inner forearm, at the widest area just under the vein where you give blood.

A little about the symbolism in it, as I know everyone likes to see what all is possible to bring into sacred tattoo designs:

The Triple Spiral represents drawing in the three powers of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone and is a sign of feminine power and empowerment through transition and growth. It’s called the Threefold in this case when that center triangular shape with hole is present, representing the hub and signifying unity of the three power.

The Spiral, which I added to the Triple Spiral arms and inside of the Dragonfly represents ethereal energy radiating both outward and inward and symbolizes growth, birth and expansion consciousness, as well as the continuous cycles of life.

Both the Circle and Triangle commonly symbolize clarity. The Circle symbolizing also your self-awareness within the construct of the universe and cosmic consciousness and of course, eternity. The Triangle pointing upright is a visual symbol of ascension and brings the concept of duality to a third position of integration and harmony. The peak at top symbolizes higher thought, inspiration, enlightenment, oneness of mind, aspiration, focus, unity consciousness. In this way it helps you focus and center the inner conflicts in order to be in stillness of peace with the wholeness of who you are and within that peace to be guided by your authentic voice.

My client resonates with wild flowers, like me, and Daffodils immediately struck me. The daffodil has beautiful symbolism that felt very balancing for this piece. Daffodils are symbols of rebirth, new beginnings (as they are connected to March and the Spring Equinox that heralds a new season), good fortune and luck (you never want to have or give just one as it is said this will not bring good fortune, but more than one is fortuitous – I added three in the design to keep with the energy), ray of hope and light ahead, assists in reminding you to be in your heart and not let ego lead you, purity, the sun always shining down upon you, and joy. The flowers I felt to make more organic, to balance the more abstract qualities to bring in that energy of sensitivity, sweetness, tenderness, and gentleness, as well as connection to the Earth Mother and Nature.

The Number 3 generally symbolizes creative power, growth, magic, intuition, expression, versatility, pure joy of creativity, celebration, very goddess energy connected and reflective of the Empress in the Tarot, overcoming duality, manifestation, integration, complete cycles, flow.

The Dragonfly symbolizes also prosperity, good luck, strength, peace, harmony, purity, but also change, change of perspective, going beyond the surface to the deeper meanings of life, power, poise, maturity, elegance, grace, defeat of self-created illusions, clear vision into the realities of life, discovery of your own abilities and your true self, removal of doubts, self-discovery, removal of inhibitions, living in the moment, living to the fullest, and ability to see beyond human limitations. I created the Dragonfly as a mixture of magickal and organic to be that energy of Divinity within the Human Temple Body where physical and spiritual meet, and created it in a more flowy quality to bring in that femininity and natural elegance.

I integrated all of them to create a very potent and focused energy that also had room to flow and grow in an organic nature – balancing right and left brain and bringing a wisdom and alchemy of how to work in that middle space that knows how and when to use each part in the attainment of the whole. While the Mandala itself was lovely, I felt that combining a magickal dragonfly flying toward it would signify the continuous journey of evolution and to work towards consistence presence and mindfulness in your conscious awareness and choices. There is also a sense of drawing energy inward and outward at the same time within the Mandala, and a blossoming energy, along with a bit of alchemical mysticism.

This all felt to be perfectly mirroring of the essence my client had expressed and that came through for where she is at, what she is celebrating, and what she is moving into and intending to create.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s journey, as we continue with the Celtic flow.

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