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Dolphin Dreams

dolphins soaring

Photo I took in the Galapagos of Dolphins soaring through the waters

Dream time has been increasingly potent for me, as I continue to go through personal shifts. Not only do I have some really blatant and powerful messages come through for self, but I have been receiving extremely precise and clear prophetic dreams for others that demonstrate much remote viewing and telepathy at work in the night, as well as being called in by others in need.

A LOT is going on when my eyes close and the head hits the pillow.

I’m sure for many of you as well.

I’ve had a series of rich dreams the last week and last night brought in another beautiful animal spirit guide – Dolphin – which felt especially meaningful/healing in relation to the night before’s dream. Her presence and interaction was also synchronous in terms of retreat time coming up in Bimini as well.

The part of the dream I remember took place on the shoreline of a beach somewhere at night. I recall being in the shallow waters there up to my knees and a Dolphin coming to me. She stayed in the very shallow water, basically resting easily on the sand below and at times just resting on the shore with me, as the water lapped around us. We had some very beautiful connective time as we laid there together and I would hold her with my arms around her, or gently rubbed her and held her face with my hands. And she would nuzzle, touch, and wrap herself as much around me as she could, as we communicated telepathically and with a very deep, heart connection.

It was like reunited best friends or even twin souls. And I know that that reuniting was not only providing personal healing and transformative support, but was helping me to engage (or re-engage if you will) a deeper part of myself that she was representing and bringing forth more consciously that was needed right now, and crucial in fact.

There were other things involved in the dream and another dream evolved from it, but I am meant to only really remember what is most important.

What happened next was that it was time for her to go and this was very distressing emotionally for us both.

Some people/or beings came to take her back to where she was needed. I had the impression immediately that she was of importance where she came from and was fully devoted to a life of service and a mission and had been able to/or stolen some moments with me to connect, knowing of my needs for her (brings up emotions again right now for me writing that) at this time. She was some sort of a protector and guide to the animal kingdom and Earth, as well as a Cosmic Missionary/Bridge Worker who journeys far and wide, as guided/needed.

It actually didn’t hit me until I sat here to write this, that this Dolphin feels to be a potential emanation of my beloved Cosmic Nestor (my rabbit familiar – in this life – that transitioned 6 years ago), whom you hear me talk of much.

As she was reluctantly leaving we both cried soulful cries that we must physically part for now. I remained in the shallow water crying with outstretched arms and she echoed my cries and tears as she swam off, being led by those that had come for her. I remember when she received the call to return, it broke our hearts, but we both understood what was for now in our present roles/realities and how our love shared, is the essence joy/service we embody in all that we create and share.

So, I have been sitting with all of the beautiful energy, supportive healing, and messages she gifted me, as I receive insights for implementation that will assist my shifts and integration that I am undergoing.

Since she came through as a Dolphin, this symbolism was purposeful to convey what was needed. I’ve known of Dolphin messages and what they represent generally or how they make me feel when they show up, but I wanted to delve a bit more into their medicine to see if something would trigger deeper consciousness for me and perhaps for you as well, if Dolphin is an Animal Spirit Guide you are blessed with too.

Being a Pisces, I am very connected to the mysteries and creatures of the ocean. Many of you will share remembrance of realities in the watery civilizations of times “past” and the Cosmic Waters of your essence that you are.

These heart-centered, highly evolved beings help to spread and anchor Crystalline Energy to light the Earth and they strengthen the song lines through the grid (encouraging us to work in alignment with Nature and Crystals), as they transmit their light frequency vibrations of love and harmony. Through their presence and interactions here and with us, they help awaken us to our truest and most joyous self that is anchored in unconditional love and innate freedom.

Sites like share some of the general wisdom of Dolphins that include:

  • Knowledge of the sea
  • Patron of sailors
  • Change
  • Wisdom
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Communication skills
  • Freedom
  • Trust
  • Understanding the power of rhythm in your life
  • Use of breath to release intense emotions
  • Water element magick

But Dolphins also bring us playfulness, transcendence, gentleness and generosity, intelligence, friendship, community, deep contentment, personal power in divine flow, and even renewal/rebirth.

Since they have that element of harmony and balance it is understandable that they are also connected to duality and yin/yang. This, in part, has to do with being both mammal and fish and being of the water but able to breathe air. They dwell in a state of two realities and two worlds and so I see them as bridge workers and able to transmute energy. They have both the essence inherent of the Sun and Moon in this regard – the outward expressions, life, activity, vibrancy, intellect, manifestation, and masculinity, as well as the inward expressions of intuition, creation, hidden powers, feelings, dreams, mutability, and femininity.

There seems to be this playful and inquisitive invitation that dolphins beckon us to adventure with them on. Perhaps it’s to explore new realms of your work, relationships and friendships, places of domicile, or maybe even simply to explore the inner realm of emotion and creative passion wanting expression. Long thought to be messengers of the Gods/Goddesses and inter-dimensional travelers bringing messages of divine guidance, love and harmony, they carry with them an innate healing energy that is calming, pure of light, and rich with intuitive wisdom that speaks from the grace and heart of a wise child.

This purity and innocence they embody teaches us to trust and tune within in order to commune with the natural rhythms and flow in the mirror of their flight.

Dolphin spirit guides are spiritual beings that remind of us our authenticity and help to align us in the spirit of our true nature. Their magickal and mysterious nature also invoke a calling from within that remembers our connection with the vastness of our soul that is of this Earth but not of it.

They remind us of times and places far and wide, spanning the Cosmos as well as the Ancient Earth and its lost worlds that once were.

Something stirs within us when Dolphin graces our life, and this awakening helps to activate a realignment with living in natural harmony with all of life.

I read that when Dolphin appears he/she is a symbol for living life from true purpose, on purpose, as a creative, abundant and vibrant being. They also invite us more into the depths of our higher heart communicative abilities and further development of them through intuition, vulnerability, psychic awareness, and telepathy. Not to mention, I believe, they open us to our creative voice and expressing the frequency vibrations of our authenticity through it.

This feels very accurate for me, as the inner communication skills, as well as advanced communication skills like telepathy and clairvoyance have been at the forefront of my experience, along with voice.

They are also known to draw our attention to this present moment and encourage us to be all that we can be right now, as well as have gratitude for everything we DO have.

I also read that Dolphin invites us to make an assessment of our lives and our connection to Spirit for further expansion in these realms. A deeper dedication may be called forth now, as not only is it part of your mission, but it is needed collectively to support the energetic field of experience in evolutionary expansion as well. Dolphins have a gentle, but strong pull that mirrors our readiness for initiation into a higher state of being that calls from a deep place within that remembers who you are and what you have chosen to do in this reality you have embodied. Something that has not been accessed yet, or is in need of being more fully cultivated, may have drawn in your Dolphin friend to remind you.

This also feels true for me and whether the Dolphin was Nestor, another guide, simply an aspect of myself, or all of the above, as it ultimately IS anyway, I have asked myself to go to another level and it is more than a want, but an inner knowing of soul timing being of the essence.

Dolphins also possess a very powerful, but gentle transformative healing energy that comes from their love of being of service always, and hence this love is consistently and eternally exuding from them. Their ability is so magnified and pure that they can support healing on all levels and just being in their presence activates this on a DNA level. It’s one reason people are drawn to swim with them, besides the pure joy experienced.

Dolphin helps us to travel through portals of time and space and when we do, we will find our personal and magickal gifts that present unlimited possibilities.

When you want to connect more with your Dolphin spirit guide, meditation, ocean visits, surrounding yourself with their and the ocean’s symbolism, or actual sacred time with them in their environment can help awaken what is within that they message and invite you into.

I’m grateful to be journeying soon to commune in waking life, as a mirror to my dream life. And I’m exploring further the integration and expansion I’ve called upon now.

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