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Honoring Mother Earth Today and Always – 24 Hours Only 50% Off Earth Inspired Paintings

Gaia's Gift

Wishing everyone a beautiful Earth Day! I hope that you will find your own unique way to share your love and gratitude with our ever-giving and miraculous Gaia.

Yesterday we went to see the Dalai Lama who was here visiting and spoke on “Peace of Mind in Troubled Times” at the Long Beach Arena. It was wonderful to see the thousands of people that showed up to hear him. His endearing personality was such a joy and he so simply conveys the essence of his messages, showing us how we make things more challenging and complex than they are. He emanates vibrant joy and loving compassion that we can all easily embrace if we choose. He is definitely a voice for humanity and global peace.

“We each have a song to sing, but together, we create a beautiful symphony.” ~ Me

What I creatively and lovingly channel is a devoted passion focused on heart-based creations intended to help support global peace, return to natural harmony, collective unity, empowered consciousness and unconditionally loving and compassionate synergy.

My paintings help convey these messages, reminding us, activating us, helping us to reconnect with our vibrant and loving Mother Earth and to live more loving, connective, and responsibly conscious lives.

In honor of Earth Day, I am sharing these specifically themed paintings to provide visual inspiration and symbolic awakening energies to your experience today.

Rebirth ~ Children of the New Earth

The three pieces offered at 50% off are: Gaia’s Gift, A Walk Between Worlds, and Rebirth ~ Children of the New Earth, which can be seen in more detail, including their regular prices, here: Heart Visions

Regular prices resume Monday 4/23 at 12:30 pm. 🙂

Gaia was one of the paintings that was part of the Love Offer donations special. With the 24 hour Earth Day special she is now available for $25 plus shipping.


Much love to you all and to our lovely Mother Earth,



A Walk Between Worlds

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