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Portals of Experience Continue to Open


This is my second time living in Lake Tahoe, but truly this last nearly year (will be come October) that we’ve been here has been the most explorative and enriching yet. Not only have we experienced the most epic Winter in the last 40+ years, but have been blessed with incredible, like-minded friends, a wonderful and supportively inspiring home base, welcomed in a new family addition (Astrid), experienced a heap load of magick, and have seen many shifts and transitions anchor in with the closing and opening of new doorways of experience.

I’m/we’re seeing more of this area than we ever have in all the time we’ve lived here so far, and are blown away at the discoveries that will take us years to fully experience…not to mention it’s all different within each season. Like right now we get to enjoy the wildflowers and incredible alpine lakes everywhere gushing with waterfalls and creeks. Other times it is the salmon spawning, the beaches, foraging, crystal-rich areas to discover treasures, water time kayaking or swimming, fall colors, white winterlands, but always plenty of outdoor exercise within every season.


It’s continued to be an interesting journey in observing and playing with the energies all around, as well as within. So much diversity and contrast in experiences and realities right?! None of it wrong, right, bad, good, worse, better…simply choices and possibilities. I do find it easy to hover around energies that don’t match how I feel frequency-wise and increasingly experience clarity with things and greater compassion even if things don’t match. Very refreshing for a Pisces who struggled with this all of her life and not knowing how I could still be a me without compromising the love and connection I feel to everything. I have to repeat…this is the most natural and peacefully balanced I’ve ever been and am always in awe of how that can continue to deepen.

Life here on Earth is truly merging and it feels both grounding, but also Cosmically freeing, while I’m seeing and experiencing it for what it truly is. Perhaps some of you are feeling this too?


We’ve been moving energy quickly and manifesting a ton quickly, which is pretty wild how fast stuff has been happening, but when you’re in the “zone” and following the flow of energy, you definitely do experience that incredible alignment. It’s amazing to look back and see how these processes have shifted over the course of your life for sure with putting into motion the things you’ve learned and doing the work.


But truly it’s been such a gift to experience so much of Lake Tahoe and the outlying areas here. There is SO much beauty and we keep discovering hidden gems all the time – not to mention hidden portals to other realities. Never a dull moment or feeling of not having enough choices and things to do on any level, but mostly it’s the Nature time that infuses my heart with inspiration and expansive love.


The energy abound lately has been so potent and fertile. I can’t tell you how powerful manifestations have been and immediate things unfold that are intended. This month’s energies really lend a hand to that, but in general we really are experiencing an accelerated evolution of potential.


And I’m increasingly experiencing how the things I write about in my new book, manifest in the outside world around me. It’s really a wow-factor and nobody would believe me unless they were right here going through it all alongside me.


During all of this I’ve been seeing how the things I envision and intend, because I’m open to the highest version for the highest good of all to manifest (rather than fixating on how that “should” be) are revealing themselves in expansive ways that embody the essence of it all with greater support and all-encompassing benefits.


The photos shared in this post are captures of some of the energy lately that I’ve been experiencing – truly like activations and initiations into this new version of reality unfolding. There are also photos of some of the awe-inspiring beauty of new areas of exploration – one of which reminded me of my other favorite place in Montana and my experiences there.


Portals are opening everywhere! Are you ready to step into a greater version of you and greater possibilities collectively?


I find that the more flexible and open to entertaining any combination of possibilities, the greater fulfillment I feel and find even more support and interconnected threads ready to make things happen.


Gratitude deepens daily and harmony is being remembered from the origin song seeded within.

Faery Succulent Gardens

Mini Faery Succulent Gardens (2)

It’s been a very busy time, but balance is important to keep your vitality on high, so in the middle of it all I stopped to take time to create these beauties and felt to quickly share them to spread their energies of inspiration, creativity, planting seeds, manifesting intentions, magick, love, and harmony. I’m SO in love with my mini Faery succulent gardens I can’t take my eyes off of them and so I’ve surrounded myself with them! (They’re even more lovely in person) I had exactly the perfect time needed yesterday to create these magickal little sacred garden sanctuaries for our space with intention to create a more inviting energy for my Faery friends, for this Faery’s writing inspiration, and to welcome the new bunny love that will be entering my life in June. They’re created with 15″ diameter Faery garden mossy baskets, lined with succulent/cactus soil, planted with perfectly placed succulents, covered with Reindeer Moss, Clump Moss, Spanish Moss, Forest Moss, Faery Bark, Crystals, Sea Glass, Faery, Sea Turtle, Faery Portal Door, Rabbit, and sparkly Dragonflies. It was incredibly fun to get my hands in the dirt and channel these homes and playgrounds for my friends. Can’t tell you how much joy they bring me. ✨💚🌈🍃🐇🐢 I even had enough succulents to create two potted mini gardens too – one of which had a sprawling succulent growing already, but was lonely and now has friends. These are perfect, mobile, enchanted gardens for my bohemian lifestyle, need for ease and mobility, and yet satisfies the artist in me and inspires my loves and passions. Speaking of which…..back to my writing and focuses here! Enjoy!

Mini Faery Succulent Gardens (6)Mini Faery Succulent Gardens (3).jpgMini Faery Succulent Gardens (7).jpgMini Faery Succulent Gardens (4).jpgMini Faery Succulent Gardens (8).jpgMini Faery Succulent Gardens (5).jpgMini Faery Succulent Gardens (9).jpgMini Faery Succulent Gardens (1).jpg


Creative Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo Blessings

These two paintings – creative expressions of mine – and the quotes I shared along with them, felt like creative insights and reflections to share on this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo to draw forth personal awareness for collective good and harmony. I shared them via Instagram over the last couple of days, but am posting them here for my blog readers. Wishing everyone truth invoking empowerment, the courage to embody your beliefs, illumination to all that is unconscious, and creative inspiration to listen to and honor what’s in your heart.


“In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.” ~J. Krishnamurti

Spirit by Tania Marie ~ Creating the New Cosmic Earth: Fifth in my series titled “In Lak’ech” which is a mystical experience of awakening, as the Ancients and Power Beings of the Five, bring forth their messages of healing.


“There is in all visible things an invisible fecundity, a dimmed light, a meek namelessness, a hidden wholeness. This mysterious unity and integrity is wisdom, the mother of us all, “natura naturans.” There is in all things an inexhaustible sweetness and purity, a silence that is a fountain of action and joy. It rises up in wordless gentleness, and flows out to me from the unseen roots of all created being.” ~Thomas Merton

Gaia’s Gift by Tania Marie

From Grand Tetons to Yellowstone ~ The Majesty That Heals


The journey has been beautiful and immensely transformative while the days of recent have gifted many blessings, synchronous alignments, and divinely navigated transitions. At the same time that I’ve been supporting my dear rabbit, Joy, through the end of her Earth year cycles (a testing time of my growth), I’ve also been cradled in Mother Earth’s nurturing, majesty, and abundant gifts in our adventures through Northern Wyoming and Southern Montana that have supported the process.


The bitter and sweet go hand in hand, as part of the alchemy of life. So, even though I am integrating this physical loss and moving through the transmutation of sadness, I am compelled to stay present within the world and guided to share the beauty and magick that partners in this synergy dance in order to keep balanced and not withdrawn.


Plus I know that Joy would want it that way…to focus on the gifts, wonder, beauty, and sweet memories and experiences…



To return everything to love and be in “Joy”.




Tuesday there was death and yesterday I was shown the birthing of new life in so many baby Bison and Elk that kept reflecting their joy to me.


It is the way of natural harmony.


I was literally giggling and in joyful tears watching them bounce around and play in the fields with so much life bubbling within them. There was even a very heart-tugging and literal scene out of “Bambi” experience that made me tear up with love.


There were several mother Elk and babies in a field, who all literally came bee-lining for our car when we pulled up (some coming within three feet from our window), but I noticed one without a baby. She started crying out and her cries were incessant. I recognized, as a mother myself to my little ones, that she was crying out for her baby. And that tugged at my current emotions that have cried for my sweet Joy.

At first I wondered if she had lost her altogether to some tragedy and was mourning…and of course I was seeing that reflection in myself and understanding there is nothing so strong as that bond between mother and child. I know this well.

But she kept moving across the field, fixated on one direction, crying out so I felt she was calling out to her little one that had fallen behind somewhere. She then moved faster until she was at the edge of the road and from the left suddenly her baby appeared at the other side of the road and cried back. She ran over to her mom and they touched noses in loving embrace and immediately thereafter she began suckling away.

I made up a little dialogue to go along with the scene unfolding before me. 🙂


Another car with a woman in it had stopped on the other side to watch and pulled up next to us once the baby passed and was safely with her mother. She rolled down her window and said, “That was like a scene straight out of Bambi, wasn’t it?” – saying what I was thinking.

Indeed it was.


We were both in joyous tears and I could see “Joy” in everything around me, reflecting her love and reminder of the vitality, continuity, fragility, and love of life. She also impressed to me our bond that would never be broken no matter where she is, as it runs deep and is experienced through everything within and without.


I have been doing really well at keeping balanced and surprisingly centered and grounded throughout these times and our journey in general and Nature makes that so easy and free, really providing no excuse not to stay nurtured through any situation that may arise.


Mother Earth loves to shower us with gifts and I love to reciprocate back with gratitude, immersion, and giving back.


I’ll be sharing about Joy in a future post, but for now I’d love to share this photo journal of our recent times over the last couple of weeks that reflect immense beauty and inspiration that is powerfully recharging simply through viewing them.

So, rather than share any long account, I’ll just summarize what you’re seeing and what has unfolded, followed by the photo montage at the end, in the order that they’ve been experienced.

Our journey after Green River, Wyoming through lovely drives took us to Moran, which is just a mile from the Grand Teton National Park entrance and only 32 miles from Yellowstone. It is also only 45 minutes from Jackson, Wyoming that came to be instrumental later in things and also is home to a great grocery store – Jackson Whole Grocer (always must mention food). 😉

We’re back to having some really beautiful RV sites again with views of Hebgen Lake and right on Yellowstone River.


Janet and Daisy ended up sticking around through our beginning adventures in Yellowstone, Montana. They just left yesterday after two weeks of wonderful times shared to venture off to their own continued adventures that are quite exciting in development and have been integrally connected.

We have seen a continual abundance of wildlife in these parts including Pronghorn, Mule Deer, Elk, Ospreys, Pelicans, Hawks, Bald Eagles, Wild Horses, Wild Bison, Grouse, Whistle Pigs, Marmots, River Otters, 10 giant Beavers! Great Blue Heron, Cranes, Geese, Ducks, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Coyote, Raccoons (which aren’t supposed to be native to the Grand Tetons), Squirrels, Rabbits, you name it! Bear, Moose and Wolves remain yet to see on this trip (we’ve seen plentiful Bear and Moose in Alaska), but we’ll be in their homelands for a while with many opportunities. All has its divine timing.

We’ve spent time hiking through fields, meadows, forests, along rolling water, lakes, and waterfalls, and up mountains, float rafting in the majestic Grand Tetons on Snake River’s Class 1 Rapids, white water rafting on Yellowstone River’s Class 2 and 3 Rapids, (going zip-lining tomorrow), picnicking on Firehole River, exploring geysers, mud holes, hot springs, and fumaroles at Fountain Paint Pots and Mammoth, as well as enjoyed a couple of the lodges for Happy Hours (lemonade or ice tea for me), lunch on outdoor viewing platforms with stunning views, and peaceful connecting and prayers in the Chapel of the Sacred Heart for Joy (I even signed her name in the visitor book).

I’ve been gifted 11 feathers (some of the tiny ones are spotted and one is a midnight blue), wonderful fossil and crystalline stones (you can’t see in the photo, but these stones are not only colorful, but are sparkly galore and raw crystals in many cases), three river heart stones, not to mention potent raw quartz from an abandoned quartz mine (crystal cave) we explored in Gallatin Gateway, not far from Big Sky on the Solstice (more on that in an upcoming blog as well along with photos of the quartz).


We’ve celebrated the Solstice Full Moon, activated my new quartz by moonlight on Hebgen Lake, I’ve been reconnected with another Pisces friend and dear soul brother who had joined my retreat in Peru last year and now supported me through the transition, and I’ve said goodbye to one of my bestest friends in the world and Cosmos. (Again, more on that in another post).

Full circle, heart-opening, life-enhancing experiences. Every time I wonder how it could get any richer, it does.

I hope you enjoy these photos…my favorites from our time.

I have so many, but chose the best to share with you.

We are currently in North Yellowstone – our last stop for the Yellowstone area through Sunday (we’ve been in the South and West and from here can continue to explore the North and North East), then will move forward and north on into more of Montana’s beauty before we say goodbye to the States for a while and head into Canada.


Channeling the Ancient & Womb Earth Energies

As mentioned in my last post, when I was prompted to turn back and let Dave explore Peek-A-Boo Slot on his own, I was led to my own inner exploration.

I realized why this was, as I was being called from within for something else that needed to take place here, which I discovered once he was well on his way deeper inside the slot canyon and I returned back, grounded at the entrance.

I instantly received the message as to what I was to do – some more sound channeling.

And since no one was around at all and I was alone, it felt perfect, tapping into my inner Sibyl.

When I do sound channeling it is derived from an energy/energies, feelings, or a story that wants to come through via sound. And this sound can be tones, song, and even an indistinguishable kind of ancient/cosmic language at times.

What I do is allow what I’m tuning into to just come through purely from my vulnerable surrender to the movement of energies through sound.

And this is what channeled through at the mouth of Peek-A-Boo Slot, which felt to utter an ancient song of these stones within the slot canyons and the spirits within.

I’d just spent the day exploring the slot canyons and immersing deep within the healing mother womb and intense bowel energy of the Earth inside these canyons.

This is her healing song that channeled in this moment.

Follow Me Into the Faery Realm ~ Do You Hear The Call?

Faery portals have been in activation lately.

Well, when aren’t they really?

But sometimes it’s a more intentional process 😉 Or is a result of your belief and readiness deepening.

I happen to wear several permanent ones on my own “spiritual skin”, including a Seven Pointed Faery Star on top of my left foot, which helps me to walk between worlds with all of me, and a Faery on my left “wing” that represents me sending energy to Earth along with Nestor, but there’s been a lot more of this energy abound recently and my own experience is becoming more constant rather than now and then.

It’a all part of that embodiment I talk a lot about…the more we deepen into the essence of who we are, the more consistently we will walk in that energy.

I’ve also been experiencing this Faery portal energy with the sacred tattoo designs that are channeling through, as well as seeing people really opening to this realm and drawing forth the magick more that resides in their remembrance of these soul parts they are retrieving and that partnership and honoring of our Earth Mother they are helping others to remember and activate as well.

All really great stuff! As that means the more people are remembering and awakening these parts, the more the collective experience shifts.

Recently, I’ve even had the opportunity to play “Faery Godmother” in a video I made all decked out as one with my Faery wand that I shared to help a friend’s daughter through something.

I’ve been revealing myself more and more in this way, although likely some people may still think I’m just “playing”.

Oh well!

Faeries have nothing to prove. 😉


Lasagna for dinner


Lasagna left overs for lunch


And Laura and I have been sharing Faery Portal experiences via the ethers to enjoy Faery Tarot readings, the same virtual Faery Feasts (as Faeries love good food!) like we did for Christmas Eve and just a couple of nights ago too with comforting and grounding vegan lasagna, to bridge physical distance between us, but also to help activate things we’re manifesting.

Sometimes we’re sneakily conspiring through the portals to assist each other too. Shhhhhh! 😉

You never now where Faery magick may show up in your life (or where it might already have 😉 ), but if you’re open to it, it certainly will!

Anyway, all that to share that a lot of Faery fun has been getting me in the zone and a-flowin’! Feeling more in my element these days and surrounded by the Fae.

This recent Faery design is one example and oh how much I loved creating it!Rose Sacred Tattoo Design

A few simple ways to invite the Fae more into your experience and to open up a world of magick awaiting are to spend more time in nature communing with the plants, animals, minerals, being more present, paying attention to the subtle nudges, inviting crystal friends into your life to play and work with you, allowing yourself to engage your imagination more, use your creative energy more in a way that is fun, ask for messages or guidance from the Faeries, walk with a lighter footprint on the Earth, allow yourself to be embraced by nature when you are in need of healing, meditate in nature under a tree, near flowing water, or on a rock, sing and dance a lot – especially in nature, leave part of your yard wild, place little sparkly trinkets out in a special sanctuary you create as offering to the Faeries, communicate with them in in-between times like dawn and dusk…..

You might find it fitting to maybe even sprinkle a little glitter on you, wear natural and earthy fibers, or adorn your hair in flowers.

What ever you do, do it with whimsical lightness and keep an eye out for the subtleties that may rustle a leaf, bend some grass, turn up a dust whirlwind, move quickly past the corner of your eye, raise the hair on the back of your neck when you’re out in nature alone, or the little twinkles of light that begin to appear before your eyes.

I know this message is timely, as this was the card I pulled today – no joke!! (which just so happens to be the card on the guidebook cover), right as I am sitting to write this post and feeling the beckoning of the Faeries to journey even deeper with them.

I’m ready!! Let’s go!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Will you embrace their call?

faery oracle

This card features a Faery Queen that beckons you forward into the Faery realms. She is alchemy itself and helps you hear that voice within to embrace your Faery self and enter this world where healing, ease, and beauty abounds. It is a call to your inner healer to transform the world around you. She wears a key at her neck that opens the door and holds the answers.

The card’s meaning from the guidebook: Faery connection. Second sight. Being Faery-touched. Experiencing rapid opening to the subtle worlds. The veils between worlds dissolve and you can see clearly. Increase in your gift. Healing powers increase. Belief creates reality. Knowing creates truth. Egoic doubts and cynical thoughts melt away and all is magickal and true. Seeing the path you can now follow. Connecting with your wild self. An urge to be in nature, to be with flowers, trees, fruits, plants, and stones. Shy of people who are harsh and unmagickal. A realization that there is no separation, only refusal to believe creates inability to see.

So the question is….

Are you ready to believe?

Sprinkles of Faery dust and enchantment to each of your hearts!


A Fairy Song ~ Poem by William Shakespeare:

Over hill, over dale,
Thorough bush, thorough brier,
Over park, over pale,
Thorough flood, thorough fire!
I do wander everywhere,
Swifter than the moon’s sphere;
And I serve the Fairy Queen,
To dew her orbs upon the green;
The cowslips tall her pensioners be;
In their gold coats spots you see;
Those be rubies, fairy favours;
In those freckles live their savours;
I must go seek some dewdrops here,
And hang a pearl in every cowslip’s ear.


May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You ~ Earth & Sun Nurturing for Cosmo

cosmo6Yesterday was a good day for Cosmo. I took him to his therapy appointment to receive his Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation or VOM, which is a hand held device called a spinal accelerator or activator that works on the spine and joints to take pressure off the spinal nerve. He immediately was sitting up more straight and moved around for a longer period like a bunny without an injury, which impressed his doctor.

Of course he eventually tired and fell, but he was having a good and strong day where he was able to sit up and move around in greater intervals.

This is normal in the process of healing, to have good and bad days, and to hit plateaus as well. This was a good day and the doctor told me to keep up what I’m doing with the Reiki and Crystal massages, as it’s all doing him well. We also discussed some other things we could implement, which led us to talking about grounding Cosmo and connecting him more literally with the Earth.

I love this doctor because he’s into, and encourages, all forms of healing modalities and spirituality, which is awesome, so we have a lot to talk about and are on the same page about everything. He believes in a holistic approach to therapy and it makes me feel like Cosmo’s in good hands and my own approach is being honored. Even Cosmo’s other doctor who provides him acupuncture, understands Reiki and believes in energy work, so I feel like we have a good team going that really care about him AND who are on the same page with me.

Anyway, we discussed it being a good idea to take Cosmo outdoors for a bit and provide him some time to get his feet on the Earth, touching the dirt and grass to help ground and balance, as well as be a way to receive healing energy and a surge of nurturing recharge from his Earth Mother.

So, yesterday I did just that.

cosmoIt’s been beautiful here weather-wise recently, so it was nice and sunny and warm as I brought Cosmo out back to the garden. I let him explore on the deck a bit and then I took him to the grass where I laid with him and watched as he connected to his natural surroundings.

To say it was moving is an understatement. He was almost overwhelmed with joy and love. Usually he moves about a lot, just as he was on the deck, but once he was on the grass and dirt, he just sat there and hardly moved at all. He listened to the birds, felt the sun on his face and body, and the Earth beneath his feet, and just absorbed in gratitude.cosmo2

So much gratitude that in fact he started licking me a bunch to thank me and I was so teary eyed, and still am right now reliving it.

I let him sit there feeling the energy surge through his body, as I looked on with loving warmth overflowing in my heart. He was able to sit up straight the whole time, since he wasn’t moving about and so it was incredible to see him in his full glory in these natural settings.

Just another example of how important our connecting with Earth and our natural surroundings, including receiving the light of the Sun into our own light soul is and can benefit our healing and wholeness. Whether human, animal, plant, mineral….nurturing these relationships to Nature are essential for natural harmony, health, and well-being.

The photos you see are a few I captured of his experiences yesterday. Just look at how he glows.

Bringing him outdoors and having the sun shine on his face also gave me a chance to see more about his magickal, huge windows-to-the-soul eyes. They appear black or very very dark brown, but in fact in the sun’s light they are this beautiful warm brown with golden accents!

cosmo3I will continue implementing more outdoor supervised time with him each day to add to his therapy. I’m glad and grateful that this inspiration arose from talking with his doctor.

His doctor always says to me, “you’re my hero” when I come for visits and he says he shares about Cosmo and me to some of his colleagues. But I always say, “Cosmo is my hero”.

I share a special song with each of my beloved soul companions, and the song below has become mine and Cosmo’s.

It first arose one night when I was holding him on my chest and heart chakra. He was laying there, as I massaged his back the entire time with one hand and the other cradling him. His head was nestled between my neck and face to the left and each of his arms wrapped around both sides of my neck – his heart laying on mine. He fell asleep as I massaged him and music played in the background.

He would then stir, just like a baby and lick me profusely on my neck and face, then fall back deeply asleep. This went on for an hour – intervals of licks when he stirred and then returning to a comforted deep sleep – and would have continued had it not been for my needing to get to bed myself. But while this went on, the song below started playing and I just filled with joyous tears of love as I cradled this dear soul on, and with, my heart.

When I saw him outside in the sun, and he was licking me with gratitude, all I could hear playing was this song and I was singing it in my head and heart to him….

“May the long time Sun shine upon you…all Love surround you…and the pure Light within you….guide your way on”

Your Courageous Love Makes a Difference

If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear. ~Joanna R. Macy


“If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear.” ~Joanna R. Macy


Celebrating Six Years With Gaia


Gaia checking out my painting, “Air”, as I paint it in my Lake Tahoe solarium

I may not physically be with Gaia right now (my amazing Russian Tortoise friend), but am with her nonetheless in heart and celebrating “with” her regardless.

Yes, Gaia is still M.I.A. – and literally she IS “missing in action”, as she is off on another mission from which she intends to, and will only, return once she’s completed it.

I’ve shared before how determined and committed this mighty little one is – a constant guide and teacher for me in this and many regards – and so my sense is that if her mission takes all of her to complete, then she will transcend doing and being her wholeness.

How can I not love her more for that and honor and respect her immensely?

She’s been gone now, deep within Mother Earth (Gaia is within Gaia 🙂 ) for about two and a half months. She went away before to do very intensive energetic work with and in support of the Earth, but returned once that mission was complete. And now has departed again and I await her happy news of another mission accomplished, however that results.

I love her unconditionally and it’s no surprise that the souls in animal companion suits that I (and they) chose to partner up with, are all very committed souls on a mission. Sounds familiar. 😉 And their deep, focused, and unrelenting truth of heart investment into who they are, is the best example and constant reminder for me.

I’ve never known anyone like them in this way.

Anyway, I hadn’t had a dream about Gaia in a while, which is where my animal companions communicate with me, but she did show up the night before last.

I do not remember the dream anymore, like I usually do, except for the fact that it was different from the others energetically and I saw Gaia in her vibrant joy. I have two specific images of her from the dream that keep replaying in my mind from when she and I first came together and lived at Lake Tahoe. They are the images you see here.

gaia looking out solarium window at lake tahoe

Gaia looking out at Lake Tahoe from our home solarium, which was my office/art studio

So I know that wherever she is, she is wanting me to know that she is really happy and in her joyous truth, perhaps mission accomplished?, as well as wants to thank me and remind me of our beautiful friendship, since the images I see in my mind’s eye are from one of our favorite times ever together.

She likely is also remembering our anniversary, as where she is time is different than here and there are gaps in the sending of messages.

I believe she is reminding me of my own truth as well and the things she loves about me.

July 8th, 2008 is when she first came home with me and on the way home from picking her up, I received her name. So this is six years today that this amazing soul has graced this life I am living.

Six brings to mind the symbolism of this number and its spiritual meaning, which I’ve shared on before in my post Hexagons and Healings, since the number six is aligned with the Hexagon.

This includes six representing harmony, balance, soulful integration, perfect union, communication, sincerity, love, truth, enlightenment, naturally revealing solutions for us in a calm, unfolding manner, delicate diplomacy in sensitive matters, reliability, lighting our path in areas we require spiritual and mental balance, and encourages compassion and forgiveness.

These are perfect energies to feel into right now and so divinely reflect the relationship between Gaia and I, as well as focuses that would do the collective well to tune into and embody more.

I’m grateful for this reflection, as I celebrate the mutual love, respect, and honor shared between us. Thank you Gaia for being such a guiding light and powerful force, as well as for being so committed to supporting the Earth collective. I love you!

A Message from the Raven

Thanks for this share Laura and Raven. I encounter many birds in my daily and nature visits and have been watching their patterns and appearances that seem increasingly prolific and catching my attention. So this rings true to me. I feel that all of the animal kingdom and Nature are messaging us, so keep an open ear to the messages they are sharing. Since birds in particular are divine messengers that deliver spiritual communication, they are like sentinels of land, sky and water that keep watch, survey, and convey to us both what is of Earth and Cosmic origin. Their appearances are meaningful and their voice carries great wisdom.

Laura Bruno's Blog

This came through as a blog comment from “Raven,” whom I know and who has powerful spiritual and shamanic gifts. The message seems important enough to bump up to its own post:

“Laura, I have received a bit of insight related to the bird sightings brought up here and elsewhere. I spoke with raven during a shamanic journey today and asked if he had a message for the people. He said the family of birds is somewhat confused and struggling. They can feel pockets of radiation and many other environmental assaults, and they attempt to avoid it by flying to places where they might not normally be seen. They are also affected by unusual weather modifications, HAARP and similar microwave technologies. This is not surprising at all, but what is a bit of a surprise is that the reason they seem “friendlier” and more engaging with humans now is that…

View original post 125 more words

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