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The New “Be” and “Temple of” Collections – Don’t Miss the 10% Off Launch Ending March 20th!

Be Love - Rose Quartz Heart

It’s so lovely to see our crystal friends connecting and making their way to their new keepers. The new pieces have been moving out and channeling on quickly and that is such a joy for us, as we are focused on creating pieces for empowered living that supports a new collective experience! We realize that that also means our Joyful Earth Crystals inventory is shifting and making way for new energy! We’ll be sharing a ton more just as soon as we can birth them! So please keep checking in, as we continually are introducing new pieces, like the “Be ” collection of new hearts and the “Temple of” collection!

Be Empowered - Tiger Eye Heart

Be Energized - Red Jasper Heart

Our “Be” collection is a special line of intuitively chosen heart stones that embody specific energies that support “being” the energy they possess and imbue into your lives. A way to be present, actualized and focused in your heart, moment to moment, drawing in, integrating, embodying and emanating the energy that speaks to your needs the most. At these amazing prices, you can have your own collection of pieces to choose from that support the energy you need, day to day. Many more on the way, including “Be True” – a lovely Sodalite heart. We will continually add to the collection, those energies and pieces we feel would be most supportive, as well as will keep offering these popular pieces you see, as long as we can procure the right pieces that offer the resonating vibrations we intend.

If you have any custom requests on specific energy you’d like in a special crystal “Be” heart, please let us know and we’d be happy to procure a lovely piece intuitively chosen just for you!

Be Flexible - Mookaite Jasper Heart

We put a lot of love, care and intention into every piece we offer and extend that TLC not only to every aspect of their creation, but to each of you. We spend time with each crystal not only in listening to their call, during the design process, in hearing their message, but in infusing each piece along the way and at time of sending off to their new keepers, with cleansing, empowering, programming and love focused specifically for you and the new partnership you have welcomed and embraced into your life.

Our “Temple of” collection is a special line of intuitively chosen crystal and stone beads that embody a “sanctuary of experience” to the temple body of you. These pieces not only make gorgeous necklaces (I have one myself!) but can double as pendulums! These are currently in design birthing, but you can see the example below of “Temple of Harmony” which they will resemble, but with different crystal combinations to create, embody and imbue the intended experience. Again, if you have any requests, we welcome your ideas and can create something custom made for you.

Temple of Harmony - Well Being and Stress Relief ~ Yellow Jade, Red Agate, Labradorite and Black Obsidian

Some of the “Temple of” pieces to look forward to are: Temple of Creative Inspiration, Temple of Loving Integrity, Temple of Powerful Presence, Temple of Integrative Healing, Temple of Manifested Abundance, Temple of Intuitive Vision, and Temple of Vitality! We are taking accepting pre-orders on any of these if you’d like to request any that speak to your needs. Many more on the way as well!

L.O.V.E. Seed (Love Our Vibrant Earth) Lemurian Seed Crystal Pendulums

We also have some lovely L.O.V.E. Seed (Love Our Vibrant Earth) Lemurian Seed Crystal Pendulums available, as well as will be creating some lovely new pendulums of various crystal beads for you to choose from. Pendulums are great for receiving answers from within. It’s not about trusting the pendulum, but about trusting yourself. Using a pendulum is a path of surrender. You surrender your lower self (physical self) to your higher self and by doing that, you put aside your ego – that controlling part that wants to be right – and receive a universal heart answer. Make great gifts, for self or others, to help support a more heart centered and connected, global consciousness, while aiding individual empowerment.

To read detailed information about the energy of each of these pieces, more photos, and information on the metals used and the chains that are included with each piece, please visit the link below.

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For information about Joyful Earth Crystals you can visit here: Our Mission

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