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Seen Through Faery Eyes

Yesterday, while in the mountains of Big Bear, an evening walk by the lake beckoned. It was a couple of hours before sunset so the light was beautifully aglow, casting golden harmony on everything in sight. This is my favorite area of the lake with meadows of Faery delight and beautiful trees galore.

The Faery me absolutely fell in love with this one field and literally got lost in its magick. I could have stayed in it endlessly. It consumed all of my senses and my tactile ones fell in love with the feathery softness moving through my fingers and hands.

Everything was so alive, rich, and casting sacred spells of enchantment.

I also came upon the largest dandelions I’d ever seen, with sacred geometry puffs of fragile pureness that were three inches in diameter. Of course I stopped to make a wish, blowing the dream seeds completely off in one big breath.

Between the size of these dandelions and my perspective from sitting down amidst the fields of golden green whispers, I felt both diminished to my Faery size and expanded to my Faery heart.

For what ever reason, these are some of my most favorite photos I’ve taken that I was guided to photograph, to have these images to reflect on time and again. I am told they will inspire the new creative channelings coming through, since they are so essence-aligned for me.

I decided to share them.

Perhaps it was an experience only moving for me, reminding me of a place that exists in another reality of mine.

But perhaps the photos give you a glimpse of what is seen through my eyes and you, too, can get lost in the magick and inspiration.

These photos are of the field and dandelion that completely had me enraptured. The last photo was the only one I took of the lake and another field that I discovered a rainbow beam appear in when I got home – more evidence that magick was afoot and I’d entered the Faery realm and home.







big bear lake rainbow

Iceland Building a Temple to Norse Gods


If it wasn’t enough to love Icelanders for their belief in Elves and the Faery realm and their “honoring of sovereignty of both land and soul” (as Laura has pointed out many times), now they are about to build the first temple for public worship to Thor, Odin, and Frigg! Construction is beginning this month to create “the island’s first major temple to the Norse gods since the Viking age.”


You can read the article here: Iceland to Build First Temple to Norse Gods Since Viking Age


I can’t tell you how excited I am to be heading to Iceland in just 18 days to celebrate my birthday! OMGOODNESS! It seems so surreal.

It also seems auspicious that the temple will be underway while I’m there.

And being that I never do anything major or special for my birthday, there just seems to be something very essence-important to this adventure ahead that I’m taking by myself for the first half and then having my Faery friend, fellow tattoo aficionado, and Europe’s best-selling raw food author Kate Magic meeting up with me for birthday fun! Iceland is her favorite place on Earth, and I have a Faery-feeling it will be mine too. ;)

Curious to see what will be activated and how I will return.

Fabulous Interview with Laura Daligan

Tania Marie's Blog:

Faery fun and magick! Some of my favorite things. If they’re yours too, you may enjoy this stroll into the Faery Realm as Laura Daligan, Crystal Starshine, and others joyously chat about their experiences and offer tips on deepening your own connection with the Fae. Thanks for sharing Laura <3

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

I found this video yesterday, and it’s both delightful and informative! Crystal, Laura and other guests and write-in questioners discuss the Faery Realm, Glastonbury’s energies, Faery Queens and Faery Kings, etiquette when dealing with the Fae and what happens when you offend them, as well as many tips for rekindling your own connection with these heartfelt friends from the Otherworld. Regular blog readers will notice major similarities in things I’ve shared and the things shared by Laura Daligan and the other speakers. To me, that striking similarity underscores the validity of our individual experiences. If you’ve got 40 minutes and have any interest at all in faeries, imagination, or deepening your connection to nature, I hope you love this talk as much as I did. :)

Coffee & Inspiration with Crystal Starshine ~ Special Guest Laura Daligan

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Iceland !!! Thanks to R.

Tania Marie's Blog:

Talk about magickal and enchanted!! Looks like home to me and now after being nudged by a dream, a friend, two reblogs of this post from my friends Laura and Dawn, and a movie I saw last night where the character went to Iceland, I’m feeling the nudge I had last month again. Iceland may be seeing me sooner than later.

Simply stunning photos!! And as Laura posted in her reblog, “Is it any wonder so many people in Iceland believe in elves and consult the elves before proceeding on building and road projects? Surrounded by such stunning beauty, it is easy to see why Icelanders remember to honor sovereignty of both land and soul.”

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:


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Fiona Broome ~ How Shakespeare changed everything

Tania Marie's Blog:

Yay Shakespeare and Faeries! A fun post amidst all of the intensities.

My name’s origin comes from Titania, so you might say I have a wee bit of a magickal connection to the Fae. And having been to Ireland, I have literally skipped with the Faeries and immersed in the “lore of the Fae” as Fiona Broome shares.

Thank you Laura (my Faery sister) and Fiona for such a light and mischievous-evoking post.

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

Shakespeare’s plays changed almost everything that we think about faeries.

Before Shakespeare wrote about them, most people were terrified of faeries.  One of the most frightening was a faerie called Robin Goodfellow.  He was blamed for bad luck, poor harvests, and even death.

Then, Shakespeare suggested that faeries might not be evil… just mischievous.

During Shakespeare’s era, that was a radical idea.

Shakespeare 1Shakespeare’s influences

In the 16th century, our modern-day ideas of faeries were born in Shakespeare’s plays.

His most famous faerie play is A Midsummer Night’s Dream. That story included human-sized faeries such as Titania and Oberon, and lesser spirits–including tiny ones–who served them.

One of the leading characters is Puck, who—as Robin Goodfellow—had an evil reputation before this play.

However, in Act 2, Scene One, a character called “Fairy” asks Puck if he is

“…that shrewd and knavish sprite
Called Robin…

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The Unseen Made Seen – An Enchanted Realm Comes Alive as a Sacred Tattoo Design

Sacred Tattoo DesignThis newest sacred tattoo design awakened an opportunity to bring an enchanted realm into this reality that both my client and I hold dear in heart. I was so excited when we started to collaborate and I heard what all I was going to be able to help bring alive and into being from behind the veils.

It was a deep and intense journey and yet, as I always do, I sat with things until the energetic frequency I could access felt clear. When there were things holding me off or creating a block, I just waited until I was able to hold a clear frequency that could mirror the wholeness I knew was there peeking through. Then suddenly, when I was able to reach “through” all of the things that were in process of shifting, it suddenly flowed like a powerful waterfall and fluidly came into being through my pencil with ease.

The result was one that took all of the parts of the journey and wove them into a potent portal that transmuted the elements into powerful medicine and activation.

I always love what is going on in my own life, where I am, the environment, what’s energetically in my experience that always mirrors the energy needed for each piece I’m helping to create.

I had no idea when this design would emerge, but it did while I was away last week where I was spending every day in nature, in the Faery forests, mountains, meadows, and lakes in the Tahoe area, as well as had such magickal connective time with the wild mustangs and butterflies while there. I even had a run in with a little rabbit that was quite the playful one dodging about from my dad – some of these elements had been discussed previously with my client before the drawing came about, which elements I felt important to incorporate in the piece.

Needless to say, the energy of where I was, was such a perfect backdrop and portal for channeling this.

This is a very large piece at 16 1/2″ in length, which will be going on my client’s left side of her back for the symbolism that area represents, as well as will be working energetically in balance with tattoos she already has.

There is a lot in the image that may be hard to find, so I’ll just point some things out without going into depth on the whole symbolism, but a lot of my designs are like treasure maps to each soul. They are fun to explore and find new things each time that will speak to you in different ways at any given time you view it.

This piece is created almost like a wing shape meant to sit in that left portion of the back angled at the shoulder/between shoulder and neck area and all the way down the left side, cascading into and over the spine a bit. This will help to flow and connect energy moving from left into the right side.

As for what you may discover upon deeper observation, here are the elements in the piece:

There is a hint of rocks for the cave opening that are surrounded by a tree trunk, limb, and branches, rooted at the bottom and curving up and down at top.

From within the cave emerges a beautiful and powerful Dragon, which is a familiar and teacher to my client. You can see a hint of her two wings, as she is flying down and just peeking through the opening while she is about to emerge fully herself.

There are two Faeries. One above and one below. They play varying energetic parts in this living portal as aspects of self and the seen and unseen. The one below is like a Goddess/Priestess working magick with the Dragon, as the Seven Pointed Faery/Pleiadian Star appears, emanating a crystalline energy from it and within the cave entrance. The Faery above has Celtic inspired/designed wings and very Nymph-like and somewhat androgynous.

A magickal butterfly and sweet rabbit are the Faery’s friends and helpers lending their support, as well as their symbolic presence and wisdom.

Many magickal flowers burst into bloom including Honeysuckles and Faery bell-like flowers. Elf Clematis as well, vines wrapping around the tree and limbs, weaving magick and life.

The cave is a gateway and portal to this enchanted realm that is being manifest into this reality.

The main Faery below wears a headpiece of leaves, Crystal, spiral and Celtic Trinity/Triquetra. There is also a larger Triquetra on the lower part of the tree trunk left of the rabbit.

Within the rocks of the opening of the cave just above that is a “key”. It has a heart shaped top as it helps access the Higher Heart. It also functions as the key to unlocking one’s own truth and power, the way to travel inter-dimensionally, as well as the way to access hidden things one might keep from themselves or that has yet to be revealed.

Just below the top Faery/Nymph’s leg there is another symbol – a Celtic Five Fold Symbol with represents the Four Elements, the Four Directions, and the Four Seasons, but adds the center circle which is the Fifth Element – sometimes known as Spirit or Ether, but also center, ascension, spirituality, balance, transcendence, the whole. It is sometimes used as an awareness-broadening Mandala that provides depth of meaning, insight, perspective.

There are some spiral ends to the vines and cascading limbs of the tree branches to make them alive like fingers.

The Dragon has energy emanating through her body and a loving, yet penetrating gaze, as she works with the Faery to create magick to open this portal of experience and bring it into conscious view so that the veils are lifted and truth emerges. You can see the hint of her wings at either side of her neck, as she glides forward and down through her cave tunnel. They are beneath the tree limbs and Honeysuckles. You only see a touch of her left one, which is on the right of the image. Her right wing, which is on the left of the image is the beautifully framing backdrop to the hanging Honeysuckles.

Another journey into the realm of “Spiritual Skin” that definitely enchants, as it activates and awakens.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred visionary piece of artwork or tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

There is currently a waiting list, which I am moving through as quickly as I can.  I can only provide a guesstimate on timing. You can easily make your deposit at the link provided below to embark on this journey in partnership with me.

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin

You can also order your personal copy here: Signed and Inscribed Copy of Spiritual Skin 

Epoch Times ~ Stanford Physicist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness

Tania Marie's Blog:

In full agreement with Laura’s thoughts and I always smile, too, when information experienced and believed, receives support and substantiations from physicists. Some interesting information to digest – don’t forget to check out the videos for further explanation.

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

Nice when physics begins to catch up with metaphysics! In case anyone wonders … yes, in my experience, the Faery Realm, the Ancestors, past lives, alternate realities and more exist in the “spaces between.” Cutting edge science continues to confirm the power of what mystics, prophets, “primitive” civilizations, and seers have known all along.

Organic food for thought. :)

Epoch Times ~ Stanford Physicist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness

By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times| March 1, 2014

shutterstock shutterstock

Stanford University Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller has been researching a level of physical reality hitherto undetectable with conventional measurement instruments.

He says two kinds of substances exist:

1. The electric atom/molecule level: Substances on this level can be measured with traditional instruments. We can measure them because they are electric-charge based.

2. The magnetic information waves level: Tiller explains in an introduction to his research…

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Epoch Times ~ 6 Credible Elf Incidents?

Tania Marie's Blog:

Love it! Things that make you go “hmmmmm”. Whether you believe in the Faery Realm and “Little People” or not, you’ll likely find this interesting. I, for one, believe and am giggling at the veils lowering more each day. Thanks Faery sis, Laura, for the fun share.

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

Today’s post goes right along with a fascinating book I’ve been reading for the past month: “The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries” by W.Y. Evans-Wentz. This 1910 dissertation involves copious interviews of “old timers” living in the outskirts of Celtic countries in the early 20th century, before electricity and “civilization” wiped out most of the remaining practitioners of Fairy-Faith. As an academic endeavor, it’s quite dense and slow reading; however, Wentz’s painstaking efforts to find credible witnesses, authentic texts, and anthropological indicators definitely bring this typically “woo-woo” topic to levels of scholarly debate not normally afforded the Faery Realm. He interviews psychics, politicians, ordinary folks — many in their 80’s and 90’s even at the turn of the 20th century.

Wentz gives some brief overviews of similar beliefs, myths and legends in other cultures, but he primarily focuses on the Celtic regions. Today’s post explores my recurring topic of elves in…

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A Walk in the Faery Realm

Ireland 2008 255All of yesterday I was listening to one of my favorite Celtic music CD’s, “Celtic Lamentations” by Aine Minogue while I was flowing through my work day and especially while I was painting. It felt like the perfect mirroring energy for the day, my work, and even the grey clouded skies that reminded me of some of the mystical days I spent in Ireland in 2008. (I’m continuing in this vein today with another favorite CD, “A Celtic Tale” by Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna, as the sun is shining quite warmly, in contrast to yesterday)

Ireland 2008 256As I just wrote 2008, I got a huge flash of that year’s experiences, which were really potent in my life. 2008 was a big year for me in SO many ways – experiencing the passing of my twin soul Nestor, the end to a marriage, powerful healing integration that took me from being depleted to feeling optimal, the onset of major life path shifts and new beginnings in all areas of my life that continue in expanded form today, and much traveling including Ireland, England, the Bahamas, Sedona, and Peru, to name a few. Hmmm, no wonder the title of that CD seems very fitting to many things. ;)

And remembering such a powerfully transformative year holds its own significance and messages for the current energy field we are collectively moving through. It was one of my years where I demonstrated my own strength in adversity, came from the depths of nearly complete physical deterioration to rebirth, and reminded me of how resilient we are and how capable we are to shift even the worst experiences into something beautifully empowering. It also reminded me how my unwavering beliefs, openness, and connections to the “magickal realms” were my life-savers and supportive guides.

Ireland 2008 257This is the experiential season of magickal alchemy and one beautiful way to embrace your abilities with this is to connect with the elemental realm and use your heart key to walk through the dimensional doorways of experience.

In resonance with yesterday’s post by my special faery friend, Laura Bruno, who shared a short, really interesting and enchanting documentary, six-part series: The Fairy Path (you can watch them at the link and the other four parts are listed in the comment section) about faeries, I instantly was transported to some of my own enchanting moments and it called up my wanting to share a few of my photos with you from some of the places I’ve visited that aligned with the energy in the videos. These photos capture, what I feel to be, enchanted elemental and faery realms, including doorways to these other dimensions by which they/we can travel through. I strongly felt the presence of the faeries at these places, which include Ireland (a good majority of the photos are from here), Oregon, Sedona, Maui, Toronto, Tahoe Meadows, and Santa Monica.

And as you explore the images, I’ve included some beautiful Celtic music to accompany you on your journey into the Magickal Realm of the Fey. I suggest you play the music and allow it to take you on a journey as you feel into the photos for the faery energy that is present and explore what you can “see.”

magickal tree in high park, torontoThere is a whole world of illuminated wonder you can invite into your experience that has transformative healing light to share with you. The faeries have much to offer in way of teaching gifts. Some helping you to reconnect with the innocence, purity, and joy within so you can experience a more playful and lighter life. Some are genius weavers of dreams and will teach you how to weave your own new reality forms from your creative heart desires. Others may be supporting your integrative healing or helping you to empower your gifts so you can be of service in partnership with them in the healing of Mother Earth/Gaia and all of her beautiful animals and plants.

However you choose to dance with the faeries, do so from a true and vulnerable heart and you will come to experience their delicate ways of powerful awakening that will assist in clearing the illusions and veils. You will also reconnect with more of your organic authenticity and find the rhythm of your heart beating with that of Earth’s.

Everything will feel possible. All things you desire become probable, if you truly walk (or fly) in integrity and responsibility of a consciously aware and “light” foot. Believe. Be True.


207266_1907305249523_3977101_n188573_1907490814162_234976Ireland 2008 062Ireland 2008 065Ireland 2008 258Ireland 2008 260Ireland 2008 265Ireland 2008 267Ireland 2008 269Ireland 2008 063Ireland 2008 281435Maui 031Sedona-058Sedona 060Sedona 091photo (75)photo (82)photo (84)photo (87)

photo (88)photo (90)portland japanese gardenIMG_2901

Some Time in the Faery Realm & Violet Ray – How I Spent Sharing Gratitude Yesterday

I hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful day yesterday sharing and experiencing it in the ways that mean the most to you.

For myself, I choose, in heart, not to celebrate the traditional “Thanksgiving” that most do here in the U.S. I don’t believe in the true roots of what this day represents, nor support the misleading information surrounding it.

What I do believe in is the value, power, and beauty of gratitude. And while I join with others in supporting the richness of gratitude on that day, I am much more interested in fostering eternal gratitude and having it extend to every day and every part of life.

My most memorable and favorite “Thanksgivings” or “Gratitude Day,” as Laura Bruno prefers to call it, actually were with Laura when I used to live in the Tahoe/Reno area and she lived in Northern California. I would make the 3 hour drive over to spend a beautiful, eclectic, and extended faery celebration with her. We enjoyed our non-traditional day together feasting on raw vegan food at Cafe Gratitude in the now-closed Healdsburg location, with some additional, magickal fun. Memories……

Entrance to The Inn of the 7th Ray in day light

Yesterday, in honor of those faery celebrations, Dave and I, and family (including baby Violet) made way to the woodland restaurant, and one of our favorite spots, The Inn of the 7th Ray. This lovely restaurant nestled in Topanga Canyon and considered by some to be “L.A.’s most romantic restaurant” is like traveling to another world where you find mostly all organic foods and grains, coming from local farms when at all possible, and a menu arranged in esoteric vibration order. Topanga Canyon itself has lovely eclectic, artsy and high-vibe spiritual energy that makes it the perfect home for this “other-worldly realm. ”

5 course vegan menu at The Inn of the 7th Ray – click to enlarge

While not 100% vegan, The Inn of the 7th Ray (representing the violet ray or flame of the 7th Chakra) is a place where vegans will find themselves valued and in bliss, as well as is a place to indulge in “the purest of Nature’s foods” and a little bit of “Esoteric Nirvana.” Yesterday on the day of celebrating gratitude, they hosted a phenomenal 5 course vegan meal that was beautifully done and more than faery-tummy filling.

View from our table in day light


The setting is that of an enchanted forest where there is dining creekside under a canopy of trees decorated in white sparkly faery lights, as well as an inside room with floor to ceiling windows in what I’d call faery cottage dining style, complete with fireplace for cozy evenings and seasons.  Stone staircases wind down to the main patio, lined with heating lamps for the wee and delicate faeries like myself ;) and special tables along the perimeter in raised areas, including a raised gazebo for special dining – each surrounded by beautiful foliage for privacy and extra magick to your own making. Our table was one of these private areas graced by a lovely statue of Mary, which I have remembered over the years of coming here and sat by or directly in her sight many times.

Goddess statue and book offering from The Spiral Staircase

There is even a charming new age store, The Spiral Staircase, at the main entrance before you descend into deeper enchantment for your dining experience that carries a great selection of spiritual gifts.

Fountain statue God

Giant Buddha at the entrance

It’s very much like stepping into a page from the Lord of the Rings and you can feel the elementals playing and watching from all around you. The color purple can be found from linens to flowers – mirroring the energy of the 7th Crown Chakra and spiritual awakening.

Read here for more about the history of The Inn of the 7th Ray and their vibration-raising food philosophies that include esoteric knowledge and ancient mystery school wisdom: About The Inn of the 7th Ray.

View from our table in the twilight

Entrance in the twilight

Wanting to be present with those with me, the energy of the moment, and the celebration at hand, I did not take photos of the gorgeous dishes that graced the table. I did, however, get shots to share of the atmosphere and some of the beautiful statues and fountain deities that watch over this Faery Realm as they shifted from day to twilight hours over the extended 3-hour merriment. It was a beautiful day and I thoroughly enjoyed and was grateful for this celebration amidst a realm that feels more like home to me and simultaneously connects me with those special memories.



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