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Alaska, Adventure & Aquarian Full Moons – Follow the Dreams No One but You Can See


Beginning tomorrow afternoon, I will be away for about half the month of August from the 7th and not back to things until the 20th. It’s time for a little “Tania” time to nurture and fuel my own needs and dreams.

While it’s so important to balance personal needs on a daily basis, I find that fully removing myself at times is necessary. And being a free-spirited explorer by heart, it’s a necessity to my soul to be an Earth and Cosmic traveler.

I’m really excited for this explorative time away, deepening into nature immersion of the great wilderness of Alaska and tuning in more deeply with myself from where I left off in Bimini supporting the group energy.

I’m greatly looking forward to connecting with our beautiful, ever-giving Mother Earth, and listening to the messages she will whisper through this vast part of the country and the untamed splendor, wonder, solitude, and grandeur she offers for exploration there. I welcome and honor this opportunity to connect with the array of her animal children and to open to the adventure this rich part of the country has to share.

There are so many animal friends to be surprised by in Alaska from land, to air, to water…I’m like a child on Christmas morning awaiting what life will unwrap during my time there.

I couldn’t ask for a more perfect reflection to tune into the raw and natural part of myself – my true voice – and to explore my own dreams to see where they guide me.

And so far it seems that Spirit has been conspiring to make this a special trip, as some really incredible synchronicities and magickal alignments have taken place to support it.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” ~Oprah Winfrey

We’ve put together a land-based adventure of Alaska, full of experiences sure to take my breath away and remind me of how when I live my dreams, that every day is awe-inspiring. And as always, I will be connecting with the collective and tuning in to energetic work I can assist on the grid.

It’s also very cool that not only will the days be filled with long hours of sunshine – currently sunrise is 5:45 am and sunset is 10:24pm – but there will be the illumination of a Full Moon during this time as well. So a lot of “light” shining and bringing to “light” things as a supportive theme partner for my journey. Not only will I see the conscious, but also the deeper, darker, unconscious, which is perfect for integration, balance, and wholeness.

Full Moon energies begin about 5 – 7 days before the actual fullness occurs, and so we are already leading into this Aquarian-sparked experience now, since the Full Moon is on the 10th. So, this can be an intense time, with closure coming to a head in any or all areas of your life, but this is in order to create a new and fresh start. Full Moons also herald greater passion to stir from within you, which alerts you to your own inner desires and aligning you with more focus and clarity for bringing something fresh into your life.

This Aquarian Full Moon is also one of three summer Super Moons that have occurred in a row, which is when the Moon is closets to the Earth. Sun is in Leo which, combined, focuses on the now, personal identity, leadership qualities, consciousness, creative self-expression and inspiration, heart generosity, and fiery self-confidence to bring things into being. While Moon in Aquarius, combined, highlights the past, intuition, unconscious stirrings, nurturing bigger picture humanitarian and altruistic expressions of service, feelings of independence, freedom, uniqueness, unconventionality and innovative vision, and rebelling into individualistic truth with determination.

So while Full Moons can turn on the emotional intensity, this is also tempered with the emotional detachment of Aquarius that helps bring objectivity and diversity to what is felt. Some people may feel like outsiders because they see differently and with rationality that comes from a place of knowing what is good for the soul. We experience a balancing that takes us through our individuality into how this translates and can be embraced as a higher and enduring soul mission in the bigger picture.

Again, this feels aligned with where I’ve felt guided to make adjustments and new choices that will tweak things into current vibrational alignment. And this involves the cultivation of dreams, which in essence are the soul service stirrings seeded within each of us.

I wish everyone a beautiful couple of weeks and a magickal Full Moon. I may post here and there when something inspires me while I’m away, but I will not be available for work during this time.

In the meantime, to support you with your own dreams, this months’ inspired special is a “Dream” challenge. You can read more about it below.

August Inspired Special – The Dream Challenge 

It’s been a busy first half of the year and after early September I’ll be utilizing the Fall into Winter seasonal shifts, to shift gears a bit myself and implement my current heart’s callings, as these are ever-evolving. So a little personal project time will be in store, in rhythm with the time of year’s harvesting, in order to cultivate from the stillness within.

Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you.

May you walk in the power of your free will, and bask in the light of love and magick always.

Full Blue Moon in Aquarius ~ August 20th 2013

Once in a Blue Moon webWe are at yet another Full Moon (time flies) and a Blue Moon at that! This is the second Full Moon in the air sign of Aquarius we are experiencing this year – the first was July 22nd, 2013. It is opposite the Sun in the fire sign of Leo.

Air and fire are both wonderful purification elements that can be useful in supporting the release of outmoded everything – especially ideas and beliefs about yourself that are blocking you from being your natural you and living from your authentic core beingness. This is particularly a good time to create a sacred ritual around this process of letting go, transmutation, and integration.

“If you have built your castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” ~Henry David Thoreau

This is a time for grounding visions into manifested form, as you come into your trueness, and for following your heart completely in order to utilize its power of love and creative magic to materialize new opportunities, realities, and doorways of experience.

“A window of opportunity won’t open itself.” ~Dave Weinbaum

You must be ready to embrace and move with the changes that flow in and to follow the guidance of your intuitive knowingness with full trust and action. There is no time to push the nudges off until tomorrow. Seize the moment, as tomorrow is only a continuum of what you choose from the now.

Be love, stay alert and present, keep balanced, trust what you know without proof, always stay in and listen to your heart, and you will raise your vibration with this consistent practice.

This is also a time for creativity to be flooding your experience and it’s opportune and important to allow that channel of self-expressive passion to flow through. This will allow you to grow and experience more of yourself, bringing you to an experience of self value and love that is important in your ability to give of the same to others in service of your gifts.

Be willing to face everything on the most intimate of levels within yourself. This courageous vulnerability to look within, will be the point of power to transform your experiences.

Leo is the confident energy of heart-centered creativity, spirit, love, and both generosity to self and others. And with this comes the responsibility of knowing you are powerful, not powerless, in every situation. Leo’s fiery alchemy has the ability to help us transmute and go into a new and more profound understanding of ourselves and All That Is.


Me with Sekhmet in Egypt

A good example of this energy, is one of my favorite Egyptian Goddesses – Sekhmet – Lady of the Sacred Flame/Eye of the Sun/The Powerful One – who is the creative fire and energizing life force within the creation. She wears the Solar Serpent – symbol of regeneration – and her power is a partnering duality of creation (development of life) along with destruction (death). These are the natural cycles of life that maintain the universal harmony of cosmic order.

It is time to realize our worth and embrace, with fullness of heart, being our own responsible, conscious authority and creative alchemist in the world – much like the caterpillar to butterfly effect.

This brings us to the power of the air element of Aquarius with its higher mind of cosmic and divine order that operates from the highest good and benefit of humanity. You will find your freedom, when you are operating from the bigger picture vision of harmony, co-creating, and altruistic love.

Everything starts within us and that is where you need to look and work with first and foremost.

As Cathy Lynn Pagano, astrologer and author of a new book, “Wisdom’s Daughters: How Women Can Change the World” shares:

“The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 29* Leo is: A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.   In one sense, a mermaid symbolizes a new feeling arising from the collective unconscious.   Part woman, part fish, the mermaid brings us news of what is going on in the creative depths of the ocean which gave us all birth.   A new manifestation of the Anima Mundi or World Soul yearns to be reborn as Lady Wisdom.  

(I love this part about the mermaid, as I’m currently finalizing a sacred tattoo design that synchronously incorporates a mermaid and cosmic flame, which I’ll share later today)

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 29* Aquarius is: A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.   This emergence speaks of a complete metamorphosis, a structural renewal of the patterns of life and relationship.   We have to let go of the old structures that emerged from the archetypes long ago, structures which built patriarchy when we needed that form.   But now those forms are dead and deadening.   When archetypal patterns lose the feeling depths, they become stereotypes.   We live in a culture of stereotypes which urgently needs renewal.   Let the archetypal energies of life renew themselves in new patterns and forms, reshaping humanity to a larger consciousness and beauty.”

And the 3 New Crystal Keepers Are…..Results of the Free Crystal Drawing

tangerineThank you to everyone who participated in the FREE Crystal Drawing that was held between Monday and midnight Thursday (yesterday) and for spreading and sharing the crystal love and creative joy energy.

To shortly recap, I was inspired by the energies that encourage and support awakening creativity from the recent Full Moon: Full SuperMoon in Aquarius Energy – July 22nd, 2013 and the “air” of collective experience lately, so in “light” of this, I was guided to do a fun drawing from which 3 names (the number of pure joy of self-expressive creativity and creation energy) would be chosen as the new keepers and receivers of three individually and intuitively chosen crystal gifts.

It’s important to flow in the energy of giving AND receiving, as that is the natural experience of abundance. This give-away was one way I could provide a little extra collective loving support to others, as a reminder that you are always being taken care of and supported in the beauty of who you are and yes, magic is abound!

This morning I held the drawing from the 65+ entries and then individually tuned in which each of the chosen names, and with the crystals and stones, to match the energetic connections together. Here are the names of the new crystal keepers of a lovely little Tangerine Lemurian Seed Crystal (the one that was featured for the drawing and in this post), Sugilite, and Jade. I won’t say who’s getting which, as that will be a surprise when the shipment arrives:

  • Timmie Anne Archy
  • Eva Jane Belyan
  • Titus Bobby

Yay!! I hope you will each love your new little friends, which you can carry with you in your pocket, mojo bag, or sleep with under your pillow, and enjoy the journey with them. Each of the crystals and stones will be cleansed, charged, activated, and programmed for each of you before mailing off. I will be in touch with each of you to arrange the shipping out to you.

Tons of loving gratitude to everyone again, and I look forward to more fun that the Universe may have in store!

Crystalline love and magick to each of you!

FREE Crystal Drawing Plus Understanding the Shifts Crystals Go Through


Tangerine Lemurian

Yesterday, inspired by the Full Moon in Aquarius energy, I posted a Free Crystal Drawing on Facebook. Not all of you, I know, are on Facebook, but for those of you who are and may have missed it, I’m reposting the drawing here.

Below you will find the “how to’s” on how to enter if you are on Facebook.

And for those of you who are NOT on Facebook, I don’t want you to feel left out, so if you would like to be part of the drawing and you have a blog yourself or friends you can share this with, repost this on your blog, or email to it a friend, then message in the comments below that you have and I will add your name to the drawing that will be held on Friday.

And, if you’re not interested in the drawing, you can skip to the bottom of this post and read about “When Crystals Have Accidents – What Does it Mean?” – a good metaphor for how to view our own self-worth with gentle, loving compassion.

Here are the details of the drawing if you are on Facebook (again, if you’re not on Facebook, just follow what I wrote above in place of this):

Full Moon Fun! Receive a FREE intuitively chosen crystal just for you!

I am so inspired by the energies that encourage and support awakening creativity right now and feel we can all benefit from a little extra collective love. If you haven’t read my post on the Full Moon energy you can here:

Full SuperMoon in Aquarius Energy – July 22nd, 2013

In “light” of this, I will be drawing 3 names (the number of pure joy of self-expressive creativity and creation energy) from all who enter and each of the three people whose name I draw will receive a free crystal in the mail from me!

(Could even be this magical Tangerine Lemurian Seed Crystal you see pictured here that is a powerful second chakra crystal that accelerates energy patterns to activate soul-based creativity, strengthens passion, connects you with your spiritual aspirations, and amends the etheric blueprint to rectify karmic and soul imbalances)

How to enter:

– “Like” (if you haven’t already) my page: and share this post on your Facebook page so that others can have opportunity to join in the fun (and the fun to come with more giveaways) and/or have opportunity to receive a little support and inspiration from the posts shared

– Message me here that you have done so and you’ll be entered into the drawing that will take place this Friday 7/26/13

– You can enter more than once by reposting this post on your page (one time per day only) up until midnight on Thursday 7/25/13. That provides 4 chances for each person that wants to enter (only 3 now since yesterday is already completed), to receive a free gift! Each time, let me know here that you have and I’ll enter your name in the drawing, the equivalent to times you have posted.

It’s that easy! I love to keep the flow of giving and receiving abundantly in action. This is why I share daily inspirations, thoughts, quotes….that channel through me, all in gratitude for and reflection of the abundant love I receive from all of you and from life.

In Love and Creative Joy of Giving AND Receiving!


I thought I would add a little crystal tid-bit share to this, as I have been getting this question come up a lot, again, and I feel it is relevant to not only crystals, but in how we treat ourselves as well – insert yourself into the post where I’m talking about crystals. Being gentle with ourselves, non-judgmental, loving every part of the journey and every perfection of who we are in every moment is really important. I believe that self-worth is a huge piece of the puzzle currently that people are working on. Unworthiness can be very debilitating and limiting – almost like a spiritual virus – and if you aren’t able to receive then you are blocking the natural flow of your abundance in every way. 

So here is a repost of one of my blog posts about crystals going through shifts, just as we do, and ways in which to understand and love them – you – every step of the way:

When Crystals Have “Accidents” – What Does it Mean?

Full SuperMoon in Aquarius Energy – July 22nd, 2013

full moon aquarius

Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet – Aquarius

I’ve found myself in the last week or two needing more rest, sleeping deeply, dreaming a lot, and waking up a bit later than usual. There is a lot going on in the inner realms and to trust and embrace the needs to retreat and nurture what is within is essential. This allows for things to naturally percolate while you are still actively engaged in a state of awareness, even if not fully “acting upon” at the moment. This will support leaps to take place as direct result.

It’s really important to become more and more acutely aware of your vibration and frequencies moment to moment and when and what seems to drive it up and down. It’s essential to find your center and realize that everything that takes you away from this is simply a temporary story that is not aligned with your highest vision of the soul and an illusion that does not have power over you unless you give it power.

Sitting in stillness of mindfulness is a powerful place and the energies for today are supporting this, as shared in Laura Brunos’ Oracle Report for today. It’s always nice to see we are synchronously feeling in alignment.

Here is a short summary of the Full Moon energy we are immersed in today:

This is a time to be the beauty of who you are and to express your truth and creative self-expression as is aligned with your highest. What you put out there right now in intention is powerful. This is a time to realize your power and say “yes” and “no” firmly, and mean it with all of your heart. It’s also a time to take stock of your energy and see how it can best be used efficiently, realizing where you are focusing over-time in areas that no longer are deserving of your energy, time, resources – be it job, relationship, or any other focus. There should be a balance of giving and receiving in all that you do.

I’ve seen this play out in my own life, where I used to give and give, but the channels of receiving were not as open, which ultimately will block the energy flow in all areas of life to bring in your abundance. And in opening the receiving end in equal balance, it has been a hugely supportive shift that is in more natural alignment and creates so much more joy and benefit, not to mention harmony and release of false resentments.

Everything has to be able to spiral in cycles, flow freely, move in and out. So really stay aware of your energy and vibration and see where things are blocked, unbalanced, where there are fears or you are focused on things taking away your attention or adding unnecessary anxiety. Have you become comfortable with and found a way to “put up” with things that are not aligned and limiting? Where are you placing your attention and how might it be helping you to avoid what your Higher Self set out for you this life?

People use all sorts of vices, including relationships and “only” focusing on helping others, and turn their backs on the relationship with themselves. It’s a common, but mis-interpreted thought that this is selfish and once again takes us back to the point that you haven’t anything real and lasting to provide others, if you haven’t taken care of your own needs. And by aligning with your soul authenticity, you will discover your divine collective service that flows naturally and without karmic creation or hidden resentments and one-sidedness.

It’s time to heal the healer and come to know the dance with your essence. Release all that doesn’t serve, that distracts, that blocks…and reveal your authenticity so that it can help you laser focus from the heart.

There is a lot of energy now supporting you to be more courageous and confident and feel ready to really take some bold leaps in your life with greater trust and inner knowing. Aquarius is also very altruistic and expansive in terms of your connection to the collective and community – in essence – cocreation. It’s also a very progressive, forward-thinking and moving sign that assists us in learning to be unconditional, unattached, and authentically compassionate from a place of power. And Leo, where the Sun currently is, will assist us in realizing the balance of how this comes about most productively and efficiently, when we know our true selves and bring forth our radiant heart’s self-expression and creative power.

You come to be of greatest service when you have learned to serve your truth.

And the Aquarius Full Moon reminds you that everything can be, and is, more fun when done together as this cohesive experience. Balance is always key. And learning discernment and timing for logic and intuition and when to take action and when to rest and be still is what we are learning.

It is time for you to be who you really are despite anything anymore. Do not be afraid to be you. While it may seem you are being different than many around you, I assure you that once “you” step out, not only will you feel more alive and realize there was nothing to fear, but you will suddenly find yourself drawing in others doing the same as you. This is where to focus – not on the vibrations that take you away from this, but that lead you further toward you.

There’s a focus with this Full Moon on energy and what you do with it, how you express it, and how well you’ve learned to process and manage it. In general, I feel this is our focus anyway, but being spot-lighted currently if you haven’t taken note already. You are an unlimited being and the creative potentials you have in how you want to perceive and utilize the energy is up to you. This is a time to exercise that. Aquarius is an air element so there is focus on the mind and shattering old patterns of thoughts and beliefs, releasing them fully so you can break out and explode into the more freeing expression of you.

Don’t be surprised if there is a feeling of build-up right now, or irritations being heightened. It’s merely sharing that you can no longer compress and repress things. If you just allow things to release through creative expression you can avoid having a blow out or shattering take place to your life. Taking responsibility, you can release things little by little and assist the process to be more natural and manageable than if you continue avoiding it and having it explode.

You can’t afford to hold anything in or back anymore. It’s going to come up and out whether you like it or not. Do whatever you are drawn to, to release it, but do it – be it exercise, dancing, writing, singing, painting, etc., express and do it, but with the awareness that it is for the highest good of all concerned.

Yes, your shadow aspects are at center stage, but realizing they are friend, not foe, you can utilize their assistance in integrating their messages for wholeness. Be gentle with yourself and others. There is no need for blame, only the courage to take responsibility for the now moment you can change it all in.

Creative power is one of your most valuable gifts available innately to you. It’s sad to see it forgotten and underutilized. Make it a goal to harness it from here on out. It is your ability to be creative and keep challenging your unlimitedness that will assist you in integrating things with greater ease, efficiency, and harmony. It will also keep you in your center and able to realize you can always get back there if momentarily taken off-center with less and less down time.

This Full Moon allows the visionary you to come to forefront, to be inspired with vision for creative action on a global level. You are capable now of changing your way of thinking and feeling towards a more expansive experience that has profound effects and reach for the highest good in collective and future productivity.

Finding the balance of emotion and intellect, you can harness a powerful source and force for inspired creation. Trust, flow, allow, let go, and be willing…You are in process of creating a new reality with clarity of vision that will contribute to the New Earth experience that has lasting effects because it takes into account all aspects of your highest soul vision in relation to the collective.

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