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Jamie Walters Shares on the Energies of Now: Sensitive, Inspired, Empath Moon

This is such a wonderful post from Jamie of Sophia’s Children to help you navigate the energy of today’s Full Moon in Pisces and Sun in Virgo.

To me, it’s not only supportive for the energy right now, but provides tools in general to help you walk that fine line of balance in your life with these energies always, as life is about understanding and working alchemy with all of these dynamics that the cosmic alignments present to us and learning how to work in natural harmony and flow with them.

You can read the full and very well expressed article here:

Energies of Now: Sensitive, Inspired, Empath Moon

Full Moon Musings

full moon

July 1st’s Full Moon through the window

One of the greatest things I’ve learned is boundaries. ..both energetic and literal. And that’s a hard thing for a boundless Pisces, let alone in general.

But I can’t say enough how good it feels to exercise them and know that I can move in and out of having them or not by my choice. ..a choice I say yes to myself with each time I put them into action.

And knowing that I act with responsible compassion to others, as well, when doing so.

The Full Moon is huge and golden tonight and this is one of the reflections that feels of value right now to express in the illumination of her energy.

I sit here cradling my bunnies on the drive to the mountains, grateful for the choices I make as I watch the rabbit in the golden Moon rise and cast her wisdom upon all of us.

Right now she’s gone behind a dark curtain of clouds so that only a slit of golden and rays shows through, as if she were the Sun on a stormy day.

The illusions of life are for us to say yes or no to.

~Written on, and inspired by, the evening of July 1st’s Full Moon in Capricorn

A Little Pig & a Lot of Full Moon – Dreams & Eclipses Amping Up the Energy

Has anyone else been dreaming a ton, not only in fast-forward it seems, but in seamless stories that roll one after the other packed with collective stuff?

It’s so interesting that while I was away both in Iceland and Peru, I wasn’t remembering my dreams, which is very unusual for me. I know I was dreaming, as I do A LOT, but I was quite deep I believe. So even if I would remember little bits for a second, the next second they were gone. The only dream I remember fully was the one I shared happening on the eve of the Equinox while on Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca. SO interesting I only remembered that very potent and important one.

But since being back, I’m back to my vivid dreams, but they are unusually packed full each night, one after another, but I’m noticing a theme that a good majority of them all have people I know either well, a little, or at a distance, all showing up in them. And I’m noticing that the dreams are all about things that THEY are processing, challenges, and so on, coming through me. It’s as if they’re sharing with me, I’m observing their lives, and helping to process the stuff.

It’s not a foreign concept, as I/we do a lot of collective work and healers do a lot of work in their sleep with others, but I’ve never had it stream in so much, like every day. Usually it’s random, but everyone is coming in strong and consistently. Perhaps due to opening more multi-dimensionally and due to the collective healing energy I sent out while on my journey and the openings that took place, creating a stream of more of this to take place. I also happen to know a lot of these people are all going through major shifts and challenges currently, and I also just happen to be a Pisces who does most of the work in dream time. It’s a wonder I ever feel rested and refreshed. 🙂

So, it was kind of a relief, in a way, that the dream I remembered and directly woke up from last night was light, affirming, and well-humored, although still involved a dear friend I know.

full moon beach walk

Beach walk under the approaching Full Moon last night

Yesterday, I got a ton done, which always amazes me how much I get accomplished and within the time I intend. After an already full day I completed a sacred tattoo design with time to prepare my crystal elixirs, and head out for a nice Indian dinner and walk along the beach in the glow of the blossoming Full Moon to set intentions.

I was then fast in bed, dreaming away, and my last dream from which I awoke from was the light one I mentioned.

In the dream I was with my banana friend, Lynne, and a friend of hers. They were asking me what made me choose to be vegan. They were both a little giddy in the dream and so I started telling them about a pig. But not just any pig, but a pig I fell in love with. I told them there was a pink pig with black and white spots that was so cute and we fell in love and have been ever since. And I went vegan because of him and my love for this pig and all that he represented and we’ve had a secret love affair ever since. I then concluded that they both would probably not remember anything I just told them, so that’s my story.


Now, that’s not quite why I went vegan, although isn’t too far off track, since it was for deep spiritual reasons aligned with my personal beliefs and deep connection with the animals.

I could likely pull out some symbolism in this indeed, but it was interesting I immediately woke from this dream and it was dark outside and realized it was the middle of the Lunar Eclipse taking place. I also texted Lynne not too long after to tell her this funny dream and found she had gotten up super early herself and was out in the dark and cold, bundled up in Oregon, just her and the Moon and her Crystal, setting intentions.

By the time I got outside the total Lunar Eclipse was just passing and illumination was beginning to light the Moon, exposing its pinky tone against the black darkness unveiling it.

Lynne made a point and said, perhaps your “pink” pig was the Blood Full Moon, which appears red or pink, and the white and black spots he had was the Eclipse.


According to Avia Venefica on pig symbolism:

“Symbolic meaning of pigs varies according to region & culture.

In earlier cultures such as ancient Egyptian the pig (sow, specifically) was considered a Great Mother and were symbols of fertility and abundance.  Here the pig was sacred to Isis, who embodied fertility.

To the ancient Celts, the (sow) pig was also honored as a mother provider figure.  Celtic lore tells of Manannan, who owned a heard of pigs that never dwindled – they were forever replenishing and regenerating their numbers. The herd never diminished, and there is a legend they even healed themselves too. This might be why an Irish icon of a pig isn’t lucky unless it’s missing a bit (like an ear or a leg) – perhaps harkening back to Manannan’s self-generating pig herd. As such, in Celtic symbolism pigs remained icons of abundance. 

Also in ancient Celtic beliefs, the pig was associated with Ceridwen (or Keridwin) and Phaea who were both fertility moon goddesses.

The pig was also a symbol of virility, strength, and ferility in ancient Chinese cultures.   The boar is even among the animals in the Chinese zodiac where it is considered a symbol of sincerity, honesty, and determination. Chinese lore indicates a pig brings good luck for businesses.

In Hindu symbolism,  the pig is linked to Vajravarahi, the female consort of Vishnu.

The Greeks would sacrifice pigs to deities who pertained to farming and agriculture (Demeter, Ares, Gaia) this was to bring about bumper crops and insure favorable growing seasons.

Native American cultures (plains tribes) associated the pig as a harbinger of rains and as such, the symbolic meaning of pigs here is also linked to abundance, fertility and agriculture.

On the other hand, the pig is a symbol of ignorance in Buddhism.  Indeed, a black pig is illustrated on the Buddhist wheel of existence where it represents one of the three illusions of man in the Buddhist philosophy:

  • illusions of thought & desires
  • illusions innumerable as particles of dust and sand
  • illusions about the true nature of life

All of these are said to prevent man from attaining Nirvana in the Buddhist tradition.

The pig is a symbol of sloth (laziness) and/or greed in ancient Christian symbolism.

Jewish, Moslums and Islamic cultures view the pig as unclean and they are forbidden to eat pork.

In dream symbolism the domestic pig indicates fertility.”

Quite interesting, huh?!

Maybe I was summoned for the event, maybe I was receiving a connecting message from Lynne, maybe the pig was a symbol for me currently in my life in relation to some or all of what Avia shares above – as the pig also has direct Moon connections, or maybe I do really just love pigs – because I DO!! SO MUCH!! And wouldn’t be surprised if one, one day found its way into my life. 😉

Nonetheless, it was sweet to connect with Lynne during this potent and sacred time and I had a chance to check in on my Crystal friends basking in the energy of the Moon out in the garden, as well as feel the glow of the Moon on my face and take it in, in full embodiment – just as we’d done in Peru with the Sun and on the Equinox New Moon Lunar Eclipse a couple of weeks ago.

Feeling a full circle experience integrating and curious to see what’s flowing in next.

Full Moon Journeying & Nature Cleansing

labryinth full moonFor some reason Labyrinths keep showing up and being part of my life recently. I had a round of Labyrinths back a few years ago, and that’s circling around again.

This past Saturday for the Full Moon, after a hike in the foothills here locally, a few of us went to walk the Labyrinth at St. Mark Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach. I had never visited this Labyrinth before, but I really loved it upon first seeing/feeling it. It couldn’t have been more beautifully and perfectly set, with the Full Moon directly in sight through the clearing of trees.

full moon labyrinthOnce we reached center, the four of us just naturally took our places at the four directions, without premeditated direction, as we faced the Full Moon in silent meditation before making our journey back out.

It was really quite powerful, even for those with us who had never walked a Labyrinth before. For myself, I kept feeling this strong rotation like that of the Moon orbiting Earth, long after I’d completed the Labyrinth. It was as if things were very fluid and activated into motion from the intentional experience.

full moon labyrinth walkAs I’ve written before about Labyrinths:

Every step of the journey is integral to the path of wholeness that you are on.

It is ever-changing and ever-perfect, taking you to your own sacred center and back out into the expansive reflection found there.

At times you may need to call upon your intuition and creativity, engaging receptivity and courage when deciding to enter the journey to center or not – the way in is the way out.

I’ve so been enjoying the “way in” recently, as I’ve been continually journeying deeper and deeper to my sacred center. I’m not too concerned as to how that will look on the way out, as right now I’m just immersed in the inner, knowing the outer will take care of itself by embracing that.

The Labyrinth was a common Native American Indian symbol that they used to represent life as a journey and our infinite, eternal nature. It is a way to understand that life is what you make it and the way we choose to live it, determines the degree of freedom and expansiveness we experience.

It is a portal of life evolution.

The sacred journey Saturday beneath the Full Moon has been one of many sacred experiences of late that have been facilitating the personal evolution I am ready for.

wrightwood mountainsAnd following this beautiful evening, I spent the day in the mountains of Wrightwood yesterday because as John Muir said, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”

It was wonderfully serene, as being colder now, but still without snow, there was hardly anyone around. This provided a perfect opportunity to ground the energies from the evening’s Full Moon experience and open to the fresh newness.

Throughout the day seven different red-tailed hawks chimed in with their presence, one of which I watched fly in and land on a nearby tree, as she observed and listened to me talk to her. And just off in the near background I could see her large nest in the tree tops. (Click here for: Hawk Spirit Symbolism)

red tailed hawk1


I can’t express how much it truly is enriching and renewing to lose yourself in nature. It provides such clarity and nurturing to any place you’re at in your life.

Again, as John Muir shares, “Keep close to Nature’s heart…and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”


“Fresh beauty opens one’s eyes wherever it is really seen, but the very abundance and completeness of the common beauty that besets our steps prevents its being absorbed and appreciated. It is a good thing, therefore, to make short excursions now and then to the bottom of the sea among dulse and coral, or up among the clouds on mountain-tops, or in balloons, or even to creep like worms into dark holes and caverns underground, not only to learn something of what is going on in those out-of-the-way places, but to see better what the sun sees on our return to common everyday beauty.”light in the forest

The Moon & Egypt – A Commemoration of Wholeness


Earth by Tania Marie

As I was tuning in to the upcoming Full Super Moon in Aquarius on the 10th, I was also reminded of some Egyptian symbolism that I had delved into through integrative personal and collective work while taking my sacred journeys in Egypt and channeling one of the five paintings of my series, In Lak’ech – “Earth”. Likely the Egyptian influences that have trickled in a bit recently, are stemming from the Egyptian pendant I released into the Bimini waters on our retreat week – all that has been released is circulating in new, integrative ways.

But the Moon and Egypt reminded me of something, which has symbolic significance, and so this share stems from that.

It’s not that the literal symbolism is important, but the value lies in what we can take away from these stories to integrate into our lives. Whether myth or not, all stories have symbolic messages for us to decipher and expand through.

As you read the symbolism and brief stories below, see what personal messages speak to you that might be of value.

The Moon has played a predominant role in many societies and ancient cultures throughout history. Her energy is equally powerful to that of her more overt brother, the Sun, yet she works in mysterious and magickal ways.

To the Egyptians she was a symbol of rejuvenation, cyclical renewal, fertility, and growth. The Ancient Egyptians commonly referred to the Moon and the Sun as “the two lights” and interpreted these lights as the eyes of the Sky God, Horus. The left eye representing the Moon and the right eye representing the Sun, while the cycles of the Moon also relating to Horus’ phases of life.

The most predominant myth of the Moon relates its cycles to the battle between Horus and Seth over the inheritance of Osiris. The moment of the Full Moon was equated with the adult Horus declaring his true voice and joy, in victory over Seth, as he assumes control of the sky, rejuvenated.

The Egyptian Lunar Calendar is the most consistently followed calendar throughout the Dynastic times. It determined most regional festivals for the temples and marked periods for making offerings at tombs. While Lunar energy is viewed as feminine energy by the Egyptian culture (and in general), the phases of the Moon are uniquely embodied in the story of Osiris; a deity and important Lunar God closely associated with the different faces of the Moon.

His resurrection was recognized in the Lunar cycles, his body was equated with the Moon, and his dismembered body parts represented the days of the waning Moon.

In other areas of Egypt, his entire life cycle is related to the Lunar cycle, from conception and birth, to murder, dismemberment, and resurrection. Specifically, his dismemberment is mourned during the dark period before the next New Moon, his reappearance celebrated at New Moon, and his restoration commemorated with the Full Moon.

Another God associated with the Moon is the Baboon and Ibis God, Thoth. Thoth who restores the Eye of Osiris, is the wisest of the Egyptian Gods and is known as the God of the Moon, magick, and writing. It is thought that the Ibis has a crescent shaped beak, which creates its link to the Moon. The magickal powers of Thoth were so great that the Egyptians had tales of a sacred “Book of Thoth” that if read, was believed to allow one to become the most powerful magician in the world.

Hence, the Moon has great significance and ties with the Egyptians.

The symbolism of commemorating the restoration of Osiris, the true voice of Horus, and the magick of Thoth on the Full Moon, directly mirrors our own personal journeys to wholeness.

We come into the journey of life at different phases, individual to each, looking to integrate wholeness and get in touch with our inner truths. And as we make the journey, one by one we piece together our own parts and open to a wider, more expansive experience. So that by the time we reach the Full Moon of each phase of our lives, we conclude our journey; the bringing together of those parts symbolically resembling our own restoration.

In honoring the energy of the Full Moon and the Ancient Egyptian commemoration of Osiris, we honor ourselves and the wholeness of our being, as everything is but a mirror of our experience.

The Lunar orb  phases represent symbolic perfection of our Universal connection. The New Moon introduces enterprising beginnings and enhances the growth of new endeavors. It also represents the planting of physical “seeds” in the womb of time, which will come to fruition at the Full Moon – a time when the body is inhabited by the Spirit and Illumination takes place.

We have the opportunity to look at everything in life with greater depth and meaning. Everything is connected and everything is reflective for us, providing codes of life for us to interpret and activate once again.

Blessings to you for this Full Moon journey to wholeness.

My Sacred Tattoo Symbolism – A Triple Rabbit, Full Moon, Ogham & Cosmic Vortex Portal

tattoo4-horzToday I was inspired to share a bit more on my last sacred tattoo (as promised) that I had created on my skin a couple of months ago. It felt like a good time, given my rabbit companion, Joy (who is one of the 3 depicted rabbits in it), has been going through some energetic stuff since yesterday and it feels connected to shifts and portal openings.

I love all of my tattoos, but this one is extra special to me for invoking the intended energy I desire to embody.

The image is of the triple rabbit symbolism, but in a more organic design with each rabbit having a unique personality and otherworldly/human quality. They are layered over a Full Moon, which they are circling round, and that is spinning out of a Cosmic Vortex, exploding with tiny magickal stars. And inside the center sits a sacred Ogham tree letter that holds layered meaning as well.

All of my tattoos are done in black and shades of gray, but this is the only tattoo that we added white to, which resonated when my tattoo artist asked what I thought of that. This is a special piece in many ways so pixie-dusting it was just the touch of enchantment it needed.

As I mentioned in my previous post when I first revealed this tattoo, the area where it now lives and breathes had also shown up in a dream sequence experience where I had received an implant underneath the skin that felt to be preparing the energy. Interestingly, the implant was a shiny silver-shaped disk, which would mirror the shape of the Full Moon that now resides there.

I won’t be able to explain all of the meaning this has for me and how I use it, however I can share about some of the elements of the design symbolism, which will give an insight to its energy. Of course the placement on the right arm also has its meaning and it wonderfully balances my left arm, Magick Dragon with Runes and Pentacle. But for now here’s an exploration of the design symbolism of my last sacred tattoo.

The Triple Rabbits Symbolism:

I realized how perfect the Triple Rabbit Symbol was for me, even more than just the connection and resonance I’ve had with it for some time now, when I realized I have had 3 Rabbit friends in this life. I had always loved and been drawn to the symbol and would have loved to have it tattooed on me, but didn’t know if it would actually come to be, as I follow the energetic guidance I feel when getting new tattoos. I actually thought I was done tattooing myself on my last tattoo, but I was gifted this symbolism I have held dear for a long time, as my celebratory closure. Indeed a gift! The three Rabbits I have had in this life included, Twinkie – the first and only had him for a summer when I was about 12 years old. He is the only male animal companion I’ve personally ever had. Then there was of course Nestor, and now Joy.

The Triple Rabbits (or sometimes known as the Triple Hares) are so powerful and represent the Trinity. Each of the ears are shared by two Rabbits, but only three ears are shown.

Rabbits are symbolic of rebirth, luck, prosperity, creativity, quick-thinking, self-sacrifice, high fertility of mind, body, and emotion, agility, receptiveness, and speed, to name a few things. They herald a kind of waking life resurrection and a realization of increased vitality, energy, or a new-found excitement over life. Creativity is also a form of fertility and of ripening, fresh ideas so Rabbits can bring a message of nurturing your intuitive impulses and nudges from your heart and soul.

Rabbits/Hares are powerfully profound in their transmutational energies. The Ancients found them one of the most mysterious and perplexing beings, thought to be hermaphrodites (male one month and female the next), with powers of self-impregnation. Since they reflect the idea of balance between masculine and feminine they are highly regarded as sacred, mediators of the sacred, and embodying actual creative powers of the Universe.

Rabbits are also associated with the Moon, lunar cycles, and cyclical life, are considered creatures of fire – the “Sacred Fire” that is the same regenerative fire of the Phoenix – thus destruction and recreation of the heart of all life. They are connected with the dawn, enlightenment, Spring, the Cosmic Egg from which the Cosmos is produced, and embody balance, creative potency, eternity, androgyny, genius, and inspiration.

Moon Symbolism:

And speaking of the Moon, she has her own amazing energy and symbolism that adds to this magickal piece I wear on my skin. I have the Moon also represented over my Heart Chakra on my back, depicted by the Mayan Moon Goddess, Ix Chel, with her consort the Rabbit. This design just so happened to turn out to look like me when it was created, which was great as it was to represent myself and Nestor. But it was a symbolic depiction of the Moon rather than an actual representation.

Now I have both. 🙂

The Moon is considered a luminary, although produces no light of her own. She reflects the Sun’s light, which mirrors her image to us. In this way of projecting light, she symbolizes the subtlety of how we may gain clarity and indirectly receive insight, and how we can soften our gaze to access esoteric meaning.

The Moon also symbolizes cycles, the shadow, mystery, wonder, balance, renewal, time, emotions, the subconscious, intuition, fertility, femininity, transition, passivity, perception, receptivity, the night, nocturnal creatures, illumination…She is connected to the element of Water (mother of all sea creatures as well) and is ruled by the sign of Cancer.

Alchemical teachings share that the Moon is connected to Silver, which carries the symbolism of clarity, purity and brilliance that the Moon so beautifully exudes. Since Silver is one of the 3 metals that are the foundation of the Prima Materia, this makes the Moon part of the Trinity of transformation.

She is also associated with Kuan Yin, the Virgin Mary, Thoth, Diana, Artemis, and Hecate, to name a few of her archetype associations.

Full Moon Symbolism:

Each of her Phases (which represent immortality and eternity) also have significance and being that my tattoo depicts a Full Moon, I will just concentrate on that symbolism here which includes new beginnings, our wholeness, self-realization coming full circle, bringing things to light, releasing what no longer serves you, restoration, good for receiving the fullness of your creative abundance, being at the height of your personal power, experiencing illuminated clarity, and the ability to manifest dreams and intentions.

Ogham Tree Letter Symbolism:

I was first going to have a full word written out to represent “Rabbit” in Ogham, but it wouldn’t work with the design. It was meant to invoke further, the energy incited. I then realized that it was because a more potent and multi-layered symbolism was meant to replace it, and through synchronous research, was led to how that was to unfold.

I started researching the connection of “Rabbits” with Ogham and Celtic symbolism, which is what felt to resonate for this arm, also given I wear Gaelic and Ogham on my right forearm (the same arm) connected with Nestor (my beloved and departed Rabbit companion before Joy). It led me to the information explaining its roots and symbolic “wisdom of the trees”. Then I read that there are animals closely related to each tree of the Ogham.

And then it hit me that the actual tree/letter would be more magickal, and not only that….it would perfectly fit into the design at center! I love how that works. 😉

So the symbol in the middle of the Rabbits and at center of the Full Moon of my design is the Ogham for the tree Gorse/Ohn/Onn – or “O” which resides there. Gorse is connected to the planet Venus and the element of Earth.

I found that Rabbits are connected to Gorse (sometimes called Furze) or Ohn/Onn – the letter “O”. The Gorse bush interestingly is associated with the Sun, because of its yellow flowers full of nectar and pollen that open in March around the time of Spring Equinox with a very long flowering season) and is associated with the color yellow gold. I found its association with the Sun interesting, almost like that wholeness and integration of duality, since Rabbits are connected with the Moon, and yet are also connected to Gorse/Sun.

This, to me, feels like coming full circle, just as Rabbits run full circle with the Moon’s cycle (and running around the Moon literally on my arm lol). And it’s also like how they are hermaphrodites and birth the cosmic egg – both male and female. It also represents that coming to self-realized wholeness, which the Full Moon also symbolizes – a perfect closing tattoo to my “Spiritual Skin” indeed.

And here’s a bit more on the symbolism of Gorse:

Light, vibrancy, protection (Gorse has thorns), intelligence, independence, industry.. are just some of the words for it. Gorse is considered a “light seeker” of the higher road by the Druids and is opportunistic (associated with the Bee) as well as creates distance in order to begin a new colony that is free to have more sun without crowding – hence independent and that leaping out (like Rabbits do) on our own to create/blaze our own trail away from conformity.

This “Bee” association is particularly of interest, as a few weeks I had come home to find a swarm of Bees inside the house all congregating at the windows and sliding glass doors. Later to find that a hive was in the chimney and these Bees were likely relocating their colony, but somehow decided to swarm inside the house rather than leave the way they had come in. Yes, a powerful symbolism to have them in my personal space and experience, and quite symbolic of creating a “new, freer, and more illuminated” life. It also speaks to making sure our inner energy is blooming even when the external environment is bleak.

Gorse is a determined plant that always comes back – which represents perseverance and hope – two things I have tons of and am always happy to be empowered with more of. It also has been used as a protective barrier and can be shaped into a broom to sweep negative influences away.

Gorse represents what you’ve been looking for is right around the corner, to keep pursuing goals because they are within your reach, and helps to figure out the direction of your journey to the destinations intended. Magickally it speaks to your spiritual journey, especially if asked to take the role of a leader, providing you with an abundance of gifts to share with others.

It says to you, “the time is now”.

Sometimes called Furze: Onn (Uhn) symbolizes knowledge of poetry and wisdom/foolishness. Ohn/Eloquence. Furze is popular in pagan fertility rites, blooms throughout year, is plentiful in pollen and nectar, and smells of honey. The flowers are visited by the first Bees of the season and the bruised shoots provide food for the horses. Rabbits eat Gorse/Furze and are protected by the thorns. In spring, Furze is set afire to burn away the gold growth and make room for the new. Furze symbolizes a gathering together and a skill at collecting elements needed for a goal. Also signifies information that could change your life.

So Furze is the gathering together of sweetness in your life.  The things you value. A time to get busy like the Bees. There’s those Bees again. 🙂

Physical symbolism: Your search is over. You will find what you are seeking. Continue towards your goal.

Mental symbolism: Share your knowledge, as the Bee shares pollen and nectar gathered from the Furze.

Spiritual symbolism: There is an abundance of blessings in your spiritual voyage, so do not hoard them all to yourself. Share with others, you will be rewarded.

I SO LOVE the symbolism that is embodied in this sacred design and it’s all created within a swirling vortex of Cosmic Stars – the totality of which is one magickal portal. And since integrating this creation into my life, I have very much been experiencing all that it was meant to bring more of into my life and I definitely can also see how I’ve but scratched the surface to where this portal leads. I’m in gratitude and honor of it and am welcoming the journey, where ever it takes me.

I love that I finished writing this post at 12:12 pm. 🙂

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred visionary piece of artwork or tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

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Full Moon in Virgo, March 2014 ~ Discernment and Faith

Another valuable and insightful Full Moon in Virgo share coming to you by Astrologer Sonja via Laura Bruno. Thank you both! This really hits on the fundamentals we can incorporate, integrate, and initiate in our lives during this illumination and beyond.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Happy Full Moon! Lots of good information about Virgo and the ongoing T-Square: “Where to we need to be more selective in our lives? And where do we need to be more accepting? … Where can we find collaboration with other people? … How can we be the peacemaker?” Look for the opening, the opportunity to release habitual beliefs and replace these with something new.

From YouTube:

Join Sonja as she shares about several upcoming Astrological events:

* Full Moon in 26 degrees of Virgo (on March 16th, 2014 at 1:08pm EDT)
* Uranus in Aries making a square to Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn
* Mercury (ruler of Virgo) in Aquarius
* T-square to the Galactic Center (27 degrees of Sagittarius)

Where do you need to be more selective?
Where more accepting?

Check out Sonja’s upcoming retreat on Memorial Day weekend in Sedona, AZ:…

For Sonja’s…

View original post 48 more words

Become A Conscious Alchemist

conscious alchemyWith today’s Full Moon in Virgo (Sun in Pisces) illuminating things into our conscious day-to-day experience, we have the ability to bring balance and synergy to both the spiritual (imaginative/dreamy/watery Pisces) and practical (discerning/disciplined/earthy Virgo). This can assist us in integrating the energy (utilizing all of our Chakras) so that we harness our manifestation abilities with heart-full clarity, in service to the highest good of all. Creative Manifestation at its best!

Coming into this Earth plane of existence entails a synthesizing of subtle and more dense energies. We are influenced by vibrational energies that can take adjusting to, when we drop into physical form. And coming from a multi-dimensional experience, this offers a wide experiential array of possibilities, as well as possible challenges if we get stuck in the collective unconsciousness that the dense reality can generate in many – weighing more heavily on the ability of some to expand into remembering their divinity and potentials.

It takes an incredible amount of focus, courage, and commitment to keep your faculties about you so that you can foster a consistent level of awareness and presence while you are moving through the enormous and varied field of energetic vibrations that are abound. It can be challenging to maintain your own energetic experience – personal frequency, as the tendency is to match vibrations that trigger some conditioning within us. Since everything is a vibration of energy, like attracts like.

And with energetic magnetic forces, expressing as charged vibrations/particles such as solar flares and gamma rays we are being showered with, everyone is getting an extra bombardment of galactic gifts that are influencing humanity’s consciousness evolution. And these also will have varied and relative influences on each individual, resulting in a variety of shifts on any or all levels of experience, in response to the geomagnetic and electromagnetic forces. 

This is resulting in DNA shifts and activations in the genetic codes, know it or not, where the physical body is experiencing dynamic transformation in chemical, accelerated changes towards higher frequency vibrations. And this is enabling many, who may have not consciously experienced things like energy, to suddenly start sensing things on a whole new level than they have, or to experience the growing pains of this recalibration.

All of this to remind us that we are simultaneously a unique self, as well as a multidimensional being of Oneness. And it is happening whether you are aware of it and welcome it, or not.

This is the cosmic alchemy of humanity and Earth that is unfolding into a crystalline transformation.

And this can present fears and the tendency to block what is happening, which ultimately can result in challenge. It is each individual’s choice as to how you want to ride the change and there is no wrong or right way. However, if you would like to take a more active role and perhaps are not happy with the experiences you are having, then you could choose to engage the process more actively.

This is where becoming a conscious alchemist comes into play. We can each choose to engage our daily processes to the degree we are willing to and/or are ready for.

As today’s Full Moon brings the awareness of harmonizing our physical and spiritual in partnership, we can remember that this is available to us at all times and will result in optimizing our experiences when we dance in this balance. Utilizing the gifts we have, on all levels, is what lays dormant within us to unwrap and utilize. We embody everything we need, as multidimensional beings, yet these keys within us have not be remembered and awakened. Part of this is what is taking place with the solar flares and such, and the other part is our willingness to activate to the level of acceleration being presented.

You can do this by engaging yourself courageously to face and work with the limiting beliefs, old stories and patterns, and unresolved feelings you have, as every time you shift and transform an old, limitation, every cell responds with illuminating activation. The more you can do so each day, this will begin to release the constrictions that cause challenges because of the inner turmoil and fight against the shifts that are inevitably taking place. And when more of you lights up in greater, conscious experience of your wholeness, the more you are able to access your instant manifestation abilities to co-create your world with creative love and empowerment.

And when you engage yourself with more conscious empowerment of all of your parts, and realize that when you open these parts that you also release the divine blueprint keys that activate the alchemist you are at the heart of hearts, you then become a portal for change, yourself. And as you embrace the embodiment of this with more consciousness, you directly support others to be able to more easily do the same.

So, as the Full Moon illuminates the sky today, imagine yourself inviting more of that conscious and illuminating light energy into every fiber of your being. Invite a partnership of awareness with your body – remember that we are here for a reason and it’s not about leaving the physical body and experience behind, as we try to “ascend”.

When we realize that this is an experience of integration and that all of our parts working together creates the miracles that we innately are, then we will come to experience the consistency of alchemy and manifestation, rather than the bursts of it that we access intermittently.

It truly is a mirror of the butterfly, when we let go of a myopic view and step into the metamorphosis that encompasses an expanded view.

These times can actually be viewed as necessary to enable humanity as a whole to transform into a comprehension of the truth of our oneness with each other and with all of Creation.

Reflections for Tomorrow’s “Once in a Blue Moon”

Once In A Blue Moon by Tania Marie

In celebration of tomorrow’s Full Blue Moon in Pisces (the rare 2nd Full Moon of the month), I’m sharing my newest painting to reflect upon titled, “Once in a Blue Moon” – the 5th painting in my Universal ARKitecture series that is now available both in prints and original.

Emotions and energy seem to be amplified right now, but we can choose to embrace and flow with these energies by staying grounded, centered and present within. Taking a moment to have open perspectives and use wise discernment can shift you from reaction to response and result in more graceful experiences. This is a great time to commune with the divine union of male and female energies within and to honor those core emotions so you can create from that integrated space of unconditional love that resides in your heart. Allow yourself to envision your hopes in abundant expansiveness and spend some time in the magical realms of your dreams.

Blue Moons in traditional folklore were defined as the 4th Full Moon in a season, not as the 2nd Full Moon of a month, like it is known today. This is your last chance to see a Blue Moon until the next Blue Moon on July 31, 2015. The moon will be at its fullest at 9:58 a.m. EDT (1358 GMT) on Friday 8/31/12. The phrase “once in a blue moon” is used to refer to something that is extremely rare, rather than literally referring to the color of the Moon. It is also extremely rare to have 2 Full Blue Moons in a given year. The last time this occurred was in 1999 and the next time won’t be until 2018.

This rare energy/experience was the channeled inspiration behind this painting, which you can read in greater detail about here, to include the rare energy of uniting with your Twin Soul/Flame:

Once in a Blue Moon

Prints and originals of the first 5 (there are 28 more to come, totaling 33) of the series are available here:

Universal ARKitecture

Cancer Full Moon – Rebirthing the You and the We in Harmony

We are approaching the first Full Moon of 2012 (Sunday, 1/8 at 11:30pm PST and Monday 1/9 at 2:30am EST/7:30am GMT) and instead of waiting until the actual day of the Full Moon, I thought it might be good to share info about the energies ahead of time, since the moon’s phases and cycles are felt in culmination and then peak, and even several days after. This way you can focus on and understand things unfolding in your life and how you can better empower yourself in the processing and integrating of energies. If you’ve set intentions on the New Moon then the Full Moon is a good time for releasing them out to Spirit, as it magnetizes their potentials. This is an ideal time for taking those courageous and exuberant steps forward on the path of action in support of something you’ve imagined. This “do it” action and mentality supports an idea into reality and the magic then begins.

This Full Moon in Cancer (The Great Mother) is an ideal time to activate the core soul origin within you in order to harmonize it with your cosmic divinity and birth it into form. It focuses on the energies in opposing partnership of the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, which focuses on the protective, structural, nurturing and creating energies – specifically highlighting the archetypes of father and mother – with impact on our emotional and social bodies and how they interrelate.

This is a time to look at our world environment and nurture, into development, a new way of being, which will have personal and collective effects. Important focus is on learning to be wise, discerning mother and father figures in our own lives – being present with timing on offering and allowing and understanding when and what to give most productively and with understanding of what is the most responsible thing to do with the highest good in mind. Learning to love your inner child and the child within us all unconditionally and with supportive encouragement to be all that you can be, while helping to develop tools and provide the tools and heart courage to step out and share your unique gifts with the collective, as is your divine destiny.

Realizing and nurturing the unique light of you, simultaneously understanding how you are an integral thread in the collective tapestry and your piece is much needed at this time more than ever, is the message of this Full Moon energy.

Ask yourself the important questions you may have been avoiding or overlooking. Look intuitively and heartfully into yourself to receive answers. How can you support yourself better, so you can provide the most authentic and productive help to others? Everything we do is not isolated to “me” mentality. We are all connected and realizing the collective unity and approaching everything from a position of “everything that I share and am, is for the highest good of all concerned, serving both my divine gifts and heart joys while adding to the collective pool of compassionate and loving creation of a new world,” is key. Are there matriarchal and patriarchal aspects that need healing and understanding within you so that you may realize your fullest potential and your contribution to the collective table?

This is a time for innovation and courageously bold moves in the direction of your heart’s joy in partnership with loving and compassionate service to the collective. A time for nurturing balance and integration while grounding our lives and focuses on this Earth for the highest good of all.

Enjoy the journey!

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