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Living Love, Creating Change – A Short Inspired Message

Me and Earth Reflecting Love

Did you know that if you rearrange the letters in the word “HEART” you get “EARTH” and vice versa? This is significant symbolically in connecting the two vibrationally. When the frequency and vibration of our Hearts change, so too does the Earth’s frequency, as a direct mirroring reflection. One is not isolated from the other and so when we consciously expand our capacities for compassion, non-judgment, and conscious awareness through Unconditional Love, global change is inevitable and Mother Earth will flourish with the same joy.

To experience ever-loving, harmonious, magickal, abundant, joyous, expansive synchronicity, it is increasingly important to move towards empowered living from our hearts. LOVE IS the most powerful energy there is. Your heart is the master gateway to wisdom, health, enhanced well-being and the key to any desired experience.

There is power in one loving heart, but the power of many is unimaginably potent. Unconditional Love integrates and takes us beyond perceived limitations, creating new perspectives to move out of restricted duality. Moving from duality to Unity Consciousness creates change towards a balanced New Earth experience.

And part of that balance involves a new partnership between “Awakened Humanity” and the “Elemental Kingdoms of Nature” together with the other “Kingdoms of Consciousness.” These new relationships are increasingly magnified in significance now more than ever.

“Together” we can truly find our way “To Get There.” Together there is so much more we can achieve. Becoming skilled at co-creative, heart-focused processes aligns and activates evolutionary vibrations to bring us closer to Source/All That Is/The Universe/Our God Essence.

When we realize that everything we experience is a direct mirror of the relationship we have with ourselves, we realize the importance of living from love, exhaling fear, inhaling joy and consciously embracing a courageously responsible partnership within and without.

 May the peace of the nature 
of the cosmos be in each
and every one of us 

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