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You Are The Light & The Love That Is Needed

All day something collectively has been nudging me and I couldn’t figure out exactly what the details of the message were, until right now when I found this video, “Send Your Light – In Unity With All The Other Yous” that I posted back in April as a reblog from my dear Laura Bruno. You can see the original post here: Powerful Integration and Healing

I want to add to this message that YOU are so unique and special, as is every single soul sharing this collective experience with you. The paths we each choose may be different, the vehicles of life we’ve chosen to embody may look different, but no matter how any of that unfolds or looks, it is all totally perfect just as it is – just as you are.

559193_10151121068583534_795940143_nWe are explorers on a beautifully infinite journey to enjoy every aspect of everything – and especially right now, in human body, to enjoy our minds, hearts, bodies, spirits, and the very fabric of life. Everything you are in this moment is beauty beyond what you can fathom.

There are no wrong choices and there is no wrong in you. Let it all go, allow, love, and remember where you come from and who you are.

Relax into the experience. Every thing you “think” matters, doesn’t.

What is most important is how well you’ve learned to love because of, not in spite of, all of what has shaped your experience.

Trust the highest creative intelligence and all-loving essence that lies within you – within all of us. You can do this when you learn to simply BE.

So listen within, slow down, hear the voice of your heart and you too can come to be so tuned in and tapped into the presence of you that every single thing you engage in will be a perpetual, conscious communication and channeling of that presence from within – life will be a meditation without need for meditating.

And in this place, you will be grounded, consciously aware, tuned into all of creation, while experiencing the expansiveness of your highest potentials in fuller realization.

And in this place you will be more alive than ever with your heart lighting the way.

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