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The Changes That Have Taken Place ~ All Services Ceased, Health is Great, New Creations On The Horizon To Share

For those of you who don’t receive my newsletter, this was an important announcement I made in my early April one for this coming month that felt worthy of reiterating here, as it pertains to how things have evolved with the services I was still offering.

I already announced that most of what I used to offer was being ceased for the time being, but I was still open to a set amount of hours a week of Intuitive Guidance Coaching sessions and had shifted over to offering a set amount of Private Immersive Retreats at destinations along our RV adventure.

However, while in Sedona I received the message that all of this was to cease and so I fully surrendered to that knowing that came through me. Perhaps they will return at some later time in a new way, but that’s not for me to know or wonder about right now.

I will solely be focused on my creative projects and integrating the energy of all of our experiences at the destinations we arrive to, infusing what I receive into my new work, and continuing to retrieve parts of my ancient voice and essence.

This doesn’t mean I’m dropping off the face of the Earth or pulling away completely like I did when on sabbatical, but it does mean that I’m remaining focused with my energy on what I feel I need to be doing.

My life is very public and while I share much of it and doing the videos is a way to connect more intimately with you, I am being guided that I also need my/our time in a much bigger way right now that feels balanced and supportive of my own needs.

And I’m so grateful to be at a place in my life where I have manifested the ability to do so with total support, which came through a lot of hard work.

This is something I just know I need to do. And my service right now is in channeling the authenticity of me and the love I feel through my essence expression.

I’ve already returned deposits received for retreats and continue to field requests for services and products I once offered. I’m so grateful for everyone’s supportive love and understanding with all of this, as I know it has come somewhat abruptly and surprisingly.

I assure you it is a natural progression of coming to closure with cycles within my life and as a soul in general, completing contracts.

It’s been interesting, as I’ve even been receiving requests for a lot of things I have stopped doing for a while, and not just things I’ve only just recently ceased. Requests for crystal pendants, crystals, custom paintings, in-person Reiki sessions, you name it….

This is once again a sign to me of the cleansing process doing its thing, as when we are letting go of the old, we tend to call up the old as it moves through us.

This doesn’t mean we’re meant to keep doing those things since we are manifesting what seem like opportunities (although that’s for you to check in on personally and decide for yourself).

However, for me, I see it as the moving out and sometimes also as a test of my boundaries and strength to say “no” to what I don’t want and “yes” to what I do. As if I don’t, the endless cycle of stagnation would continue on as long as I let it, or until my body gives out.

A few people have inquired, asking if I am alright in terms of my health or anything else. I guess they are wondering if I am making these changes in response to a health crises and only thinking I would make such choices in the wake of serious challenges.

I understand where these questions come from, as it has been a conditioned way to decide to make changes ONLY when you’re up against a wall.

However, you DON’T have to wait until you hit a crises in order to make major changes in your life. If you embrace the flow of energy when it moves through you, shifts can happen gracefully.

We all feel the signs when that energy first appears. The challenges come when we ignore them and think we can outrun the energy stream flowing in.

I’m happy to report my health is in great condition, especially with all the outdoor exercise daily, and I’d like to keep it that way, which is why I know what the path is that I need to take to ensure it stays as such. I’ve learned my lessons!

I do know that I had lost my personal feeling of spark and with everything coming to closure on soul levels, it is why I had come to a crossroads a while ago of being able to choose if I wanted to continue here on Earth or move on.

A choice that I seriously considered.

But instead I have chosen the path of renewal, here for the time being, and this has been supported by All That Is sharing the gifts that have been manifesting in my life since – beginning with the RV, clarity, deepening into all areas of my life, manifesting the opportunity, and now the inspirations channeling through.

So, for an unknown period of time I will be channeling my energy differently and within my own experience of creation while we are on this RV adventure.

Anything can change at any moment, as it always continues to, which I will honor when it does. But for now, I remain in cultivation mode of new creations to share with you when they are ready to emerge.

In the meantime,  I will continue to share monthly newsletters that will mostly be of inspiration and messages channeling through along with any updates that manifest along the way. I will also continue with regular blog posts and videos when inspired.

I still remain on Facebook, where my newsletter, blog, and videos are uploaded for my friends there, however there will be minimal ability to interact there that much and only when it doesn’t interfere with the time and energy needed to focus on my creative projects.

That said, if you need to message me, it’s always best to email me rather than message me on Facebook. At any time I may feel to pull energetically off completely, only leaving my pages there active for the updates to be shared, since I know some people only connect via that avenue and don’t like subscribing or emailing.

If you do choose to, you can subscribe to my blog or YouTube channels here:

Tania Marie’s Blog

Tania Marie’s YouTube Channel

This is my way of remaining connected, to share the inspirations and new energy that move through me, to bring the world, nature, and the sacred closer to heart to others through the images and experiences shared, and to provide reflections that may be supportive to anyone interested.

There will be more to come via videos that won’t all make it to newsletters, as this platform continues to grow as a means of connecting what channels through me to you.

Again, I thank you all for so much loving support and for the connections we experience together.

I hope that in some small way you might find inspiration from any of the things in which I share, as I find from so many of you.

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