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Heart Chakra Sacred Tattoo Designs and Spiritual Skin Sequel?

New Heart Chakra Sacred Tattoo Design

It matters not
Who you love
Where you love
Why you love
When you love
Or how you love
It matters only that you love.

John Lennon

Heart Chakra energy is the most powerful energy there is. In the human energy system, the source of powerful and creative, unconditional love energy lies at the center of your chest in the Heart Chakra, or “Anahata,” in Sanskrit. From its middle position as fourth in a system of seven chakras, it is the balancing integrator of opposites (between body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity) and acts as an energetic “bridge” between the lower and upper chakras. It is symbolized by a lotus of twelve petals and the color green, with emerald as one of its associated gemstones. It is from this place of peaceful centeredness that love emanates as divine power.

Not only do I wear an empowering Heart Chakra sacred tattoo design over my own Heart on my back, but I have seen the wave of Heart Chakra sacred tattoo designs increasing among those I work with and that are drawn to my work to receive a co-created, custom sacred tattoo. I love creating all potent and symbolic designs, no matter where they are energetically needed, but I have a special place in my heart for this energetic area to channel a creation for. And what a lovely canvas of emanation the upper back is! A visionary artist’s dream to create on in ways that can really empower at the core of being!

Most of you have seen one of the recent pieces I did for a client, pictured above (the piece is still going to receive coloring and shading, but you can see the powerful presence and beauty a piece like this creates for this energetic love spot!

I’m excited to see the final results of several others I have helped to manifest into creation, as well as can’t wait to see this new one posted. I love to hear the stories of the experiences my clients go through in the process of, and after, receiving their new Spiritual Skin. It truly is powerful, which I can share from my own personal experience.

Here’s what this lovely client had to share about the design you see here that I helped create. I can’t share her personal experiences, but her testimonial she did provide:

“What a true blessing it has been to get my Sacred Tattoo designed by Tania. My gratitude cannot be described with words. I have searched for years for the perfect design, but never found anything close to what I was searching for, needed, or imagined. Yet, when Tania completed my design, it was exactly what I was seeking and needed.

Honestly, I’m not surprised at the perfection. The energy and consulting invested throughout the creation process was like no other I’ve seen or heard of; but exactly what I needed. It’s no wonder my design came out perfectly the first time. 

I even had a chance to learn about the healing aspects of tattoos which was new to me, but now makes so much sense.”

I like to sometimes share the symbolism behind the images I have helped to create, to help others to understand what goes into these pieces and the layers of depth to the energy that they embody. I can’t possibly share everything, but it gives an idea of what is encapsulated into a sacred tattoo design. The image you first saw at the start of this is about a 10” x 7” piece. It incorporated the elements this very in-tune and lovely client had shared with me, with some additions I channeled and then finely brought together to incorporate one integrated piece embodying the intended energy.

Here is a little about the image. I won’t reiterate some of the elements that I have shared in other designs that are more Universally known, like the symbolism of Ganesha (remover of obstacles, Moksha (liberation, release, to free oneself), and Lotus. But here are some insights into the way they were created:

I wanted a beautiful image of Ganesha firmly rooted, balanced and open, receiving at the gateway of the heart and sitting center of the lotus throne, as if comfortably at peace and blossoming from this sanctuary. I created a very royal and layered lotus with petals at top that come together in Namaste honoring and prayer form, which also represents a meeting of duality into harmonious integration and create a beautiful petaled throne for Ganesha. I placed Moksha in Sanskrit at the bottom on the completely open petal that is shaped like a heart. I think that speaks for itself.

I added two elements to incorporate the “grace” this client wanted to represent someone dear to them that had transitioned and the grace of their being that my client embodies as the gift received from that person through them. These elements are represented by the Konrai, or Golden Shower, blossoms to the left and right of Ganesha. In the Hindu culture this has been known as the  flowering symbol of Siva’s or Shiva’s honeyed grace in our life – cascading, abundant, golden grace. Lord Shiva is the Lord of mercy and compassion. He protects devotees from forces such as lust, greed, and anger. He grants boons, bestows grace and awakens wisdom in His devotees. Shiva is also similar to the Phoenix energy, with a primary responsibility in maintaining the life cycle, cycling  destruction and recreation always in a circle, thus maintaining order in the Cosmos. So having this symbol of the Konrai/Golden Shower in here I felt was energetically potent for imbuing that showering of grace into my client’s life, as well as embodies the embracing of experiences they have been through and the peace in knowing the Divinity of it all. I also added the butterfly gently emerging from the lotus petals. The butterfly represents metamorphosis, transformation, balance, grace and the ability to accept change and also has that connection of Source through nature. I also felt that the butterfly not only could represent these qualities and healing energies for my client, but symbolized the transitioned soul who is divinely guiding them and showering them with their presence and gifts from their ascended embodiment (butterflies have also been said and known by the ancients to represent those that have moved to a different reality, returning to us in this life). This transitioned dear soul helps my client to draw in through their petaled lotus heart, the beauty they embody and guide them with.

The image is very centered and integrated, anchored and also elevating and expansive in the way the butterfly is flying up through the Chakras to Universal Consciousness and Cosmos (from its Heart Chakra placement) and the heart petal points down through the other Chakras and to the Earth. This representing an evolutionary process of integration that takes place through the Heart Chakra that will remind my client to always be present within their own life, as well as be example in their supportive service to others. The many layers of the lotus petals are also like the many layers of our life processes and peeling them away in timely perfection, similar to the onion, where we then reveal, in vulnerable strength, our core in complete liberated, unobstructed flow and grace. The beauty this person enjoys sharing with others I believe will definitely be embodied in this image, which is why I channeled a visual interpretation of the image references I had been given, as I really wanted to mirror the qualities of my client and what they are, at essence, about – that meant interpreting it through the heart.

I really love these Heart Chakra sacred tattoo designs and look forward to more. I am about to start a new design this weekend for another client, so who knows what will channel through as the most potent area to create their very first tattoo on. It does seem that everyone can benefit from an empowered Heart experience, as love is the most powerful energy there is!


Well, I didn’t see this coming in the beginning, but have been receiving nudges since the first day my book, Spiritual Skin – Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep came out. Like with all things, shifts take place, and right now MAJOR shifting has been occurring in record speed, so these days I can truly say only that which I feel in the moment, as the next is a whole new playing field. However, it is also my experience that if I keep receiving a recurring seed idea along with the clear vision, start downloading specifics and start to feel the seed as if its already blossomed, then chances are it WILL happen. The when is the only question! With that said, I have received the hard shove that a sequel to Spiritual Skin will be birthing and as that evolves, I will keep you posted. With the embrace that the first book has been receiving, I am understanding why a second is in need of emerging to support this new paradigm of sacred and empowered body art. So stay tuned! When and how I’ll manage to get this one out, who knows! But where there is a need created, there is a way to supporting it!


If interested in your own custom sacred tattoo design, temporary tattoo, or to learn more about and order a copy of Spiritual Skin, please visit: or you may contact me at

New Emerald Bridge Empowered Heart Chakra Logo Gets Center Stage as the First Sacred Temporary Tattoo Available

Sacred, temporary tattoo designs, custom created by myself in collaboration with you are available. Now anyone can experience the transformational energy of sacred body art. After receiving many requests I decided to make my unique sacred tattoo designs available to anyone who desires their own “Spiritual Skin.” If you are interested in a custom temporary tattoo design, lovingly created just for you, please contact me with inquiries and requests at

Emerald Bridge Sacred Temporary Tattoo

Spiritual Skin premium custom temporary tattoos are high quality, safe and non-toxic pieces of art that are practically indistinguishable to the real thing. Only FDA certified colorants are used and every tattoo meets all U.S. and international regulatory requirements, as well as meet safety standards for cosmetics and toy products. Certification documentation is available upon request.

Temporary tattoos typically last at least 3-5 days. This depends on how and where applied and usage. They come with simple to use directions for application and removal.

Specific sacred design sets of temporary tattoos are in creation and will be available shortly, designed with specific energy intents that you may choose from to draw that particular energy into your life experience. These will not be custom to you, but will be collectively channeled and whichever you feel drawn to will hold an energetic footprint that matches your vibrational needs.

If you have been drawn to the energy of one of one of my paintings, these can also be created into a temporary tattoo for you as well, since each painting also holds an energetic coding of healing intents and energy. I have received requests for the In Lak’ech series to be created into tattoos, so now these also are a temporary tattoo design option, along with any other painting you may feel drawn to. You can view my artwork here: Paintings

My company Emerald Bridge has recently gone through some changes, one of which was to refresh with a new logo that would encompass its essence in simplicity, yet potency, the energy of what my company’s focus is all about. Simplicity, to me, is key in where we are, and are headed, as things are no longer in need of complexity, strain, or long duration of time – everything is speeding up and the seeming complex can now be accessed through potent simplicity. I wanted something that was also reflective of those connected with Emerald Bridge and the creations channeled through – the end result was a symbol that, to me, reflects the now where a meeting of mind and heart, body and soul is taking place in an organic, cosmic synergy of love. In doing so, the new Emerald Bridge logo you see pictured here and HERE emerged. This was a combined effort of my, and Allison Jacobson’s, design skills (a new addition to Emerald Bridge, more on that in an upcoming announcement) – me first executing the channeled drawing, just as I do with sacred tattoo designs, and Allison imbuing her intuitive, graphic design skills to bring my vision to life.

This logo was created to reflect and embody the divine and powerful essence of the Heart Chakra (or Emerald Bridge as I like to call it) and its integrative, healing synergy. The logo embodies the essence of this energy, as well as is a visual activation and meditative tool to encourage taking courageous steps in following your heart’s joy and to shift into new realities of experience. This to include a new template comprised of: trusting what you choose, living as you feel, co-creative and shared community of loving harmony void of isolation, being in your highest heart always, which allows integration of lower and higher parts of the body to work optimally, and to be courageously vulnerable so that you may boldly share your authenticity with the collective.

Emerald Bridge Sacred Temporary Tattoo

Emerald Bridge Logo

Tattoo Size: 1 ¼” x 1 ¼”

Color: Green, White and Black

Individual Emerald Bridge tattoos: $2.00 + shipping

Save 25% with an Empowerment Pack. Get a month supply (10 of the same tattoo) to empower your Heart Chakra energy. Empowerment Pack (30 day supply): $15 + shipping

Shipping within the US is $3. For International orders please send your purchase order request to to receive an invoice.

FREE Shipping on orders of $20 or more!

In stock temporary tattoos ship out in 1-2 business days.

To order your Emerald Bridge – Empowered Heart Chakra, Sacred Temporary Tattoos please visit: Temporary Tattoo Design Gallery

Custom Temporary Sacred Tattoo Designs Available ~ Now Anyone Can Experience The Transformational Energy of Sacred Body Art

Sacred Tattoo Design Created by Tania Marie

After several synchronous nudges and an energetic 2 by 4 from the Universe, I am now making sacred tattoo designs available to anyone who desires their own “Spiritual Skin,” but may not want the permanency of going under the needle, may not like needles, or simply want the ability and versatility to remove their tattoo based on life style or career needs. In this way you can still invoke the energy you desire into your life for the intents you desire on all levels, yet don’t have to make that life long commitment or decision if feeling unsure. It’s a way to also see if getting a permanent tattoo is the path for you, by being able to do a trial run over however long of an extended time you need, while also trying it in versatile places to see where you feel the energy would most be appropriate for you.

While I do help in intuiting these sorts of things, like placement, etc., I do know that unless a person is completely ready for and clear about something, there are those that like the ability to dip their foot in and see how the water feels. I want to make this opportunity available to anyone whether a tattoo aficionado or not, as my intent is to support conscious awareness and integrative healing and empowerment for everyone. A temporary tattoo can be a discreet way, as well as perhaps a less intimidating way for anyone to have their own personal, custom-created, sacred design that can help support transformation in your life, while simultaneously adding a bit of whimsical magick and unique style that embodies a spiritual process of integrated experience for you.

If you’ve admired designs such as the one pictured above and want to experience the power of an intentfully created and energetically infused symbolic and sacred design channeled just for you, then this may be just what you are looking for.

If you haven’t read my article yet, “Sacred Tattoos – Personal Portals to Genetic Rewiring” published on Tattoo Journal here it is again:

This article helps to unveil the potency behind how symbolism can alter your DNA and consequently your life experiences. As the article shares: “People are learning how the vehicle of symbolic, intentful tattoos can alter a person’s total life experience – a concept that Dr. Masaru Emoto’s findings in “The Hidden Messages in Water” unveiled, but is now being expounded upon with unique perspective of the body as a portal.”

Each temporary tattoo will be unique, as they are custom made for you. The design process remains the same. Read about it here: but upon completion of the design, a custom temporary tattoo in bulk quantity and size to your desire will be sent to you rather than you visiting your tattoo artist to get the image inked. And if you’d like more, they can be re-ordered any time, as well as new designs can be created to have options and energetic choices to fit your needs.

The purpose of this is to make this healing body art form available to everyone.

If you are interested in a custom temporary tattoo design, please contact me with inquiries and requests at or you may contact me here on my blog. More information will be provided on my website once I get the information up and posted. For now, just shoot me an email with your questions. 

Emerald Bridge Logo - Activating the Heart Chakra

New Emerald Bridge logo temporary tattoos will be available in a couple of weeks, debuting at the Circa 92 Runway and Tania Marie Art Show. This logo was created to reflect and embody the divine and powerful essence of the Heart Chakra (or Emerald Bridge as I call it) and its integrative, healing synergy. The logo embodies the essence of this energy, as well as is a visual activation and meditative tool to encourage taking courageous steps in following your heart’s joy and to shift into new realities of experience. This to include a new template comprised of: trusting what you choose, living as you feel, co-creative and shared community of loving harmony void of isolation, being in your highest heart always, which allows integration of lower and higher parts of the body to work optimally, and to be courageously vulnerable so that you may boldly share your authenticity with the collective.

Specific sacred design sets of temporary tattoos are in creation and will be available shortly as well, designed with specific energy intents that you may choose from to draw that particular energy into your life experience. These will not be custom to you, but will be collectively channeled and which ever you feel drawn to will hold an energetic footprint that matches your vibrational needs. 

If you have been drawn to the energy of one of my paintings, these can also be created into a temporary tattoo for you as well, since each painting also holds an energetic coding of healing intents and energy. I have had requests for the In Lak’ech series to be created into tattoos, so now this also is a temporary tattoo design option.

A Journey, Closure, New Energy, Higher Hearts and Rooted Bodies, Unification and Integration, and a Beautiful Message for 2012

Chamuel - my Master Lemurian Seed Crystal

After literally “just” returning from a whirlwind, very mission-focused trip to the Reno/Tahoe, Nevada area (my previous home of 3 years) I am feeling the energies of everything really taking root. I had returned to Nevada to finalize some business and pick up the last of my things from my parent’s house that they had been storing, which comprised of my original paintings (the In Lak’ech series of potent 5 included) and other items, as well as a few crystals – one of which was my giant Master Lemurian Seed Crystal I had been guided to leave with my mom, a few years ago, to work with and to anchor and grid in Reno. This Master Crystal revealed its name to be Chamuel, as it channels the energy of Archangel Chamuel, the Archangel of Unconditional Love. For information on Archangel Chamuel here is a cool link:

I was grateful to have my sweet friend and business partner, Allison, join me for the journey – a perfect reflection of co-supporting and co-creating with no more isolation. It was her first trip there, so it was too bad we weren’t able to do more, but we did complete the mission and having her with me was a valued gift. From the moment we arrived we were greeted by a very strange and ominous sky that looked as if lava was flowing in the clouds. None of us had ever seen

Our grounding veggie feast my mom made us the only full day we had in Reno - rosemary potatoes, herbed mushrooms atop roasted veggies and salad with squash...mmmmmmm

anything like it. Dark grayish purple clouds with channels of blood red flowing through. Very odd. Then the next day a huge fire raged not far from my parent’s house that had already taken out 10 homes and was threatening many more. This all preceded the storms that were about to roll in. Many very interesting signs and unfoldings that were definitely sending a message. We were able to enjoy a partial day of some work and then explored the crystal shop, Stone Age, and returned from the 80 mile an hour winds and smoky air, to a cozy home and meal courtesy of mom (pictured left).

But with a little intuited trust, we sped up the trip, changed our plans and grabbed our rental truck a day early (the next morning) to get out while we still could, without getting snowed in. Some of the roads had already been closed due to the fire and snow, but luckily the 80 out of Reno, only met us with torrential rain storms, fog and impending storm clouds. We learned that last evening, after we took advantage of the intuited window, the electricity went out where my parent’s lived and the snow came in as promised. This would not have bode well for us driving a 17 foot truck, where closed roads and chains would have been quite the challenge, if not dangerous.

Some of my new friends from Reno, and old, in their new home on my desk. All attuned to specific energy I am working with currently. And of course my dear Nestor's photo and ashes that are always with me.

But, we did manage to make it to one of my favorite crystal shops to pick up some intended crystal friends to help ground in the new energy we are working with and that I would be utilizing in my new magickal crystal elixirs. (I intend to keep you posted on these, as they are brewing) And I also managed to finalize some business and put to closure things in Reno, to fully move into the new back in California. Since returning, the energy feels very different here at home with my new crystal friends, in listening to where they wanted to go and hanging new paintings in the house that all together make for some really nice energy and Feng Shui. Gaia, my Russian tortoise, and Joy, my lop eared bunny, are both in my room with me today (Gaia only comes in my room on certain occassions, as she’s usually busy working the rest of the house) anchoring in the new energies of our crystal buddies.

It just goes to show you that it is important not to hold to ideas and plans and to always listen to your inner heart guidance, as well as to be in tune with the Earth. Our bodies and the planet mirror each other and this is a time for a return to natural harmony, which begins with flowing with, rather than fighting the shifts within and without.

This is also a time of really grounding and rooting everything that we have been working towards, which equates to bold action, or as one of my favorite things to say is: Do it! We are creating a new template of being and it involves integration – another of my favorite words. (I have several if you haven’t already noticed) Many of us have spent a lot of time developing higher aspects of ourselves (as in our upper chakras) and spirituality, while forgetting our bodies and the need to always be in communion with our base aspects (lower chakras). This is where our heart chakras (or the emerald bridge, as I like to refer to it as) comes into play, in supporting that integration into present and heart-full living with trust, knowingness and honor of your feelings on all levels. The heart chakra lies center of the upper and lower chakras and will be a guiding force of authentic expression and unification within ourselves, with each other, and our relationship with earth and cosmos.

I’m really excited about the new directions, energy and clarification on what is unfolding. It’s always so cool to get loud reiteration of the nudges and things you were already doing or starting to incorporate and be guided towards. It is very empowering to realize your intuitive heart always knows what is best for you, even if you weren’t conscious of the specific understanding or details of why or how it was all taking place.

So a journey comes to closure and a new one begins. I am loving my new crystal friends that will be co-creating with me and I am feeling the click of the pieces of the puzzle all coming together with what I have been focused towards for most of my life. I know others are also feeling it. We’ve been on a journey from one polarity aspect, moving towards another to balance out the imbalance, but we have created another imbalance by staying put in that new polarity with continual focus and in many cases, denial or charge against the other. The journey back to center integration is taking place now rapidly for many of us, as we unify our parts through our higher hearts.

This is a nutshell of information that I have been working with and all of this, which I spent several hours talking about with my brother in the limited time I was in Reno (as we often spend hours doing when together), and which I had been formulating and processing beforehand, was beautifully essence-captured in Lee Harris’ visions for 2012 that my dear friend, Laura Bruno, posted today on her blog. It is so PERFECTLY mirroring of my own channeled feelings and visions that I told Laura I had to repost it.

Some of the key things that stood out from Lee’s sharing that I loved are these:

Trust what you choose. Live as you feel.

this is a year of action

Begin it. Become it. Do it.

…no more isolation

…a new template is needed – become an ambassador of loving silence and space…this creates a shared template


the heart is always required

a time to be in our highest hearts…when heart, throat and third eye unify so that you speak from your heart and see with spirit

we must remember our base/grounding energy

get into your lower parts of the body – this is very important and will allow those that have worked on the higher parts to bring things together

be bold in what you share

I hope you enjoy reflecting on Lee Harris’ visions:

Rabbit Symbolism – The Magic They Bring to My Life

I keep being nudged to share about rabbits, so when last evening a group of friends were talking about animals and rabbits came up, as one person mentioned them being the most amazing little ones to have in your life, I felt the call to dedicate a little blog to them.

I have been blessed with three dear little bundles of love in the form of rabbits in this life. Always having been drawn to animals more than most anything else since birth, and communicating with them telepathically since a child, I so soulfully desired an animal companion, which we were not allowed to have in the furry form I wanted. We had fish and parakeets and turtles and fun little amphibious friends, but it wasn’t until I was about 13 that I found my first little love bunny, Twinkie. He only graced my life for a summer, but oh how I loved and adored him and we were inseparable.

Then came Nestor for five years, at age 30 and Joy, when I turned 36. And life has never been the same.

I adore at my core being-ness, ALL animals and have special places for many in my heart experience, but for whatever reasons, I find myself so drawn to rabbits as companions. Therefore, I would have to agree with that remark my friend made that they are such amazing little ones. Synchronously, I have been contemplating this a lot since my connection in Bali with the little one in my profile photo on facebook and here:

Bali bunny and me

and feeling deeper communication with Joy and Nestor lately. They truly are magical and require a certain kind of person to allow their potent mysteries and teachings into your life, as they do require more intuitive presence to care for.

Joy and me

Normally, I’d write some long expression from my heart, but I’m choked up with the love and emotion that these little ones bring me and will let my photos speak for themselves.

Nestor and me

I find a theme of total love and joy these little ones bring to me, by looking at these photos, and that I always hold them close to my Heart Chakra. mmmmm….I know I have a photo of Twinkie somewhere, but not loaded on my computer, as it was pre-computer days! LOL! Will share one day when I get them from my parents. Interestingly I had short hair in it, just like in Nestor’s photo. And interesting all three of my bunnies were lop eared.

But I did find this very cool article by Sandy Koi for House Rabbit Society that I felt compelled to share. I LOVE what she expressed and perhaps others will find it of interest and value too:

Rabbit Symbolism

And here is a little rabbit wisdom from a favorite animal shamanism site:

Rabbit/Hare’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Guile
  • Paradox and contradiction
  • Living by one’s own wits
  • Receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages
  • Quick-thinking
  • Humility
  • Moving through fear
  • Strengthening intuition

Beyond the Two Sides of the Fence – Unconditional Compassion is Where the “Greener” Grass Actually Grows

Yesterday, and through recent observations and experiences, I was reminded by synchronous messages about the importance of responsibility and the lessons of unconditional compassion. My dearly departed Nestor (rabbit companion) was always an instant gauge for me in this respect, as she would help get me back on track if I got out of my heart and in my head or wandered off path. And because of the intensity of our connection, I would instantly shift gears back on target without hesitation, as her reactions were profoundly felt, and so I would do out of love what I would forget out of responsibility. In so doing, it always kept me in check and I learned to connect the two so that they were one in the same.

Unconditional compassion is to me the most important piece of the puzzle and equation to healthy, happy, rich and graceful living. Under that umbrella recipe there are many things that are part of the ingredients: patience, presence, tenderness, genuine kindness, unconditional love, nonjudgment, the ability to listen and walk in another’s shoes separate to your own, wisdom, etc. And responsibility is part of doing the most compassionate thing for others and yourself. This does not constitute a “better than” approach nor to act out of our ego desires and needs (subconsciously or consciously).

This all may sound simple, but it’s not and it takes constant and consistent “keeping yourself in check” regularly. Part of that is the ability to not react, but to respond. In learning this, we practice patient listening, reflecting and feeling from another person’s perspective. We also learn that authenticity is important and it isn’t simply about being nice or doing the so-called right or kind thing that we would be expected to incorporate out of social etiquette or righteous ethics. It is about authentically understanding the depth of unconditional compassion and how it takes root in honoring everyone’s highest good and everyone’s chosen path of evolution, while remaining respectful of who we and they are, lovingly and gracefully, integrating wise reflection and introspection in the process.

Many times we deny responsible action, forget to practice unconditional compassion and self sabotage the authenticity of who we are. It is easy for people once they progress to a certain point of growth or evolution to feel they have reached the epitome of right action and choice and that all others not practicing the same, are less than. When in fact, the more you evolve and grow, the more you are called to bring unconditional compassion more into your everyday experience, beingness and expression. Simply because you are in what seems to be a more evolved space than you were previously, does not automatically equate to reaching the end of the road of evolutionary progress. Life is a continual journey and process and we must challenge ourselves to push the envelope of our compassion further and further, to reach and see beyond duality, even if we ourselves choose one side of the fence. The grass is not always greener on your side or the other side. The heart chakra’s unconditionally loving and compassionate energy field of emerald green, is a place that resides boundless and beyond, integrating everything with what your current mind’s eyes cannot see.

Responsible action is unconditional compassion. Embracing the gifts you came into this world to share, as well as to courageously follow through in the path you chose, but likely have forgotten, are part of this. Honoring others’ paths with compassion, communicating with compassion, leading by example from compassion, loving compassionately, acting compassionately, teaching or educating compassionately…all things fall under the umbrella of unconditional compassion for greatest effect and in respect of the highest good of all concerned.

It’s easy to get caught up in things, it’s easy to forget, it’s easy to operate on autopilot, or to turn a blind eye to yourself and others. It’s easy to see and hear what we want to and to judge it from the scope of our own or our instilled mechanism for reacting. It’s easier to abandon what we know in our hearts is of the highest good to share and be. It’s easy to sabotage ourselves so that we act less than what we are, make excuses for who or what we are and do, or why we can’t do what we know in our hearts we came here to do and is our gift. It’s easy to forget that others have different paths and that the best way we help them and teach them is with patient loving hearts and unconditional compassion – to live this in authenticity and consistency in a way that exudes and vibrates out like one small thread that affects the whole web. Rather than point out what is wrong with others or berate yourself for faults you feel you may have, it is more effective to live what resonates for you in an unconditionally loving way and to steer away from unhealthy judgment or anger (directed toward self or others) that can reek havoc on your life in many ways.

If we say we are spreading compassion in one area of our lives, then consistency is the next evolutionary step…and to bring it full circle to ALL areas of your life and to everyone and everything you encounter, every moment of every day.

If you forget or deny your responsibility to follow your path or to act from responsible compassion then there will always be a reminder in some form (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) that will come knocking on your door via messages in any way specific and relative to you, that can get your attention and at as many times as it takes, or at as severe a level as it takes, to help remind you. So it is beneficial if you can heed the disguised messages that are constantly available. I know it’s hard to hear and see them, especially sometimes given where and who they come from and how they manifest. Can seem arbitrary, unrelated and simply just life’s deck of cards you’re dealt. Remember, you are the master gardener of your soul and director of your life, as James Allen says, and the deck chosen was how YOU set it up, knowing what would best suit your soul’s desire and necessary process for evolutionary growth.

Taking the presence of the moment to step back each time you are about to do, say, act, think, avoid, fear, anger, fight, judge, deny, withdraw, defend, etc…and move into your higher heart, can make all the difference. In so doing, it allows you to receive the message of unconditional compassion that is there always when you are ready to hear it. And this in turn will alter your entire experience, as well as its emanating, residual effect.

Following the Emerald Bridge Road

We are involved in an evolutionary process of our human existence wherein the collective
consciousness has been moving through the energy centers of the Chakra system. By fully embracing Chakra Four, we find balance and the ability to propel into the next dimensions. Life is a continual, progressive opportunity. This Fourth (or Heart Chakra) lies center of the Chakra system and acts as integrator of the two polarities of body and spirit. It creates a bridge that merges and disintegrates all boundaries and allows us access to our true essence and the sharing of that with others.

In order to access its energy we need to create balance and harmony between all polarities, which is inclusive of all aspects that are represented by the active male and passive female archetypes (including the dual counterpart within each) within self and without; those of
light and shadow, mind and body, physicality and spirituality, conscious and
subconscious, harmony between races, and ecological balance. The focus is
that of integration. All aspects are essential and each an important tool in their own way, enabling us to honor, as a unit, the heart, body, mind and soul, Earth, and all of creation. The Collective Consciousness is at the brink of a paradigm shift that we are all a part of, but with awareness, can now actively take part in.

Cellular memories compel us to perpetuate repeated experiences until we have
learned to choose from a higher good and with a shift of perspective. Realizing
that change is necessary and embracing the process will help support guidance
into the higher frequencies of the energy centers within each Chakra, beginning
with the Heart (Fourth Chakra) – The Bridge. Or as I like to call it, the
“Emerald Bridge.”

It is through Universal Love, embracing the value and beauty of
creation in its many forms, and dispelling of fear that we can come together
and heal our Earth. Living consciously and compassionately for all of creation
is crucial so that we may realign with the Cosmos. Universal Love and Harmony is
needed to bring us to higher frequencies of being in the New Age that is upon us. The time is now with no further excuses. The time is now for dispelling of all fear and to remember. The time is now for coming together, for realizing your authenticity, and to see beyond the veil. The time is now for unconditional compassion at the deepest heart-core level.

“The greatest wisdom is in simplicity,” Mr Barrios advised before leaving Santa Fe. “Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It’s not complex or elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It’s encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you. Great teachers have said that from the beginning. Find your heart, and you will find your way.” Carlos Barrios is the author of Kam Wuj: El Libro del Destino, a book published in Spanish that explores Mayan teachings.

The Inspiration Behind Emerald Bridge:

In the human energy system, the source of powerful and creative, unconditional
love energy lies at the center of your chest in the Heart Chakra, or “Anahata,”
in Sanskrit. From its middle position as fourth in a system of seven chakras, it
is the balancing integrator of opposites (between body and spirit, male and
female, persona and shadow, ego and unity) and acts as an energetic “bridge”
between the lower and upper chakras. It is symbolized by a lotus of twelve
petals and the color green, with emerald as one of its associated gemstones. It
is from this place of peaceful centeredness that love emanates as divine power.

This journey of the heart was the inspiration behind creating a
compassionately conscious business that fuses visionary services and creations.
And so, Emerald Bridge was born to reflect and embody the divine and powerful
essence of the Heart Chakra and its integrative, healing synergy. It is my hope
for Emerald Bridge to also inspire today’s visionaries of the world. I believe in the importance of cultivating personal expressions of creative passion and actively manifesting visions into reality. I encourage you to take courageous steps in following your heart’s joy, and to shift into new realities of experience.

Emerald Bridge is an evolving business entity that melds visionary creativity, healing and heart with intention of cultivating authentic expression and bringing people together in joyful co-creation. The future of Emerald Bridge is continually evolving to encompass
new services, creations, offerings and events. To co-create, support, or share
ideas for collaborative projects, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Emerald Bridge - Logo Painting by Tania Marie (an artistic interpretation of the Heart Chakra energy)

Full Moon & the Mayan Moon Goddess – Opening Your Heart Even Wider

On this magickal Sagitarrius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, I wanted to honor the energies abound. So much is available for the embracing. Don’t forget to review your life – discard, release, and then with abundant love and creative inspiration, dream the new into being. A time for wondrous reflection and illumination. If you thought your heart was open enough, it’s time to open it even more! They say we don’t utilize the full capacity of our brains, but the same holds true for our hearts. Let us not forget this healing jewel we each have access to. At any moment we can choose greater, more compassionate, present, limitless love. And this full moon with its abundant Sagitarrian energy, supports this beautifully.

This eclipse is an opportunity to examine your belief systems (Sagittarius) and keep an open mind to new ideas (Gemini – the sign we’re in this month) that will help you to create new structures (Saturn) for the change and transformation that is to come  (Uranus/Pluto).  Yet your heart must remain open, because the work of the soul (Chiron/Neptune) is not yet complete. So enter into the journey of this eclipse free from fear and with a spirit  of adventure and curiosity and you will be on your way.

I am reminded of the Mayan Moon Goddess, Ix Chel, (synchronously that I have tattooed over my heart chakra on my back due to my Mayan, moon and rabbit connection, amongst other things, and in honor of the partnership with my dear departed bunny, Nestor) as I bask in this abundant, opportunistic energy and all that she embodies. Having Moon in Sagitarrius and being born on a full moon definitely makes today feel extra special for me personally, but collectively it is such a potent time of anchoring in what you desire.

Today, as I focus on a synergy of personal and collective healing and envisioning, creative painting, designing and Reiki, along with some other intentful manifesting, I feel my heart set aglow with her loveliness. Remember to dream bigger than ever before with intent for the highest good.

For those of you not familiar with Ix Chel, here is a description for you.

Ix Chel: The Mayan Moon Goddess or “Lady of the Rainbow.” The Mayans, like Buddhists, associated the moon with rabbits. Ix Chel is a shape-shifter, consorting with the rabbit in
spring, as the rabbit is considered the scribe of the moon calendar. She is often depicted holding a rabbit in her arms, a symbol of her life giving abundance and fertility, whose profile can be seen on the face of the moon. She is the Mayan Goddess of creativity (as inspiration for artists), magic, weaving, health, healing, sexuality, childbirth, and the
energy of all water-our most essential life giving ingredient. The Mayan stepped pyramid is Ix Chel’s mountain where she reigns as the feathered serpent energy of transformation.

Ix Chel Statue Depiction

The Three Incan Laws – How to Create the New Earth

All of the work I share is heart-focused on supporting us into a more compassionate, responsibly conscious, integrated and abundantly expansive, loving, joyous, creative experience. There are many ways, modalities, tools, thoughts, beliefs, and steps people can choose to follow and practice and I in no way discount any of their validity if they feel true to, and work for you. We all find our own way through what resonates for us and all are of value.

Everything is a “tool” that can support us in reconnecting, remembering and reactivating our wholeness. When seen in this way and without attachment or used as a crutch to avoid your own divinity, but rather as reminders and awakeners, then you don’t get lost outside of yourself.

I have found that in all of my years of reading, searching, studying, practicing, listening, observing… that what we think is complex can actually be very simple and that we tend to strive for something that is already within us, feeling that there must be more or that we must attain all the knowledge there possibly is before we can actually achieve or create what we desire.

I find this, for myself, to be inaccurate and that the answers lie in the core of our hearts.

I have always been drawn back to ancient civilizations because of my resonance with their simplicity and potent symbolism and have learned to integrate the timeless wisdom of then into the now. I have many ancient symbols, images and writings tattooed on my body for this very reason – part of creating my skin as my own personal portal of sacred art, helping to heal, integrate, activate, and access – bridging physical and spiritual. In simple terms, to return to the innocence of my wholeness, embody what I’ve come to believe, and to be a beacon simply by that being – be the change.

I’ve written a book on this, which you can find at

In the book I describe how I’ve utilized tattoos in this way and how my hands and arms are the one place I have ancient writings and symbols, while the rest of my body is adorned with images, which include the four sacred directions of the Inca medicine wheel as symbolized by animal totems that are guardians of those worlds.

Included in the writings I wear are the Three Incan Laws or Principles, which are simply encompassed in these three words that hold vast meaning.

I’d like to share them, as they speak to the heart of things in simplicity – how we can personally and collectively create the New Earth.

The Three Incan Laws:

1) Munay:

The energy of universal and unconditional love that resides in the heart chakra, bridging our lower and higher selves and is a consciousness of acceptance and appreciation for all creation and All That Is.

The lesson of Munay is “We are One.”

2) Llankay:

The energy of our “work” or “service” towards all living creations and the universe that resides in our physical body coinciding with the first three, lower chakras. It is a state of consciousness where each individual’s soul purpose, or path in life

The tattoos on my inner arms, where you will find the 3 Incan Laws inscribed along with several other ancient scriptures, mantras and symbols.

is in service to their fellow Man as well as the cosmos/the Divine. Shows us it is wise to live consequently and with integrity and without fear. It allows us to express our creativity through our work and can also be thought to symbolize the power of the physical body, or our animal selves.

The lesson of Llankay is “We are all Connected.”

3) Yachay:

When Munay and Llankay are in proper balance and relationship, it allows one to manifest the third Inca law of Yachay or the energy of “wisdom” and is more of an inner knowing and higher consciousness of our “authentic”, or true, selves residing in our three, upper chakras, centering at our 3rd eye. Yachay allows us to have inner peace and joy, through stillness and presence, as we release our identity with the several roles we play in life which have the tendency to bind us down and prevent us from “remembering” who we truly are. Yachay is all about living in the present.

The lesson of Yachay is “All is Well.”

Living by these three principles help to create a world of peace, balance, joy, beauty, grace, and harmony.

Wearing Of The Green – An Expression Of The Heart

As February winters come to a close, we wave goodbye to days of pink hearts and roses and say hello to green sprouts of Spring. Interesting that both Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day both carry an air of blossoming new hope and renewal of joyful splendor, where matters of the heart and life are concerned. Also notable are the colors associated with each, pink and green, both coincidentally representative of the energy of the Heart Chakra. So is green, just the new pink of Spring?

With the approaching “March” on life, we discover flowering blooms abound, precious first breaths and steps from our dear animal friends, and the onset of springtime cleaning of both our inner and outer closets, as we all take stock of what to let go of, and the new we would like to usher in. For many, that new involves change and the desire to let our dreams flourish and our hearts fill with hope. Optimism and abundance are irresistibly bountiful; helping us forget any lingering, dismal feelings. We find ourselves singing a new tune, as the melodies of birds and the phosphorescence of vibrant butterfly swarms enrapture our hearts.

But what do we know of this “green little gig” that envelopes our souls with such needed freshness? A little “Luck of the Irish” might just take us farther than we are aware, so let’s explore. Here is what one Historian, Jason Spence, has to say:

“St. Patrick is the origin of the ‘Luck of the Irish.’ He was a kidnapped Brit who was enslaved and found God on the hills herding sheep as a slave. He escaped. Became a Bishop and returned to bring the faith to the Pagan Irish who believed in the Druids. He received inspiration from God to use the three leaf clover called a shamrock, to explain the Trinity to his flocks who were the descendants of the Celts and Viking invaders. They believed in the ancient Druid’s religion of magic and many gods of nature. That there occurs four leaf clovers was explained that they were the result of God’s melting the Druid beliefs with the Trinity of the Christian beliefs. Irish soldiers conscripted into the British army began wearing the shamrock on their uniforms to bring them “magic” and avoid being killed in battle. Because they were blessed and used by St. Patrick, they believed they were on God’s side and protected by God. This is known as “Wearing of the Green.”

Green, yes green. A color that represents many things to many people–a melting pot of symbolism. The word green is closely related to the Old English verb growan, meaning “to grow.” And isn’t that what Spring is all about? Everything blooming, growing…a never-ending, cyclical process. Growth is our natural state and anything less than this, simply is “unnatural.” Speaking of which, the most common association for green seems to be found in its ties to nature, naturally. Culturally, green has much broader and sometimes contradictory meanings, ranging from it symbolizing hope and growth, to death, sickness, or even what some might call “evil.” Romans used green holly and evergreen as decorations for their winter solstice celebration, Saturnalia, which evolved into a green celebration called Christmas. It is also the traditional color of Islam and was symbolic of resurrection and immortality in Ancient Egypt, where the god Osiris was also depicted as green-skinned. Irish legend states that green clothes attract faeries and aid crops and the “Wearing of the Green” thus symbolizes the birth of springtime. It is known to signify witchcraft for its association with spirits of early English folklores and literatures that also traditionally use it to symbolize nature and its embodied attributes of life, fertility, and rebirth. In metaphysics, the Seven Rays system of Alice Bailey, which classifies different metaphysical personality types of humans, designates those of the third ray of creative intelligence as being “on the Green Ray,” while psychics who see auras refer to those with a green aura as typically having health/healing related occupations and being nature lovers. To me, green is the earth and it’s gardens and the caring for it. It’s the color that stimulates transformation, harmony, fertility, abundance and prosperity, endurance, stability, and regal presence. It represents safe passage (like the green traffic light), balances emotions, calms, and is also the alchemy of consciousness from one realm to another through the spiraling energies of DNA. The feeling of green is earthy and yet still feels very much like liquid, with a fluidity that is enchanting. Think enchanted forest or Emerald Bay of our very own Lake Tahoe, Nevada. And yet mostly, for me, green denotes love.

It is in the stories of the medieval period and in Hinduism that we come to learn how green is a true expression of the all-encompassing heart. Medieval stories portrayed it as representing love and the base, natural desires of man, while the Hindu’s use it to symbolically represent the fourth or Heart Chakra. You see, not only is pink indicative of love and the heart, but green is also a very powerful color linked with unconditional love. This fourth Chakra lies center of our Chakra energy system and is the most powerful energy, in my opinion, that exists. It acts as a bridge between the upper and lower three Chakras; a bridge between all worlds and illusionary divisions. As our Heart Chakra, green has great healing power and protective qualities. It is the one thing we humans can use powerfully when we learn to naturally access it and stay centered in the presence of it’s energy constantly. The Heart Chakra is an impenetrable force of healing that has no boundaries or limitations. It asks that we see, feel, think, and act on a whole other level that is motivated by nothing more than love. When we come from the purity of our hearts and commit to that compassion and acceptance, it implores us to embrace the essence of our being and know the beauty of all of existence, as an extension of ourselves. The Heart Chakra is the jewel of all Chakras, and it’s green energy is the emerald beauty of all gems.

Coincidentally, this brings us back to where we began. Back to a little “Luck of the Irish” energy. It just so happens that the most prominent Irish ring is the Claddagh ring, which has a history dating back to over 300 years and is one of history’s most meaningful and respected jewels. The features of the Claddagh ring symbolize some of the best virtues of human life. The heart held in the hands show love and the hands represent friendship and togetherness, the crown on the heart symbolizes loyalty–all virtues that have increasingly been forgotten in today’s materialistic world. No wonder many people remain fascinated by this Irish ring. People wish that some things would never change. And even though change is natural and inevitable, the core foundation of love that has transcended time, is one thing it wouldn’t hurt to hold on to, and could only benefit us more as we deepen and broaden through its evolvement. Our values and how we treat and honor ourselves, others, and everything around us are telling of what we see as our creation, in respect. Another description of the ring expresses how the heart represents the hearts of each and every member of mankind, in addition to the element which gives everlasting music to the Gael. (Remember that springtime song of birds and love ringing in our ears). The ring is also based on and directly correlative to the Shamrock, one of the oldest symbols of the Holy Trinity among the Irish. This interpretation describes the crown as a symbol of the Father, the left hand as the Son, and the right hand as the Holy Spirit, all caring for the heart in the center, symbolizing humanity. Throughout each varying symbolism, a single theme shines through, specifically that the ring symbolizes the trinity of “Love, Loyalty, and Friendship” or, in Gaelic, “Grá, Dílseacht agus Cairdeas” (pronounced ‘graw, dealshocked ogis cordiss’).

“The hands are there for friendship,

The heart is there for love.

For loyalty throughout the year,

The crown is raised above.”

Taking all of this into account, it becomes very clear, why we find ourselves immersed in good feelings, as we leap into Spring. With all this energy of beauty, renewal, healing, life, and love, it’s no wonder we don’t opt to wear, live, and breathe green all year round. And yet we can, because although the seasons change, the one thing that remains constant, but ever-growing, is the emanating power of our hearts. I am then reminded of the English folksong, “Greensleeves,” which echoes green as the color of lightness in love and the anonymous Irish street ballad, “The Wearing of the Green,” published by Dion Boucicault, from the Irish Rebellion of 1798, which ends in these words:

“And where, please God, we’ll live and die still wearin’ o’ the green!”

Through that emerald glow of love, we can create and be in that lovely energy any moment of the eternity of our lives. And the more we share our green, we can carpet the earth with velvet lawns of unconditional experience. Wearing love and life on our sleeves for always. Sounds good to me! Let us remember and reflect while we embrace the opportunity to begin anew, by planting tomorrow seeds, in the now of today.

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