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Expanding Realities Welcoming Greater Possibilities & Soaring New Heights – Aloha!

As I’ve mentioned in a recent post, we have been exploring new terrain and discovering hidden gems all within and around the Lake Tahoe area – our current home base. Places and spaces I never knew about and had never adventured into during the time I’ve lived in this area in the past, but those were times of inner exploration more than the reflection of the outer that that entailed. They were also times of journeying out and beyond this realm, which then turned inside out and bringing the beyond into my now experience here on this Earth plane in order to merge them both and release myself from the confines created.

This new terrain seems to reflect the new inner landscape and more Cosmic blossoming that is opening further, as more truth is revealed and freedom unleashed.

The more free I become, or rather, I return to embodying and just “being”, the more my spirit overflows and cannot be contained in anyway. This reminding me of my dear Nestor and her huge spirit that was too much for her tiny, yet powerful rabbit body, and now also of my sweet Astrid who more and more reminds me of Nestor’s Spirit and truly feels much more to be a wild rabbit than domesticated one – literally she feels like those incredible Snowshoe Hares I fell in love with in Montana –  and that all of the “fight” she has/had was in response to anything trying to take that away from her or to confine her in unnatural ways not aligned with who she knows herself to be – breaking free from the illusions and being powered over.

This was clearly demonstrated with myself this past Saturday on an epic hike we did with friends to a new and incredibly beautiful and expansive spot – Lake Aloha (reminding me not only of beautiful Montana, but of a Cosmic and otherwordly terrain).

I showed up in an aqua bunny tank top and butterfly skirt over my merfaery bathing suit with my Chaco sandals without a jacket and holding my small matching aqua backpack in my hands – my usual. Everyone else was all geared up, big packs strapped around their bodies, hiking shoes and clothes, hiking poles (except for Dave), jackets and beanies/hats (it was 7:30 am and about 48 degrees), etc.

They felt I could use a jacket (although I was content in the sun and ready to take on the wind of the boatride) so I was given an extra one and then proceeded to strap me into my back pack.

I was not too pleased with the whole thing to say the least LOL! Although very grateful for such caring friends.

I felt confined and so not me.

They snapped this funny photo because I looked/felt like I was in a straight jacket and they all agreed it was so “not” me. We all giggled because it was true.

And as we got to the other side after our boat ride, the jacket came off quickly and was returned, and my back pack slowly found itself unsnapped and then eventually only strung over one shoulder.

One of our friends kept laughing along with me noting how I “just wasn’t having any of it” and slowly was morphing back and returning to myself. LOL!

I later got another trail name, “Pocahontas” (to add to Bunny Love and Five Feathers) from one friend because that seemed to depict more of my hiking “style” in terms of that nature connection and being unequipped with “things” yet grounded in that relationship to all that is around me.

They all said I was a Faery and we know that Faeries need to be free.

Anyway, the point is…the more I know who I really am, the less things that aren’t aligned with that are able to be a part of my reality. I can easily morph and adapt when necessary, but I don’t accept something constricting and binding me anymore unless I choose it myself as a temporary experience to move in and out of.

It’s fun to see this play out and how collectively it reflects a lot as well.

What I’ve also found so extremely exciting and wonderful is how many of the new places we’ve been discovering mirror my other favorite place/s in Montana. I’m seeing how those portals keep opening and manifestation is in action big time (that to include intentions that are one-by-one coming into being).

I’m also increasingly experiencing both a contrasting resonance and peace of knowing and being more myself and merging a grounded experience here, and yet detaching more and more from here. It feels like a continued veil removal and cutting out of the “matrix” so to speak or illusion of what all of this here really is about. (777 word count with that) and with disempowering other energies, being able to carve my own reality as was always my/our ability that we forgot.

It’s like fully pulling back the curtain (not just a glimpse) on the so-called magician and seeing/revealing him/her for what he/she truly is – a puppet master pulling the strings.

The strings are getting cut and true magick is being revealed, which ultimately is the origin of being.

Look at the incredible rainbow light being at the bottom center within the water that appeared

I’m constantly walking this experience of both creating a new reality here and living that in fullness of me, and also simultaneously knowing as much as I’ve become comfortable in this new balance, I have Spirit working out other multi-realities that are simultaneously removing this one. If that even makes sense. I feel both peace in what you see of me and harmony in the elsewhere living this out.

That’s likely as far as I want to take that conversation for now, as it’s beyond words to describe and not necessary at this time.

And the experiences here lately have been mirroring this for me, as well as providing opportunity for deeply expanding explorations while hiking and immersing in these realities created.

I find myself both playing in and removing from at once.

Photos captured of me this past Sunday at Lake Aloha and recently seem to continue to reveal this natural dichotomy and harmony, as well as a playful wisdom that seems to have taken full hold and embodiment….unseriously serious and “in things, but not of them.” I am remembering more fully, and it’s a rich fullness of knowing rather than intellectualizing.

I keep hearing about the intensity of energy being experienced by many in varying ways. The huge changes people are going through, choosing, and being thrust into in challenging ways.

And a lot of focus being put on these energetic events this month….experiences we can choose to harness and transmute in ways perhaps not as thought, but to reveal and be more than what you’ve been told (by any source for that matter).

Yesterday was interesting energetically. There were some expected surprises (if that makes sense), some more revealing of odd energies I’m no sucker for, and some deep symbolism that played out in auspicious ways.

The morning kicked off with Dave scaling a 30 foot borrowed ladder from people painting a house just at the bottom of our huge flight of stairs, which I assisted with. It was quite the process not only carrying this thing, but also in moving it into 4 positions next to our large picture windows (portals). The goal was to clean our windows (especially because 3 birds had left full imprints on the center of each) and to protect our bird family from any further trauma and potential death by placing these snowflake reflective decals on them made just for that. We’ve had so many incidences of birds hitting the window (luckily only majorly stunned and no deaths), but we want to avoid this altogether if possible.

Interestingly, birds are very attracted here, as you’ve seen from posts of mine speaking about the birds that have come to land and explore. I also one day had a group of different birds all congregating and fluttering outside the picture window where I was writing (again another manifestation of what I was infusing in the book). So there may be dual reason to their flying into the windows, which could also be a means to get through the illusion and that they feel the portal energy here.

So yes, Dave risked his own neck to save theirs.

But the ladder and climbing to such heights to these portal windows was so symbolic too…and my supporting the anchoring of them for Dave, was kind of a cool symbolism as well.

I won’t bore you with the details of our task, which was highly stressful, but in the end successful.

After, we returned the ladder back down the stairs and I found a Steller’s Jay feather not far from where we took it.

Then Dave said, look over there across the street. There’s a dead Steller’s Jay. So I left Dave and went immediately to him. I find SO many Steller’s Jay feathers and they are always around me these days, as well as all around our deck and trees outside our windows.

I knew I was to take him with me and got the message (reiterated later, before knowing this, by my shamanic friend Dawn) that he was gifting me his wings and tail as well – a merging of his medicine into my own to honor and carry with me, as well as to aid the process/experience I’ve been sharing about. So I picked him up gently and carried him up the 105 steps to the side of the building where we had been

I’ve shared before about Steller’s Jay:

They symbolize bold, fearless energy, and the power of presence and how to use personal power effectively. The crest on their heads connect them to the sky and above, drawing energy and wisdom through the crown and reminding us that our true power needs to be applied in a balanced way that integrates both spirit and body, mind and heart. Since they are very resourceful, they too symbolize adaptability and how to do so more efficiently. They also symbolize a great amount of talent, but a talent that needs to be developed and used wisely. In this way they mirror to us, if one has also appeared for you, that this is a time in your life where you can begin to support the inherent wisdom within you to mature and come forth in a bigger way. Steller’s Jay also alerts us that anything of value, spiritual growth, and relationships takes work and they show us how to activate our internal resources to do this. Communication abilities are strong, access to memories and assimilation of them come to awareness, risk taking, seizing opportunities, discovering new things to explore, balancing intelligence with silence and patience to align with divine timing all come through Steller’s Jay in message. Their crest that reaches up also places attention at the energy centers of the head/crown, indicating an increase in new spiritual knowledge and wisdom that may become activated. – this indicating a psychic channeling of information from the crown. (A message I was given twice in my channeled readings received in Sedona, twice at two different intervals over the last 2 years about energy no longer being moved up the spine like Kundalini usually does for most, but that I’d be channeling through my crown now in this next part of my life.

This gift – like a rebirthing again of the Steller’s Jay energy into my own felt hugely important and supports this grounded soaring of Cosmic origin that I’m experiencing and feels more like embodied spirit.

I did an energetic honoring and blessing and then buried the Steller’s Jay under the picture window portals. I placed 5 stones (one at center and 4 around to the 4 directions).

I then remembered that when we transitioned the previous owner’s refrigerator out of our place to put in our new one, I had found Fiver’s little body I kept frozen in it until Winter thawed enough to bury him properly. I had forgotten he was there and discovered him just two Saturdays ago. I knew the timing would reveal itself on where and when to bury him.

Yesterday was the day. And so after I buried the Steller’s Jay, I went to retrieve Fiver and brought him down wrapped in the sweet little white cloth I’d placed him in that was his bedding. I also remembered the only raw quartz that had been found at Lake Aloha on Sunday – only granite was all around so this quartz seemed out of place. So I knew to bury it along with Fiver and took it too.

I went down and did the same with doing an energetic honoring and blessing for Fiver and buried him a couple of feet from the Steller’s Jay in the same manner. After, I found 2 small heart stones that I placed on top of the center stones to each of their burials.

Everything felt full circle…closure…great peace….and I knew these dear ones would not only aid others to journey beyond and through the portals as they have, were, and now guarded as way showers, but would also infuse their wisdom, protection, and energy to the other mice, birds, and animals here, not to mention be guardians and teachers of that wisdom for anyone living here.

Both of their spirits soaring and a part of my own – of anyone’s ready to listen and remember.

And I’m listening to Astrid as well and I sense she, too, is exhibiting what I’m discovering along with her.

Just in the last few days she’s expanded as well and came to me for the first time in a dream – the way my sweet friends communicate with me in more depth. In the dream she hopped very high with exuberance, three times for me. It not only indicated her joy, but to me felt reflective of these new leaps and heights of experience now opening and the #3 has its own significance for me as well.

And then I woke immediately finding her in wake life running and jumping too. She also just learned how to hop up on the bed and is excited about that – this morning hopping up and me finding her whiskers brushing my face, as she came to wake me.

Things are definitely and sweetly expanding and reaching new heights (in all directions) and there is this sense of having reached a precipice and just catching glimpse and feeling of what lies beyond…and beyond…and beyond…

Lightness, Laughter & Love ~ Full Circle Renewal & Inspiration


It’s been a fully packed and fun filled last several days with Lynne Day “in da house,” but wanted to send out some Easter wishes of renewal, creativity, and cosmic expansion. Between the back-to-back Sedona and friend visit here in Tahoe, it’s really felt like a celebration of Spring, joy, and inspiration. I know not everyone is experiencing the openings and flow, but within every experience is opportunity for us to embrace and make new choices.

It’s not that I don’t come up against challenges or have a lot of contrasting things come up around me, but it’s my approach to life, the inner peace I’ve found, understanding things from a bigger picture perspective, and having put to practice a process that is now natural, that enables me to be in the experience and reality of my own choosing without being thrown off my balance.

Anyway, I don’t intend this to be a long blog, but did want to reshare this post on Easter and rabbits for anyone interested and open to exploring more:

Rabbits, Cosmic Eggs, Pagan Goddesses & Transition – Easter Origins & Awareness

And I also wanted to briefly share the joyous and inspiring energy from the last few days of Lynne’s visit, which although was only 2 1/2 days, was quite rich and packed in a bunch.


We got to experience a lot, which included belly laughs until we literally cried and cried, shenanigans galore (or as Lynne calls them, bananigans), good food, good conversation, lots of nature time and exercise (Lynne and I would go out on a hike before lunch, then again with Dave after lunch, outdoor music and food, play time with the kitties, a bald eagle sighting and connection (her spirit animal), lots of goose fun, tons of discoveries and treasures, both snow days and sunshiny warm and crystalline still days, a sound bath by me with my crystal bowls, and yes, banana time! (For more background on the “bananas” please visit the link on Lynne’s name at the beginning).

On our last day banana we decided to seal our banana relationship once and for all with a little ceremony and activation all choreographed by us, directed and inspired by Lynne, and executed solely by us. You’ll see some of the photos below of the “nuptials” and celebrations….the banana adventures have just begun!

(Photo disclaimer: It has to be mentioned that these shots were all taken solely by us bananas…yes, even the panorama shots of us at both ends was intricately directed by Lynne and executed by us where one of us would start out in position while the other started the panoramic filming…then once out of lens would run and take over camera duties while the other ran into position in time to be in the shot. Lol!! And we did them in one take!!!!)


If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook, I’ve already posted our journey there, so I’ll just share some of the photos here to hopefully infuse some lightness, laughter, and love in your day.

As truly, that is what matters the most.

How much you can find the humor in things, enjoy what there IS, take things lightly, and feel the love constantly flowing through you.


After the “nuptials” we met Dave for another outdoor, live music lunch before Lynne flew off.


My parents then gave us a surprise visit a few hours after Lynne left.

mom and dad.jpg

Isn’t my mom adorable? She posed this way herself with two pine cones (one she found and one I found for her – both she was taking home). As above, so below….A true Faery!


We took them on a walk along the Lake, which gifted us all this, which I’m sharing with you and hope it brings all things full circle, as I’ve been seeing in my own life with everything.

sundog panorama


Exploring, Unveiling & Rebirthing in the Lake Louise & Banff Area


Last week was one I will not forget. Some major energetic shifts, literal timeline jumps, and bigger picture energetics unfolded that were life changing and potent indeed. The details are far too involved and likely too challenging to convey for understanding and I’m not feeling guided to go into sharing at this time. However, I will share nature’s beauty that was surrounding us during our week in the Lake Louise and Banff areas to focus on the magick and mystery so richly around and available to navigate, yet not for the faint of heart and soul.


I will say that since being in Canada I’ve felt a big energetic shift in general and in the very touristy, packed areas of Banff and Lake Louise I sense energy dynamics that were not once there in years previous, but creating quite a vortex of energy to navigate through with utmost conscious, heightened awareness.

I continue to find myself drawn into experiences and traversing where healing, harmonizing, and balancing energies are desired by the sacred land and collective. And I will say that that path is not an easy one to be on and embracing it has me walking fine lines and slipping through veils, not to mention encountering and working with challenging energies and forces.


Here is a generalized summary of where we explored, for anyone who may feel called to visit the area, or who wants to know what they’re looking at, interspersed with photos from the week.


First day: Bow Lake and Glacier Falls Hike where an amazing magickal rainbow greeted us. A sign and affirmation that all would unfold divinely, regardless of how it seemed.


Second day: Lunch and errands in Banff at Nourish Bistro (an all vegan and vegetarrian restaurant), followed by grocery stocking up at Nester’s Market (Nestor was strongly by my side) and checking out the Banff gondola, and returning near our campground to hike around Moraine Lake.


Third day: Lunch at Indian Curry House in Banff (delicious!) before kayaking from Banff Falls to Canmore on the Bow River, which had been delayed the previous day, ending up falling on the Leo New Moon of this day. Did 10 miles on it then hiked 4 and a half on this portal day of potent and transformative unfoldings. My friend Janet and a new friend of hers, Anna, had just arrived that evening, picked us up, and we had dinner together in Lake Louise Village. Saw an osprey and our first great blue heron in a long time on the river this day.


Fourth day: Took it easy, rested, painted, took care of things at home, then made our way to Lake Louise seeing some deer, caught some orbs for the first time around the front of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, then hiked around Lake Louise seeing beautiful white seagulls on the aqua glacial water, as well as golden-mantled ground squirrel.


Fifth day: More painting, then picked up Janet and Anna from their hike nearby leaving them at Moraine Lake Lodge to rest while we hiked to Consolation Lakes and connected with a hoary marmot. We returned to the lodge for refreshments and snacks and made plans to meet up with Janet and Anna again later at the Upper Banff Hot Springs for a relaxing soak after another visit to Nester’s Market. We saw a large black bear running along the edge of the forest on our way there.


Sixth day: Janet and Anna left to head back to my friend Hillary’s ranch where they are working and we took the Lake Louise Gondola up the mountain to see the stunning views while hiking around a bit. I found some raw quartz at the top of the mountain and golden eagle sighting. Upon returning to our Lake Louise Campground we took a walk along the Bow River – the same we had kayaked down, which runs along the campground and is just across the way from our site.


Seventh day:  Packed a picnic lunch and drove out toward the icefields. We missed the turn and ended up on the other highway, which aligned us in perfect time for sightings. It took us to the spiral tunnels where we perfectly timed seeing a massively long train (longest I’ve ever seen) go through them, then as we turned back to our car, on the right of the highway we came across a second black bear. Then as we neared our destination of Bow Summit Lookout Trail we came upon two grizzlies, one of which was still there on the way back after the hike. We stopped to connect more, as they munched on berries coming about 15 feet from the car, just completely absorbed in filling their bellies on berry delicacies so we were able to peacefully tune in with them. On the hike another marmot was hanging out taking in the view with us overlooking the stunning vista of Peyto Lake and Glacier. And another golden-mantled ground squirrel said hello. There were tons of amazing mushrooms on this hike of many varieties.


Eight day: On our last day of transitioning from Banff National Park to Jasper National Park, we stopped at the Columbia Icefield where we were surrounded by glaciers galore and beautiful vistas of this glacial zone. We stopped and had lunch in the rv overlooking the glaciers and took in the sights, as well as stopped in at the Glacier Discovery Center. We didn’t take any of the helicopter or adventure rides out on the glacier, nor did we do the skywalk, which is further down the highway, as there were so many people and we’d already experienced this in a much more intimate way in Alaska, so just being in the energy and seeing these glaciers was powerful enough. I did manage to get a photo of the Glacier Adventure vehicle out on the glacier though.


Our 5+ hour journey from Banff National Park to Jasper National Park took us through this vista, which to me symbolized, most literally, the veils that were crossed during the week’s experiences and the new realities of potential manifesting through the journey as I continue embracing more of my essence including my inner mountain goat.



If you’d like a look at the animals I mentioned seeing during this week, please visit:

Animal Medicine Encounters

We are now at our new home at the gateway to Jasper National Park and the energy has shifted and continues integrating into more clarity and balance. There are changes with our journey upcoming and with things for me personally too, but still working that out right now. Just listening to the messages and going where the energy is guiding.


Soul Retrieval in Kootenay National Park


Our continued time in the mountains here in Kootenay National Park has further enriched my connection to the sacredness of all life, as I draw forth the roots of my beingness. I’m feeling the integration that has been percolating and shifting, taking root and although I’ve been transparent in that process, I’m really feeling most true at this time to what I’ve come to know and evolve about myself. There’s a strength I don’t believe I’ve revealed until now and it has come through this journey to integrate my human and star self.

We were home-based in Edgewater, British Columbia this past full week (Sunday through Sunday), just minutes from Kootenay National Park and Radium Hot Springs at a peaceful golf resort where there’s only 7 RV sites in the main area and 3 non-hookup sites in a different area.

We started out with a view of the playground, which brought lots of wildlife sightings each morning, then decided to move to an expansive view of the mountains, forest, and golf course for the other half of the week giving us beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


The week has continued with more deep wildlife connections, some being incredibly shifting for me.

We’ve also immersed in nature and outdoor adventures with hikes and kayaking, but also balanced out with nurturing time at the hot springs and spa…all being very symbolic and supportive.

Our first day was a gentle touch in, checking things out at Radium Hot Springs to see what we wanted to do there during the week and picking up some hiking info, then proceeded to explore Olive Lake and Cobb Lake Trails.


The water was so beautiful…Olive Lake was more like Emerald Lake with its amazing green and Cobb Lake continued with these vibrant greens merged with blue.

I was feeling very much in dragonfly mode and this was mirrored by the huge amount of small blue dragonfly nymphs and much larger royal dragonflies fluttering all about me and the water.

Once again I was in awe at how what I’m wearing and how I’m feeling seems to merge with nature around me, finding myself looking and emanating much of that blue dragonfly nymph energy as you can see.


Was it I reflecting them, or them reflecting me?

I believe it was a mutual dance we’d aligned in harmony together with.

A lot of dragonfly energy on this day was around….even while driving there we had dragonflies flying at the window of the Magick Bus.


As mentioned, energy started off gently and also with this lightness, but as the week progressed the energy took a turn into a very strong presence I felt had been activated and another part of me revealed.

This shedding was both literal and symbolic, as the next day would reveal.

It started off with three animal spirit guide visitations in the morning without having to venture out hiking for the day.

First, a young mule deer buck said hi just as I woke up at 6 am and peeked outside.


Then, not too much later, miss snowshoe hare and and a mule deer doe said good morning.


All of them curiously exploring this whole rv living thing up close for themselves, but also with no one else up and about, felt very much as an encounter for me.

I was so excited that this time the snoeshoe hare lingered long and I was able to capture a photo of her. Such an amazingly powerful presence these snoeshoe hares carry, which is very different from other rabbits. Quite bold, confident, and with great sense of their magick I feel. Definitely like my Nestor.

We decided it would be our spa and soak day, so after an errand to the local post office in Radium, we headed for Radium Hot Springs and went to the Pleiades!

The Pleiades Spa and Wellness that is. 😉


But it did feel to be quite the “out of this world” journey that continued into dream time that night that was induced by a wild lightning and thunder storm in the middle of the night that felt like it was activating a portal of dreaming.

That night I dreamed of different things including a dream in which I was known and recognized by others as a medicine woman and another with these three magickal white and almost painted, other worldly hawk feathers – one of which I was gifted.

At the Pleiades I was drawn to choose an exfoliating body glow treatment with a combo hydrating massage following.

As I mentioned, I felt this was important and key for my literal shedding of old skin that was energetically taking place. I even mentioned to the therapist I was in snake mode.

And so I had this amazing treatment, which left my skin the softest, most glowing, dewy, and renewed I can ever remember it looking and feeling. It didn’t hurt that she used these awesome Om Organics products (I chose the orange blossom and ylang ylang for invigoration) from a local company just 15 or so minutes from where we were staying. The effects of these products continued for days and I even noticed that as I my skin tanned throughout the week with all the time in the sun, it was this new color I haven’t seen it – reminding me of native skin.

I ended up getting some products on our return visit because I loved them so much and want to be able to continue the renewing and shedding when desired.


Anyway, it was a day of invigorating renewal and sinking into myself more deeply, which I started off by putting together a light rainbow infused salad before heading to the spa/hot springs of baby romaine, grape tomatoes, avocado, smoky jalapeno sauerkraut, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, hemp seeds, and balsamic vinaigrette.


I wanted a full inside and out experience.

Before and after our treatments we spent the afternoon and evening hot and cold soaking in the outdoor hot springs pools, as well as the indoor private hot jet tub and steam room – all feeling symbolic of different aspects of the process I was inducing.


It felt perfectly symbolic of that snake shedding layers of old skin that I felt drawn to literally let go of.

It’s amazing how we can invoke literal experiences by engaging intention with action.

The spa also has Glow raw organic gluten free superfood offerings of juices, smoothies, and grab-and-go goodies. So there’s a lot of pure goodness here to experience for all around nurturing.

Our next day we kayaked down the Columbia River starting in Invermere, BC taking us 10 1/2 miles. The Columbia River is the “largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America at 1243 miles long and is the 4th largest river in the U.S. by volume, having the greatest flow of any North American river draining into the Pacific.” ~ (from Wikipedia)


This was an incredibly peaceful day, as we were completely alone on the river, which was a gentle flowing one, creating a state of being in total peace and solitude, as one with nature, and no other sounds but occasional birds, bald eagles, and one train that went by and tooted a hello from the tracks that run adjacent to the river.


I had a huge revelation this day that shifted things deeply and it opened an emotional connection that felt detoxing and purifying.

This day of kayaking in serenity was perfect after our light immersing and renewing day to gently transition into the new while surrendering and allowing that new energy to take form.

We were gifted connection with 4 bald eagles, three baby osprey, a bald eagle and osprey nest, and one doe on this river journey.


The next day was a quiet day solely for creative channeling and painting of Magick Stones. During this sacred experience, two new does visited, which were very interesting to me.

Each had distinct and unique physical attributes – one with what was like a birthmark on her face…the other having a smaller version of this, more like freckles, but with one ear bent backwards. Either this was from an injury or she was born this way.


They were very different than the two cosmic does in East Glacier that showed up as manifestations of Joy and Nestor, and yet these two were very special to me, reflecting a vulnerable and authentic, very Earthy nature and reminding me of Cosmo and his unique qualities who is still hugely powerful for a little guy with special needs.

It was nice to allow all of the energies experienced to work their magick through my painting. I’ve been awed by how the energy is revving in this batch of Magick Stones and what people are sharing in their experiences with them has been nothing short of incredible. I’m deeply honored to be sharing this sacred exchange with others and for the experiences that are helping to make the channeling possible.

Our days continued with more deer – lots of deer energy this week! – when the next morning brought a new group of them by. This time it was a mother with two spotted fawns.


I loved these little ones that reminded me of twin energy. I have continued thoroughly enjoying the interaction and connections between mother and babies in the wild. Such a sacred bond that is driven by a deep connection that transcends all. I feel the same thing with Cosmo, and the way we communicate mirroring so much of what I see with these mothers and little ones.

We decided on a hike this day and headed to Redstreak Creek Trail.

On the way we saw a mountain goat. Mountain goats have been so important for me lately in terms of my Capricorn energy I’ve been invoking more literally.


Plus, I’d had a vision of one of those white shaggy mountain goats at one of the sacred places we’ve visited, unknowing that they actually live in the area we’re in now. I have not seen one of them yet, but that energy has been strongly with me and I’ve been intending to see mountain goats so I was super excited by this sighting and connection.

Synchronously, the mountain goat is Kootenay National Park’s wildlife symbol since there is a large population of goats here. Perfect for the energy I am invoking currently!

We then continued on the hike, which was very lush, wet, and feeling like a vernal womb. Rebirthing in action for sure.


Our day finished out relaxing at our site where I caught some rays even though it was 6:30 in the evening, as the sun is out long and is powerful through to the night.

It was a beautifully expansive sky that enveloped me in its magick above…the subtle rainbow rays reflecting the creative power surging through.


Another day of hiking followed, which took us to Dog Lake and crossing two bridges over Kootenay River, which we would end our time with the last day by being on it, instead of traversing over it.


Two golden eagles began this day – our first sightings of these – then another mountain goat. Yay!


We’d driven past this second mountain goat after I pointed it out, but I wanted to connect more so asked Dave to drive back. This proved timely, as because we’d done so it brought us in divine alignment with a baby moose after.

After the goat connecting we headed back up the highway when I eyed the little one. She was going to try to cross the highway and I feel it was lucky we were there, as perhaps she’d have met with a different outcome.

When we got closer, she became alarmed by our car and it triggered her to jump back (a very healthy response in my opinion, as I constantly see wildlife continue across highways not understanding the danger, feeling they can make it with not understanding the speed and power of cars, or being disoriented and unable to react). I was glad to see this little one already knew this and had quick responses to what she perceived. As she did so, her hooves slipped on the cement and she fell. It was just temporary, as she immediately got back up and was fine. We’d slowed to a stop to ensure we weren’t in any way endangering her. She then made her way across and because of our being stopped, the cars on the other side of the highway stopped to let her pass too. And off she went into the trees.

I was just hoping that mom was waiting for her on the other side, as it was odd to see a baby moose by herself and in general rare to see a moose, especially when it’s hotter in temperature outside since they need shade without ability to regulate their body temperature.


Anyway, for some reason this experience was very powerful for me on a level I can’t explain in words. I can just say that this little, but big baby moose was special and opened and connected a part of me that was needed. I got extremely emotional, but it was beyond the incident. It touched something deep in my heart and it was like I suddenly understood something profound about myself without having to explain it.


The feeling stayed with me the rest of the day and I reflected on it as we soaked in the pools again, deciding to return to Radium Hot Springs after our hike to close out the evening.

Our last day we decided to kayak down Kootenay River. The last two times we’d kayaked, we’d had a taxi drop us at our put in spot and left our car at the end point.

This time we decided to leave our bikes at the end point and drive to the start, then bike back to get the car. A full adventure indeed.

We didn’t know much about this river, but ran into some people putting in their raft that had done this river before, while we were checking out our starting and ending points. They helped us decide on these and they said we’d be fine in our kayak.

So off we dropped our bikes and headed back to where we’d seen the people and away we went.


We ended up kayaking 15 miles down Kootenay River through class 2, but mostly 3 rapids. This is something neither of us had done on our own in terms of this level of rapids. We’ve been on rafting trips of this nature with a guide, but it was something else to navigate on our own – quite fun and invigorating.

We were alone on the river and worked like a seamless team. Me at the helm paddling my heart out – forward ho! Dave at the back steering us through the obstacle course of rocks and rapids.


I felt cell memory take over and this soul recognition became the embodiment of me in the now becoming one with the river and integrating who I once was navigating it with determined knowing.

I felt stronger than ever. I felt my native roots take hold. My Mars in Capricorn in the first house was in full activation and embodiment, and it was incredibly empowering, invigorating, and activating.


It made me think how this part of me is the one most people likely don’t know of me or see….perhaps feeling more of my Faery, cosmic, and flowing essence, but there is a strong, courageous, determined, very physical, and fierce me as well….the Earthy grit and power that merges with the soft and mutable magick.

We all have layers and, for me, it’s been about unveiling those layers and learning to integrate them into a harmonious balance that work together in partnership all the time and that aren’t hidden, but transparent. We can move in and out of each energy when the occasion arises and yet they will all always be present as the tapestry of who we are as an expression of All That Is.

Yet I intend for this to be a seamless experience.

Alchemy of the soul in action.


Needless to say, our kayaking trip down Kootenay was amazing and along the river we saw 4 does and some geese. A golden eagle flew low in front of our car, across the dirt and gravel road as we left, and right before we turned in to our rv park, a young buck showed up bringing things to full circle closure since a buck had welcomed me that first morning here.

But when we took out at the end of our kayaking trip down the river, lightning began to light up the sky behind the mountains and thunder proceeded to echo through my soul.

Recently I’ve been reading a series of medicine woman/shaman books – on my third of 5 right now – and they’ve felt to be a seamless reflection for experiences lately and shifts taking place within.

That night I was reading and came across something in the book about lightning and how it is said to be a gift from the mountain spirits, announcing its presence and protection for a new shaman. I reflected on the synchronicity of this and thinking on how this part of me feels to have been increasingly stirring through all that I’ve been calling up.


My intense connection with the mountains, forests, Earth, and animals has brought forth the parts of me I’ve been awaiting. Or perhaps All That Is has been awaiting me to bring it forth. 🙂

I went to sleep after reading for a bit and I woke in the middle of the night. I never go on my stomach, but for some reason I turned over on it and was facing the window. My eyes were parallel to the portion at the bottom that was partially open – meaning the blinds were raised up just past where my eyes reached to let in air. It was like I was being guided by some inner force that wanted me awake and looking out the window right at that moment.


Suddenly a huge flash of lightning struck so bright right into my eyes and lighting the entire black sky, followed by thunder like the drumming of the sky spirits. It was so crazy bright and instantly I remembered what I had read before going to sleep.


I turned over and went to sleep thinking on how uncanny the timing was of me being awoken, turning, and then lightning flashing in my eyes. It felt like an activation took place, and an initiation of new power I was ready for had been triggered.

I am experiencing deep retrieval of my ancient native roots for sure.


I share this from the Lake Louise Campground where we currently are for a full week to explore Banff National Park and the areas around that call. We’ve been here just two days, but already major magick is at hand. Tomorrow my friend Janet, whom you may remember from a few posts of our time in Wyoming, Grand Teton, and the start of Yellowstone, is coming to visit again with her dog Daisy. They’ll be hanging out for a few days, as she takes a break from her time at my friend Hillary’s ranch about 6 hours away.

We are staying in a dry site this time, only with electricity, and wifi is very intermittent, so I’ll do my best to update as I’m able.

For now, wishing you all peace to your hearts as you navigate these wild, but oh so promising times.

Crossing the Border ~ Waterton Lake National Park Adventures

tania and dave

We journeyed across the border Sunday, saying goodbye to the U.S. for a while and hello to Canada for the next 3 1/2 months. Waterton Park was our touchdown in Alberta, home-based just 5 minutes from the Waterton Lake National Park entrance to venture there for daily explorations. We immediately immersed ourselves in the unknown adventure awaiting, which ended up being the maiden voyage of the S.S. Magick Boat on beautiful Waterton Lake, followed by a day each of hiking and mountain biking, which included encounters with 5 grizzlies and more animal friends, giving us a well rounded experience of this beautiful area.

Our journey across the border was virtually uneventful other than a lot of questioning in different versions of whether or not we had firearms or weapons of any nature with us.


We said no to the creative rewordings of the questions and added we were vegan and choose a compassionate lifestyle without violence. The border patrol smiled.

So onward we went, shifting into a different energetic realm on the other side of this border.


To say the vistas were stunning is an understatement and we had a lovely view from our peaceful site for 3 nights once again, too.


Waterton makes up the other half of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and shares the beauty of Glacier, merging it with its own uniqueness.

So, after lunch on arrival we set off for the park and caught a glimpse of the whimsical Prince of Wales Hotel in its enchanting setting. So we decided to check it out after first stopping in the park along Waterton Lake.


The Prince of Wales Hotel is like a gingerbread castle amidst fantasy land.


Such a spectacular setting and view from atop the hill where it sits with panoramic views of Waterton Lake and surrounding mountains. And the views inside of this vintage hotel were equally stunning, as we explored the lobby where you can take in Afternoon Tea between 1 and 5pm with a reservation to enjoy tea, sandwich squares, and pastries for $30.


Although we did not end up eating at the Prince of Wales, we did check out the Royal Stewart Dining Room’s dinner menu to see what options are around for vegans and found a couple of vegan friendly menu items that sounded delicious, which included:

  • Quinoa Chickpea Ratatouille: House made quinoa, black bean, and chickpea cake baked (hold the goat cheese they top it off with) Served on a bed of roasted root vegetables and balsamic tomato ratatouille with a bouquet of chef’s daily vegetables
  • Pineapple Red Curry: Mixed vegetables sautéed in a coconut and curry pineapple sauce finished with fried tofu, grilled naan, grilled pineapple, served with a lemon thyme jasmine rice

After exploring a little inside the hotel, we went on the other side of the window view we’d seen from the Afternoon Tea lobby to see it from the outside.


The incredible vistas here continued and mirrored some of what we’d been seeing in Glacier National Park, which makes sense since Waterton is at the north end of Glacier.


It was a gorgeous and windless day so we decided on trying out our new kayak.

Since weather has been getting really nice, now that we’re further into summer and we’d be visiting a lot of gorgeous lakes and rivers, Dave thought it would be fun to have a little something to float and get around on the water with. I agreed.

We would now be taking our experiences onto the water to literally immerse with and flow on the waves of life rather than only connecting with them from land.


We didn’t feel at this time to invest in something major, plus we don’t have room to store a kayak since we already have a cargo box on our tow vehicle and no room anywhere else.

So Dave found us the best little inflatable kayak he could find and we both remarked how great and comfortable it was once we got it on the water.


For a limited investment and having one that we can deflate and store away in our cargo box, it was a great choice for us and made our day on Waterton Lake much fun.

The little kayak is an Intex “Explorer K2”, which I thought was cool given our RV is a Fleetwood “Discovery”.

Exploring and Discovering indeed we are. 🙂

But of course we had to name our new kayak and it was a simple and logical process – we named her the Magick Boat!

So we now have a Magick Bus and a Magick Boat.

maiden voyage ss magick boat

And we took the S.S. Magick Boat on its maiden voyage across stunning Waterton Lake, beaching it twice to explore some little hidden beaches all to ourselves.

We remarked how quiet the lake was compared to our beloved Lake Tahoe at this time of year. It was like our own private lake and with a windless day, the water was beautifully still and of course mirroring the crystal clearness we have been seeing.


We also got to enjoy more magickal views of the Prince of Wales Hotel from the water.


A perfect first day in Waterton for sure.

On our second day we made 1pm reservations on the Akamina Hiker Shuttle to take us into the part of the park that was closed due to construction and only could be accessed via taking this shuttle to particular hikes available. This restricted the amount of people there and also took us further into the wild beauty.

We decided on Wall Lake as our hike, which is actually in British Columbia. This is a 6.5 mile hike that takes you to an Alpine lake in BC Provincial Park.


So you end up actually crossing the continental divide as you meander through the beauty dense and enchanted forest, across streams, and then across a field leading to the lake that is surrounded by a wall of mountains, hence the name Wall Lake.


It was gorgeous and peaceful and became our day of grizzly sightings galore with five total on this hike.

Remember in a previous post I mentioned how Dave had been wondering why we hadn’t yet seen any bears and I’d told him we would when their energy was important for us to encounter and their medicine and messages aligned with what we need. It was just a timing thing.

Then we saw the big black bear on our last day in Glacier and now on our second day in Waterton, 5 grizzlies.

I guess that bear energy was in full gear!

We’ve seen hundreds of grizzlies (VERY up close and personal) in Alaska (one of my most favorite places) on our amazing bear expedition we did by helicopter, dropping us in the middle of grizzly central.

You might remember the incredible photos from that experience: TLC, Resting With Angels On Cloud 9 & Rising Anew To An Even Lesser Traveled Road ~ I Love Alaska

I’m sharing that link so you can check out the incredible encounters and photos of the grizzlies we had, since I haven’t photos this time to share. More on that below.

Well, now we got to see them by “chance” just doing our thing hiking through the forest.

Our first sighting took place within the first ten minutes, as what appeared to be a young grizzly on its own, came down the path ahead of us. He wasn’t a cub and not a full grown, so likely about 3 in age since grizzly moms are known to rear their cubs for 2 – 3 years (keeping yearlings a bit longer with them).

It was an incredible experience, just like in Alaska. We realized after a few seconds that he had been wandering along the path, but then two women up ahead had caught glimpse of him and started making loud noises to alert and chase him off.

So he was getting away from them, but coming to us.

We just stopped, took a few steps back, stayed calm, and watched him, while I held the energy and also turned around to forewarn the two girls that we were aware were not too far behind us, so that they didn’t get frightened and do anything silly. We both said hi to him and made him aware of our presence.

He definitely seemed to want to get away from the noise the women were continuing to make even though he was away from them, which made him want to duck for cover and a little disoriented, so after seeing us and connecting for a bit, he then shuffled his way down the side of the path into the trees before the two girls behind us could see him.

Grizzly encounter 1.

We continued the hike, venturing through the beautiful enchantment of the forest.

And then at the end of the hike, not far from our first sighting, we got the chance to connect with a mother grizzly and her three cubs.

We came upon two girls – different ones – interesting each of the three sets of people around the grizzlies were two girls or women. Anyway, when these two girls saw us they were incredibly happy. I mean like life affirming, relieved happy to see us.

They told us that we were like life savers, as they had been petrified seeing a mother and her cubs ahead on the path. And so they had stayed where they were, basically paralyzed in fear and not wanting to go on, for a half an hour.

Curiously, we discovered they both carried bear spray, which is a powerful pepper spray.

The looks on their faces was like we saved them from near death, which made me glad we could be there to help them feel at peace, but also sad that we are so conditioned by fear to stop any enjoyment of things that could be incredible. More on that shortly.

Anyway, the mom and cubs had gone off a half an hour ago, but they were still too scared to move.

So we went on ahead of them and they scurried behind us.

Next thing we know, we hear them talking loud and things like “nice bear” and they hurry up to us.

The mom and cubs were off to the left of the path and the girls were in fear once again. Dave and I walk a few steps back and see them in the trees to the left just up from the trail. The girls tell us they’re out of there and make a bee line to the end of the trail, while Dave and I watched for a few minutes, again holding the energy, but peacefully.

There was a mom and three cubs and they were not in the least bit interested in anyone, nor feeling threatened, as they were playing in the trees. We got to see the little ones climbing the trees and them eating and just being a family together.

What a beautiful connection and sight, done safely and without need for bringing fear into the equation.

Since I haven’t any photos, I’ll share this one of a mom and three cubs that we saw in Alaska, which mirrors exactly what this little family here in Waterton looked like, but in the trees.



Amazing that now we’d seen two sets of moms with three cubs. Grizzlies can have 1 – 4 cubs, but average is 2 – 3.

Then we headed down and joined the girls and a few other hikers who had passed us, to wait for the shuttle back.

Grizzly encounter 2.

So here’s my take on this.

I’m very cautious and I always before ALL hikes send out harmonious and protective energies for us AND the animals.

I let them know we come in peace and that there is no need for defensiveness.

I intend and share that we can connect safely for the highest good of all of us.

And perhaps this is why I/we encounter so many amazing animal experiences and connections in ways most don’t.

I honestly feel that there needs to be healthy relationships with animals not based on fear. And that we need to get back to being in harmony and having that sacred relationship with them, the plants, land, elements, and Earth at large. Not to mention, with each other as well.

We are so conditioned by fear.

I know I carry my own like with sharks, which is something I have worked on and been able to shift immensely. I believe it can all be integrated and simply mirrors something within us that we aren’t willing to embrace. For instance, sharks carry such a potent primordial energy that embraces shadow aspects within that if transmuted can be extremely empowering to dance with that energy rather than fear it.

We have built in fears around “predators” and guess what? That carries through to our fears about people, others different than us, and so-called authority figures or even energies, beings, and people in “false” power that places us into victim mode.

We are only powerless and can be powered over if we allow it. But we can also rise up and be our own power that works in harmony with other energies rather than fights, fears, and flees it.

I feel we can integrate and work with those energies to shift things and change the collective dynamic.

That’s not to say that I think you should go out and do really dumb things and place yourself purposefully into a situation to try and prove something. Nor, do I feel that one is always aware of their underlying energies at work and so doing silly things may place you in danger.

But there is a healthy balance and there is also a call for us to become more aware of where these fears stem from, what they mean, and to be willing to work with them so that we can shift the dynamics at play.

Not just simply BE in fear and never do anything because of that.

Everyone we meet is always in panic mode about bears. This panic placed those two girls in a state of paralysis. Imagine how that trickles into one’s life beyond this experience.

Now, granted a mom with cubs can potentially be a worst case scenario to come up upon, given mom’s desire to protect her babies, but there are ways to more productively work with these energies in awareness and practicing centeredness and deeper sacred connection.

We need to be conscious, have our spidey senses on, not do stupid things, and take precautions, as well as know your limitations and your energies at work.

But also the fear is conditioned as animals don’t attack for no reason unless scared, provoked, or feel a need to defend. So keep your energies in check. I don’t advocate placing yourself in situations to test things, but if you know you have immense fears around something, it may just be of benefit to work with that to transmute it so that it doesn’t become a debilitating factor in more than just that area in your life.

There are amazing and beautiful experiences we can have in harmonious ways with the things we once feared. There is great alchemy there.

Imagine how much we miss out on because of fear limiting us. Some pretty profound and beautiful experiences!

I don’t purposefully put myself in a situation, but I do trust that when in one that I have the ability to do so in a way that is empowering and that I will be protected. I utilize my resources of energy work, telepathy, and draw upon my connection to Source, which we can all do.

I also trust that everything is in divine order and I love living my life fully and doing what I love, and know that that sacred dance with a return to natural harmony is my soul path and constant motivation.

So whatever takes place, I know I am living my purpose and being in essence. That matters most to me to do as long as I’m in this human body and beyond this form as well.

That was a little detour, but one I felt important to share.

But back to our time…the day and hike was beautiful and these experiences added to the sacredness and I learned, and deepened into my own soul growth, much more.

Upon our return from our day special day hike, we decided to stop at a local restaurant situated right on Waterton Lake to relax with a refreshment while taking in the views.


We immediately found a spot with an outdoor deck and decided to order the giant nacho plate (vegan style – so minus cheese and sour cream) along with our drinks. I had something called a Rocky Mountain Burst and chose a strawberry one, which was like a virgin margarita, as they added a little salt around the edge. Fun!

nachos and strawberry rocky mountain burst with salt

The nachos were huge, coming with a side of salsa and guacamole we quickly spread on top, and were mixed with spicy black beans, jalapenos, tomatoes, and olives. It ended up becoming our dinner. 🙂


The next day, our last day here in Waterton, we decided to go mountain biking on Snoeshoe Trail.


This is one of three trails in Waterton Lake National Park that you can bike, which begins at the Red Rock Canyon Trailhead (you can see why its called this by the red rock along the creek lots of people were enjoying) and is 10 miles roundtrip, climbing approximately 1148 feet (not so fun up, but weeeeee down).


It follows Bauerman Creek Valley and takes you to the Snoeshoe Cabin and Campground, which is a trail junction by a creek.

It was a beautiful area and very quiet once you left the people soaking in the warm day by the creek water. So once you crossed the bridge over that creek, you found yourself in solitude.


At the trail junction there was a lovely creek.


Lots of energies showed up here at the creek when I took photos. So I kept snapping away, enthralled by how the energies, light, and colors kept shifting frame by frame.


On the way up to the trail we saw a beautiful coyote and some lovely deer again (which we also saw in the village too), and then I saw two grouse at the beginning that crossed my path after Dave went ahead. I stopped to connect with them and one came close, talking away. Then two squirrels ran across my path playing back and forth. There were tons of butterflies and dragonflies on this trail too.


I didn’t have ability to capture photos for you of any of the animals except the coyote and a couple of butterflies when we stopped, as we were biking or in situations making it not possible.

And the same with the grizzlies, as I was so in the moment and being aware of energy, holding and keeping aware of surroundings and all, that it wasn’t possible. And when it did become possible, like with the cubs in the trees, it was too hard to capture them in any way a photo would show what we could see of them moving quickly behind the branches. So I only at the very end snapped one photo that caught a furry patch of cub in the trees. 🙂


Perhaps that patch of softness, mysteriousness, and simply a part of the surroundings as an extension of All That Is, is some of the message here.

All energies are part of wholeness and depending on your perception, you can turn something once judged, feared, and defined as one thing, back into the Source from which it came and experience the gentle mystery as beautiful perfection in the full tapestry of consciousness.

It was a perfect few days in Waterton, which ended in a bang, as upon return home we experienced a brief hail and thunder storm that passed quickly, turning into a crazy evening and night of wild winds.

Then a rainbow appeared from the mountains that were lit to our left.


Indeed a big time shift had taken place on this Full Moon in Capricorn day, but harmony restored and empowerment of ethereal essence and earthly humanness integrated further.

Today we are off to Calgary and to what ever’s next on the cosmic scene to embrace.


Spreading Ashes, Spreading Joy ~ Cosmic Encounters & Sacred Connections


Yesterday was our last day, for now, in the U.S. and in East Glacier National Park, Montana, as we journey forward over the border into Canada today to Waterton Park, Alberta. There we’ll be exploring Waterton Lakes National Park at the north end of Glacier and deeper northern region of the Rockies. I couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful and magickal experience to celebrate this last day and my connection with both Joy and Nestor, as the day unfolded divinely with manifestations galore that were in support of our sacred connection and activation ritual they were guiding me to initiate here.

It was so heart and soul rich that it deserved its own blog, alongside a recap blog of this past week that is forthcoming.

Our journey led us to the Many Glacier entrance of the park on the north east side of Glacier where we were feeling drawn to do the hike to Grinnell Lake. It ended up being about a 7 1/2 mile roundtrip hike that took us past two other lakes – Swiftcurrent Lake that gorgeous Many Glacier Hotel sits on and Lake Josephine  – as well as wanders through amazing vistas that take your breath away (more of those photos will be in my recap blog).

What we didn’t know was that it also had the opportunity to swing up to Hidden Falls, which proved to be a guiding force for this journey.

I’d been feeling that somewhere in Glacier would be where some of Joy’s ashes would come to rest, as she had led us to Montana (extending her physical body’s presence with us until getting there, as a pointer for me). I had always felt that Montana was an important part of this journey for some reason, and those reasons would unfold once I was there. It also happened to be a place I’d made energetic connection to 20 years ago when I passed through Glacier on the Amtrak train, coming to reconnect with the Blackfeet Indians at my touch down – more on that in the next blog.

I knew it was a place for soul retrieval and activation work, as well as collective empowerment work for the Blackfeet and more.

What I didn’t know was that Nestor would, in partnership with Joy, be a part of this. But that became more clear as the week unfolded.

Interestingly, I hadn’t been led to take Joy’s and Nestor’s ashes with us on our daily hiking adventures, except for this last day in East Glacier.

So we gently packed them up in our backpack and we were off.

I had no idea if I’d actually be spreading their ashes or not, as I would wait for the messages and guidance, and the feeling had to be just right.

This hike was such a stunning journey and I increasingly was feeling the build up of energy that was signifying to me this was going to take place…I just had to wait for the right moment and signs.

Along the way I was soul infused by the beauty that resonated so deeply with my essence and all the things I love.



About a little over half way to Grinnell Lake my first sign appeared, although it hit me with astounding clarity later.

We’d seen a couple of animal friends run across the path like chipmunks and marmots, but suddenly two deer now appeared.

The wild thing is, which seems to happen all the time with instant manifestation after intent or thought, I had literally 1 second before seeing them said in my head, “I wonder where the deer and elk are, as we haven’t seen them since West Glacier.”

Bam! Hello deer!



Two does (female deer) stepped out of the brush, literally 5 feet away from me, as I was leading the way on our hike.

They were so incredibly beautiful, delicate, and otherworldly.



I knew they were not of this world, but in it right now, as they felt and looked so cosmic – extraterrestrial in nature, combined with a human, deer, and magickal quality. Shapeshifters indeed.

Dave and I stopped and just enjoyed connecting with them.


I talked to them, as they looked at me and wandered back and forth across the path, eating and making sure we were aware that they wanted to connect and communicate. They were in no need or rush to leave us.




This lasted for quite some time and then an older couple at the other end of the path approached. They saw the deer with us and so they stopped too – the woman taking photographs, as I was.

The four of us were all peaceful and calm, mirroring these lovely creatures’ energy. And so they remained.

They continued slowly moving down the path, beckoning us to follow and so we did. They were constantly keeping in very close proximity to us, without wandering much farther away than 15 feet, then returning close by again within 5 or so feet.

Eventually we decided to move on and the other couple followed our cue.

As we passed each other, the woman said to me, “how lucky we are.”

But the man said to me, “you’re not done yet.”

The couple left and Dave and I lingered a bit more with the does, then decided to fully continue on, feeling grateful for the time they had shared with us.

They came onto the path ahead of us, as if leading us down the path and wanting us to follow again, which we did.



After a while they wandered further into the brush a bit, still wanting to connect, but then we heard a lot of noise coming up behind us. A family with young kids that were being a bit rambunctious and another couple ahead with loud bells on them to ward off bears.

I looked at the two deer and they looked at me. Their calm energy was about to be disrupted and perhaps even become distressed and scared by this energy, as I heard the family behind say, “Look there’s deer!” and were rushing forward.

I wanted to protect them.

So I said to the two does, “Hurry, go! Go hide!”

And they instantly listened and separated – one to each side of the path and went deeper into the brush so they weren’t as accessible anymore.

I said to Dave, after a while of contemplating what the man said, “I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what he meant. Seems like a message that something more is to come.”

Dave said, “maybe he wasn’t just a man,” in his sort of serious joking voice.

I said, “now you’re catching on,” and I giggled.

We continued on and arrived at Grinnell Lake, crossing rivers, creeks, and passing a sign for Hidden Falls, to which I said, “we’ll go there on the way back.”

Grinnell Lake was stunning.


More of that amazing aqua water that I see all around here in Glacier because of the glacial silt that catches the sun so amazingly, a bunch of cascading waterfalls coming down the snow laced mountains, and amazing colors and textures speaking so vibrantly to all of the senses.

We spent some time connecting there, finding this perfect place to sit away from the people at the opening of the lake. It was a wood plank someone had set in between two trees, creating a little bench framed and cradled by the trees’ branches and facing the lake, mountains, and waterfalls. I loved it!


I tuned in, as I had wondered if this would be where their ashes would go, knowing that it was to be in sacred water. Visually, one would think it would have been here, but because I felt all things would be harmoniously guiding me, having the wind blowing at me so strongly, which would mean the ashes would be blown at me or washed immediately on the shore, this was indication that it was not in alignment here to do this.

I was to flow with nature, not work against it.

So, after a while we decided to head back and went back to where the sign for Hidden Falls was.

Up we climbed, passing another older couple on their way down. The woman says to me, “it’s so beautiful!”

I smiled, and said, “oh good! I’m so glad!” Feeling, hmmmm, this could be the place.

We arrived at the top and Hidden Falls was indeed beautiful and quite magickal.


So gorgeous with the green moss covered dark rocks carved by the cascading water that created an aqua pool below and was surrounded by joyous flowers and a mountain peak extending upwards from the top.

It had rained lightly on and off on this hike, and when we arrived it began to sprinkle.

There was a viewing platform to take in the waterfall, but it was away from the water and so once again, I was wondering how this could work for spreading their ashes.

Dave noted that there was a way down to some overhanging rocks, if we climbed through the wooden railings and hiked down. It seemed slick with mud and rock, so I was contemplating, especially since we weren’t fully sure the edge would drop right off to the water.

But something drew my attention to the ground just on the other side of the wooden railings where my eyes lit up and I said, “Look!! It’s a red heart! A larger version of the little red heart I found a couple of days ago and had just posted about this morning on Facebook!” The rain drops were just starting to fall upon it, revealing its true, deep red color that the water unveiled – matching my stone at home.


I’d shared that the little one had been one of many heart stones along the paths that I’ve been seeing and gifted since Joy transitioned, along with feathers – both feeling like her angelic love and presence guiding and supporting me daily.


So as soon as I saw this large red heart, I instantly said, “That’s the sign I was waiting for! This is it! This is the place!” And my hesitation about going down the cliff completely dissipated and I actually ended up being the one leading the way.

We climbed down to the rock edge above the falls and I peered over with glee seeing that in fact the ashes would go directly into the water below when thrown. Yay!

So we sat at the edge, with lovely yellow flowers between us and the falls, and I gingerly started opening the sacred boxes housing Joy’s and Nestor’s ashes.



I took out Joy’s ashes first, untying the bag that held her white essence.

I pinched a little of her loveliness and with complete joy, some weeeeeeee’s and yay’s I released her above the waters below, watching her merge with the beautiful aqua sacredness. I did this twice and each time filled with “joy” and celebration, as I said, “go beautiful Joy and do your thing!” knowing that her powerful essence would work magickal alchemy beyond what anyone could imagine in coming to rest and merge here.

After Joy’s ashes, I did the same with Nestor’s, which were a gray essence, feeling that they were meant to work and be together, as they always have been and always will. Again, with extreme “joy” I released Nestor to join in the celebration and sacred intention.

Both of their ashes not only merged with the waters below, but with the waters from the sky above as well, as some of their ashes were gently carried by the raindrops to their resting place below.

Such beautiful symbolism and the most perfect, mirroring place for both of them in these Hidden Falls surrounded by Faery magick galore! The water here would journey down and connect with Josephine Lake where we’d be journeying back along.

And it felt so perfect and light, which was a different experience from all of the times I’d spread Nestor’s ashes in other sacred areas across the globe where it was very serious, more drawn out, and included some shedding of tears most of the time.

This was the new way and my new path of harmony, joy, and ease. Not to mention the new way for us all.

Just as potent. Just as magickal. Yet I could get there by means of a different path now.

Thank you my precious partners!

I snapped a photo of this enchanted sacred place to remember it always and then we made our way back up and to the other side of the wooden railings.



Crossing the boundary back into the realm from which we’d left, now returning in renewed harmony.

We made our way down the hiking trail back to the main path and as we were walking I was saying to Dave how perfect all of it was and how meant to be, commenting on the details, the heart, the lightness of it all, and no one being around or coming near while we did this.

I finished this joyous review with a connection that suddenly hit me.

The two does we’d seen were Joy and Nestor!



That’s why they connected so much. That’s why they were so otherworldly.

They had shapeshifted or sent these deer as messengers to me, directly from them.

The second I said that, again instantly, the same two does showed up at the bottom of the trail to Hidden Falls where it meets Grinnell Lake Trail.

They had followed us all that way, or had just manifested in that moment, to confirm what I was saying and to thank me for what I had just done!

I was so excited and felt the beautiful completeness of it all.

We connected a bit, then Dave went on and I lingered slightly, then I thanked them and went on myself.

When I caught up with Dave I said, “Now it makes sense what that man was saying to me.”

The rest of the hike back I was elated and gliding along with my heart in overload.

Near the end of the trail I then looked down and saw a feather. It was a twin to the feather I’d found the day before in terms of being the same kind of feather from the same bird.


Two parts of a whole, each unique, but connected, just like my sweet Joy and Nestor.

Again, another sign and gift from Joy and Nestor together as confirmation of this joyous completion.

We got back to the car and decided to visit Many Glacier Hotel on our way out, which was just lovely (more photos to come in the upcoming recap blog). We enjoyed a refreshment there overlooking the view and I reflected on it all.



Then back in the car we went to head home to the Magick Bus and Cosmo who I was excited to go share the experience with, although I knew he was aware of it.

Just before we leave through this area of the park to get on the highway that’s when our first Black Bear shows up – again another thing we’d just mentioned earlier.

Dave had wondered why a bear hadn’t shown up yet.

I’d said to him, “One will show up when we are in need of its energy and message.”

And so I guess now was that time.



She caught my eye as we were driving and so we got out to connect more, as I was able to snap some photos of this beauty relishing on the abundance of berries in the lushness of the mountain, fully in her “joy”.

Right as we got to the edge of Browning – the town I’d stopped in 20 years ago and was taken in by the Blackfeet family – a small rainbow appeared in the clouds across the fields – the second rainbow we’d seen here in East Glacier.

The first rainbow was on our first day of arrival here when we also saw our moose friend, but now it was book-ending our time here on the last day and after this beautiful and sacred experience.

It’s hard to see it in the photo, but it is at center of the clouds in the background and was quite vibrant in person.



And for the first time, at this end of the park, a huge herd of Bison appeared in the fields in front of the rainbow and I was filled with “joy” watching the little ones running exuberantly, as their mothers playfully joined in.

Basking in the Beauty & Soul Enrichment of Northwest Montana


We are currently in Northern Montana, stationed in Kalispell on the Flathead River where this past week has proven to be an explorative, expansive, and potentially life changing experience discovering this area, Whitefish, and West Glacier National Park. Today we moved over to East Glacier for the next week before heading into Canada for the next nearly 4 months.

I continue to love this incredibly rich experience and am grateful for how it is literally helping to move the energy in my/our lives, bringing greater clarity, solidifying things, helping to return me back to my true nature, drawing forth my most sparkly self again, deepening my relationship to Mother Earth and my loved ones, and connecting me with friends and transformative experiences along the way.


I didn’t have any expectations for this journey, but it has far exceeded what I could have possibly imagined.

I so highly recommend this way of life, even if just for a while, as it truly shifts you on deeper levels if totally embraced.

We had a last minute inspiration to shift the two cities we were traveling to in Montana, to another area…and boy has it revealed a lot for us in embracing that change.

There were so many magickal things that came about with following that inner guidance to shift from Missoula and Great Falls to Kalispell, Whitefish, and West Glacier. And so many supportive signs that reiterated that follow-through.

We have all of our reservations booked through 9/11 since the Summer is crazy busy, but when we changed everything for this stop (two previous reservations), literally last minute…it all fell into place. Not only were we able to do so without any financial penalty, of which we were okay with if there had been, but we also got the only spot available in the RV park we stayed at, which ended up a great site on an end, overlooking the river, with only low tent campsites in front of us, filled just half of the time.



And, our site was #44 with much angelic support all around.


We enjoyed exploring this area and from the moment we set down I was feeling incredibly excited and inspired. Our home on the river was very peaceful and gave us a good home base for much.


Everyday, from our drive in and our drives about, we got to go through the spectacular canola fields of yellow blossoms that were just so “Joy” filled to me and invigorating to my heart and soul. I love the yellow blankets of pure inspiration that wrapped me in warmth and liquid sunshine energy.


I also loved exploring some of West Glacier and was just in awe of the beauty of the waters here with all of the layers of aqua colors (my favorite) because of the glacial silt, but also the clarity of the water was just stunning.

20160708_154717_resized 20160704_163004_resized20160704_171031_resized20160704_171101_resized20160708_154134_resized20160708_154416_resized20160708_155308_resized

We did a few hikes near lakes, rivers, and falls that just were simply invigorating and filled me with so much love.

Returning here after 20 years of what was just a brief, but memorable choo choo through on the train as my first intro was a full circle anchoring. And today, on our way to East Glacier, we were following the path of the train tracks I traveled then to my end point all those years ago, which was incredibly potent in soul retrieval and understanding the meaning behind this.

The vistas and energy here are stunning and gave me chills.


The forests were dense and mystical with tons of mossy Faery energy.


Deer showed up at magickal moments and hiked along with us alongside and in front (one kept following me), butterflies were in huge abundance more than anywhere so far, moths, crystalline dragonfly, sweet insects, and bumble bees abound, and even Bald Eagles were making their appearance known.

20160704_145344(0)_resized20160709_165104_resized20160709_165110_resized20160709_165155_resized20160709_165241_resized20160704_155826_resized20160704_163616_resized20160704_163635_resized20160704_163738_resized20160704_163721_resized20160704_163813_resized20160708_152733_resized20160708_094818_resized20160708_111228_resizeddragonfly2dragonfly3bald eagle

I was gifted a Grouse feather too in an auspicious place, which has amazingly potent symbolism I’ve just discovered.


So much potent medicine from the winged ones indeed.

I finally picked up some wild huckleberry jam I’d been wanting to try (yum!) and the day after found myself foraging for wild huckleberries and enjoying the harvest on a trail we happened to be on.


The alpine lakes were breathtaking. And the waterfalls at Avalanche Lake (6 in all that I could see and count from where I was) were incredible.

We enjoyed Johns Lake Trail (at 3333 elevation), Trail of the Cedars, Avalanche Lake Trail, and Lake McDonald while in West Glacier.

Loved all the ancient Cedars we wandered through and connected with.


On our first day of arrival, however, we enjoyed Whitefish Trail.


This trail was so lovely, meandering through the forest bringing you through the same areas over the course of the loops, but from different perspectives and elevations, which reminded me about the journey and how you never return back to the same place you were, but arrive at it from a different frame of “now moment” perspective, on another layer of the spiral of life.

It took us to an overlook of Skyles Lake (there are SO many lakes here! I love it!) where two flying-free rabbit clouds (one behind the other and one more abstract than the other – Nestor and Joy) showed up at the overlook to greet me with a message.


This area is full of nature’s beauty and we didn’t even scratch the surface of things, although did get briefly into Bigfork as well.

Found some vegan friendly yums in the area, including an awesome sushi place with 7 varieties of unique vegan sushi and other dishes, as well as a bakery that makes not only vegan baked goods, but soy and gluten free, while also is 100% organic.


We did get a chance to drive around part of Whitefish Lake on the Fourth of July and marveled how it was nothing near as packed as Lake Tahoe would be at this time.


There are many things I have put in the back of my mind for future time here, as we had a lot on the inspirationally guided agenda as it was.


We’re currently in East Glacier for the next week (just arrived earlier today and already has proven magickal) to explore more of that side of the park and reflect on our journey so far.

We journey with our new inflatable two-person kayak we just received so that we can enjoy the lakes and rivers here and beyond. And something sacred I feel may take place while here while doing so.

Will share more as things percolate and integrate, but for now I hope you enjoy these windows into the beauty here and what I saw through my eyes.


Highlights from Helena, Montana


A Magickal Goodbye For Now To Colorado


We’ve spent the last several days immersed in the heart-inspiring beauty of Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park…definitely a place I’d welcome visiting again, as there’s so much to explore and it mirrors the essence of all that I love. Yet, once again, our time spent was fulfilling and our experiences were soul-aligned and perfect. I leave taking with me the enchantment it awakened further within and feeling the activation of more of my essence coming alive.

bear lakeI loved this area very much and enjoyed the variety of weather shifts we experienced within each day from sunshine and warmth to end-of-Spring showers and even hail, as we ascended into nearly 10,000 elevation along snowy and icy trails.

The drive into Estes Park alone was spectacular and I instantly felt an energetic shift and lightness in this area.


We even found a cool little pizza place sitting right on the river – Poppy’s Pizza and Grill – where they had vegan cheese and pepperoni for a little indulgence at lunch.


We added yummy pineapple to ours. 😉


Our home site for the days we enjoyed here was one of the most incredible with sweeping vista looking into Rocky Mountain National Park, large space to enjoy outdoor picnic table time, and beautiful sunsets, which greeted us on our first evening.

dream lake.jpg20160606_151226_resized.jpg20160606_151327_resized.jpg20160606_160221_resized.jpg

From meadows of wildflowers with streams running through them, lush forests of varied trees, rushing creeks, still beaver ponds, enchanted lakes (with cool names like Nymph, Dream, Emerald, and Bear Lake), and forceful waterfalls, to rocky, tree and snow covered peaks….pure magick.