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A Walk In Fairyland


Yesterday was our last full day here in beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park, as we head out to Escalante in a few hours. I had chosen to save one particular hike to celebrate closure to our time in Bryce and it proved to be the perfect send off.


The hike was called the Fairyland Loop, which combines Fairyland Canyon with Tower Bridge and Rim Trails, creating one giant eight mile loop. It was by far our favorite trail in the park here, definitely living up to the phrase “saving the best for last” indeed.


On this hike you can see the Tower Bridge, China Wall, Sinking Ship, and yes, Fairyland!

20160402_141156_resized 20160402_135017_resized20160402_145809_resized

So many spectacular views, as you hike amidst the hoodoos up close and see incredible vistas from afar as well. 20160402_143441_resized20160402_152359_resized

I love this fun one below…there is a small opening in this large formation to the left center where Dave stuck his head through. And following is a close up of it. See if you can find him.


There were so many amazing formations with faces, creatures, and beings naturally carved, not to mention everything took on a life essence of its own creating forms such as melting candles, torches, castles, cathedrals, altars, portals, bridges, you name it.


It’s truly not a trail to miss, but we were so surprised that literally no one was on the trail except a few people at the beginning and end, which are trails connecting to the loop (so these people only were doing the short ends of the trail (Tower Bridge or Rim Trail), but not venturing into Fairyland where the true magick begins.


Perhaps the length and multiple elevation changes of 1700+ elevation are a put off to most people, or maybe the Faeries keep a discerning watch on who they allow into their realm. 😉20160402_142649_resized20160402_145647_resized20160402_145707_resized20160402_134857_resized

All I can say is if you do explore Bryce Canyon, you would be missing out if you don’t explore the full Fairyland Loop, as Fairyland Canyon is truly stunning – plus think of all the magick! After all, it’s Fairyland!


Our day kicked off with a small group of Mule Deer greeting us before we turned into the road to the trailhead, and on the hike we saw a lot of birds including Hawks, Wood Peckers, Steller’s Jay, and even a Peregrine Falcon!


And when we left the trailhead to drive back home to the RV, two little Prairie Dogs were playing in the field, chirping away as they were foraging for food. So cute!


And although we took the trail very leisurely, having all day to explore, we still completed it in 4 hours and even though they say it is a strenuous hike, we didn’t find it to be so compared to others we have done. It felt to meander along and between the sights and the flow, time moved quickly.

Before the hike I’d been very worried about Joy because I found her in the morning with her blind eye closed and it appeared as if the lens that had detached was moving around. Her eye was red and she wouldn’t open it unless I opened it to check it out.


So this had mom stressed. I put in a call to her eye doctor to leave them a message, that way on Monday I can order more eye drop medication to be sent out to me. And I looked up a vet near where we’ll be in Escalante, just in case.

I gave her lots of Reiki, along with a couple friends who joined, and the whole time I was on the hike I was sending her Reiki, along with Nestor, Cosmo, and Gaia, inviting the Faeries to help too, since I was in Fairyland.


I’m happy to report that when we got home, her eye was open and looked much better and has continued to be open. I am hoping we nipped what ever was happening with all the energy, and that with the meds coming we will avoid any complications, as the doctor has told me that if there is an infection they would have to remove the lens and that’s not a good thing to put a rabbit under for surgery if you can avoid it, which is why he didn’t do it in the first place since her eye was healthy despite being blind, which was due to age.

20160402_153536_resizedAnyway, I’m so grateful to everyone and especially the Faeries, as I couldn’t have been in a better place to ask for assistance. I, of course, promised to give them things in return, honoring their help and time.


And they were so generous, gifting me things along the hike.


I found a heart rock, a larger stone that is part of a project, and two smaller rocks encrusted with small chips of crystals layered on one side!


That I even saw them was meant to be, as they were the only ones like it and I just happened to catch their glistening sparkle to the side. Perhaps it was my Faery eyes that were attuned to seeing it, but I feel it was a gift they wanted me to have and when I got home I immediately brought them to Joy.

She was really loving them and licked and nudged them when I placed them by her.

A little Faery magick for my Faery bunny.

We even saw this amazing Faery castle formation surrounded by a citadel of magickal towers that was breathtaking and literally my favorite formation of all.


The day was perfect and although it started off full of stress and worry about my little one, it was being supported and nurtured throughout, so little by little I was feeling rebalanced and grounded back into my flow.


The experience helped in transforming my heart back to peace and recentering me back into embodying harmony.


It all reminded me that no matter what is going on it is best to surrender and remember who we are….this will bring us back to the love and magick that is our nature and then all things are possible from this place of centeredness.


Thank you Faeries!

I hope you enjoy the enchanting photos from our day and that they help transport you into the nature of you and all that is possible when you remember who you are.


Snowy Enchantment at Bryce Canyon National Park


We arrived at Bryce Canyon National Park on Easter Sunday and with a week ahead of us here we are able to leisurely take in all that it has to offer.

It’s such an incredible park…so different from Zion, but equally grand in their own ways.20160327_165407_resized

Even just upon entering the Dixie National Forest at Red Canyon we were getting a glimpse of the beauty that awaited us.20160327_131102_resized20160327_131555_resized20160327_131826_resized

We spent the first two days getting acquainted with Bryce and doing some mild explorations…the first day doing several miles of the Rim Trail and stopping for some warm drinks at the lodge.20160327_160037_resized20160327_160022_resized20160327_160244_resized20160327_160918_resized20160327_160229_resized.jpg20160327_161447_resized.jpg20160327_161521_resized.jpg20160327_162440_resized20160327_165552_resized

On the way back to our home on wheels we saw a small herd of Mule Deer again that were right at the road’s edge. Such a sweet welcome.20160327_182639_resized20160327_182724_resized

And yesterday, after enjoying our first sunrise, we drove all the way to the end of the park, which takes you up to 9115 elevation while you journey through the forest on the way there.20160327_194643_resized.jpg20160327_194835_resized_1.jpg20160327_194936_resized.jpg

At the end point we did the short Bristlecone Loop Trail and then stopped at every vista point on the way back to take in the views.20160328_153907_resized.jpg20160328_154059_resized.jpg

On Bristlecone Loop Trail you wander through Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir and White Fir, go through the Dark Forest, as well as pass up to 1800 year old Bristlecone Pines while experiencing vistas reaching into the Four Corners area. This Bristlecone Pine is more than 1600 years old.20160328_154900_resized.jpg20160328_154949_resized.jpg

It was a fun little hike where we came upon a Clark’s Nutcracker, who seemed not at all bothered by us while he went about his business and even came closer when I started talking to him.20160328_155949_resized.jpg

And at one of the first vista points Raven medicine was strong. This one beautiful Raven flew down and wanted to just hang out with me. I’ve never been that close with one.

20160328_162207_resized.jpgI kept talking to him and he would cock his head and listen and come within several feet of me just connecting. If I moved away, he came closer. If I edged closer he found his comfort zone…but then edged closer.

20160328_162216_resized.jpgI was there with him for about 10 minutes and if not for us leaving he would have remained and I felt that at some point likely would have been right next to me or even come upon me.20160328_162237_resized.jpg

He was not just a Raven I felt. And he had a message, as he would not leave me.

20160328_162303_resized.jpgHe was so lovely with his purple, blue, and green sheen feathers and beautiful face.

20160328_162357_resized.jpgI was sad to leave him, as I got in the car and he came closer, not flying off until we had driven off ourselves.

When I got in the car, the song playing was called “Moving On.”

It reminds me of this post “A Message from the Raven” and also how Ravens are harbingers of messages from the Cosmos, are bearers of magick, bring clarity to the hidden, and are shapeshifters symbolizing transformation and change.

20160328_161602_resized.jpgThe weather is chillier here since we are at higher elevation than Zion so it was in the mid 50’s in the day and then 30’s at night our first day here.

20160328_161926_resized.jpgWhen we arrived there was still patches of snow scattered on the multi-colored hoodoos, or spire-shaped rock formations, which is just incredibly beautiful.20160328_162044_resized.jpg20160328_163751_resized.jpg20160328_165047_resized.jpg

It’s truly spectacular and the colors are always changing…crimson, orange, red, white, pink, and even some gray-greens. It’s all so fantastic, it’s almost overwhelming.


The temperatures dropped quickly on our second day and we found ourselves bundled up in our winter gear (looking like E.T. meets Sleestak of The Land of the Lost – omg we laughed so hard), experiencing snow flurries at the higher elevations, and then last night we had a snow storm blow through, which was fun to hear and magickal to wake up to with about 5 inches of fresh snow and is still gently falling.20160329_070723_resized.jpg20160329_070728_resized.jpg20160329_070812_resized

Good thing we have everything we need aboard the Magick Bus come rain, shine, snow, heat, water and outdoor activity bound and all!

But how wonderful to have this little snow treat, reminding us of our beloved home in Lake Tahoe.

We woke up to a Winter wonderland, feeling quite cozy inside as we enjoy vegan lattes and feeling the excitement. It felt like Christmas this morning waking before sunrise and seeing the mystical surroundings and then watching the sun rise, opening to baby blue skies.20160329_080349_resized.jpg20160329_080413_resized

The RV park is nearly empty too and so it’s like having this magickal forest all to ourselves.

These are views from inside the Magick Bus from very early when things were mystical and then as the sun rose.

Perhaps some snow shoeing is in store today, or hiking one of the other trails we have our hearts set on exploring, which will take us down into the canyon and walking amidst the hoodoos on 5- 8 mile hikes….one of which is called Fairyland Loop (the longest one at 8 miles) and of course you know I was all over that one right away. We also intend to do one or two bike trails as well during our stay here.

I hope you enjoy these looks at another amazing place on Earth. Will share more as we venture into the canyon over the days to come.20160328_162905_resized.jpg20160328_162945_resized.jpg

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