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Living in Harmony with the Universe


Today’s daily thought and affirmation from “Reflections in the Light” by Shakti Gawain:

Living in harmony with the universe

Although letting go of the world may seem difficult at times, it is well worth whatever it takes to make the transition into the new world. We are now learning to live in accordance with the true laws of the universe. Living in harmony with the universe is living full of joy, power, love, and abundance.

I am living in harmony with the universe.



Reminders, Resources, and Acknowledgements

Tania Marie's Blog:

These are great reminders and supportive ideas for those of you that may find yourself in very challenged times right now. Thank you Laura for sharing.

Synchronously, I had someone this morning ask me for help about how to work with the Mercury Retrograde energy in productive ways, or if that was even possible. I also have heard from quite a few people about heavy challenges. I hope these provide some support.

And I’d like to add the link I shared with the person asking about Retrogrades, which I wrote about a year and a half ago when we were entering a Retrograde period then too:

Mercury Retrograde – Friend or Foe?


Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

Just a few things I find myself repeating in various forms to clients, blog readers, friends, family and acquaintances:

1)We’re now in Mercury Retrograde. Don’t be surprised by lost or delayed emails and snail mail, extra typos, messed up travel plans, miscommunications, overreactions and misunderstandings. Par for the course, folks. You can, however, find ways to thrive during a Mercury Retrograde. For those who could use some refresher tips, here’s a 2012 article with all sorts of explanations and suggestions.

2)The topic of friendship is front and center right now. I keep hearing from people facing major upheaval and frustration in their friendships and other close relationships. Part of this may be from the influence of #1, but the current major process of revision transcends a single astrological influence. In case you’ve been living under a rock, planet Earth faces too many extinction level challenges to name in…

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Changing the World, One Word At A Time!


Ancient Mother

Tania Marie's Blog:

Beautiful Sacred Feminine inspiration both in sound and vision…enjoy!

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:

From YouTube:

Enjoy the Beauty of Mother Earth on Music by Robert Gass. Track “Ancient Mother” from the CD “Discovering Spirit in Sound Chanting”. For the free wallpapers used in this clip, please visit

  • Music

    • “Ancient Mother” by Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song ( • • • )

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Why It’s Important To Understand Your Dark Side

Tania Marie's Blog:

More reiteration about the importance of embracing your shadow parts.

Originally posted on Deus Nexus:

Reposted from: Collective-Evolution | by Milan Karmeli 


When you were little, were you afraid of the dark? Most of us were. And I doubt we ever thought to question this fear. We were almost naturally taught to be afraid of the dark, because the dark is full of unknown things that might hurt us.

But what usually happened when you turned the light on? You learned the unknown things were not so scary. And they were not so unknown. They were just part of the environment.

We learned to associate darkness with scary and unknown, and we learned it’s better not to speak with our dark thoughts and emotions. Turning the light on our emotional shadow is a lot more challenging than flicking a physical light switch on. So we avoid it. Superficiality is easier. But this darkness of our soul has a life of its own which thrives, whether or…

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Three Buddhist Beliefs

Originally posted on bluebutterfliesandme:


  1. Dukkha: Life is painful and has suffering.

This is where Buddhism gets a bad rep. Most people think this philosophy is pessimistic because of its direct translation from Sanskrit. It’s not just about dealing with the rough downs of life.

The deeper translation is knowing that nothing found in the physical world or even the psychological realm can bring lasting deep satisfaction.

In our modern day, it is about seeing how to eradicate the perpetuation of this suffering. If we suppress or avoid the difficult feelings that arise when life throws us curve balls, we can actually suffer more.

And if we also attach ourselves to an outcome, expectation or feeling that is opposite of what we feel, (i.e. joy vs. sadness), we end up disappointed, frustrated and angry. So the philosophy teaches that instead of being afraid of our suffering or discomfort, or instead of constantly trying to end…

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Too Good To Be True ~ Matt Kahn

Some of the messages in here may be challenging to integrate due to beliefs you may have come to embrace about what “truth” is to you. The messages may not be for you at this time, but something to perhaps seed a journey you may choose. And anything shared is never the whole story.

Remember we are all on different legs of our own journeys and working on different parts of the whole. This might seem like a bypassing message to some, but rather I see it as helping to integrate the work you’re doing if you can incorporate what you find of value in the message to the things you are exploring and transmuting. It actually goes deeper than simply “All is One and Unity Consciousness” and may help you to not get trapped into the “New Age” so-called truths that are being shared as “the answer” for you to pursue, attain, and then bring others to do the same.

I might myself choose a different word or words to use than ones expressed, since I feel they have a defining stigma based on duality thinking and fluffy spirituality. That said, I also know that when using words we automatically get caught up in the definition and duality game, so it’s important to realize what you “personally” mean and accept through use of words.

For me, the word “goodness” carries this challenge. Perhaps that’s just me, but I feel it can be misleading. So again, everything is up to the individual on how to interpret things, what things to take from what you hear and which to leave, what things to morph into your own meaning, and in general to perhaps choose other words or ways to express what you mean instead. Word games are not one I choose to get tangled in and rather would enjoy to see more embodying and simply inner knowing without need to defend that experience.

But underlying, I feel there is a valuable message here that can release you into more expansive ways of experiencing, if you can open up to not literally attaching to definitions of words used/heard.

Some of the key messages from Matt’s share, which he will expound upon, include:

The deepest truth does not require defense.

The more you look for or pursue truth, the more lost you become.

There’s a realm of existence beyond any truth – even beyond All Is One.

It’s not the truth if you need to correct others or use it to defend yourself.

In the highest degree of enlightenment it doesn’t even matter that we’re all one.

Anything we think is true becomes a falsehood when we focus on what truth is versus how truth feels.

Be a living expression of “goodness” (or supply your own meaning here of what that is for you when you integrate the message in the video)

It doesn’t matter how people respond. It only matters how you give.

The Essence of You

your blossoming journeyI honor your blossoming journey and the sweet fragrance of your soul.

flower essenceEvery day your delicate petals unfurl a little bit more, revealing the essence of who you are.

What do you see when you peer deeply to the core of you?

angel faery flowerI see an angel recognizing their reflection for the first time and awakening into the embodiment of that grace.

Paradise Is….

paradise is a state of mind

…and of heart, soul, and being.

It is also a choice.

That said, what’s paradise to one person may be another person’s prison.

One of the “definitions” of paradise is “an ideal or idyllic place or state”. So one might then wonder just whose “ideal” or “definition” are we envisioning when we think of a state of being or “place” we would like to be in?

Wikipedia defines paradise as:

a religious or metaphysical term for a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and eternal. It is often compared to the miseries of human civilization: in paradise there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness. Paradise is a place of contentment, but it is not necessarily a land of luxury and idleness. Paradise is often described as a “higher place”, the holiest place, in contrast to this world, or underworlds such as Hell.”

In general, it’s considered a Utopian state without sorrow, suffering, and so-called “sin”.

And to many, that translates as an idea of heaven or some idyllic island oasis.

Nobody ever taught us that paradise could be the human state of being and the ability to have so many undefined choices and experiences.

Paradise is not really a location, nor a destination or level to attain to. These are just our ideas of how to achieve a certain state of being and experience that we’ve deemed more ideal and perhaps even more valuable.

That feeling you experience when you are on that exotic beach with the crystal clear, aqua blue water flowing around you, the palms swaying in the wing, the sun warmly kissing your skin, birds serenading you, and the silence calming your mind and nerves….this is a sample of what you can achieve in experience and embodiment, where ever you are and in any circumstance, if you know the way back to your true self so that you can have and appreciate each experience with the full capacity of what it truly has to offer you.

Paradise is a natural state of being in your essence…that experience of feeling centered, balanced, relaxed, inspired, and in harmony. It is you, being in flow and movement with greater ease and is available to you at any moment.

It’s not something to chase after and it’s not something outside of your human experience to attain by running away from yourself right here and now in your beautiful body.

It can also be when you are experiencing the things you have been accustomed to thinking are bad or painful, but you experience them from a place of embracing their value and with an understanding that they are expressions needing to flow through and take their course in the natural cycle of things. It may not “feel” so good, but that feeling has its place and can shift when we aren’t attached to judging and anchoring a defining limitation to it.

When you are focused everywhere else – in the past or on the future – worrying, stressing, having impatience, regretting, experiencing excited anxiety, then this as well can remove you from that state of being in the present. You latch on to everything else, without being able to see and experience what is here and now before you, which includes all things you as a human are able to experience.

Yes, granted they are all varying in their feelings, but that variety of feeling is part of the magnificence of your state of being.

Someone, at some point, decided that certain feelings and experiences were bad, not as valuable, wrong, unworthy, and even sinful. And from there, we began to accept anchored beliefs, as defining of our experiences. This conditioning created an inner turmoil where the parts of us that are naturally wanting to just “be” are at odds with and fighting the parts that want to control and beat them down. The result is imbalance, disharmony, and war that wreaks havoc within and without.

Whether you want to call it paradise, or simply being, it really is about that return to natural harmony…just like those beautiful, exotic locations remind you of when you bask in their flow.

However, the frigid snowy landscapes, fall trees without their clothing of foliage, a dry, desolate desert, or even the boiling magma beneath the Earth’s surface are all reminders of states of being in flow and natural harmony as well. They simply don’t think about it, nor judge it. And truth be told, they are all beautiful to witness in their own way.

These are just some ideas to consider that may be helpful to bringing you back to being in that state of mind, heart, soul, and being:

  • be very present, realizing that where ever you are and whom ever you are with can be paradise if you are open to seeing and experiencing the gifts present all around and don’t have expectations to limit them
  • those times you are doing what you love and feeling that sense of natural flow and joy are reflections of your natural state of being – paradise – remember that
  • those times you are feeling out of sorts, uncharacteristically off, or weighed heavily in certain feeling experiences over others, realize these feelings are the threshold to understanding your flow – invite them to share their message, allow the feeling to move through, and recognize where you’re attached and unwilling to pick up anchor so that you can embrace the next wind approaching your sails
  • when you feel thrown off balance, start to get stressed, very serious, and narrowly focused, take a moment to shift your gaze and look all around you – and if you are too overwhelmed, having anxiety, or feel fear, then shift your gaze to just in front of you – shifts in perspective, literally, can help you to breathe in more lightness and shift your mood
  • find ways to laugh at yourself and find the humor in things
  • share acts of gentle kindness with yourself and others that seem out of character, especially if you are stressed, and you’ll soften your current gaze
  • as many times as you can, find something nice to say to yourself no matter how small you might think it is, as well as to others when they are off-balance – remind yourself of the nice things people have said to you
  • find something to be grateful for, even if it’s the ability to walk, to breathe air, or to be alive
  • move your body – dance, exercise, walk…whatever you can do to move the energy and feelings through you
  • get out and be with nature – hug a tree, take a stroll in the woods, smell the flowers, let the sun shine on your face, welcome the rain to cleanse your soul
  • lessen up on, and then rid yourself of, the “shoulds”
  • realize that being human is holy and heaven on Earth is the realization of your state of embodying that

Five Slogans of Machig Labdron

I recently saw someone post this – instructions given to Machig Labdron (11th century Tibetan tantric Buddhist practitioner/teacher) from her teacher when she asked how to wake up from her own suffering and be of service to others in the same way. She spent her life working with these and embodying them:

Confess your hidden faults.
Approach what you find repulsive.
Help those you think you cannot help. (sometimes translated as those you do not want to help)
Anything you are attached to, give that.
Go to the places that scare you.
~Machig Labdrön

I wanted to add my own, brief perception on these…..

Face and embrace yourself with unconditional compassion, raw honesty, and personal integrity to see your blind spots – realizing that things you define as, or “think” are, faults/weakness can be strengths. Integrate these powerful shadow energies so that you can live with more authentic fullness.

The things that make you cringe are your greatest teachers. Be curious and conscious about the triggers around you.

You can’t change others, but the way you can responsibly help is with simple and consistent acts of genuine kindness, presence, and daily personal embodiment of your empowered wholeness.

Attachments, when released, will bring more of the essence of what you really want into your life most authentically and naturally, and allows space for new and more reflective things to come in. Don’t forget to open the flow of receiving from self and others, the things of lasting value, without attachment and expectation. This is a simultaneous cycle of energy that simply wants to move through you, not imprisoned within you.

The things you fear are your doorways to expansiveness and empowerment. It will benefit you to actively engage yourself to be willing to go one more inch further with gentle love and honor for yourself no matter where you are on your journey.


We desire to know answers and something more because we are in a state of suffering. When we address that within ourselves, we can be of greatest benefit to the whole.


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