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Embracing the Shapeshifter Within


The cosmic me


Shapeshifting is the ability to change physical form at will – changing one thing into another – or to shift the energy you are emitting from your physical body. This can be a full on transformation or could be an energetic morphing and merging that happens more subtly.

Shamans and medicine women and men are known to shapeshift, often times taking on the spirit or essence of an animal and able to journey into otherworlds.

And many in the otherworlds – the magickal and “unseen” realms – are shapeshifters too, slipping easily into different forms at will to move more easily amidst the worlds or simply to experience other forms, blend into their environment, or to show up in ways that would be of most benefit and support to those who they appear to.

inner unicorn

The inner unicorn me – Laura pointed out that I reminded her of the essence of the Chariot Tarot card in the Robin Wood deck that has a black and white unicorn pulling the chariot, as shared below. This photo was “accidentally” snapped when I thought I was recording a video about the “inner unicorn”. The video didn’t show up, but the photo remained.



Robin Wood Chariot Tarot card


True, there are shapeshifters of another kind of energy that you may not resonate with, but simply because an ability that is available to all, if harnessed, doesn’t make it wrong or bad simply because certain beings may utilize it too. It again comes down to intent.

Shapeshifting can have different connotations to people depending on your perspective.


The mermaid/nymph me


Some people may see this as scary or even “evil” and yet if you think about it, since we are part of a collective soul and more than just the person we or others identify us as solely in this lifetime, it would make sense that, at the least, we could have some bleed-through of all of our “selves”.

And thus, anyone could shapeshift and there are many that do, especially if you are living an integration life, as many of us are, or if you are working at deep soul levels in your evolution.


The otherworld Faery me


Shapeshifters, or the ability to shapeshift is about being able to change your energy slightly and sometimes this can happen even unconsciously.

For instance, you may be engaged in something so heart and soulful that it activates a part of your dna and soul remembrance that shifts your energy in the moment to bring out different essence qualities in you that change your appearance, or that draw forth parts of your soul and other power lifetimes where you were utilizing these gifts more seamlessly.

And then you start to morph into what you looked like in that lifetime, or looking like an animal or being you’ve been as well, or taking on those physical traits that closely relate to this energy within you.


The rabbit me and the Egyptian me


So it can be a merging with an animal spirit, non-human spirit (cosmic, devic, angelic, etc), or another form of yourself from another dimensional time period. And this may be a bleed-through or it may be in order for you to do work that your current human form can’t.

You may even become an element, lake, mountain, rock, plant, mineral, or something altogether cosmic, etc. You can merge as anything that exists as consciousness since you are all things.

It’s a way that we move into the limitlessness and expansive eternal essence of our consciousness and step into more of our formless and shapeless selves that are boundless – knowing that we are all of these things.


The animus me (inner masculine) – I actually had a literal shapeshifting photo caught in the midst of shifting into this that was quite freaky cool, but I lost the photo.


Perhaps it could be seen as moving into the sacred “knowing” and collective aspects of self that are aligned with divine will, rather than “time” focused, ego attachment.

And yet, at any moment we can choose to move in and out and identify, at any moment, with which ever parts of that sacredness we desire, simultaneously aware that we are all and none.

I’ve been aware of this shapeshifting quality within myself for a long time, but it has increasingly been showing up, the more I’ve gotten in touch with my most natural, authentic essence and have deepened my integrative work.


The ancient Inca/Mayan/Native American Indian me


And so I find myself morphing in photos, looking different in almost every photo taken of me (sometimes that being quite odd how much I don’t look like the “me” I/you may know and yet looking more the “me’s” that I/we are), and it becoming more visually perceivable, rather than just energetically felt, by others.

I like to think of it as embracing all of my selves and moving more into the boundless experience, while making that a vulnerably revealing process that is natural.


The Sprite me


I’ve shared just a few of the photos that stood out recently revealing different “me’s”, but there have been so many.

Perhaps you have noticed this along the journey of my sharing.

Perhaps you have noticed it within yourself.


The many me’s

Flowing with Change Creates a Return to Natural Harmony

Change is abound with yesterday being our last day in Helena, Montana, as today we make our way to Kalispell where we’ll call a spot on the scenic Flathead River our home for the next full week. From there we’ll be only 30 mins from the West Entrance of Glacier National Park and only 20 mins from beautiful Whitefish – all three areas of which we’ll be exploring over the course of our time between Sunday to Sunday. I’m so excited!

The drive has been gorgeous on our way to Kalispell and once again, my theory (at least in terms of all six of the states we have journeyed through and that we’ve seen as potentials for our future homestead) has been proven that the northern ends of the states are energetically and physically most aligned, invigorating, and beautiful in terms of our personal needs. It really is incredible to see how that unfolds each time and now we find Northern Montana to also be quite resonant in these ways, so I’m looking forward to our destination to see what awaits us.

This coming week and the following one more week after at the East Entrance of Glacier will end our time in Montana. Then we are off to Canada for nearly 4 months.

We originally had booked time in Missoula and Great Falls, Montana for this coming week, but the energy shifted and we’re being redirected for the highest good (some of which I have some inklings about alongside the fact it will also be 10 or so degrees cooler, which helps this Faery much since I don’t fair well and melt in humid heat that’s been building in some of the previous areas).

So we cancelled our reservations and made a new one – there was only one spot open at the lovely rv park we found in Kalispell (totally meant to be).

I feel Joy is part of that shift of plans along with Uni (as I lovingly refer to the Universe as) and as always we follow where we are guided.

I visited Montana only once before, very briefly, 20 years ago. It was actually my very first trip on my own, which kick-started my solo travels there forth. I decided to take a train ride up the West Coast from Los Angeles to the first stop outside of Glacier National Park.

My goal was to see Glacier, a place my brother had told me about from his many solo travels, and to just have some integrative and reflective time on my own during a transitory time in my life then and on my spiritual path.

So I booked an Amtrak ticket from LA to the first stop at the end of Glacier, after going through the whole park. I can’t remember the city, but I do remember it was just one tiny little building in the middle of no where.

I remember being the only one getting off the train and others looking on as I got off, as if confused as to why, since everyone else was going on.

Needless to say, I did, and just before the train station keeper was closing up. He was of the Blackfeet Indian Tribe, as many Blackfeet live in this area, and when he learned I had about 8 hours of waiting until I would take the next train back, he invited me to his home to be with his family, share a meal, and get a city tour. They were very excited to have a visitor.

It was an interesting experience for me on my first journey alone. One I won’t forget. And it reiterated the strong resonance and past life connections I had in my many Native Indian lifetimes I’d already connected dots with at this point in my life.

And now, I return 20 years later to a place I’d energetically anchored for the future.

There is a sense of full circle experience and something awaiting me here. It may also come to be Joy’s resting place, as I listen to where her ashes would be of highest good to spread.

Our time in Montana so far has been very supportive in these times of transition and expansion. I’m grateful for the beauty, inspiration, healing integration, and deepening into inner peace received here.

It’s enabled me to flow gracefully with change and has been part of the alchemy of inner harmony with it all.

Even little Cosmo has been doing incredibly, which makes mom very happy. I’ve been concerned about how he would take losing Joy, and while I know he misses her snuggly presence, he is also embracing the forward movement of life along with mom.

And the enchanted stuffed rabbit that Joy brought to life and has infused with her energy, is Cosmo’s constant partner now providing warmth, comfort, and a little extra magick to match the magick he embodies and imparts.

Here he is loving, snuggling, and cleaning his rabbit friend…the rabbit that reminds me of The Velveteen Rabbit who was brought to life by love in its most pure and innocent energy.


I feel that he and I are meant to have this time together on our own, as there is alchemy for us to create now and I anticipate more of his magick and gifts will be revealed in the days to come.

I’ve had alone time with each of my bunnies and my tortoise, Gaia, but now it’s Cosmo and me time.

And I have to say that it’s increased the already deep bond he and I share, taking our connection to a whole other level. We can read each other’s minds, our time together has become even more precious (if you can believe that), and he’s just really flourishing and looking/feeling very vibrant.

All that even after his recent minor surgery, which came a week after Joy’s transition.

I am always having to make intuitive decisions that take into account the highest good and support my little ones’ soul path and wishes, so things like any kind of surgery, minor or not, where they have to go under anesthesia at their age, is a challenging one.

But after running blood and xrays, we had the physical support of knowing he was strong and could handle it, so I made the call on these preventative procedures so as not to run into similar challenges like Joy and Nestor had, especially not knowing when the next good rabbit doctor would be around. And to support a more fluid and pain free experience for the next leg of his journey.

Anyway, when I picked Cosmo up from his dental surgery he didn’t even look like he’d been under and he immediately got his eating and digestive system right on track, the antibiotic for his nose congestion is already working (still waiting on his eye meds to kick in more), and I’m now adding vet tech to my repertoire, as I’m administering needle injections of Adequan to support his joints and arthritis.

That’s a scary thing, but Cosmo is helping mom to do something I don’t like even receiving myself, let alone giving it (a needle that is).

But both Joy’s doctor and this one highly recommended these injections and I’ve heard from others of the amazing results. So I’m looking forward to seeing him having more mobility and less pain, as the injections help with inflammation and more fluidity.

He won’t walk, but he might be scooting around much more vibrantly and have that peace mom so wants and intends for her little ones, rather than simply accepting pain as his experience.

I am grateful to be able to make the journey for him much more harmonious.

And I am grateful that my own journey is so harmoniously flowing, despite, or I think, because of the challenges I’ve embraced with love and the complete understanding on an embodiment level of the beauty and invaluable gifts in it all.

I’ve truly learned, not just in theory, but in actualization, about flowing with the natural rhythms and cycles of consciousness moving through me and my life.

And so, when change shows up, I don’t fight it, ignore it, or try to manipulate it otherwise. I simply engage my creative faculties and inner guidance to harness and support the highest good, which takes into account personal and non-personal always.

Cosmo has been and continues to be a guiding force with this, as he incredibly embraces the natural flow of unfolding life experiences with such grace and ease.

I continually say that he has become one of my greatest teachers and is such an example for us all on so many levels. I am constantly in awe of this little rabbit, which such a large soul presence.

He is unassuming, humble, vibrant, and love filled in unlimited abundance to mirror his enlarged physical heart.

So when change shows up, like our travel trajectory shifting, physical transitions taking place, surprises in all shapes and forms, and new paths presenting themselves and inspiring my attention despite my current focuses, I am ALL IN.

And because of this, my life IS peace. And what I’ve been focused on for as long as I can remember, HAS become a return to natural harmony.

In Life & Death, “Joy” Is Always There

I felt guided to recount my last days and what I experienced with my rabbit, Joy, through video share rather than writing a long account. It felt to be a more personal, transparent, and vulnerable way to do so, while also the way of honoring that felt most resonant. While I didn’t share every detail, it is still a long video, and is a way to express what has happened to all who have been asking, wondering, and have shared concern, a way to process more layers of my integration with it, and a way to be of assistance to others that are going through loss, as well as to help understand these natural and yet magickal cycles.

The video was shot in one succession of recount, however due to its size I was cut off during it and had to re-record immediately where I left off, multiple times. Due to that, there may be a couple of words where the videos are threaded together that are lost, but the general message should all be there and I did my best to pick back up and repeat where I left off.

I didn’t know how it would come through, nor prepared for it, so what ever was meant to I believe did.

Here is the video share from my heart:

There are a few things I wanted to add that are beautiful memories for me, which I’ll do so interspersed with some beautiful photo memories of Joy in her last days (which you’ll find at the end) and over time, here below.


I mention in the video that I knew this was coming for Joy, I just didn’t know the exact time until the day of her passing. That morning I knew she was leaving and said that to both Dave and Janet, who was still around at the time. I knew she wouldn’t make it through that day, but there were different scenarios that could play out and I was only concerned with the path of least pain for her and to honor her wishes, so going to any extent was necessary in my mind, which ended up being driving nearly 2 hours to create the alignments necessary.


But a few days before her having more issues and my taking her in for surgery, I had a dream. It was more involved than what I’ll share, but I don’t remember anything more than this.


In the dream she was a giant bunny, the same size as me. It was her, but there were also some elements of Nestor in her. I remember her taking her paws and back legs and wrapping them fully around me, and then me doing the same with my own arms and legs, leaving us in a giant embrace and snuggling one another like a big bear hug – my face immersed in her soft fur.


I felt her immense love in this human-sized hug and when I woke I knew she was wanting to let me know that she appreciated all of my efforts, that she knew I was doing all that I could, that she loved me so much, and for me to know she was preparing to leave.


So, things from there were not surprising and it was definitely no coincidence she chose a cosmic portal and full moon to bridge her journey to the beyond.


To demonstrate Joy’s ever-giving love and devotion to being of service, while she was ill, just before I was able to get her in to have surgery, I wanted to give Dave a Reiki healing attunement for things that he was going through and in the middle of the attunement, Joy hopped over and helped out. She went to his right foot and nosed him, sitting there flowing Reiki to him along with me until I was done. Something Nestor also used to do. I managed to capture a quick photo in the midst of things, as I wanted Dave to see how much she loved him and had been helping out despite her own challenges.


Another beautiful moment was after her surgery when I went in to see her to take her home and she immediately licked my hand to greet me. She is not a licker like Cosmo, as this is a new expression of affection for her of recent, so it was quite touching. Again, I knew she was thanking me for helping to ease her physical pains with the surgery and also sharing her love and happiness to see me.

Cosmo and JoyJoy and Cosmo3love

I mentioned in the video that my friend Christopher, who had joined on my sacred journey to Peru last March for the Equinox, was supportive through the process…synchronously Joy had chosen to transition in Bozeman, Montana where he just so happened to live and so there was divine alignment in his being there for me, as I had been there for him in Peru, which was incredibly beautiful.


Not only was I able to stay at his house, since I had to drive an hour and 45 minutes to get her to the ER there, but he was with me when I received the news, drove me back to say goodbye to her physical body and make arrangements for her ashes, gave me a moss agate healing pendant gift that has been supportive through the process, and then continued to provide his loving friendship and connection during our days in Bozeman, which included an epic hike in honor of Joy and to send out energy to the collective through a crystal grid (more on that in an upcoming post).


I will never forget the last day I had with Joy where I stayed home with her and basically laid on the floor next to her for hours snuggling and petting her, trying to syringe feed, hydrate, and give her meds so she didn’t have pain, and playing music to her while I sang from my heart. I left her for only about 45 minutes to an hour to take a walk on the lake where we were staying, check in on Janet’s dog, Daisy, stay grounded and balanced, and to do a sound channeling, which I shared already called – Preparing the Way.


Music, sound, and singing seemed to be the theme for our last day together, as that continued on the long car ride to the ER, and has been a connective thread to our relationship over all of the years she’s been with me.


I picked up Joy’s ashes when we officially landed in Bozeman, this past Sunday and it was an emotional release again when I brought her ashes to Dave waiting in the car.


He had not been there, as we were apart when she passed, so it was emotionally unleashing for him and we shared some tears and I found myself comforting him, rather than needing the comfort myself due to my integrating the processes that have been leading up to this unfolding.


Synchronously, Joy’s doctor texted me right after I picked up her ashes. He’d called me the night of her passing and now was checking in on me and how I was doing and how Cosmo was with everything, as we had discussed him as well in our hours of talking.


He had even offered help and consulting for Cosmo if ever I needed it. He definitely was going way beyond the call of any duty, as he is truly an angel. He wanted me to continue to keep him posted about Cosmo and told me he thought I was a special soul and beyond any doctor client thing, if ever I was back in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, he would love to meet and connect again, and give me another hug in person.❤


Just a couple of days before receiving Joy’s ashes we spent an evening having refreshments on Yellowstone River, reminiscing about Joy and reviewing all of her life over sweet and funny photos and videos I have stored on my phone – the only photos I keep on my cell phone are nearly 500 photos of Joy and Cosmo.🙂


It has definitely been a celebration and honoring of both her life and death, but mostly just about her eternally beautiful, joyous, sweet, and magnanimous soul.

I mentioned in a previous post about the special bottle pendants I had the foresight of getting to house some of the ashes of all three of my bunnies that I would keep – the rest to spread on the Earth where I felt led. Yesterday, on the day I made this video while Cosmo was in surgery, I also transferred Joy’s ashes to her bottle.

I am guided that I will be spreading the rest of both Nestor’s and Joy’s ashes somewhere. The place for Nestor is known and perhaps Joy will be with her, or somewhere else maybe in Montana since she chose this state and I’ve felt Montana was important for a while, not knowing why. I have spread Nestor’s ashes in many sacred places across the globe, but feel the journey is complete and all will come to rest somewhere shortly. The same with Joy’s.

It is time for them to both fully be released.


Joy’s passing to the otherworld is definitely the end of an era in my life and the beginning of a new one.

Here is the sweet way that Joy’s ashes were presented to me in a little flower tin marked “Joy Marie” inside a velvet bag with a card that has wildflower blooms inside of a heart to plant in her honor and quotes about the Rainbow Bridge, along with these:

…love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. ~Khalil Gibran 

Grief never ends…but it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It is the price of LOVE❤


I am grateful to have known, cherished, and been present with the depth of love and my love for Joy before separation. Separation simply reiterates its magnitude I will never lose feeling of.

I have experienced the passages of grief, coming to honor and embrace its beauty and significance and I share my vulnerability through those passages, as my testament of that love and trust continuously expanding.

GAM_9305 web

Where We’ve Been ~ Things We’ve Seen: Mirroring the Merging Within Myself

tania13Since I’m not posting on any regular basis anymore, I’ll do my best to share some of the highlights of where we’ve been, the energy shifts that have taken place, and any insights or inspirations that have occurred, as it’s always powerful to share reflections for one another so we can find those connective threads and take this wild ride together.

Amidst this time period we’ve also had some powerful energies that have been either challenging or supportive depending upon the individual journey, but always rich with potential. This has included a very potent Full Moon in a sign I love because it feels very native to me with having my Moon in Sagittarius.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius helps illuminate a deeper desire for embodying purity of heart, unveils with greater clarity, reveals more truth, and urges us on to experience more freedom and balance in our lives.

This has been taking place during the slow down of the retrograde that asks of us to embrace what is before us and shift our perspectives so that all of this can increasingly take root.


That’s exactly what my own experience has been like…a lot of slowing down and clearing while listening to the truth within that reveals to me what is most important and aligned to be doing and how to integrate what comes up to experience a natural freedom and expansion into essence.

We continue to explore some incredible and diverse areas, mirroring the inner landscape of incredible and diverse processes, each so uniquely beautiful and deeply rich with gifts.


Since I last left you we’ve continued our Colorado journey and have been to Montrose where we explored the magick and contrast of light and shadow energies at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Here I discovered the crystalline rich environment, as every step was filled with sparkly rocks and raw crystals, we were surrounded by frolicking rabbits, ventured into very Faery realms, integrated the value of nature’s cycles of life and death, were in awe by the vertical temple-like walls of this dark canyon – truly my favorite canyon so far, as it was a meeting of light and dark in its finest and so elevating through its shadowy realm of great mystery, and came to greater peace along the river bed where stillness was loudly resounding. The canyon has marbled walls too and its very own dragon naturally painted into its essence. We hiked and biked daily, and even had some fun playing mini golf at our RV park.


Then we were off to the Villa Grove area where we renewed ourselves in the mineral hot springs of Valley View Hot Springs. This is an incredible non-profit owned by the Orient Land Trust that allows you to fully immerse in nature – clothing optional – and discover this rustic diverse and peaceful ecosystem that is like you’re in your own world away from it all. Here we explored the wilderness trails that lead through an old mining town with ruins and artifacts all along the way, as well as take you to the mouths of the mines and one that is a bat cave now where 250,000 male bats migrate to each year. There’s even a raptor preserve to explore. We spent evenings from sunset to starlit night soaking in the natural and pure hot spring ponds, geothermally and hydroectrically heated hot tubs, and enjoyed the sauna, which has its own spring inside to cool off in. My favorite part was right as the sun set each evening and the fireflies would come out at our favorite pond just around the edge of it along the rocks and in the green brush. It was the most magickal thing ever. Faery enchantment indeed within the silence and purifying into essence. We floated in silence, eyes closed, and senses alive, just being. Our site sat atop the hill overlooking the expansive valley and deer would surround the land around us and join us on hikes.


While staying at Valley View Hot Springs we had the opportunity to visit Crestone at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, which is known as the Shambala of the Rockies and a vortex area of Colorado. It’s a very mystical spiritual center that draws in people on spiritual pilgrimages, as it is home to dozens of spiritual organizations and retreat centers. I’d actually not heard of it until a dear friend of mine told me about it – things show up when the timing is right – and so we decided to explore it for a day. For whatever reason, the day we went it was almost like a ghost town…only one restaurant was open and operating, and it was quiet, which added to feeling like we were in another reality and dimension all of our own. I’d looked into a couple of places to explore, calling around as well, which led us through the town following hand written directions I’d been given. We passed interesting dwellings, some with giant crystals and sacred gardens out front, and came to a spiritual center with labyrinth to walk. Then we went up the mountain to one of the Tibetan Buddhist retreat centers – Karma Thegsum Tashi Gomang, which is the highest end point of centers you’ll pass along the drive up. One after another Tibetan flags will lead the way and you discover these hidden centers nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Karma Thegsum Tashi Gomang has a Stupa sitting atop the hill overlooking the valley. We spent time there and walked around it ten times, silently chanting a mantra over and over and being in pure openness, then sat on a bench in front of it setting new intentions. The day was a very odd day with many odd happenings, which added to feeling “in the vortex” and we felt we’d received exactly what was needed in the time spent there and once we were done at the Stupa it began to rain, cleansing and refreshing into the newness as we headed back to our mineral springs home to soak in and integrate the magick.


And lastly, we’ve been in Mosca where we’ve been exploring the Great Sand Dunes National Park. We hiked through Mosca Pass Trail along the creek where butterflies kept dancing around me (disappearing when anyone would approach) and I even discovered a pair mating on the path before me – very potent medicine all around!), along with the most luminous cosmically ethereal cactus blossoms that completely mesmerized me. We also enjoyed the nature trails and many deer once again. Hiked to the enchanting Zapata Falls where we had to balance across rocks in the creek and make our way into the cavern to experience the rushing fresh water alongside icy falls. And climbed over 700 feet of sand dunes receiving a natural exfoliation from the high winds and playing in the dunes racing down them, or in Dave’s case, jumping like a little antelope, throwing himself, and rolling down them. I saw several Peregrine Falcons, one of which came swooping low above me screeching good morning, as I stepped out of the RV – a powerful way to greet the day!

20160520_171013_resized20160518_174746_resized 20160519_182306_resizedSweet Pea and Deer20160518_175949_resized20160519_144208_resized20160519_145354_resized20160519_145704_resized20160519_145808_resized20160519_170350_resized20160519_181128_resized20160519_180114_resized20160519_172012_resized20160520_161053_resized20160520_162146_resized20160520_162503_resized20160520_165118_resized20160520_165346_resized 20160520_165619_resized20160520_170632_resized20160520_171147_resized20160521_163709_resized20160521_164037_resized20160521_164554_resized 20160521_113349_resized20160521_131154_resized20160521_125939_resized20160521_130159_resized

We just arrived in our new home of Pueblo yesterday, where we’ll be just for a few days, and upon arrival went out to visit the incredible and impressive Bishop Castle, which I definitely recommend reading about here, as it’s truly quite a story: Bishop Castle. Love the dream he had and saw through, however the heights and wild stairs, along with the bridges of iron at crazy heights (I think the equivalent of 16 stories) and iron, see-through platform walks around the outside really had me on edge while walking and exploring it. We also hiked part of St. Charles Trail along a creek about 3 miles from the castle and walked Lake Isabel to explore our new surroundings. A welcome visit by a Bald Eagle circling the lake ended our day beautifully.

20160522_142846_resized20160522_143316_resized20160522_143410_resized20160522_143446_resized20160522_143525_resized20160522_143552_resized20160522_143622_resized20160522_144250_resized20160522_144429_resized20160522_144752_resized20160522_145105_resized20160522_144853_resized20160522_145147_resized20160522_145740_resized20160522_145746_resized20160522_153331_resized20160522_154429_resized 20160522_164844_resized20160522_165708_resized

The experiences are constantly shifting and drastically different from moment to moment. This includes the weather shifts we experience and the last few days have included crazy – and I mean CRAZY – winds that pick up as the evening and night approaches. They were so wild (feeling like 50 mph) it shook our RV like an earthquake and when out in the day in the sand dunes, you’d be covered in sand – my back and back of my calves would feel like they were getting a combo of aggressive acupuncture and deep pebble massage. Lol!

So far, this morning they have ceased.

But I will say, the gritty, Earthiness of it all was very grounding and supported that body consciousness of really being “in-body” while experiencing the raw beauty of the physical.


And the wild winds definitely felt like another sweeping away of more layers into the new after all of the shadow processing, cleansing, and renewal.

It’s a continual journey that mirrors the cycles of Nature and consistently offers new potentials and horizons to explore with every door closed and opened.

During this time I’ve pulled more within, as you know, which has been interesting to see how that reflects.

I’ve received a number of requests recently for some of the services I used to offer like sacred tattoo designs and teaching Reiki, but once again it’s been a mirror of how much I’ve been transforming, as we always call up the things we leave behind, which indicates we are rooting in the new.

It has also been a good gauge of seeing how I feel and respond, as at first it was more challenging internally when you are first letting go of things, to say no and honor what is important for you. Whereas I now see and experience it as a natural process and that is quite empowering, as well as indicative of the changes I’ve integrated. It’s also pretty big stuff for a boundless Pisces to feel at home doing.

I’ve also gotten back to my writing, which has been awesome, to say the least. It’s amazing how good you feel when you’re in your zone and aligning with the energy currently moving through you. Immersing in my creative world is so deeply satisfying and I’m back to having my writing be an extension of me always, as even while I’m hiking I’m receiving inspiration and writing, and when we drive somewhere I’m writing notes in pen on the palms of my hand so I don’t forget.🙂

And I love how it’s opened my next project, which is an off shoot of it, so that I’m now actively creating two things simultaneously in the process of immersing in one and it’s happened naturally without making it so.

I love that.

There’s no need to manipulate, force, worry about when and how things will happen. When embracing the current energy stream moving through, it just all unfolds seamlessly. And that was interesting to experience happening, as I did actually wonder how it would.

I got my answer in the doing and allowing myself to surrender into what was just here right now.

The more I experience on this journey, the more I can feel and actually see myself transforming.

It shows up in photos taken. It shows up in the experiences reflected.


Violet light has been around and the light within me seems to be emanating more.


There’s been such a great celebration and relief in surrendering into the nature of me.

Feeling so comfortable in my skin and body, in general and with just how it is at all times.

And loving all processes of aging gracefully, as I watch my dear rabbit loves doing so.

I feel like we’re partnering in that dance together and they have affirmed to me and mirrored what a natural and wonderful experience it can be, despite some of the things or challenges that it also brings along, as they teach us of the gift within it all.

I’ve been feeling the mystic quality and peace of settling into ancient me.


So while I’m more alive than ever, feeling the glow, and in more of my childlike wonder and innocence, I’m simultaneously integrating that with embrace of the beauty and life force within my totality of experience as a soul.

This goes back to my loving dichotomies and feeling like a walking dichotomy, which to me is about walking the middle path of duality and understanding the power of that integration….being both maiden and crone at once.

So things like seeing so many silvers emerging on my crown – which is opening so much more these days – feels so beautiful, mirroring of the shifts, and as if I’m lightening into grace and it’s reflecting that lifting of veils and blossoming into a purity of experience beyond definition.

And this makes me happy…and settling into that embodiment feels divine – without personal need to have it be anything different or try to change it, which would feel like a judgment about my unique expression and soul signature at this point in my life.

I love the child me that is playful and easily awed.

I love the ancient me that journeys and visions within the sage caves of eternity.

And they live and emanate in purity, grace, and harmony together within and without.

Earth and Cosmos has never felt more as One.


Hunkering Down Into Essence & Being ~ Reverence to the Nature of You

Moving In Between Worlds & Into New Realities ~ Change Takes Root In Unknown But Welcome Ways

As we prepared to leave this incredible little mountain town haven, known to some as the Switzerland of America, nestled between the snow capped San Juan Mountains (a mountain range within the Rocky Mountains) in a river valley at nearly 8,000 feet, I’m feeling the rooting of another shift and the opening of that new door that has invited me in.

This is the first time I feel a bit of sadness to leave a place (yet full in heart), as although we’ve only been here three days, Ouray has been the epitome of our nurturing Mother Earth reflecting the realm I adore that is most reflective of the world from which my roots grow.

It has definitely been a place of relaxing and purifying, as well as opening to receiving the communication and inspiration from that magickal otherworld I needed.

The natural hot springs that feed the town pool at center, offer the therapeutic cleansing and renewal to wash away and release so that one can receive more clearly the messages and callings.


Ouray is named after the Ute Indian, Chief Ouray, who is said to have visited the pool often, holding ceremonies in the local vapor cave.

The area is surrounded by quaking aspen and evergreen scrub oaks, which I can only imagine would be amazingly brilliant in autumn, so it’s no wonder people would be drawn here in each wonderfully shifting season.

Since we came in between seasons (seems fitting to the in between worlds I will speak of more), arriving just as things opened – May 1st was the official RV park opening – it created a sanctuary of solitude to renew in and explore all to ourselves. Not to mention, was a perfect transition from one reality to another.

And with the on and off rain, river, and waterfalls, it has been pure flow that matches my Pisces nature, bringing me more into alignment with my essence.

As we keep a mental, heart, (and actual paper) note of the things we love and how we feel in each area, this place helps me to know clearly what I am looking for and needing in our home landing spot at the end of this journey.

There is definitely a sacredness here in Ouray that speaks to that other worldly part of me that felt closer to that realm with doorways all around to slip in and out of.

And that in fact happened on several occasions, but most tangibly when Black Fox slipped through.


I mentioned her in a previous post, and shared photos in yesterday’s photo blog, but I feel to draw attention to her once again here briefly, as she ties in to the messages received and a Tarot card I pulled yesterday that summed things up for me.

Seeing and connecting with Black Fox was a mystical encounter that still brings chills to me each time I look at the photos I was able to capture of her.

black fox

She ran directly across our path – a path, mind you, that we had first taken, but then doubled back to take a different one, as the one we were on we discovered would have added another hour or two, to our already 6 miles, that we decided we couldn’t do in order to get back for things. The trail says it’s only 4.2 miles, but that turned out to be misleading, as it wasn’t the full loop.

Anyway, we had started ascending again to the last part of the loop when we decided to turn around and right before getting back to the other trail where it forked, that’s when Black Fox caught our attention by crossing our path. A meeting created by our shifting paths at precisely the right moment.

I figured she’d run off, as they normally hide and camouflage themselves. And being night creatures, usually are seen at dawn and dusk, so in the middle of the day was unusual.

But when I looked to the right, there she was by a tree, curiously hanging out and not in the least bit interested in leaving. The more we looked at her and connected, the more she sat there and peered into our eyes.

She was so magickal and hauntingly beautiful with those piercing eyes peering from her all black body with only a white-tipped tail. Her fine features and large pointed ears stood out, as she watched from the shadows of her tree.


As mentioned in my earlier post, they are very rare and said to be a genetic flaw that dates back hundreds of years where the red fox stays black (pups are darker when born).

She was mesmerizing and definitely other worldly with a subtle aura glow all around her.

This was no chance experience, but a deliberate encounter from this shape shifter who had emerged from another realm, indicating a cross over between worlds and dimensions had opened, and was accessible – bringing me back to the Dwarf door in the mountain that was inviting me in the day before.

The world of magick and every day realities had crossed paths and this creature of the in between times and places is a guide into the Faery realm and beyond.

Her black coat spoke of deep mysteries and the hidden shadows revealed, of the Cosmic Abyss, shamanism (which has been at the forefront these days), working with the benevolent powers of both light and dark, and knowing oneself in the truest of ways.

The message she had was, and still is integrating, but when I pulled my Faery Oracle card yesterday, things became more clear.

Here’s the card and message:


Well, that was so on point with what I’d been experiencing and feeling, not to mention Unicorn has been around a lot too.

And things are not always what they seem, as our “eyes” can be deceiving.

Black Fox was a counterpart to Unicorn…her white tipped tail indicating the cross over and connection, not to mention the small white orb that appeared in one of the photos by her white tipped tail.


When we see with our true inner eye, the answers are there.

I’ve read that many see the Black Fox as both an omen of misfortune/”bad” luck AND an omen of “good” luck and magickal things.

One must look in their own heart to receive the truth, as all things edge on the reality of your perception.

This also felt connected to Cosmo, his being black and white, and his feeling to be the integrating factor needed also for what is channeling through.

He’s an integrating energy connected with Nestor and Joy as a Trinity as well….and a Trinity of energies between me and Joy too.

His recent illness of pneumonia has also been a timely process of sharing the message of not forgetting our parts in order to take in the full breath of life…to nurture and cultivate the feminine within is to also nurture and cultivate the masculine, and vice versa. It is not an isolated journey.

Cosmo has been like a missing link I needed, as he personifies the new Sacred Male in Divine partnership with the Sacred Female, reminding us not to forget his importance in this Great Cosmic Romance.

I have had my own built-in challenges and judgments over time with the Male, but it was from the old conditioning and DNA programming, but not from a place of true grace and reverent understanding.

After coming to know the true Sacred Male through my relationship with Cosmo and his to Joy and life itself, I have seen HIS power in how he brings forth and supports the Sacred Female into HER true power.

It is NOT just about the feminine, but the harmony dance and sacred song sung together with the masculine…it is both and beyond both, but to know the beyond one must know each in their true and pure power.

Back to the Faery Oracle card, it talks about how Unicorn is going into the etheric realms to ask the creatures too long in hiding to come forth (Black Fox) and let themselves be known again and that they are safe with the “maiden” – me – and vice versa…so that we may share in the work together and meet in the in between places to communicate.

I also had mentioned recently that my creative project – writing – had taken a pause for a while, as there has been a lot to integrate and receive, and I’d felt challenged with the message, unable to do it justice, feeling I was still needing to go through my personal experiences in order to access what’s next, and unclear until a new door appeared where I would be led and then back in writing flow from this new unventured place of pure channeled inspiration I would only know when I was there.

It didn’t feel right in Utah to continue writing but I had this sense that somewhere in Colorado would provide the doorway, which it has.

An initiatory process has been taking place and after the time spent at the ruins in Mesa Verde, a vision quest had resulted in retrieving a key to that door.

And opened it has, here in Ouray…and like the waters flowing abundantly all around me while staying there, I can feel the inspiration flowing and I’m ready to receive the channeling of insights and communication from my magickal friends near and far.

The card shares that the Unicorn brings the power of the written word and communicates the tale to be told and that their original language is pictorial – which is how I work in visions and creative windows of artistic expression.

The card continues to say that if it has appeared to you while embarking on a creative project like writing and had felt a hindrance that Unicorn will help if asked, to fill you with inspiration and guidance, as well as is help to connect with your magickal free spirited self. Unicorn is a symbol of ancient magicks rising and I did say that magick was afoot with Black Fox appearing, not to mention the ancient energy experiences at the Anasazi ruins.

And so this reiterates what I’d felt so strongly in Mesa Verde when I had the crown chakra expansion and opening (likely preparing me for this new line of communication for another level of channeling needed) that change was upon me again.

It had been slowly building, but hit me with that deep cellular release as to what was going to be necessary for this next leg of the journey.

And the card continues to share that a purification is taking place within and without…that has been unfolding indeed. And increased with the crown chakra opening and my time in cleansing Ouray.

A detoxifying of my environment, which to me feels to speak to needing to withdraw some more to follow my life path. This also connects with the message of being a peaceful activist for change that the card heralds and this journey we’re on in the Magick Bus as a way to spread that peace and healing to the Earth in the way that I can.

The card’s message includes helping and purifying the environment, which is something I do energetically, with sound and Reiki, as well as creatively by creating tangible works and more aligned personal embodiment that reflect the reality I want to experience and a beautification process of returning to natural origins and harmony.


Synchronously, yesterday we took a stroll along the river walk just out front of our RV. It was raining and the river was rolling. We walked about two miles, although it extends longer, feeling refreshed, and by the end our outer clothing completely soaked with that cleansing.


Along the walk there were interpretative placards that shared about the river restoration that the city of Ouray has been implementing to bring it back into abundance and harmony for the wildlife and surroundings.

20160510_173942_resized20160510_173647_resized river restoration

That reflection felt symbolic of my own soul restoration back into natural harmony taking place.


We each have our roles and parts to play and mine is definitely as an “as within, so without” process in constantly holding that mirror up to Nature and the world at large to make those adjustments in reflection.

The doors between worlds are growing wider and wider, the message continues in the oracle card, and that feels accurate, as where the veils were thick and life seemed a struggle, there is greater ease in walking between those realms, not just through dream and meditation time, but as a tangible reality.

This card literally speaks to what is unfolding and felt to be a messenger of reiteration and support that my feelings were accurate on what is next.

I’m going to be a little more “in between” worlds myself now again, as I am needing to go to places more fully to receive what the open door is ready to channel through.

Ouray felt for me to be the symbolic and literal reflection of this in between world, transitioning me into a new and unknown, but familiar realm in order to receive knew learning and wisdom I will be humbled student and channel to.

And like the Sibyls, from which the ancient heritage within me is rooted, who lived hidden and out of reach in order to filter the energies that accessed them so they could remain devoted to the sacred purity of their connection with Mother Earth and the Cosmos through sound, there is a place within me calling for that path….

moving in and out, at times unreachable, and yet ever more connected.

While I am not fully removing myself, like I did on my 3 month sabbatical, I am removing myself much more than I’ve been in the last several months since returning and do feel I’m in a form of sabbatical indeed with this Magick Bus journey in totality, but the form just keeps shifting as to how that looks.

I have been sharing a lot of the journey to assist, inspire, and reflect any resonance and support for others on a pretty much daily basis, but this will be shifting to a limited sharing.

I do not have any official number of times I will post or not, but likely will be something like one – two times a week only so that I can spend more time in the other world for the time being in order to create what feels soul necessary.

But know that while I am here or there, I am fully present.

Which reminds me of a quick conversation via text I had with Laura this morning where we were reflecting on how our physical forms have shifted from our waif forms and partially-here-presence to much more solid, heavier bodies of natural form that enable us to truly be in this world and richly Earth connected, yet still not of it.

I commented that we were not fully embodied, although ancient and knowledgeable…the wisdom through integration is only now starting to truly shine forth, as it does for everyone who deepens into what it truly means to actively know and live that knowledge. And it will continue to deepen and shine the more it is fully integrated.

She said it was like we were “seeds with unlocked potential” to which I replied, “yep, seedlings into trees, grounded and rooted, but also expanding out and beyond.”

And isn’t that what we all are and how this journey is unfolding for us all?

As above, so below.

And so in my own life I have seen how the energy needs to shift and while I am not removing myself from connection and communication altogether, in many ways I will not be as responsive and do have to place more boundaries on my time and energy exerted in answering all the emails and messages received. As well as need to monitor my energy and time diligently.

I love you all dearly, so much so that I know this is what is most supportive right now in the bigger picture to do and so even though at time it feels odd since it is different than what others or even I might think this time of my life might be like, especially in terms of being in a personal #1 year, I in fact am doing what that is about, which honors the essence of new beginnings in all ways.

So while I’m not cutting things off, I will be more silent and I will not be as accessible physically/visually speaking for an unknown period needed.

I will still post blogs, but on a limited basis.

I will still share video inspirations and sound channelings on a limited basis, as well as still be offering the personal sound channelings I shared are available to those who are called.

But I’ll only be available on a limited, as needed basis, and will limit blog shares.

For anyone on Facebook, the same applies there, although will seem more dramatic, as the only shares will be blog updates that post there automatically and only important updates.

I thank all of my beautiful friends and supportive community for your continued understanding and love. I know I do things a bit differently and not logically so I appreciate your compassionate hearts you’ve always extended.

sun clouds peak

This morning before we headed out of Ouray to our new location in Montrose near Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, the sun rose lighting up the tip of the beautiful snow capped peak outside my desk window, with little peach clouds above it in the baby blue sky.

sun rise on the peak

The tip of the peak lit up between the dark mountains beside it, creating a valley or chalice-like effect (vessel of life both empty and full), and also two triangles overlapping (like the Merkabah) felt symbolic of light within the darkness and darkness within the light…and the healing waters that pour into this valley via waterfalls – the creative impetus and spark of new life and essence purification.

There is much hope and much promise….and the door has opened to let the floodgates of newness in.

I was reminded of this path I chose for our journey in the Magick Bus.

I didn’t need a catastrophe, health crises, break down, or shove up against a wall this time to know what my heart and soul needed and what changes were necessary in the bigger picture of things.

You can choose a different more aligned path at any moment with heartful trust in every part of the unfolding.

Support and expansion is there when you do.

So while it might seem more logical to make changes when there’s a challenge, I say it’s quite empowering to make them when there aren’t.

For this reason I have understood why some people thought I might be going through a challenge of some sort to make decisions like I have, but the decisions are based on choice alone from an inner knowing only I can feel.

On our ride to Montrose from Ouray we passed an old bus parked in the yard of a house along the road. We passed too quickly to stop, plus that’s not so easy in a big RV, but it was long enough to see the bus said “Magic Bus” on it.

Was it a sign post that all things are in flow and alignment and symbolic of leaving an old reality behind, as we walked through the door of new potentials opened to us in Ouray?

It felt to be an indication of a new reality and moving in between worlds…in mine there is Magick – the new reality…in the other there is Magic – the old reality, but they are counterparts to the whole…the water of the chalice.

It didn’t seem surprising that we literally pulled in to our new spot at 11:11 am. That portal of 1’s keep showing up big time recently at the 11:11 and 1:11 hours.

While I do share a lot, there is much unsaid and much I am not able to share, but what I do share is done so others don’t feel alone and crazy, and so that you might find some thread of connection in your own experience, or receive an “a-ha” to light the way where you might have also felt lost, as I have at times.

Feeling so much love for you.

Personal Sound Channeling ~ A New Offering Reflecting the Power of Sound

I’ve been sharing my gift of sound channeling in a more public way since we’ve been journeying in the Magick Bus and experiencing the ancient energies of the land.

However, this is not a new expression for me, as I’ve been doing it all my life AND LIVES, as well as on sacred journeys and retreats and even focused an intro class on the subject on one of them.

Recently, I knew it was time to reveal it, as it is the essence of who I am and the way to step into embodying that more.

So with vulnerability I have been sharing my voice through several videos and at the start of the year had furthered my studies with intuitive sound, which just reiterated, intensified, and empowered this expression and foundations even more.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about “sound” here is a blog post I wrote a year ago on the subject:

And if you’ve like to explore the recent videos, to just get a taste of this, here are a few videos you can listen to (each has a paragraph description of how they came about at their links under the video):

Calling Up The Wind

Channeling The Ancient & Womb Earth Energies

Releasing The Crimson Dragon

Whale Song

So this all leads me to the new offering I spoke about in my May Newsletter this month.

Down the road I may teach more in depth on this subject, but for now the most resonant thing for me feels to be able to offer this gift to others and is currently the only service I am offering (other than the spontaneous creative inspirations like the Magick Stones that pop up as guided) since it feels most aligned at this time.



I am offering personalized sound channelings for individuals.

These will include a video share with your sound healing message, which can be for a specific focus/intent in your life, or simply as a current signature resonance to support you into more fully embodying your essence and moving through challenges to get you to the next step along your journey.

It could also be for specific help with things like opening, clearing, and balancing a particular chakra, channeling the essence of elements in Nature or Cosmic frequencies, deep cellular shifts with traumas, supporting a new path you are trying to manifest, opening you to more creative inspiration, clarity, or courageous commitment and strength, receiving nurturing and love needed from the reflection of your inner child, working through releasing, tapping into your ancient soul, etc.

You simply bring to me your desires and we’ll tap into the essence reflection of that via sound.

I tune in to the essence of your energy and allow sound to move through me that is at the frequency needed to help support the shifts.

This will shift, as you shift, and no two sound channelings will be alike, although may have similarities due to frequency resonance…as sound is ever-evolving from creative impetus and power of the now reflective moment.

At times this can be musical, other times more like toning, or a combination. Sometimes it may sound like another language or chants. And it isn’t always what you think of as “beautiful”, although always comes from a benevolent and pure expression of All That Is moving through me to you…to help awaken and activate the latent pieces of your soul and DNA.

What you receive from me is a personal sound video, which you will be able to listen to over and over, as needed. This could be one song…or may need a layering of more than one. I will ascertain that when tuning in. I may have crystals or other shamanic accompaniments, which will be explained in either the video or an email you’ll receive from me with your video that may feel to be part of creating the field of energy to support the channeling. And as always, Reiki energy and a lot of love will be woven and infused into the sound offering.

In the future, I may make available MP3’s and/or CD/DVD’s of sound channeling for specific energy frequencies and meditational or facilitation purposes.

To receive your own personalized sound channeling and signature songs to help you to integrate healing on deeper levels, strengthen your self-empowerment, support movement of energy to the next step or leap, and open portals of experience that activate and balance your chakras into more alignment with your essence as an expression of All That Is, you may partner in this offering here:


Personal Sound Channeling ~ $111

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


Once I have received your sound channeling request, I will email you to discuss the intent for your personal sound channeling. So please make sure to include the email address you’d like to be contacted by, in your order or in the comment section of the invoice.

You may also gift these to a loved one, in which case, please provide me any needed information on that request in the comment section of the invoice as well.

I have also created a separate page link on my blog that you can visit with this same information, at any future time you may desire support with something else, as listed above and not limited to what you see here.


Here is the link to that page:

Personal Sound Channeling




The sound that came from you, while you were in the sarcophagus of the King’s Chamber, is something I will never forget. I’m getting vibed right now. What came out of you was magical, mystical, angelic……. Words fail to pain the experience. I’m truly honored for the experience.” ~Michael, Arizona

“When you were Singing, it was one of the most Wonderous and Powerful things I witnessed the whole trip on our sacred journey in Peru–WOW! The energy you were bringing through was so Pure and Beautiful. You were definitely the pinnacle of the Triangle that day! I am Honored to have been able to support you in that moment. I am still filled with Gratitude and Awe for everything that happened!” ~Christopher, Montana

Merging the Sands of Time ~ Sand Canyon Pueblo


Haunting peace was carried on the wind.

It danced around and within me and floated across the ancient city.


A lone and unknown bird call echoed through the Juniper forest, as watchful eyes pierced my soul from every direction.

I wrapped my knit hood close, keeping the rain-chilled air that dropped 20 degrees within minutes from stinging my neck and ears.


Walking the path that followed the outside wall, which enclosed this vast village, I scanned the now rubble where once stood one of the largest Anasazi settlements within the region.

A village over 800 years old of 420 rooms, 100 kivas, and 14 towers surrounded me and time was bridged between then – the 1200’s – and now, as we became One.


At the Great Kiva I sat to connect, honor, and receive.

Wolf appeared within the fire-lit darkness, becoming the powerful man before me.

Brown skinned, black haired, bright eyed and clad in fur and talismans, Wolf hooded the head of this impressive figure of powerful, primal medicine.


I was privy to this sacred ceremony where the veils of time once again came down and his dance was for me.

A long dark furred cape was offered to me and wrapped around my soul.

I was cloaked in darkness that revealed the true light within.

Visions of pottery pieces flashed in my mind that I was told I would find.

I emerged with direction that led to painted green, white, and fingerprint-etched finds of my clan.


Pieces of my soul once again retrieved within the impressive four-acre ancient city of the 164,000 acres within Canyons of the Ancients.

Deeper embodiment of my thread is enriched with each woven filament that binds me within the collective tapestry.

Sands of time had merged at the neck of the hourglass where the point of power IS.


The Natural Dance ~ Becoming More of Yourself

When you come to know your own personal processes you can be your own best friend and guide in how to get rebalanced if thrown off temporarily because you’ll know what naturally is you and what isn’t and what your patterns and triggers are.

It’s a patient and present process of consistent awareness in identifying, listening, and taking things in steps to lead yourself gently  and lovingly back to center.

It’s also about seeing things as welcomed gifts rather than surprise attacks, to show you how far you’ve come with things and how quickly and naturally it happens because of the consistent repatterning back to natural flow you’ve committed to.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t ever have new things come up, but you WILL just KNOW that you can handle anything and you’ll naturally just do the alchemy of shifting things without even consciously knowing that you are.

That’s the beauty of it and what I love to experience more and more of.

You just become more of who you are and that is the continuous awareness – rather than a cause and effect, it becomes a natural dance and flow that simply moves through you instinctively.

Renewal is constant even if you don’t yet see it…..believe.

“Don’t despair too much if you see beautiful things destroyed, if you see them perish. Because the best things are always growing in secret.” ~Ben Okri

Canyons of the Ancients


There was something powerfully activated yesterday from our intuitive and rewarding exploration of another incredible area – Canyons of the Ancients National Monument – so much so that the top of my crown chakra felt like it was splitting open. This area is like an “outdoor museum”, but also like a treasure hunt, as most of the archaeological sites are not apparent to the untrained eye and precise locations aren’t publicized.


Canyons of the Ancients contains more than 6000 Anasazi – Ancestral Puebloan and other Native American cultures – archaeological sites and in some place, up to 100 per square mile.


They recommend stopping first at the Anasazi Heritage Center before beginning your exploration, to get maps, guidebooks, orientation, etc., as although the Monument is open to explore on foot, there are few and limited marked foot trails and no indication of where things are or what to look for.


When you arrive there is just a small sign that says Canyons of the Ancients and has a general trail map of the area to choose from.


As I said, we decided to just explore without info and let ourselves be guided. We had a window of about 2 hours, so we also wanted to maximize that.


It proved very rewarding, as the trail routes we took, our spidey senses, and knowing what to look for, since we’ve been exploring so many ruins already, led us to find quite a few sites.


It’s a really remarkable area and less traveled, as we found only about 4 cars parked at the main trailhead, but only came across a guide and one person with him on mules and two mountain bikers, briefly at onset and end.


The rest of the time we were completely on our own in this vast sacred area walking in the ancient footsteps of these people and exploring their dwellings and temples.


I decided to stay more grounded and let Dave do the climbing and upper explorations, while I scanned the cliffs for more sites and directed him to things I could see to go check out from his higher ground.

dave climbing.jpgdave.jpgdave2.jpgdave3.jpg

We found cliff dwellings, what appeared to be walls of surface dwellings on the tops of the rocks, and temple sites.


We also found the perimeter walls of lower dwellings on the ground below the cliff dwellings.


This seemed to be quite the location for so many communities, one after another.


While Dave would climb up, I’d explore below and many lizards came to greet me.


We also had a raven flying into the large cliff dwelling we found, as we were leaving it, and when we came to this most intact dwelling, hummingbird appeared.

I heard a very loud buzzing and felt chills of energy around me, realizing then there was a hummingbird buzzing above my head and circling me.

Then it flew off in the direction of the cliff dwelling.

Right after exploring, we stopped on a nearby rock under the shade of a tree with view of that site, to drink some water and have a snack and two hummingbirds found us. They came buzzing again around us and landing in the tree’s branches above us. They were very intent on finding us and making sure we knew they were there.

The ancient ones were definitely welcoming us. It reminded me of when we were in Peru and arriving at the Sun Temple when a hummingbird appeared to welcome us.

Can you find me in this panoramic shot on the right looking out at the cliff dwelling ruins lining the inside and tops of the cliffs at center?


We really enjoyed our intuitive expedition, not knowing what to expect or what we’d find, but it was perfect. And being that we but scratched the surface of all that is there, we feel we will likely return in the days remaining.

The next time we’ll stop at the Anasazi Heritage Center first since we’ll have more time and it is Southwest Colorado’s premier archaeological museum of the Anasazi and has a ton of things to see and learn about, as well as will provide information on more things we may want to explore at Canyons of the Ancients.

If you have the time and can do both exploration on your own and go to the Center, I’d recommend doing so, as it will give your intuition, presence, and observational skills a good exercise before getting info. My guess is you’ll still be using some tracking and other skills even with info, as nothing is marked except the main trail heads.

As I mentioned at the start, something took place, as when we arrived back home the very top center of my crown chakra started aching.

I don’t get migraines and rarely ever get head aches…usually it’s an energy thing if I feel something.

But OMGoodness did my head hurt and would worsen no matter what I did. I even laid down for a bit and it just increased. I drank water to make sure I was hydrated and it increased. It was literally like my head was being knocked open with a sledge hammer right at center.

I tried Reiki and it increased.

Dave was sitting outside reading and I went to sit with him and told him that I felt like something was happening from the energies. My crown was expanding, shifting, and/or opening.

I told him that I was feeling a shift literally inside tear me open and it was making me very emotional and wanting to cry – and did – and it was not due to the pain, but an activation.

He asked if I wanted him to do Reiki on my crown and I said yes, so he did, as I closed my eyes and tears ran down my face and my legs started shaking, which happens  – the shaking that is – when I’m going through something like a kundalini experience, but for me this energy is coming down through the crown now and not up – mirroring what the channeler/reader in Sedona has told me the last two times I visited him there that this would be my new experience from now on of things channeling down through me, not up.

And while I sat there in pain, tears of opening, and shaking in my legs, we heard what sounded like owl hoots in the tree in front of us and I caught glimpse of a bird moving on the branches…then two.

They sounded just like an owl, but as they moved more I saw that they were Mourning Doves cooing in a way that sounded incredibly like hoots.

Their presence seemed symbolic bringing the deepest kind of peace, promise, and purification.

Mourning Doves help us to release any deep traumas stored in the cellular memory, which can be assisted by sound channeling through your voice and body. In this way they are also helping to clear and cleanse so that renewal can take place.

Their melancholy coos remind me of Celtic keening and similar to the sound healing and mourning I shared in my video.

They are also connected to the transitional times of the day’s cycle, as in morning and night – we heard them at nearly 8pm – times when veils between physical and spiritual worlds become thinner. And so they are messengers from other worlds and can help to reveal the hidden energies and provide calming peace and hope with the process.

They seemed to be, for me, helping me to peacefully embrace this shift taking place and to “be” with the growing pains and opening, breathing into them rather than allowing the emotional cleansing to cause anxiety in any way, as it felt at first to be cropping up as, along with frustration and more.

After seeing them, Dave giving me Reiki, and brushing my tears from my cheeks I felt a lot better, but it was first by going through a process of it increasingly getting worse – my crown hurt SO much.

I was then able to go back inside and shower, as well as bathe Cosmo and with the physical cleansing things continued to balance out.


I knew another big change was upon me and I’d be implementing some more major decisions that feel necessary at this time in my life – crucial and timely.

I’m sitting with it for now, but will share more when it settles completely in body.

(Also feeling significant to add, today 5/5, would have been Gaia (my Russian Tortoise’s) 13th birthday and it was also the day that Nestor’s ashes came home to me)

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