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Oasis of Light

oasis23Day after Christmas explorations of Indian Canyons Hiking Trails brought a brilliant illumination of light around every enchanted moment.

oasis31I’ve spent a LOT of time in Palm Springs in my past, but I’ve never explored the trails and areas discovered this time around.

All things in divine timing.

oasisSeven miles of beauty on the Stone Pools and Murray Canyon/Seven Sisters Trails uncovered a stunning, hidden desert oasis jewel that was breathtaking.

oasis19They were truly some of my most favorite trails ever and I couldn’t help but smile at the dance of light that was present.

I found a butterfly on the trail beneath the towering palms and gently let her crawl onto my finger and hand so that I could move her to safety.

oasis11She had one damaged wing, but I’m believing that with the kiss I gave her on her wings, some Reiki love, and moving her out of harms way, that she will enjoy some more days spreading her magick.

oasis40So grateful to have found this area and I look forward to exploring more in the future.

oasis13I hope you find some inspiration and reflection of the light and hidden, innate beauty within you, as you journey through these images.

YOU are the treasure!

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