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Happy New Year from Two Snow Bunnies!


Just a short message, as we plan to spend a quiet evening of self-nurturing to ring in and anchor the New Year intentfully in our magickal sanctuary space. Today, before sharing a delicious lunch at Simple Bliss Vegan Cafe here in South Lake Tahoe and enjoying a hike where I brought this magickal snowrabbit faery to life (my first full snowman ever made – of course it’s a bunny), we had some great news come in that we were waiting on – oh the divine timing on this last day of 2016! News upcoming.

But for now, this:

What ever you desire. Do it.

What you’re tired of. Release it.

What you don’t want more of. Stop focusing on it.

What you hide from or repress. Embrace, honor, and have unconditional compassion for.

What you’re afraid of. Take one gentle step toward.

What you don’t love about yourself. Love it anyway.

What you think you lack. You don’t.

What you compare about yourself to others. Stop it.

What you admire in others. You have within yourself.

Who you think you are. You’re more than.

Everything you tell yourself has to be a certain way before you can have or do what you want. It’s not true.

Keep believing.

Don’t give up.

I love you.

Warmest wishes and magickal blessings for an inspired, transformative, creative, and expansive 2017 to all of you!





Black Moon Rising

On the eve of September 30th’s rare New “Black” Moon, this musical expression seeding a new field of experience was inspired while stationed on the edge of farm fields in Big Springs, Nebraska. With the assistance of my Cosmic Golden Selenite Flower a sound channeling came through … creative storytelling through harmonic resonance.

It felt like no coincidence, once again, that days earlier I had been guided to bring home a new crystal friend – a small, but potent Black Moonstone. It was the only crystal that spoke to me, as we wandered through a metaphysical shop on the Saturday after Equinox.

At that time I was not aware that we were approaching a rare New “Black” Moon, which would complete the month’s cycle of powerful shifts. And I didn’t know about all of the Black Moonstone’s properties. I just knew it really resonated and spoke to me.

But I did immediately connect with the Black Moonstone’s properties with a big “a-ha!” when learning more and of course the synchronicity of it having an extra focus of New Moon energy for beginnings of all things.

Black Moonstone embodies the space from which all things new emerge and are created from. It is very protective, deflects unwanted energies, encourages inspiration, helps remove blockages for past trauma healing and profoundly deep emotional connection/expression, enhances intuition and inner knowing to bring you under guidance of your feelings rather than be led by intellectual reasoning.

They are crystals of the deep Divine Feminine energies and powerful Shadow workers that aid bringing you in touch with your Root Chakra to connect down to Earth with the calming and grounding they exude.

Balance and cleansing are also part of their supportive energies and work powerfully during dreamtime.

Along with Root Chakra work they assist with the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras as well, assisting creative self expression and psychic gifts.

Some, like the one I have, also have Peach Moonstone embodied within the stone, which adds the Sacral Chakra connection and will help enhance emotional work, give your creativity a super boost, and supercharge the birthing of new ideas and creations.

They also are excellent for aiding the flow of synchronicity in your life.

I slept with my Black Moonstone under my pillow during the period surrounding and on the night of the Black Moon and continue working with it closely at my side because of its “synchronous” energies to all I am focused on.

Here’s the sound channeling encapsulating the energies flowing through the eve of the Black Moon Rising.

I hope it inspires and supports the energies shared above, within your own experience.



Calling Up The Wind

When we reached the top of Watchman Trail in Zion National Park, I felt a sudden inspiration bubble up from within wanting through as a song.

This is a snippet of what Nature’s vista all around me, the majestic peaks in front of me, and what I was feeling, gently brought forth.

The short sound channeling of the organic song within my heart that I just allowed to flow as it wanted, suddenly called up the wind in a major way.

The whole time on the trail there had been no wind or just gentle canyon breezes, but suddenly with great force a huge gust came through stirring up the sandstone, as I sang, mirroring the power of the heart when we express it.

This wind stopped when I stopped singing and did not return until later when I was asking for a sign on an inspired idea that came to me.

This is the video I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I finally had time to listen to and get up on my YouTube Channel.

More sound channeling to come.

Seen Through Faery Eyes

Yesterday, while in the mountains of Big Bear, an evening walk by the lake beckoned. It was a couple of hours before sunset so the light was beautifully aglow, casting golden harmony on everything in sight. This is my favorite area of the lake with meadows of Faery delight and beautiful trees galore.

The Faery me absolutely fell in love with this one field and literally got lost in its magick. I could have stayed in it endlessly. It consumed all of my senses and my tactile ones fell in love with the feathery softness moving through my fingers and hands.

Everything was so alive, rich, and casting sacred spells of enchantment.

I also came upon the largest dandelions I’d ever seen, with sacred geometry puffs of fragile pureness that were three inches in diameter. Of course I stopped to make a wish, blowing the dream seeds completely off in one big breath.

Between the size of these dandelions and my perspective from sitting down amidst the fields of golden green whispers, I felt both diminished to my Faery size and expanded to my Faery heart.

For what ever reason, these are some of my most favorite photos I’ve taken that I was guided to photograph, to have these images to reflect on time and again. I am told they will inspire the new creative channelings coming through, since they are so essence-aligned for me.

I decided to share them.

Perhaps it was an experience only moving for me, reminding me of a place that exists in another reality of mine.

But perhaps the photos give you a glimpse of what is seen through my eyes and you, too, can get lost in the magick and inspiration.

These photos are of the field and dandelion that completely had me enraptured. The last photo was the only one I took of the lake and another field that I discovered a rainbow beam appear in when I got home – more evidence that magick was afoot and I’d entered the Faery realm and home.







big bear lake rainbow

Breathing in Inspiration of a New Adventure

sunset3bEvery day and every moment is a new beginning…

sunsetbStand in your center.

sunset4Allow your heart to bridge the balance.

sunset2Remember your wholeness always.

Then take a deep breath to embrace the new, releasing with ease everything before this moment on exhale.

Sunsets remind us of that renewing and releasing in the moments that take our breath away.

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” ~Jawaharlal Nehru

antony and cleopatra

Before show began, as director sets the stage…

Inspiring sunset images are from last evening while watching an outdoor production of Antony and Cleopatra by the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company. It was such an amazing and shifting sky.

Perfect for what I feel brewing inside myself, and many of us, and all that is incubating for passionate release.


Most Influential Blogger Award


The first feeling that ran through me when Cnawan Fahey of contacted me to share that he had nominated me for a “Most Influential Blogger Award” was surprise-with-a-smile-in-my-heart.

I was so moved to be acknowledged by such a mystical soul who explores the layers and artistically weaves a connection through the natural and visionary worlds. We have only recently connected and yet I’ve enjoyed his insightful and reflective posts very much.

Like I think many bloggers do, I share from my heart the things that inspire me, along with perspectives and experiences that perhaps might inspire, or at the least, create cause to reflect. It is a labor of love I devote daily to and so to be recognized as such is a humbling honor for which I am grateful.

My then immediate response to Cnawan after the feeling that first arose, besides a really touched “thank you” was, “I had no idea there was such a thing! lol”

While I consistently blog, I am likely not as “up” on things in the blog world as others are, not to mention have limited time to explore, so this was indeed a welcome surprise.

Thank you Cnawan dearly for this recognition. Coming from you, it means that much more.

And what is an extra added fun goody from this is that my Faery/soul sister, Laura Bruno, also received recognition and nomination from Cnawan. There’s a magickal little triad of energy between us, as it was through Laura’s blog that I first connected to Cnawan and then he and I connected, and now it’s this fun energy that I feel present from, and in, a realm beyond this realm. 🙂

And with that I guess the fun continues, as what comes along with accepting this very sweet honor is, as Laura put it, “some kooky instructions“. One of which includes my having to share a current favorite song and the other which includes nominating my own list of 10 deserving bloggers.

But before I share all of that I, with soul sister synchronicity comes some shared feelings, so I have will also have to reiterate two other things that Laura shared.

One of which is the very cool thing that Cnawan shared in his blog where he nominated us, which was this:

“5. Laura’s blog is a wonderful blend of all things spiritual. One is always uplifted by spending some time reading her posts.”

“6. Tania is another wonderful spiritual blogger who posts lots of great info, and, as it turns out, is a good friend of Laura’s. Amidst all of us blogging from far-flung corners of who knows where, it’s just kinda cool knowing that these two gifted women are friends in the world outside of the blogosphere.”

The second thing is that my own 10 nominations will most definitely need to include both Laura and Cnawan too, just as she felt resonance in including both Cnawan and myself. Since the rules don’t share anything about needing to list different ones (from what I can see), they just have to be on there for me as well.

Unfortunately, with limited time as mentioned, I don’t get to peruse blogs and the world wide web in general, as much as many others may, so I KNOW I’m not exposed to the ton of other amazing bloggers and info out there that I could be. And so many times I see something amazing, but I forget to make note of it and so it simply passes through my experience, not without leaving me touched for the better. So, know that I acknowledge you all, including anyone not mentioned here that I may interact with. I never liked these kinds of things where we have to limit to a certain number, as we live in a limitless Universe.

That said, I also believe what comes across my experience is what is “meant to” and is “perfect”.

And these 10 on my list are nothing short than amazing in their own unique ways. I’m grateful and the better for their contributions from the heart.

So, in no particular order, here are my 10 nominations including both Laura and Cnawan:

1. -You’ve seen me repost many a blog from Laura Bruno because she is speaking her truth, helping to lift the veils, and providing insightful perspectives that take you deep and make you think – not to mention is providing a lot of nature, creativity, fun, and faery energy to each day (all things that I love).

2. – And Cnawan Fahey, as shared, is a dear mystic whom I can feel his heart on his sleeve and his creative energy exuding from all that he shares so deep and beautifully, even through his photo – another creative visionary seeding a return to natural harmony, as he too, helps us to explore the layers.

3. – Annabel Ruffell is the founder of Journey for Earth, as well as an artist and compassionate blogger. The depth of her heart and compassion is felt in everything she touches. She shares informative articles and links on topics relating to animals, the environment, humanity, health and food, being vegan, as well as inspiring interviews with people that are making a difference and passionately living their life journey with commitment to making a positive impact on our planet. I love her interviews especially, as they provide an insight into how other visionaries out there have moved through challenges and have been able to create the life they dreamed.

4. – Lisa Erickson has a really beautiful, wonderful, and insightful blog that focuses on the Sacred and Divine Feminine. Her blog also just has a plethora of information to support a spiritual journey and uncovering the mystic within us each. Really great blog and Lisa is very knowledgeable and thorough in all that she shares.

5. – Siannaphey/Njari Johnson is such an amazingly loving, magickal, and courageous soul. Her blog just speaks clear, loving energy and she shares such wonderful and supportive information for the healer within us all.

6. – Dave Simon is an author, lawyer and compassionate advocate for sustainable consumption. His articles are thorough, well-researched, and eye-opening shockers that reveal what is really behind the food you eat, how food choices are being manipulated and controlled, and how you can make conscious choices that will not only enhance your life, but the life of everyone, the animals, and the planet at large.

7. – I love Celeste DiMilla’s blog. She’s a down-to-earth, quirky, straight-forward, and compassionate gal. I’ve actually met Celeste in person, as well, as she lives not far from where I do and we share a vegan lifestyle that sees us at mutual events some times. Her blog is really insightful and supportive to anyone considering going vegan, wants to know more about what being vegan is, would like to learn about this compassionate lifestyle, and who loves to learn new recipes. Plus, you can do this all while enjoying some of Celeste’s personal journey with everything. Whether you are vegan or not you will, like myself, LOVE the recipes she posts, as they are capital Y-U-M-M-Y. I have found a ton of great stuff from her blog that have been huge hits in my life with the people I love.

8.  – I only just found Amythyst Raine-Hatayama, but she had me at “Magickal Connections” and her “wytchymystique” web address. This is a woman who has a love for many shared passions and in perusing her posts I’ve been enjoying her mystical musings greatly. For anyone who loves the esoteric, Pagan ritual, Crystal, Herb, and Elemental Magick, Earth Mother/Goddess energy and loves to learn about the Tarot and then some, you can explore your inner “witch” with Amythyst in her Magickal realm. Looking forward to reading more from her.

9. – (another shared choice I have with Laura) I’ve so enjoyed Emily’s posts since Laura pointed me her way. Her blog is visually visionary, set on a backdrop of the Pleiades, which perfectly suits her insights to the stars she offers through her succinct and on-point astrological reflections. She has a way with words and clarity for easy understanding, while being taken on an artistic journey simultaneously.

10. – Sangeeta Bhagwat is poetic and insightful with her posts that speak to the breadth of personal experience and knowledge she has attained from her journey. Very supportive and insightful shares that resonate for me.

I am grateful to each of you for your dedication of heart to the passions that move and guide you daily. Your willingness to voice yourselves, your truth, and actively create from the uniqueness within each of you truly is an inspiration and gift. If you choose to accept my nomination the rules that have been passed through to each of us can be found below. 

But first, as part of my last honoring of the rules, I will post my song. They share it should be a “current favorite song”. For me, as you may all know, I love music and am moved by the moment. So that can be a tough one to choose a favorite. However, I will say that this particular song I have been playing daily (it’s been with me for several years) and it seems to embody the “now” of my experience in the most all-encompassing and resonating ways. It is a dear favorite of mine and has a special connection to my beloved Nestor as well. I have posted it once before, but here it is again. My song is one without words, as for me it is the essence within the music that moves me to my own vision and experience that I cherish most. And this is one that takes me deep within the nature of me, which connects to the heart of Earth and Beyond.

The rules I received and pass down are as follows:

1. Display the Award on your Blog

2. Announce your win with a blog post, thanking the blogger who awarded you. This award may NOT be included together with a “basket” or a “lump” of any other awards. It is special.

3. Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award.

4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know with a comment.

5. Include an embedded video of your current favorite song (You Tube has everything). Just copy & paste into your WordPress Editor. If a video is not possible, please embed a Sound CloudTrac.



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