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Some Crystal Adornment Offerings

I’ve been in shedding, recreation, and refining mode here the last couple of weeks, which has included getting together donations, organizing, throwing things away, and finding more things than I could have imagined ready to move on. Before I put things up for sale on ebay, I prefer to make things available to others who have deeper connection with them and so I am sharing for anyone interested that I have so far 11 crystal pendants and necklaces that I’ll be selling that range from $45 – $395. I may have more, but for now these include sweet, sacred, ancient symbolism, whimsical, more refined, quite substantial (not for the faint at heart), power and statement pieces, but all potent and each a custom, unique piece.

I find myself not wearing any of these for some time now and so for me there is no reason to hold on to something that can benefit someone else. I don’t like holding on to things simply out of attachment or nostalgic reasons, nor thinking I may some day feel to wear or use it again and have it stored away not being able to give of the energy it was intended as.

I’m not going to photograph and share each, as I prefer to connect one-on-one with serious inquiries. The prices reflect their original value and if interested the purchases will be through Paypal with shipping added. I can provide instructions if it comes to that.

So if any of the stones and crystals below speak to you, and any of the essence descriptions above are your resonance, please message me with your interest and I’ll share more, including photos at that time.

A few are malas and others have Faery or mermaid/cetacean essence, there’s Incan, Egyptian, and more symbolism.

Stones/crystals include stand alone and combos of: amethyst, garnet, aquamarine, serpentine, peridot, rainbow moonstone, quartz, Rudraksha seeds, larimar, moonstone, seraphinite, carnelian, rainbow fluorite, citrine, turquoise, coral, yellow spondylus shell (shell of prosperity in Peru)…. along with other beads, unusual characteristics, charms and/or sacred symbolism.

Please contact me with your serious inquiries here: Tania Marie

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