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Feathered Serpent Sacred Tattoo Design

I just completed another sacred tattoo design I wanted to share and what an involved piece it was! One of, if not the most involved to date!

Some potent energies along with some extensive detailing, made for quite the process indeed.

I worked with the things my client shared, and since they allowed the flow of my interpretation/intuition in ways to bring about certain aspects, that was how I was able to intuitively feel and bring to life the vision that was coming through. I also work with how to make things make sense in balance, placement, aesthetics…that support the energy, as well as the intents. This piece will act as a template for their tattoo artist and the end result is going to be in rainbow colors, as well as a very cool style of part full-color-fill-in and part negative space – parts being inked in and others perhaps with just hints of outline and letting the skin peek through leaves, feathers, etc, which will be a very cool design style to alternate. I like the idea my client had especially with such a rich and abundant piece like this so it sort of “breathes” energy.

I wanted to create something that was both powerful and feminine at the same time..strong female energy. And so I did that with a flow and certain placements of the flora and fauna that create interesting movement and not just bulkiness. I took one of my client’s ideas and tweaked it. This resulted in creating the lotus in the mouth vision I received having the powerful feathered serpent (known as Quetzalcoatl or Kulkulcan) delicately holding the stem of the lotus that is coming out of its mouth, between its sharp teeth…there is an interesting energy of something so powerful holding something equally, symbolically powerful (yet delicate in appearance), but with care and honor and showing that delicate balance of life and union of male and female energies.

I wanted the serpent to piece to feel as if it is moving naturally (rather than contrived into an infinity symbol, which was an intent of my client’s) in the way the serpent’s feathers are placed and the actual flow of the body and form of the symbol, while literally being visually able to perceive the symbol and at the same time, with the flora and fauna placement, seeming natural and almost slightly hidden having everything work together. I have it so that the serpent will be facing forward when placed on my client’s right hip (from buttocks to abdomen region), and the crown will sit on their front abdomen (nestled energetically amidst the flowers) where the serpent is moving toward.

With all the rebirthing energy and moving into a new phase of life my client is and has gone through, this is such a powerful image they were drawn to. I really wanted to capture that essence of stepping fully into the light of their unique splendor. A design expressing that they hold within them such empowered energy and that they are on a path of continual soul evolution that is just bursting with abundance, as the magnificence of their self-recognized cosmic essence regenerating and blooming into the rich fullness of who they are honoring and embracing. Lol! A loaded sentence, for a loaded design and soul.

There is always so much symbolism and energy in a sacred design that speaks to the individual it is created and meant for. I can’t possibly write it all out. I like to let the person receive and feel for themselves. I just channel the vision and allow myself to be guided in the creation that feels to mirror the energy of what each soul desires/needs. Sometimes it can be a shock what is reflected 🙂 It’s always interesting and beautiful to hear how the designs affect/touch the soul it is intended for.

If interested in commissioning your own unique, sacred tattoo design you can contact me at or visit Spiritual Skin for more details.

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