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Reiki Renewal Retreat Update: Crystal Journey Experiences to Accompany Our Weekend


Shane and his crystal bowls

Just confirmed yesterday! I’m excited to announce that we are also going to be blessed by the amazing Shane Chunephisal – Sound Healer and Massage Therapist for our retreat weekend in Laguna Beach, California.

Shane will be our on-site Meta-Sense Sound Bath Extraordinaire providing beautiful and powerful crystal healing bowl experiences daily, as well as our resident therapist who will be available during free times to offer all types of body work, including crystal healing, sound therapy, and integrated energy therapy.

This to include Sun and Star Gazing Crystal Bowl Sound Baths and Meditations, a rare beach Crystal Bowl Sound Bath! (can’t wait to experience this on my favorite Crystal Cove Beach that you see/hear me post about all the time), as well as Crystal Bowls accompanying our Reiki share practices and more!

One of the evenings will also be graced by some of my amazing crystals – both large and small, but equally potent – making their public debut and accompanying our Sound Bath with Shane.

I am so looking forward to this beautiful weekend experience with everyone who feels called to join.

For more details on this weekend, including the day-to-day experiences and how Shane’s beautiful offerings will weave into our magickal weekend, see the schedule and retreat information here:

Reiki Renewal Retreat – Spring Equinox in Laguna Beach, California

I’ll be sharing more about Shane in one of my upcoming healing arts, visionary leaders interviews – stay tuned!

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