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Happy Full Moon in Cancer – The Last Full Moon of 2012

Full Moon

Image from Full Moon Transmissions:

This is another powerful Full Moon we are experiencing today, December 28, 2012. As always, the effects of the Full Moon can be felt on the days surrounding it, both approaching and trailing off.

This is a powerful time to finish and release all that you have been working with in 2012 and focusing on this month with the star gateways, in releasing all the old, the past, and moving through fears and emotional baggage that have kept you in bondage. This is a time to fully free yourself and fully begin to trust and believe in the power of you.

Because this is the closest full moon to the December solstice, this moon carries the name Long Night Moon in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere – where the days are long and the nights are short – perhaps we could call it the Short Night Moon.

The last Full Moon of the year is occurring in the sign of “nesting” Cancer, which puts an emphasis on home, family, emotions, and security concerns. It is a time to gain greater awareness on how your personal life impacts your professional life, and vice versa, while working towards harmonious balance between the two.

Full Moons are times of release for all things no longer serving you to fall away in order to achieve your desired intentional state. This “emptying out” phase may be even more pronounced right now, as this Full Moon opposes “purging” Pluto and squares “tranformational” Uranus.

This Full Moon also trines “responsible” Saturn and “wounded healer” Chiron, two very wise masters who are present to support you in fully purging and putting to rest our old emotional baggage, so you can joyfully continue on with your soul’s journey, unencumbered. 

Here are some key points about this last Full Moon of 2012 from’s recount of several astrologer’s readings on the energies we are working with now. For the full post, please see the link.

Be receptive to healing
There will be exposure and illumination of whatever is decaying or falling apart so it can be cleansed
Practice being responsible for how you emotionally react to things or situationsBe mature enough to fulfill your need(s) with the help of Soul and the Divine.
Allow whatever is meant to be exposed to be revealed you can face it head on and move forward.
We want to be proactive versus reactive.
It is crucial to take time for yourself.  Meditate.
World Peace starts with us.
each soul is learning form their own choices.
release the past.
we must first change ourselves.
We are the empowered onesWe can choose peace.
choose NOT to respond to what is without love.
only reflects back what is loving and caring.
never criticizes or feels rejected by the lack of love in others.
forgive the limits of others
there’s time to soften, to come to deeper understandings.
if you feel isolated, reach out
Be alert to revelations
drink in more love.
introduce “Divine Mother energy” into the magnetics of situations
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