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The “Emerald” Heart Path – Alchemy for Challenges

raw emerald

I woke this morning feeling drawn to my raw Emerald that sits on my desk daily and felt that a blog post around its energy, which is connected to the Heart Chakra, was in store. More specifically, I knew it was about sharing the importance of “Authentic Heart” presence, again, as a powerful tool to assist the challenges that people are experiencing.

Heart Chakra energy focus was coming in strong through the collective needs and interestingly today’s Mantra Meditation (if you’re following Deva Premal and Miten’s 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey) happened to be the Mantra for “I am Love” ~ Aham Prema, which I ended up doing while holding my Emerald friend. Synchronicity always at work. 😉 Another synchronicity was that it is the 4th Mantra Meditation and this coincides with the Heart Chakra being the 4th Chakra.

I received a lot of messages in resounding connection to, relief, and gratitude, between yesterday and this morning, in relation to the newsletter update I sent out sharing about the energy we are all currently going through, compounded by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. People are really feeling hit hard and going through intense things right now, including the animals.

In line with my message received about the Heart Chakra focus as a way to support these shifts, synchronously, Laura Bruno shared some very helpful ways and tools to help you keep balanced and grounded amidst everything going on and from not absorbing things around you in her blog post: How to Protect Yourself from Empathing Societal Angst and EMF Madness.

One of the ways she mentioned was through helpful crystals and stones. Another serendipitous connection to today’s post. 😉

I just felt guided today to focus again, as I write and teach a lot about the Heart Chakra, on that unconditional love and compassion energy, as it is so needed right now towards yourself and others to gently support all of the intensity of these very intense and interesting times.

Perhaps even when you gaze upon my lovely raw Emerald friend (which incidentally reminds me of the shape of the actual physical human heart when you see it in person) you can feel her energy speaking to your heart and helping to envelope you in a green blanket of nurturing love.

I’ve shared many times about where my company name, Emerald Bridge, was derived from – divinely inspired as a reflection of the Heart Chakra, which is the source of powerful, creative and unconditional love energy that acts as an energetic “bridge” and balancing integrator that emanates Divine power. And the Emerald is one stone that promotes emotional and spiritual balance and is naturally connected to the Heart – Anahata Chakra, helping to balance the energy flow between the upper and lower three Chakras.

Like the heart, Emerald is a way to inspire a return to natural harmony within and without.

In our deepest moments of struggle, frustration, fear, and confusion, we are being called upon to reach in and touch our hearts. Then, we will know what to do, what to say, how to be.  What is right is always in our deepest heart of hearts.  It is from the deepest part of our hearts that we are capable of reaching out and touching another human being.  It is, after all, one heart touching another heart. ~Roberta Sage Hamilton

The Way is not in the sky.  The way is in the heart. ~Buddha 

As we travel deeper into transmutation, it is our hearts that will need to open wider and expand to envelope everything that is. This is a time to recreate from the inside out, after tearing down the old foundations to build anew from the strength of your ever-resilient heart.

I know things feel heavy for many of you and like sometimes you are stuck in quicksand, but what is the best thing to do when you actually are caught in quicksand, rather than flail, struggle and fight?

Be still.

In the stillness you can be with and receive from your truth. The more you fill up your time with this and that, external comforts, temporary numbing, instant gratification, reaching for the next exhilarating rush or wallow in self-sabotaging thoughts and old emotions, the more you keep yourself off balance and unable to hear the voice within that has wisdom to share if you only would nurture it.

The heart is the way and it is what keeps us balanced, flowing, healthy, and in harmony, matching its rhythm to the beat of all that is natural and sustainable, amidst the constant fluctuations. Through the Heart Chakra we are able to see to the “heart of the matter” and are presented new perspectives that can help us immediately shift our experiences and create healing alchemy.

The deeper we go into our feelings and pains to receive their pearl of wisdom, the deeper we heal and create greater capacity to love. The heart is resilient and strong, holding within it the most powerful energy in the Universe, which is why we still go on, despite and in light of it all, and do so with the potential for greater and greater possibilities.

I also love the other synchronicity in Laura’s post about “singing” and how it can be helpful as well during these times. If you remember I had posted about the new experiences of integrative healing that will be focused on during the next Bimini retreat and one of the things I mentioned was that “my unique sound melody healing may make an appearance if the occasion arises to support integrative healing.”

Sound has been an important facet of me since I was a baby in this life, and carried forth from past lives. In this life it has always been powerfully transformative and is something I have infused into my healing work and paintings, that sings to people through my embedding it in the process. But I have used musical sound for major shifts, including a profound experience I can share about another time when I visited Egypt on my first of two trips in this life. It seems to be coming surfacing more now in direct ways, and as always, I flow with where I’m guided. I’ve expressed about the mantra chanting already and how powerful that can be, but I love what Laura shared in her post today about sound:

“Release energy by making a joyful noise unto the heavens. Watch what words you’re repeating through song, since music intensifies the power of words. Once you find sacred chants or affirmative songs you love, let ‘er rip. You’ll strengthen your throat and heart chakras, enabling you to align your words with your heart. You’ll also increase your intuition and spiritual awareness, joy (2nd chakra), confidence, and feel more grounded in your body through the physical act of singing instead of just mentally mumbling the words.”

So express whatever wants to come through you song-fully, as long as it is from the joy of your heart, and you will experience the power inherent in loving sound. It is life-altering, as sound is a Universal resonance that transcends.

Just remember to release judgments, to the best of your ability, while you are going through everything and to be gentle right now with all that you are processing and experiencing…and S L O W down a bit to breathe and be able to really focus on refocusing. The extra external stimulation with so much already going on in and around you can be enough to blow you out and keep you away from the core transformative things trying to get your attention – AND away from being in your heart.

Surrounding yourself with only things that mirror the new that you are focused on creating, and releasing all of the old toxicity in your life will be of great benefit.

And whichever supportive tools and experiences you feel drawn to – for me that is my crystal friends, my animal companions, tons of Earth nature time (as Laura called it in her blog: “Get Dirty” time), music, doing only what feels right in my heart, and retreat – utilize these well.

Here is some interesting information about Emeralds I thought you might enjoy, which for myself speaks very deeply. Like Laura mentioned, as with the Raw Ruby from me that she has and discussed, raw stones are much more affordable than cut and I find them to be far more energetically resonating right now, as they are naturally connected with the Earth. So perhaps you may be drawn to get one for yourself and in the process will find yourself a heart-supportive friend to aid your deep, integrative healing and awareness:

Emerald is a name believed to come from Ancient Greek work called “smaragdos” which was originally applied to a different green colored minerals, but simply means “green stone.” They say its history is traced back to Egypt where they were mined in Cairo before 2000 B.C. – one of these mines being associated with the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra because of her love and honor for and use of the gem. The mine was named “Cleopatra’s Mine” and beautiful jewelry was fashioned with it by the Egyptians.

Emeralds were also prized by the ancient Babylonians and Indians, as well as used by the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayan cultures for carving, adornment and even medicine.

A Roman consular and writer named Pliny had written that “nothing is more intense than the green of Emerald” and added that “sight is refreshed and restored by gazing upon the stone.” It said that after hearing this, the Roman Emperor Nero followed the advice and began to wear Emerald sunglasses while watching gladiator matches.

In ancient mythology Emerald was associated with Mercury, who was known to be the messengers of the gods, and of travel. This is where Emerald being referred to as the “Traveler’s Protection Stone” came into play.

Something that people don’t hear about much is the unique aspect of Emerald to sweat or expel water when subjected to heat. This extraordinary phenomenon is interesting to me in terms of its connection to the Heart Chakra, where emotions are like a deep ocean.

Emerald is known as the “stone of successful love” bringing with it loyalty, good fortune, abundance, growth, peace, harmony, patience, love, honesty, integrity, eloquence, enhances psychic abilities (known as a stone of prophecy), stimulates greater mental capacity, strengthens memory, clarity of thought, brings awareness of the unknown to conscious recognition (great for the deep delving and uncovering we are processing through right now), imparts wisdom and reason to discern and understand it all, inspires deep inner knowing, promotes truth (reveals truth or falsity of all things) and discernment, and are supportive in successful business and relating, as well as for the creative arts – magicians have used them in spells and rituals to promote harmonious and fortuitous practices.

As the sacred stone of the Goddess Venus, it enhances and preserves unconditional love, unity, balance, hope and partnerships of all kinds. It also helps focus intention, raise consciousness, and draws in, as well as incites, positive, focused actions that enhance the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. It is well known as an aid to growth, and assists people who are not so well adjusted with this world, to adjust, thrive, and prosper. The green of Emerald is closely tied with the vibes of the natural world and the plants of nature. The strongest time for its powers is said to be Spring. 🙂

Alongside all of this it is most effective, as shared, on the Heart Chakra because it has the ability to access desires held deep within and provides infinite patience, inspiration, healing, and harmonious balance. Emerald promotes physical, emotional and mental equilibrium so that all aspects of life can be unified.

For this reason it is good for lifting depression, helps with insomnia, knowingness of the heart and peaceful dreams. 

The pale, clear, green Emeralds (which the one I have is) are connected to all things spiritual and are powerful in meditative work, as well as healing. They say that if you stare at an Emerald and meditate upon it by visualizing the green color washing over every cell in body this can greatly benefit your well being. 

Emeralds are not to be worn constantly, but instead to wear or work with when you feel the need. And if worn, magicians say that it is best set in silver or copper.

Physically Emeralds an excellent general healer that enhances the immune system and was used by the ancients as a blood detoxifier and anti-poison. They are good for breathing issues with lungs, heart health, swollen lymph nodes, blood problems, the thymus, the pancreas (balances blood sugar), help detoxify the liver, good for labor and delivery, eyesight, sinuses, strengthens the backbone and spine, muscular, and the etheric field.

The Emerald can be a good bridge between two people, just as it is through the heart that we find our bridging connection to All That Is.

Wishing you each gentle patience, hope, clarity, wisdom, guidance, and strength along the Emerald Heart path of your personal journey.

Setting My Inner Horse Free For Good – Let the Love in Your Heart Take the Lead

Winged Divinity by Tania Marie

Today’s sharings are more from my own personal journey, but our journeys are never isolated to just us, since we are part of a collective shared experience. I feel it necessary to allow our vulnerability to be expressed, so that others feel safe to do so as well. Perhaps some of the symbolism of what I share, rings true for some of you or carries a message relative to you. Since I know we are all experiencing so much right now, I will continue to share the inspirations and the learnings from my heart to yours.

I’ve always had a strong connection with animals since I was born – and horses were one of several in particular that I resonated and identified with. They pervaded my life in many ways. I dreamed of them, envisioned them while daydreaming to pass the time for hours on long drives, drew them, wrote about them, watched and read movies about them, intended to have a ranch with horses running free, and even utilized horse images when I went through a “sick” period of my teenage years to get me through the night. Even the color of the horse I would identify with would change over the course of my own personal shifting – sometimes white, then golden chestnut, and finally black. Also the size of the horse became important – loving very large horses and so Friesians ended up becoming my favorite eventually. Each of these elements having symbolism and meaning that I always enjoy being conscious of.

Much of my life I have been operating as a race horse. Continually allowing my horse to be worked harder and harder and pushing her to achieve, do more, keep climbing the mountain, keep turning the cheek, keep rising above the pains, keep rising from the ashes, not letting anyone break me, and taking a while to realize that the horse being worked to do all these things was on autopilot from conditioning of a rider on my back I could not see that I’d been carrying all my life/lives energetically…a rider that not only didn’t belong in the essence of my natural authenticity, but even the idea of having a rider was not one, for a long time, that I was aware I could consciously choose to have or NOT have. If one was to ride the journey with me, why not it be parts of MY authenticity, rather than someone else’s? Why not just integrate my parts and harmoniously be in balance mind, body, heart and soul so that rider and horse become one? No master OVER, but master OF my own life ride. I can choose to experience the ride, loving it from all perspectives of the freedom to creatively and passionately run to my heart’s content while also enjoying the ride and the ability to know and trust that where and what I want to go and experience is in alignment with where my beautiful and powerful horse wants to go. She decides every step of the way with all of her parts integrated. No more struggle, torment, inner voices and battles, no tug-of-war between my parts. Everything flowing in natural harmony, honor, and intuitive divinity with each other.

All of this being very symbolic and all mirroring aspects of me and my journey and personal healing and evolution, as well as was mirroring deep past life connections I had come to understand with the help of Laura Bruno, Medical Intuitive, Soul Reader, Reiki Master Teacher, as having many lives as a horse – in particular many race horse lives. While I am experiencing an integration life (for more on what this means please read Laura Bruno’s very clear and wonderful explanation of this here: and this is only but one of many potent parts I am integrating. It particularly was standing out with nudges and messages as of late, as I have been leaping over some of the biggest hurdles at this potently culminating time.

During current stresses and shifts I have been processing, the horse symbolism and message came at me again very poignantly. I had a beautiful large jade statue of a wild horse that was sitting on my desk. Our cleaning lady and her son were over and it was a big cleaning day, after just moving into our new house and all the windows needed cleaning. All very disruptive to my day and I felt myself get very stressed with everything being moved around and me trying to work and feeling things just out of my control. Next thing I know my desk was being moved to get behind to the windows there and like in slow motion, my horse toppled to the ground and broke in half. I was devasted to say the least. It was like a soul shock blow. I didn’t know what to do and was so overcome with emotions I had to walk out of the room and into the garage to collect myself. It was not the fact of this “thing” breaking that affected me so traumatically, as much as what it felt symbolically to me to represent. Having it break was like the ending of a certain cycle of life it was time to release, but simultaneoulsy also hurt my sense of how I identified personally and triggered past traumatic experiences.

It took me a while to balance out again – half the day in fact. And I have since come to embrace that this “race horse” is tired…tired of the way of life that cleverly hidden patterns have continued to create an experience of and tired of allowing them to control any aspect of my life, if even just one. The last race this horse runs is one she does for the sheer pleasure she gets from loving to run free and the rewards are her own, as the rider enjoying will purely be an integrated aspect of the horse within me.

Even when we are very conscious and are creating wonderful things in our lives, we can still hit some major bumps and have our moments, as well as have to become even more ever-present to recognize some ingenious ways we may hide or sabotage some key needed pieces to integrate and embrace. We have to learn to stay on top of our lives and learn new ways to more efficiently come into deeper relationship with our essence.

It is time to break free COMPLETELY of the saddle and bridle I’ve allowed to operate and control my life in conscious or subliminally subconscious ways whether from outside of myself or ingeniously from myself in reaction to that – breaking free of every hindrance to my authentic essence. Saying no in the eyes of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, experiences that do not mirror who I truly am and what I know in my heart. Unconditionally and once and for all releasing all conditioned teachings and energies that are confining and limiting and no longer valid for my life, nor the collective at this time. Old structures gone, old hurts and grievances, old manipulative ways and fears released and replaced with unconditional love, freedom of expression, creative abundance, authenticity and integrity, new visionary ideas and beliefs, and vulnerable courage.

Yes, I AM important. Each of us is, regardless of what anyone else tells you or you tell yourself. And even if someone doesn’t honor your importance and even states something specifically in this regard, the best you can do is state and honor your own feelings truly and allow them their own choices in life to shape their experiences. Their choice, while might not feel good at first, needn’t be given the power over you or allowed the prolonged effect we are used to that feeds the emotional diseases we have been nursing. You can choose accordingly how you would like to proceed and continually choose creating in each moment something that DOES feel good and mirrors you. It is their responsibility to look within themselves and to learn from their choices. We do our responsible best by always being authentic and unconditionally loving and compassionate.

This is a very trying time alongside a very magical and awe-inspiring beautiful time. All things culminating at once and it creates temporary confusion, perhaps even the illusion that everything is crumbling and leaving us with a sense of defeat. It seems so odd, when many of us have worked so hard and are experiencing wonderful new things and making huge leaps, to be thrust a windfall of some pretty crazy and heavy stuff simultaneously. This collective healing crises is a healing opportunity unfolding for us to really clarify and solidify everything that we want from here on out, which can only be done by moving through the heaviest things we may not have integrated fully yet, so that we can have our rider and horse come together as ONE. Anything we create from here on out is with full conscious, balanced, grounded, and heart-full intention.

I, myself, have moved into an interesting period of so much coming together and so much coming up and out, all at once. Which is why I have heeded the call to become ever more present and steering away from making rash decisions and challenging my universal heart consciousness to love even more deeply. I hit a crises culminating this Cancer Full Moon of build up causing me to have to make empowered decisions that will shape the next phase of my experience. Part of this also seeing that the work I have been doing and the ways in which I have driven myself must stop, as my body is taxed and soul is tired. I had conversations with myself, the Universe and my dear transitioned Nestor in relaying my surrender, my willingness to do what it takes, and my need for assistance.

Today, after my visit to get tests run for my agenda of taking care of myself on every level, in order to integrate my highest potentials of vibrancy to continue at optimum, I stopped at the post office to mail off a pendant to a client and Nestor (the postal worker) was at post office when I went. A sign, I feel, as I have since Sunday been in mourning and longing for her and can’t say her name without crying and have been in a very tumultuous testing period. Even my naturopath that I visited yesterday asked if I had lost someoone special and I could hardly share without being overcome. I believe she and the universe are listening to my cries of help (as others are doing) and my sharing that I am incapable of doing this any longer in this same vein without more assistance. This also means my taking responsibility for not living and creating in the same vein that I have. This time period calls for drastic changes to what we know as of our experience of life.

Since birth I have felt my place in what is unfolding (as I know many of you have as well) and regardless of what others have said or tried to beat out of me with fear, it is the one thread that never lets me go even when I am at the edge. I received another nudge that likely is another sign from the universe as well that they have heard and are helping. The universe knows I’m not joking that my soul is tired and knows my commitment to this path of service I have been on and I know I am not the only one.

It is a volatile time in the world as we shift into a whole new experience. Many will transition or renegotiate their contracts, as the suffering may be too much to handle or it simply is not what they contracted in to be part of. Others will need to be stronger than ever, as there will be the largest challenges to face and help support that take more than a personal perspective to be part of. Everything is bigger than “just” us, and yet each of us IS an integral and much needed part. The way we can aid this is to be mindful of each other’s sensitivities at this time and to be there with unconditional love and support for one another.

For me this current challenge and healing crises/opportunity is reminiscent of when I was so ill a few years ago without anyone around to help me and I admitted myself to the ER on my own, barely able to stand for more than 10 seconds, and it was a time I needed to surrender to the universe and others to help take care of me and not be the one doing it all myself (which was symbolic of the nurses being so kind and giving me IVs and for me to be able to just lay in a bed being nurtured into health. One can only do so much. And I know I have hit another breaking point again, which heralds great things to come.

A healing crises means time for change is imminent and necessary or that I actually am shifting tremendously since things get the worst before they turn around, while everything surfaces to integrate into the next level. It does not mean one must hit a crises, but it is not the sign of failure or something to judge in any way. It may seem we do things that go unnoticed and that many actually don’t know how much we give out in ways bigger than ourselves (even despite the human outbursts we have of emotional processes). I have pushed hard and I have come far on my own in intrinsically invaluable levels, of which I always remind myself to take stock of and be grateful for. I feel this is a time for receiving, reflecting, recharging, while much is percolating and coming into being from the work we have put into motion. There is more to do, but it will come through different means on all levels. Not the way we are used to, as long as we shift into new and freer ways of being.

I don’t know what the outcome looks like, but I know it will be dramatic and of the highest good what ever it is. Just felt like sharing for what it is worth. It always helps me to communicate things even if no one listens, which is why I often talk to myself. It helps me process and I know there are those who are hearing me and I have learned the value of vulnerability.

I know I’m far from your typical person, what ever that means. But I am who I am and who I am loves who you are – the authentic parts…the essence that I am able to really see, no matter the details people choose to focus on from time to time that divert us from seeing the core (details that are meant for integrating and opportunity for evolving) that aren’t the reality of us and are meaningless in the eyes of universality. They are the parts that keep people divided rather than united. Remember that even when I am challenged at accessing the real me, that core essence I am, always is loving the real you and that is the light that penetrates the darkest hours and illuminates once again. Let the love in your heart take the lead!

The image attached is one I created years ago of a winged horse. I intend to create a new horse painting that will represent this new unbridled energy we are unleashing from within.

Some interesting information on horse wisdom and symbolism:

  • Power
  • Stamina
  • Endurance
  • Faithfulness
  • Freedom to run free
  • Control of the environment
  • Awareness of power achieved with true cooperation
  • Interspecies communication
  • Expanding one’s own potential abilities
  • Friendship and Cooperation
  • Travel
  • Astral travel
  • Guardian of travelers
  • Warns of possible danger
  • Guide to overcoming obstacles

And here are a couple of cool links to more symbolism: and

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