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Is Logic Running Your Life?

open heartWithin the deepest portion of your being, you know what you are here to do. A lot of what gets in the way of your “knowing” this is basing life on logical functioning – and very fearful logical functioning, at that.

Logically thinking you don’t have what it takes or that you “can’t” do it, is what gets in your way.

You can become fearful of possibilities because they seem out of your seeming “control” and if something challenges the comfort you have grown accustomed to and the answers you like to “know”, it makes sense why the “unknown” and unlimited potentials can be scary. It puts you in the mode of being only in full trust and heart knowing, rather than the need to have things meet your sense of logical deduction and concrete evidence.

There are miracles in the every day happening all around, as well as the existence of experiences and things that are there regardless of whether or not you choose to believe, understand, or know it.

How much more fun and creatively empowering might it be, though, if you just opened the door to possibility?

The realization that there is more than what you are currently experiencing in your limited scope of life, along with being open to the possibilities, will create a ripple effect of expansive potentials.

The best thing you can do when logic wants to take over is to observe and acknowledge all of what it has to say, including asking it questions and being open to some vulnerable answers. This helps you not only to understand yourself, but to understand others and why they are challenged with making different choices you might be frustrated with them for.

Opening your heart and compassion for self and others, and having the courage to let go and feel, will be your empowerment.


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