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Precious Moments & Sacred Spaces Shared

When I saw these sweet and sacred moments yesterday, I was compelled to capture them in both my heart’s memories and in photos to reflect upon.

Today we leave our special place here in Malibu that has held a beautiful space for us on so many levels of assimilation and deepening.

You’ve seen and heard from me how I’ve experienced this place.

And here are photos to share my loves experiencing the expansive and nurturing energy of our little piece of paradise here.


Dave and Cosmo sharing the Reiki love, both giving and receiving from each other. I could hear Dave’s tummy gurgling from the Reiki Cosmo was flowing through to his heart, as he laid on his chest and shared precious moments.


Cosmo placing his third eye on Dave’s chin while connecting


Dave working while Boojum and Sweet Pea enjoy the outdoors with dad. Boojum is napping under the umbrella behind him and Sweet Pea is doing her usual walking the perimeter and making sure dad’s ok. Dad sure loves his kitty babies.


I snuck out and caught this photo of Dave doing his stretches and yoga in our outdoor space above the ocean yesterday morning. We have both enjoyed this space and the beautiful weather that has had us outdoors most of the day doing our daily things, like work, exercise, relaxing, watching the cats play, and looking out on the ocean. Yesterday there was a group of sea lions literally jumping out of the water for nearly a half an hour. We’ve seen whales, dolphins, sea lions, pelicans, cormorants, sea gulls, hummingbirds, butterflies, rabbits, and heard the coyotes at night from here.  Sacred indeed.

Thank you Malibu. ❤

First Stop Malibu ~ Nature Reflecting A Way Back To You

malibu magick bus (1).jpg

view from our picnic table when we arrived


So we landed safely yesterday afternoon to our new home for the next week in Malibu.

I’ve never lived in Malibu, which will end up being the case for all of the destinations we touch ground in over the course of our journey.

So now we actually get a chance to feel out the energy of tons of places we normally would never have the chance to…then better know where we want to ground later down the road when the journey feels at closure.

RV life is really amazing. I get more excited every day.

Again, I know it’s not for everyone, but if you feel it calling to you, or are looking for a different kind of adventure, I highly recommend it.

I don’t think that everyone would necessarily think this would be the way I would enjoy living, based on perceptions they may have of me, but it’s more me than they know!

You can read my post on my discoveries so far, here:

The Gifts RV Living Has To Offer

It’s so fantastic to have all of your life with you where ever you go and get to live in some amazing places and amidst nature in a way you might never.

malibu magick bus (2)

view from the driver’s seat of the magick bus where we celebrated with refreshments after setting up


Anyway, we’re here in Malibu and our spot is so wonderful nestled against the hillside of cactus, flowers, and brush on one side, only one neighbor on the other side, and the whole Pacific ocean and part of the coastline out the front without obstruction.

I can already feel the shift in energy and feeling greater peace and flow, which will be perfect for this week’s projects I have including painting a book cover and more designs. Can’t wait to see how those channel forth with the new energy.

malibu magick bus (3)

view from desk last evening…all ocean and coastline as my inspiration


For now, it’s just so wonderful here and I know I’m going to be saying this a lot over the course of the journey because each place will be so unique and wonderful in its own way.

Where we came from in Newport Dunes was really nice, but different nice.

Well situated with a combo of city and nature abound, but the park itself was more crowded and city like where as now we have more space and the park is much less populated and nature is the focus rather than amenities. Just like it was at the Sequoia RV Ranch.

So, nestled on the hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean is where we are just above Pacific Coast Highway.

We don’t have to close our curtains at night so we can see the view all day long.

We can hear the waves crashing on the shore.

We can watch for sea life…this morning we saw dolphins feeding with a flock of pelicans.


sunrise this morning from…you can see the new home my mini traveling garden has on the picnic table over looking the ocean


And we can watch the sunrises and sunsets over the water.

We arrived on an overcast day, and then woke to a brilliant color-splashed sunrise, but as you can see there’s just a beauty and coziness no matter the weather.


view out the back….colors rising over the ocean


I spent the first hour of my morning before anyone was up, taking in the sunrise and watching the ocean with Cosmo on my chest sleeping.

We became the peace together.


my view this morning from my desk as the sun was rising and no one was up yet


And now I’m getting ready to make a vegan pancake feast!

All of this keeps driving home to me what’s most important in my life and to my well being.

And slows down life in a way that feels most natural and not driven by “ideas” that have no validity except the power I place behind them.

It also is helping to solidify the elements we are looking for when we decide to settle down and create a home somewhere again.

Nature has a way of slowing things down and bringing out the best in us.

No matter where you are, I hope that you will take time to enjoy the natural around you.

It truly isn’t a luxury, but a necessary ingredient to harmony, balance, and well being.

Nature is a way back to you…the real embodiment of our essence.

The more I hear about people getting sick, challenges overwhelming people, health crises on the rise…the more this message becomes crucial.

Don’t push off what is available to you today.

Your body and soul will thank you and you’ll become incredibly more productive and creative.

Lost your spark or inspiration?

Feeling overwhelmed and disconnected?

Forgot what is sacred and truly valuable in your life?

Nature is the key to your personal alchemy.

Everything you think is crucial and important really isn’t.

It can all wait.

You can’t.

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