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Use Your Creative Energy Wisely

Dream Island - NikoHave you been spending your time defending and explaining your beliefs – trying to get others to understand you or maybe change?

Or are you spending your time actually creating what you believe in?

Right now, and every moment and day, ask yourself how you might more efficiently focus and make use of your energy.

“People who soar are those who refuse to sit back, sigh and wish things would change. They neither complain of their lot nor passively dream of some distant ship coming in. Rather, they visualize in their minds that they are not quitters; they will not allow life’s circumstances to push them down and hold them under.” ~Author Unknown

March Inspirations – Clarity, Courage & Commitment

springIf you don’t receive my newsletter, here’s an excerpt from this month’s inspiration:

The year keeps rolling along and we find ourselves fast approaching a new Season. I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling that “Spring” in my step and a freshness of limitless possibilities already, and especially in the last couple of weeks.

If anything it’s been more about “Where to start?” than it is about “What the heck do I do now?” And that’s where discernment comes into play and to stop all activity of any sort, just to tune in to receive clarity that will help me to decide where I choose to commit myself, as I know that I want all of my energy fueled purposefully, precisely, and as productively as possible.

I simply don’t want, nor can afford to put energy into things and experiences that no longer serve and truly aren’t aligned with where I’m going, as that not only affects my well-being, but my ability to be of service to a greater good and to people who are also taking accountability in their lives. I’ve had enough teaching experiences to realize where my time and energy would be better focused for the highest good and have learned to allow things and people to come to me in Divine timing.

If I extend myself and receive no response that doesn’t mean to keep at it until I do, but rather, to let it be, regroup, and see if either I’m forcing the timing, or perhaps am not realizing that something is out of alignment. It may be that I’m only focusing on part of the picture that I’ve figured out how to neatly fit into my framework, but am not seeing the bigger picture that reveals an actual mis-fit.

We shouldn’t have to “make” something fit. You’ll know when it truly does, as things just magickally fall into place and continuously keep unfolding without effort. The only challenge may be with your own inner dialogue that might be doubting or fearing the thing you have manifested – in which case its then about building the courage to follow through in action to your visions you intended.

Perhaps you know what I mean when I say that something you manifest may not be exactly the right thing, but is evidence you are on a roll of starting to create and draw in things – your intents may just need a little more tweaking. You get excited about the first opportunity that comes your way and focus only on the parts that feel good, and allow those to overshadow the fact that you likely had an initial “hmmm” that you quickly dismissed because of the shiny pieces that drew you in and spoke to the excitement you had about being able to manifest something that seems like what you asked for. While there are some less obvious and perhaps hidden aspects that just aren’t going to create harmony the way you’d like.

It’s important to clarify what you want and be willing to make tough decisions to release things that don’t feel good with trust that something better is on the way, and set those boundaries, continuously, so only those things truly worth letting drink from your well, is what you choose…

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Think Big – The Bigger, The Better

think bigThis post comes again from Peggy Black and her Morning Messages. Peggy and her “team,” as she refers to the loving guides that channel through her, share beautiful, simple and loving messages I enjoy reading, as they always are mirroring of what I receive and feel. Perhaps you will also find some connection with the message in terms of what you have been feeling and experiencing.

The theme builds on recognizing you ARE powerful and by fully tapping into that truth with ALL of your pieces and in partnership with the divine forces, the more efficiently they will manifest. Anything is possible if you truly believe it and passionately want and act on it, and the more we all start harnessing this truth with full awareness and integration, the more our collective reality will shift to mirror this.

My favorite key points are these:

  • dare to dream huge and think outside the box of limited beliefs – the more clear, vibrant and passionate you are with your visions, the quicker it manifests
  • remember and recognize yourself as a multidimensional alchemist
  • cease claiming your powerlessness and helplessness – these are false and limiting beliefs
  • don’t wait until pushed to the edge to take action for change, but if you do it is important not to push against the things you hope to change as this empowers the challenge, not you
  • powerfully call forth what you do want – it’s time to “use” your awakened abilities to create a new reality that is honoring and serving of all
  • use all of who you are in truth – your tools, personal power, your gifts, your future self, and don’t forget to integrate your shadow
  • think BIG!

I hope you enjoy.


_________ Message from the “team”_________ 


Think Big  
Peggy Black and the “team”

We are here once again offering our loving support as well as our guidance and encouragement. We can feel the collective sigh as you settle into the shifts that you have experienced. There is still intensity occurring with your weather and there are conflicts across your planet. We wish we could say that this will change soon, however change in the third dimension does take a bit of time.

We assure you that change could come about in the span of a breath if all those who are anchoring a physical form together envisioned and called forth a new reality. You know this to be true as well, for you have felt and experienced the shift in consciousness.

We acknowledge you for your own personal expansion, for you are truly anchoring this expanded awareness into the collective lightfield. Even as you are adjusting to being recalibrated, even as you are expanding beyond your comfort zone, even as you are straddling timelines and dimensions, you are holding and calling forth a matrix pattern of your future and the future of the planet on which you serve.

Now is the time to think BIG. When you think big, big events and changes come about. Never be afraid of doing this, the bigger you think the better. The more vivid your vision   infused with your ‘passion’ the quicker will it manifest. It does not matter how impossible these thoughts may seem. Remember, you are working with your expanded knowing and understanding as a multidimensional alchemist in partnership with the divine forces of light.

This is your time! This is your time to step out fully and bring all your gifts to the table.  Put aside the limited thinking of your programming. Put aside all the limited beliefs that you have claimed of being powerless and helpless in the face of the challenges. These are all false. We know when you observe your reality with the current chaos and conflicts, the personal challenges you might be facing with health, family dynamics or your livelihood, they certainly appear real. And we will grant you that from a very limited perspective these experiences can be called real.

However, we are encouraging you to hold all that appears challenging both in the world as well as your personal lives, as the true opportunity it is. We have observed that unless something becomes extremely difficult and uncomfortable most humans seem to settle into a pattern of acceptance. And it is only when pushed to the edge, that they take action for change.

Let us say that there are those across your planet who are being pushed to the edge of what they will accept. They are taking action, but not always from a place of clear understanding of who they truly are. So their action is still generated from a very limited perspective of what is possible. They push against the things they hope to change, which only empowers the challenge.

We are inviting you as the aware being that you are to use your awakened abilities and understanding to call forth a new and fresh reality that honors all. All change begins in the energy field of possibilities. There is no pushing against what you do not want instead there is a powerful calling forth of what you truly want. Again we invite you to think big, visualize the best results, and imagine an outcome that is outside your box of limited beliefs.

Open the energetic doors to all your gifts as an awesome being of light who carries the template and patterns of a future reality. This is who you are; never doubt this for a second of your earth time. You have at you fingertips the ability to create in the most awesome, magnificent manner a future that is life sustaining and life enhancing for all.

Relax into our words; pretend if need be that what we are sharing is the truth of who you are. Allow yourself to imagine the perfect solution to the situation, occurring in the most incredible way. Invite that aspect of your higher self, your multidimensional self, to offer an inspiration, an invention, and a solution to what you are focused upon.

Invite celestial partnership; open the cosmic lines of communication which allow you to receive brilliant ideas for current problems occurring on the planet. Open the lines to this celestial support in your daily interactions and personal challenges. It is time for this exchange between the physical and the non-physical to take place.

We invite you to recognize yourself as an alchemist, a being who happens to be experiencing this physical reality as well as the reality of pure energy and expression.  Use your tools, step into your personal knowing and power, and think big.

Call forth the changes, see them manifest in the best possible manner for the well-being and expansion of all. Anchor this vision fully into this physical domain. This truly is what you are being called to do. As an awakened being, stretching fully into your personal understanding, continue to exercise the possibilities of your unlimited abilities.

Get acquainted with the expanded levels which are available, notice how these aspects manifest for you personally. Invite your paranormal gifts to come forth, those extrasensory abilities which allow you to interface with dimensions of energy that are not visible. Get acquainted with your shadow, that aspect of yourself that is usually repressed and projected into your experience. Get acquainted with your future self.

You know all this; we are just here to remind and confirm this knowing. We are here to encourage and support your efforts and service. You are a member of the galactic family of light, on assignment here in this timeframe and dimension. You are the anchor for the new future. Remember that you are not alone in your efforts; you always have divine and celestial support upon your request. So while you find yourself here in this physical reality acknowledge and invite the loving and expanded beings of light to assist and join you in this work and service. Think BIG and Big things will come about.

We acknowledge you as awesome creators; you are seeing and realizing the changes that you are bringing about. Be patient yet know that each time you hold a vision you are joining others both physical and non-physical who are also holding the vision. We celebrate with you as you anchor this new calibrated energy in this dense reality. Each time you offer yourself in service to the light there is a shift in consciousness available to all. Be embraced by our gratitude and deep appreciation for who you are. When you call upon the beings of light, begin to sense their presence. We are always available at your request. The ‘team’

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