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11 Year Brought to Light

Two years ago, today, was the official adoption day of Cosmo. Although I took him home on January, 25, 2015, this day marks his complete peace in knowing he had a forever home for the first time in his life. We’d taken him in as a foster bunny only due to the fact that I had to keep in mind my other bunny, Joy’s feelings and knowing there’d be a journey to bond them. Truth be told, I knew in my heart the second I held him, he wasn’t going anywhere.

He would have turned 11 this year, come May 17th, and synchronously I was just reminded two days ago by my metaphysical genius brother, while visiting my family, that I was not just in a #2 year since my birthday rang in on 2/26, but in fact this is an 11/2 personal year, which is quite significant. I’m not sure why I forgot this, but perhaps it was to have things deepen naturally and then light up in reiteration, after the fact of much that has unfolded, so as to just “be” with the energy and see the a-ha’s later.

So that puts quite a spin on things being that I also turned 44 – a master number – am in an 11 year – another master number, and my sweet Cosmo, who is  with me daily and profoundly so, would have been 11.

It kind of ignited something when my brother reminded me – he always seems to bring up things at the right time and it was so “random” in conversation how he just stated it in between other things that had no connection. I had to wonder if also Cosmo might have been nudging this message through him so I could make the connection.

As I mentioned, 44 feels like a year of building, business, being, and balance, but there is an undercurrent of bringing together everything one has learned, drawing in new wisdom, and integrating it for greater alchemy with this 11 year.

I’ve felt this year to be significant in terms of how my path is going a whole new direction and even in terms of the deepest peace, embodiment, creative inspiration, and intuitive harmony I’ve felt to be in, and indeed this is reiterated in the 11 year.

If you have been in an 11 year yourself before, you’ll understand this, or perhaps you might be in one or coming up on one soon.

Here are some insights.

11 years are powerful for receiving insights to your higher purposes in life, enhanced intuition and psychic insight feeling even more natural, leaps in soul growth and another spiral level of enlightenment experienced, greater collective opportunity in terms of being a source of inspiration and illumination, channeling, inspired thinking and originality, and working for a common good.

The latter especially comes in due to the 11 year combining both a double 1 (self, creativity, courage, self-confidence, innovation, independence…also divine inspiration and the ability to make things happen/manifest) AND the energy of a 2 year (collective/group dynamics, supportive of a greater good, partnership and relationship in all realms, cooperation, patience).

So it blends both – integration and harmony – and knowing that each are interconnected without separating them out, but simply by default of “being”.

11 = 1 + 1 = 2.

A year also in focusing on effectiveness in order to harness all the gifts and talents you have, and implementing them, your time, energy, and boundaries in ways that keep you balanced and not crashing, being flexible, fluid and expansive, and knowing where to invest fully.

It’s a year of mastering tortoise AND rabbit energy, in my opinion, and realizing how to pace everything as a marathon and not a sprint, while also being opportune for tapping into a clear channel that can bring a flood of enlightened ideas and projects to take action on quickly and flexibly in intuitively guided moments of opportunity opening (so mini sprints within an overall marathon). This involving the creation of a directional path that you’ve never been on before, which not only comes from your highest self and heart, but can have profound effect on others as well as you.

This all reiterates so much of what I’ve felt going on and knowing this is a time for going beyond what I knew of myself, courageously entering other territory beyond soul history comfort zones and any easier patterns without judgment, and doing so in confidence despite the new territory.

It’s reflective of that stepping up into the biggest version yet of spirit through self, for highest good with all things interconnected with each choice and action taken. Personal and collective are nurtured simultaneously despite what others try to define it as from the outside.

Tempering this balance is the process being refined during this year to seamless “Nature of Being.”

Definitely I’ve felt a new life path and manifestations have been seeded.

And I see this so beautifully reflective of Cosmo for sure and his self mastery that always shined through and felt like such a guiding light for my life, bringing to light the ingredients so easily understood to navigate life by.

He is like this little Cosmic Wizard, both anchored in who he is and also humble. Like an ascended master in many ways. So much to learn from him and I continue to, as he’s with me daily.

He, along with Joy, Nestor (my bunnies), and Gaia (my tortoise) are all by my side, each sharing their parts when it is their turn in the “story” and each stepping forward or helping to work the behind-the-scenes alchemy in harmonized unfolding.

I am so grateful to have such leading examples to support this turning point in my life.

And it reminds us all how we have so much support and guidance beyond what we think, or the ways in which we look for it.

There is no “need” to make light of signs and reflections, as nature simply IS and so can we BE.

And yet, there’s also no reason not to see these things, as these can be helpful in retraining you back into remembering your true nature so you can just melt into that consistently, seamlessly, and naturally without need to point anything out.

Yet since there is a learning curve for much of the collective, to bring perspective can ignite latent parts of ourselves.

There is a journey we take and it doesn’t – although could – usually turn on like a flick of a switch that shoots us to that experience instantly. There is a process that teaches us the ways of alchemy and helps others understand too, then we can let go of the process and simply experience. Or, move in and out by choice without shifting our center.

It’s like all things at once, but also ok with each piece of ALL.

Thank you Cosmo for sharing your love and this special 11 year with me. I am honoring you, as I embrace this energy unfolding, and keep your guidance close at heart in every thing I do.

66 Apples

apples4It’s that time of the year again for apple harvesting, as we approach the changing of seasons and rhythmic flow of cycles. It sure isn’t feeling like Autumn around here right now however, with crazy heat in the 90’s. I’ve been noticing when out and about, how plants and blooms are doing odd things with all these global shifts in weather.

Are the natural rhythms being completely thwarted in mirror to a large portion of the collective being out of tune with nature and/or messing with it, thinking they know better? Or is it that everything is learning to cultivate a reality of its own new rhythm of free will, in a world that has opted out of that choice? Perhaps it is all of these and then some. There are many ways to interpret things indeed and I’m constantly reflecting on it all.

applesHowever it may be, the apples seem to still be in their natural cycle, ready to be gathered, and so that is what I focused on.

The tree is much smaller than the ever-abundant tangerine, loquat, and persimmon here, however it still yields a beautiful little bounty. And this year that came in the form of 66 sweet little apples. So there will be a lot of apple creations over the next week or so, as I explore some ideas for some easy vegan apple goodies.

Apples and apple trees symbolize love, truth, peace, beauty, honesty, remembrance, honesty, purity, knowledge, wisdom, joyousness, fertility, abundance, and earthly desires.

And I found it quite interesting to receive 66 of them – a spiritual master number of love – unconditional love.

I66 applest is also a master number for faith, healing, and deep trust in the Divine. Not to mention carries the energy of transmutation and expanding consciousness, sometimes in the form of Kundalini awakenings. It also infuses a sense of sacredness to the seemingly trivial daily experiences with the desire to search for deeper and larger meaning to it all through meditative contemplation.

The number 6 on its own brings the energy of humanitarianism, service, home, simplicity, and grace, while focuses on the material in life and daily needs, reminding you to balance the physical and spiritual aspects of your life.

And when you see how the two are connected, then by living with conscious intent, you will find yourself always provided for while serving your life mission. Basically, live the truth of your essence and all is well, without need for fear, worry, and anxiety.

It also imparts a message that you give love freely and unconditionally, and this source of enjoyment in relationships is important. When you see a number repeated, it doubles and amplifies the essence of its energy in its individual state.

Yep, that all feels very personally appropriate as messages. And it’s interesting that the apples and the number 66 embody very mirroring vibrational energy.

Astro-Numerologist, Tania Gabrielle shares some interesting insights about the number 6. She expresses that 66 exhibits “a double ‘6th sense’ – an ability to connect with others intuitively  on such a deep level that you are able to coach them and support their goals.”

Words she found that add up to 66 include, “Discipleship, Resurrection, Spiritual Work, Transformation, and Woman.”

Tania shares that “6 is the number of the ‘cosmic parent’, compassion, responsibility and love and looks like a pregnant woman – and it is from the body of the woman that a child is born. When you double the 6, it makes 66 and symbolizes both father and mother.” And, when you then add the numbers 6 + 6 you get 12, which reduces to 1 + 2 or 3. (I happen to be a #3 by birth)

So 66 is actually also the vibration of the number 3, which, as Tania Gabrielle shares, “symbolizes creative perfection – mother, father, and child.”

twin applesI also found this little one here to be quite a fascinating discovery among the 66 – a twin apple! Two apples growing from one and so perfectly balanced. Seemed to be reflecting that unifying of divine parts within self that create wholeness. Also speaks to twin soul energy.

In addition, it could be symbolizing the birthing of something new from the pure essence of self, and that transmutational energy in process of alchemically shifting.

There are always so many layers to the simplicity around us. Very fun to explore, but even more meaningful when you start to connect the dots and see the story weaving in and around you.

You are never alone, as a constant dialogue of support is connecting with you daily.

All this from harvesting some 66 apples. 🙂

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