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Fire and Spirit – Harnessing Your Firey Energy to Integrate Wholeness

Fire by Tania Marie

Today’s post is in energetic support of, and addition to, my dear Laura Bruno’s blog post for the day. It’s always so cool to see how aligned we are with each other collectively, as the energy of what she shares herself and through her repost of Lee Harris’ forecast, coincides with energies I have been focused on with my work and what I have felt drawn to bring to the forefront for others.

Here is Laura Bruno’s blog post: February 2012 Energy Forecast and a Rune for You

This fire, solar plexus energy, anger explosions and energy of “breaking through” to the other side to get beyond polarity, as Laura puts it, have been on my intuitive mind as well.

I’ve been working a lot with the solar plexus and utilizing citrine in my own personal work, as well as have done some of the techniques Lee speaks about, as in creating a vision board with many words and phrase intents I am choosing to create, and supporting myself with Reiki, with my hands over my heart and solar plexus and/or placing my citring there as well.

Another tool I have also been using to support the energies both Laura and Lee speak of has been my In Lak’ech paintings. These paintings, while timely when created for collective support from behind the scenes, are now coming to the forefront in a bigger and revealing way. I have come to see why they were so important to complete before 2012, as they are coming back around now with their messages that were ahead of their time. It’s as if they were needing to be anchored so that they could do the work with the collective at the timely unfolding – now – when they would be needed.

Spirit by Tania Marie

I’ve recently been focusing on specific pieces in the five series, based on my particular intuitive needs and have seen how whenever I put one up as my profile photo on Facebook, or focus on it at home, that I directly and instantly start moving through the energies it’s associated with.

Interestingly, the two paintings from the series I chose to have as part of the pieces in my 6 week art exhibit are Fire and Spirit, both pictured in this blog. I hung them up on 2/5 in Circa ’92 and they will be there for the 2/25 opening reception. Their energy is directly aligned with what Lee speaks of this month being about.

There are way too many layers to the symbolism of these paintings for me to share and for the most part I have stayed away from sharing them so that people can just “experience” the healing effects without direction from me. Aside from each containing potent Mayan Sacred Glyphs, ancient civilization symbolism through which the ancients speak through, and each being an activation portal, that’s usually been the extend of my sharing. However, I will share that one of the purposes each painting has is associated with transcending polarity and integrating the male and female energies. I intuitively chose different astrological signs (based on their placement on the cycle spectrum of evolution) from each of the elements that to me most represented the heightened potential for demonstrating the blending of the “new male” and “new female” energies that we are now integrating, at their highest potentials.

I see us at a place where the “old male” is now becoming an empowered male, by integrating the “new female” into their experience on all levels and vice versa, the “old female” is now becoming an empowered female by integrating the “new male” into their experience on all levels. A way of moving into the embodiment of integrated wholeness at its highest potential.

This was done through very carefully channeled images that portrayed what that would look/feel like when that missing piece was embraced. It is much more intricate than this, but to write it all out would be a book in itself, and perhaps it might be one day.

Suffice to say, Fire, is one such painting that would be very helpful right now in embracing this firey energy we are moving through and how to channel and integrate it.

Dagaz or Dea Rune from Spirit painting by Tania Marie

Then there is the last of the five in the series, Spirit. This one takes us beyond polarities and is full integration with transmutation inwardly and outwardly (and then some) 🙂 Interestingly, you’ll find the Dagaz or Dea Rune Laura speaks of anchoring the white hare/rabbit’s feet (possessing also other-wordly humanesque essence). I included a close up (a bit fuzzy) to unveil it for you. Each of these paintings in the series have tons of symbolism embedded both visually and energetically. Spirit holds some powerful energy and I’ll likely share more of the symbolism of why the hare/rabbit was chosen intuitively for the representation of this “beyond polarity” energy in an upcoming blog.

For now, I’d like to offer these paintings as another tool you can meditate with or have in your personal space to shift energy, alongside the tools both Laura and Lee shared, as they can be very empowering with the encoded healing symbolism they hold.

These paintings are available on my website here: However, for the 6 weeks of the art opening, until 3/18, this series and the other paintings in the exhibit are all being offered at huge discounts to make these healing tools affordable to everyone. 

If you’d like a listing of the new prices, contact me, as the website does not reflect the specials. The special prices are between 40-75% off the web prices for all sizes, both originals and prints. 

Message of In Lak’ech Series – Visionary Collective Healing Paintings for the Now

I began a series in 2006, which took me on a four year intensive process of healing at great depths. I named it “In Lak’ech,” which is a Mayan saying meaning “I am another yourself.” Through my personal healing journey on inter-dimensional levels, I was also simultaneously embarking on a major collective healing journey that not only bridged all time, but took me across the world to sacred sites where the energetic work could be accessed in greater depth.

This series represents the Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit that speak to the mind, body, heart, and soul, personally and collectively. They contain within them Mayan Sacred Glyphs as a connective thread through which a message of healing was revealed. They also weave in earth, cosmos, honor for all beings, astrology and planetary influences, ancient civilizations and potent symbolism. They are each embedded with healing messages that weave a visual story through infused telepathic encoding and act as healing, Reiki portals that transport the viewer into an altered consciousness where personal tranformation can take place.

This process of creation took me along a path where discoveries, inspirations, and compassion became the guiding lights of my journey. These encoded “Healing Portals” take us on a journey of integration and healing, as we embrace a return to natural harmony and imbue the beauty and value known by the Ancients into the now, along with healing those elements that it is time to evolve forward from. In light of the “Future of Education,” there is much to learn from Ancient wisdom; learning from the past in order to flourish in the now. Mother Earth is calling us to remember. The Universe is reminding us to believe. The healing revealed will be as unique as the individual experiencing it. The creation process has been a personally healing and integrative journey. However, as this healing takes place for me, that energy becomes available to everyone. These five paintings were a landmark anchoring of my life’s work and threshold to a new doorway of creative expression and being. Each painting has been executed over a period of one year each (excluding the last two that represented a speeding up of the process and time), from first inspiration to completion, mirroring a personal and collective process revealed and executed in divine timing.

To view this series:

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