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Conscious Shifting

Rebirth ~ Children of the New Earth by Tania Marie

Things continue to unfold and shifts are continually taking place whether we are actively aware of them or not. Everything is speeding up and intensifying with greater and greater potency, personally and collectively. It’s amazing to be alive right now and even those not currently on the physical plane are so eager to assist and support in these opportunistic, mind-blowing, expansive times. It’s no longer a question of how do we manifest? But more so, in having discernment about what it is we are manifesting. Since what we intend has instant creation ability, it is important to be mindful about exactly what we are intending and asking to create. And so, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be consciously co-creating and consciously choosing as empowered beings, rather than taking a back seat while the world seemingly unfolds around us?

The changes taking place, on multiple levels, represent a major shift that proves to be probably the most important timing and event that has taken place on our planet. What a gift to be alive right now! Once again, it’s all about perspective, in how we choose to experience the changes. Everything is but a thought, feeling, and choice away.

Transitions are and will continue to take place in terms of every aspect of life and co-existing, including: moving more into a sustainable society that does not depend on limited resources, more efficient and renewable sources of energy will continue to become part of everyday living and thinking, working together more cohesively and supportively with the highest good of all concerned on the forefront of our minds and hearts, realizing the equality and value of the gifts we each have and exchanging and sharing them harmoniously, supportively, as well as telepathically, and a time when worries, fears, and concerns transform into living in joy, harmony, and assured trust in each other and the universal support that comes from living consciously, compassionately, embracively, and presently from our hearts as the empowered beings we are. (Phew! That was a loaded paragraph of goodies!) ūüėČ

Everything is accelerating at speeds and rates we aren’t even realizing because we’re so focused on the day to day stuff, yet believe me it is all moving rapidly. Stop for a moment to take stock of how much has actually been accomplished and at such incredible paces. Sometimes it’s challenging to realize how much we are changing because we keep thinking about the next thing we want and still don’t feel we have, and so it’s important to stop for a moment and review where you’re at and be grateful for the amazing things you’ve been able to move through with greater ease and grace than you probably imagined. Things may have seemed impossible and yet here you are, here we are, and with each challenge, the process gets easier, quicker, and soon will be nothing more than a simple choice of deciding what honors you or doesn’t and boom, instant created experience at your fingertips!

There is no need for long drawn out experiences anymore, unless we choose that as our process and need it for our very specifically relevant experiences. There is nothing to judge, just simply to learn to be gentle and loving to ourselves while we are in the process of remembering and re-learning. After all, whenever our experiences take us away from this Earth plane, we will all find ourselves laughing and giggling together, over the very serious and dramatic ways we decided to view and live our lives. Every experience is no more or less serious than choosing to meet up with a friend for tea or a lunch date and that person deciding to show up or not.

We can actively choose to show up fully for our lives and consciously experience the miraculous synchronicities that are constantly taking place, whether we know it or not. It’s really about embracing our essence and our empowered states of being that lie latent within us. The time is now upon us where fears can easily be shed and a true sense of safety and peace of mind can come, in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable once again.

We will NOT recreate the past. It takes enormous amounts of effort and energy to try to recreate the past or even to stand still. These are new times, new energies and a whole new level of being, where we are now able to take everything from the collective “past” experience and integrate the pieces that worked, discard those that didn’t, and imbue it with the energy of the new, creating something that has never been and never will be again; as time is always and ever-changing.

We all have a lot of deep-seeded fears, wounds, pains, and walls that have been stored, harbored, and built to protect us from the daunting dangers we are projecting because of what we’ve been through personally and collectively. It’s deeply encoded within our DNA and personalities, and guarded by our challenged egos. Yet, now we can let it all go. Ego can take a small vacation in terms of not having to feel it has to be in the constantly active driver’s seat anymore. Ego will continue learning that the energies of these times and the new vibrations and changes we are creating, are very supportive in aiding our processes and so it can now relax and allow our essence to come forth again.

It is time to also allow our beautiful inner children to flourish and now ego can be the driving force behind our passions and the strength and vitality to create once again in our full truths. There is no more need to fight, hide, defend, or diminish ourselves. We will continue to learn that it’s time to step into all that we are and all that we can be and in doing so, will inevitably be supported. It is not a question of WILL we be supported? It is simply the knowingness that there is no other possibility unless we choose to believe there is.

And so, to be conscious about every choice we make, every aspect of our being, and every moment of our lives, is to become a gentle power of unlimited possibilities. We are learning about choice and intentions and how powerful they are, especially when we are actively engaging them. The understanding that comes with the learning provides us with a new found wisdom and discernment that will honor both ourselves and the higher good.

There is no more need to choose from fear, but only to choose from love, while exercising our boundaries in the process of coming to know our authentic truths. It all simply takes practice and with practice comes ease.

Enjoy these exciting times in human evolution and universal expansion because magical experiences are here to embrace and even more await you. Cherish the moments, for they will never be again.

Fears Unfounded – Rabbit’s Message of Support

Rabbits would, by most, be thought of as extremely vulnerable “victims” out in the wild, at the mercy of many dangers and predators. Yet, rabbits hold an important message of groundedness and humility, teaching us to listen to our instincts, to be quick-thinking, and move through our fears. They show us that we do not have to be, or remain, “victims” of life and circumstance. We can maneuver through the changing currents of life by becoming more in tune with our intuition, trusting more in what we can feel and not quite yet see, supporting those feelings, and doing it all more easily and rapidly with practice so that it becomes second-nature to feel and react in harmony with those feelings. It can make all the difference in stressful times, especially when timing is of the essence.

Intuition is key and is something we all have access to. We are just more prone to use our minds and intellect first, rather than in combo with our “sixth sense” gut instincts. Intuition just hasn’t been exercised as much because we often believe that if we can’t think through something and find a logical, reasoned conclusion, then we haven’t analyzed enough and therefore don’t have enough information to make a choice. Yet, sometimes there is no thinking and understanding involved and while information and mentalizing is nice, sometimes answers come to us as fully formed “knowings,” which we have all experienced at some time or another.

The following quotes from Einstein, speak volumes, coming from such a man and mind of science who is known as a great “thinker” of his era:

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why.”


“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plan of knowledge but can never probe how it got there.”


“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

These are pretty potent thoughts on “non-thought” from a big time thinker.

Sometimes all the stimuli in our environment, coupled with mass projected consciousness in reaction to that, can really play havoc on our abilities to cope with life. Shifting energies, major transitions and changes, and what seem like dramatic upheavals to our human bodies, (which are already taking on way more stress than they were made for), can really be trying and feel as if one has been thrown out in a field of wolves and left to fend for themselves with nothing to use as protection except for what we have within. And so we can let our minds run wild and attach to mass fears by others who have allowed fear to take over their abilities to choose a more peaceful and supportive way, and get devoured by the plague of wolves closing in on us. Or, we can choose to take a moment and listen within to what our intuition and hearts are trying to tell us, but the noise of our over-processed and fear-burdened minds are drowning out, and discover a precision perfect path to the calm and peace of our magical safe “Shires.”

We have all been conditioned from childhood to use our thinking skills and respect logic, yet to that we need to add our ability to receive input from our intuition and heart, then we get to a place of not just understanding, but of “knowing.”

There is a way to experience things differently than what you see others experiencing around you. There is also a way to “outwit” your own fears and those of others by going within and finding YOUR OWN truth and living by and supporting it despite anything you see or hear around you. What you believe is what you create and not everyone experiences panic, fear, unpleasantries, stress, worry, and poverty consciousness, even though there seems to be a lot of it around. Ask those who are not experiencing the fear, nor the results of it, and you’ll find some interesting and helpful answers.

These are different times and they call for different ways of “being.” These limiting experiences, processes and beliefs are of the past. They do not belong to the now and the New Earth we are creating.¬†

You can be your own masterful rabbit who knows just how to maneuver safely in the light of day or dark and stillness of night. The point being, if we allow panic to take over then we will surely find ourselves cornered and devoured by the very thing we were fearfully running away from. The panic causes one to either exert enormous effort to stand still, not able to move at all and unable to make the necessary shifts to rise above the fear, or to mentally let our thoughts run wild with every imaginable possibility. We think of all the things that “could” happen instead of being in the moment and quieting long enough to intuit “our” truths to trust and follow, which would hence create what “will” happen. We do this so much so that we end up running in place and expending energy in every unfounded direction just “in case” it will happen and it either never does, OR actually does happen because we focus so much energy and thought into it that we end up creating it. We then live a daily experience of running and tiring from our own thoughts, allowing the wolves to easily devour and control every step of our lives, which in turn become joyless, stressful, and unhealthy in every way.

We are in some very different times and breaking from the old can be challenging at first, yet we all have the ability to change the way we experience and process things. And the more people shift their perspectives and ways of operating, the more things will shift collectively, as it is always a domino effect in terms of one light creating illumination for all. Never think for one instance that you don’t make a difference. If we all thought that way, then there would be no new creations and inventions. As more of us turn within and live from our essence and trust what we find within that experience of our truest heart’s joy, the easier it gets for others to do the same. It is a choice of responsibility, love and joy to ourselves and ultimately for everyone.

What do you want your life to look and feel like? After you answer that question, then create the intent to have it as so, and choose accordingly. Be mindful of every thought you have and every feeling that comes up, especially when amidst mass projections. It will soon be clear how it is you have been co-creating your experience and how you can now take back your power to co-create differently.

You are not alone. Many are on the same path to own their power and together we can create much beauty for all, as we all have a part to play in the bigger picture. One is powerful, but the power of many is great! You have seen this already in the opposite of ways; in how many people that ARE in fear CREATE mass fear. So why not tip the scales? Something to ponder…..

Honoring Mother Earth Today and Always – 24 Hours Only 50% Off Earth Inspired Paintings

Gaia's Gift

Wishing everyone a beautiful Earth Day! I hope that you will find your own unique way to share your love and gratitude with our ever-giving and miraculous Gaia.

Yesterday we went to see the Dalai Lama who was here visiting and spoke on “Peace of Mind in Troubled Times” at the Long Beach Arena. It was wonderful to see the thousands of people that showed up to hear him. His endearing personality was such a joy and he so simply conveys the essence of his messages, showing us how we make things more challenging and complex than they are. He emanates vibrant joy and loving compassion that we can all easily embrace if we choose. He is definitely a voice for humanity and global peace.

“We each have a song to sing, but together, we create a beautiful symphony.” ~ Me

What I creatively and lovingly channel is a devoted passion focused on heart-based creations intended to help support global peace, return to natural harmony, collective unity, empowered consciousness and unconditionally loving and compassionate synergy.

My paintings help convey these messages, reminding us, activating us, helping us to reconnect with our vibrant and loving Mother Earth and to live more loving, connective, and responsibly conscious lives.

In honor of Earth Day, I am sharing these specifically themed paintings to provide visual inspiration and symbolic awakening energies to your experience today.

Rebirth ~ Children of the New Earth

The three pieces offered at 50% off are: Gaia’s Gift, A Walk Between Worlds, and Rebirth ~ Children of the New Earth, which can be seen in more detail, including their regular prices, here: Heart Visions

Regular prices resume Monday 4/23 at 12:30 pm. ūüôā

Gaia was one of the paintings that was part of the Love Offer donations special. With the 24 hour Earth Day special she is now available for $25 plus shipping.


Much love to you all and to our lovely Mother Earth,



A Walk Between Worlds

One Unique L.O.V.E. Seed left – Lemurian Seed Crystals Supporting a New Earth

L.O.V.E. Seed Pendant/Charm with lobster clasp - last one available

L.O.V.E. (Love Our Vibrant Earth) Seeds are special Lemurian Seed Crystal spheres created to help support us and the collective Earth as we enter a new paradigm. They are like fruits of the New Earth, seeding love in our blossoming hearts. Our Joyful Earth Crystals includes a collection of L.O.V.E. seeds in your choice of pendant or pendulum, each created and infused with love. They come into our lives at this major time of human evolution and bring with them the necessary tools for us to shift to higher consciousness with understanding of all that has come before and all that lies ahead. They share with us the key energy of Lemuria, that of unity and love, in order to reactivate this ancient memory within the planetary matrix so that it may become the way of life on the New Earth.

We have sold out of several of our designs and only have one left of the piece featured in this post. We will not be creating any more of these unique lobster clasp L.O.V.E. Seeds, so this piece is the last of its kind.

The featured L.O.V.E. Seed is unique in three ways:

L.O.V.E. Seed Pendant/Charm - a clear crystal ball Lemurian Seed Crystal sphere with feather inclusion that is fiery or rainbow when catches the light

1. it has a very large amount of pure 925 sterling silver used

2. it has a very unique lobster clasp making it extremely versatile to wear on any chain as a pendant, or to utilize as a charm on a bracelet, anklet, purse, zipper, or even your beloved animal companion’s collar – the possibilities are endless

3. it is like a crystal ball, as it is crystal clear, yet at the bottom it has a very unique feather inclusion suspended in the crystalline clear abyss that when caught by the light exhibits a rainbow or fiery glow, as caught in the photo at right

We do have more L.O.V.E. Seeds pendants on the way and will post them when they are birthed. For pre-orders simply contact me – Tania Marie at And we do also have L.O.V.E. Seeds Pendulums still available which you can find at our Etsy shop.

L.O.V.E. Seed Pendant/Charm with lobster clasp - like a crystal ball with feather inclusion at the bottom that floats

Lemurian Seed Crystals were first discovered on the Serra do Cabral in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Each L.O.V.E. Seed is found and custom made in Brazil in a sphere shape then we at Joyful Earth Crystals hand craft them in pure 925 sterling silver. L.O.V.E. Seed pendulums are made entirely in Brazil with a silver plated chain. We infuse each with love, energy and intention – programmed for each unique person when they are purchased. Each L.O.V.E. Seed features clear, sparkling quartz – many with beautiful mirror and veil planes and rainbows visible inside. They all have wonderful and active energy. There are variations of Lemurians, each with their own energies. These clear Lemurian spheres bring guidance and clarity to one’s spiritual path.

Round sphere pendants and pendulums have no point to break or chip and is best for utilizing the most complete and whole energy of the crystal. Sphere sizes range from .75″ to 1″ in diameter. Pendulum chains are 8″ long. Pendants range from 1″ to 1 3/4″ long.

Pendulums are great for receiving answers from within. It’s not about trusting the pendulum, but about trusting yourself. Using a pendulum is a path of surrender. You surrender your physical self to your higher self and by doing that, you put aside your ego – that controlling part that wants to be right – and receive a universal heart answer. Make great gifts, for self or others, to help support a more heart centered and connected, global consciousness, while aiding individual empowerment.

My giant Lemurian Seed Crystal sphere

Lemurian Seed Crystals are crystals that are reputed to have been seeded by the Lemurians – an advanced and peaceful, ancient civilization based on the consciousness of love and connection – to teach and guide us in this time. Lemurian Seed Crystals have been programmed to hold and transmit messages of unconditional love, conscious connection, and equality, while they assist us in remembering who we really are. They are very supportive, positive, and life affirming, as they enhance and encourage inner development and connectedness. They are also great for dream work and dream interpretation. Lemurian Seed Crystals have a very Yin or feminine energy, and for all their power are more gentle-feeling energetically than Yang/masculine crystals. They are very powerful tools for meditation, healing on all levels, and are excellent for clearing and balancing all chakras. There are vast universes inside each Lemurian Seed Crystal that is home to many beings of light and unique spiritual information and wisdom, as they are connected to inner earth, the earth’s surface, and the stars.

Lemurian Seed Crystals were planted in different areas of Brazil, millions of years ago, for the purpose of guiding a future generation toward healing enlightenment known of in ancient days. During the last days of Lemuria, it was decided to plant, or seed, crystals programmed to transmit a message of oneness. The Lemurian Culture’s center of consciousness was the emotional and spiritual dimensions of existence, unlike our modern world’s mentally based focus. They had a deep connection to the heart, which allowed the expression of unconditional love for the Divine and each other. Lemurian Seed Crystals also help us to maintain our connection with our spiritual source and teach us how to be both individuals and integral parts of the cosmic design. This is mirrored by each seed crystal’s energetic connection to all other seed crystals, while on the individual level, simultaneously doing its own work to pass forth their knowledge and programming for the earth, in preparation for the transitions and shifting changes in consciousness. There comes a responsibility, to honor and work with, when you and your Lemurian choose one another.

Dragons and Dolphins – How They Can Assist Those Ready To Work With Them

Recently I was directed to Celia Fenn’s blog post (3/16/12) called The New Earth Energies by Laura Bruno¬†who knows and shares my love and connection with Dragons and Dolphins. I loved this excerpt, I included below, on Dragon and Dolphin energy supporting the new paradigm of Earth energies and how they are co-assisting us in these shifts. Just today, I saw this video, also included below, which is not an isolated incidence, as many of our lovely cetacean friends have been challenged in these ways (and then some) and met with not as beautiful an outcome as this. I was a mess of emotions viewing it, feeling the powerful energy and beauty of this experience. Thank you to the loving people of Brazil for their tenderness, as our Dolphin friends are Masterful beings of love, here to assist us. It is always touching to see humans assisting in this way, as it does mirror the belief many of us hold of a return to natural harmony.

Dragons and Dolphins by Celia Fenn

Beloved Family of Light, as you begin this next phase of Connection and Re-connection, you will also make intense connections with the Awakening energy of the Dragons, and also the energy of the Dolphin Masters. These two groups of Light Beings are especially focussed on this part of the 2012 alignments and are fully ready to work with those of you who are ready.

Firstly, in the 6th Dimension you will encounter and reconnect with the Dragon energy. The Dragons are Higher Dimensional bearers of the ‚ÄúCosmic Fire‚ÄĚ or Angel Fire. This is a very basic but powerful elemental energy that you might term ‚Äúnuclear‚ÄĚ energy if you were to think of it in scientific terms, the basic ‚Äúfire‚ÄĚ that holds the holographic matrix in place.

The Dragons were the early bearers of the Cosmic Energy and were your ‚Äúancestors‚ÄĚ. They breathed fire because they were expressions of Cosmic Fire itself. When you awaken the Dragon Fire, you reconnect with your ancient ability to work with the Cosmic Fire for co-creation with the Divine. When you live in fear of the Dragon energy, it lives in your shadow side and can emerge in destructive ways as ‚Äúexplosions‚ÄĚ of rather negative fire. This happens on a large scale when humans go to war and rain fire on each other in the form of weapons, especially nuclear weapons, which are the ultimate negative use of the Dragon Fire. This is what has happened when humans have approached the Dragon Fire from a scientific point of view and tried to harness it for negative purposes. Indeed, much of the present conflict in your Middle East centers around the use of the Dragon Fire for war and who should have the right to access this power. The Dragons themselves have evolved as well, and no longer wish to be used for negative purposes, they wish to reconnect with Humanity and offer themselves in the service of Peace.

Historically, the relationship with Dragons has been one of fear, leading to abuse and destruction. In the third-dimensional world where perception works in duality, the Dragons were feared and brought into conflict and ‚Äúvanquished‚ÄĚ. In the fifth-dimensional New Earth you recognize Polarity within Unity and so the Dragons can re-emerge as you move into Mastery and the Higher Dimensions. In Mastery, you can become Dragon Riders and direct the Dragon Fire with Consciousness and use its power in manifestation and creation for the highest good and according to the Divine Plan. This is the way that the Dragon energy wishes to connect with humans, and not in the scientific way where the energy is harnessed and used without any understanding of the Sacred Relationship between Spirit, Dragons and Humans.

The Second Group of Light Beings is the Angelic Dolphin Masters, who are the Higher Expression of the Cetacean/Dolphin energy of Earth. They come from the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun, via Sirius and the Pleaides. Their purpose is, and always has been, to guide the development of the Species on Earth, especially the emerging Human Angelic Species. The Cetaceans are Masters of Holographic Engineering, and wherever there is a need for a major evolutionary shift or recalibration, they are there to assist. Even as Earth ascends into the New and Independent role in her Solar System and Galaxy, the Dolphin Masters continue to assist in this ‚Äúbirthing‚ÄĚ process.

The Dolphin Masters and Angels embody the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. They flow with the Golden Energy of the Cosmic Christ, but they also embody the Turquoise and Magenta Rays of the Christ Love. The energy of the Dolphin Masters is expressed in Dance, Music and in Joy. It is fluid and flowing and light, beautiful and harmonious. When you embody the energy of the Dolphin Masters you become as they are, fluid, graceful, joyous and able to react with grace and speed. No change of direction in the Flow is a problem, you are simply able to move with it.

With the assistance of the Dragons and the Angelic Dolphin Masters, the Fire of Creation and the Evolution of Species on the Earth will once again be aligned with the Divine Will and Divine Creative Intelligence. This will ensure that these energies are used only for Higher Purpose in the New Earth.

You can view the entire post at Celia’s blog site:¬†

Blooming Humans

We are blooming humans….

We are like seeds releasing form to flow in growth from who we have been into the new reality of authenticity in the now.

In order to birth our new realities (in essence the promise imprinted within your heart) consider what is ready to be released and shed in your life. What beliefs, thoughts, feelings, expressions of being, relationships, jobs, focuses and things no longer mirror your truth? Letting go of what no longer serves you is vitally essential in order to naturally allow your “dream seed” to flourish and blossom. And as your beautiful threaded petals emerge, they become part of a woven fabric of flowers in unity of empowering vibration that has the power to domino effect into a new reality shift collectively ‚ô•

Sacred Tattoos – Personal Portals to Genetic Rewiring

The more I experience the effects of what I find to be life-changing information, the more I feel driven to share those discoveries with others. This is what took place after over 13 years and 100 plus hours of tattoo work, leading me to write “Spiritual Skin” and make available what I found to be profoundly empowering and healing. The more I saw the valuable gifts as integrated pieces to the bigger picture support of the new collective shifts, it became clear there was something powerful being revealed that others could also benefit greatly from. Personally learning how sacred tattoos were potent transformational tools made me realize the significance of what this information held and it was something that felt like a disservice to keep to myself.

And so “Spiritual Skin” came into creation and has been well received in ways I hadn’t even imagined – aiding a new paradigm of experience that mirrors the New Earth energy. I just knew I needed to share the information and heeded the nudges, but have been deeply moved at the powerful ways that the information and designs I’ve helped to create have been affecting people’s lives. It’s one thing when you know something for yourself and it’s quite another to experience and share that through, and with, others.

What “Spiritual Skin” has managed to do is take something seemingly simple, which is vastly rich in ancient history, but misinterpreted through enculturation, and expose a plethora of provocative insights blended with practical guidelines on tattoos and the tattoo process in ways never done before. People are learning how the vehicle of symbolic, intentful tattoos can alter a person‚Äôs total life experience ‚Äď a concept that Dr. Masaru Emoto‚Äôs findings in ‚ÄúThe Hidden Messages in Water‚ÄĚ unveiled, but ‚ÄúSpiritual Skin‚ÄĚ expounds on with unique perspective of the body as a portal.

It‚Äôs the same process that Dr. Emoto discusses ‚Äď that of altering our and others‚Äô genetic/DNA code with symbolically potent symbols and images that have high vibrational intents. As we are mostly made of water and water has been proven to shift its molecular structure in mirroring response to positive thoughts, feelings and images, so then does our body respond the same way with sacred, intentful tattoo images, specifically and energetically chosen, created, and placed.

A recent survey has revealed that 1/3 of people getting tattoos choose designs reflecting their spiritual or religious beliefs and first timers are especially prone to this type on first go around. I’m seeing it more and more, especially in my Bikram yoga classes. The more energy is shifting collectively, the more people shift awareness to more conscious and intentful ways, drawing them to want to bring more of their spirituality and beliefs into prominent manifestation in their lives in ways that are meaningful to them – a way of mirroring the energy and aligning with the new choices and life experiences they are having because of their joyful awareness.

Sacred tattoos can act as tangible means to access portals of experience at great energetic depth, helping you to embrace intent, can allow you to use your body’s canvas as an artistic portal to help open, heal, support, enhance, empower, and create greater flow to anything you intend – functioning in therapeutic, talismanic, and spiritual ways. And this effect can both be experienced by the viewer and wearer, helping to energetically transform on deeper levels of consciousness.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words and images are universal in how they are received. It’s the same as if you view a painting or see a photo and it moves you to feel something, or stirs something inside, or speaks to you in a way you can’t verbalize, but you just feel changed by it at a very deep, core level. Take that experience blended with potent intent and energy, ancient symbols and powerful universal images, ¬†along with a personally intuited and lovingly woven design matching your vibrational desires, and you instantly increase the impactful, individual experience of what is being viewed or worn as your purposeful, sacred tattoo.

It’s a way that you embrace an energetic intent that alters your personal experience and helps align you with the new energy of the now. Again, just like Dr. Emoto’s findings with water shared how when you say and feel negative, low-vibrational, conditional and judgmental things versus saying and feeling positive, high-vibrational, unconditional and nonjudgmental things, this has a direct result on the molecular structure of the water it is applied to, either producing gorgeous crystalline snowflake forms or discombobulated, frenzied structures.

The same takes place with your human body temple, composed of mostly water, when you place intentful, symbolic, high vibe, potently meaningful images and symbols on your skin. Your DNA structure changes to integrate and reflect the energy of it. If what you are considering is not something you want to portray, emanate, physically manifest, or experience in your life directly or indirectly, then you may want to reconsider, as it will alter things molecularly and energetically, drawing in and mirroring the direct result in your life. So it is vital to choose with conscious awareness what you decide to place on your skin, likely for the extent of this walk of life, as what you seed will blossom a mirroring birth into your life experience. You deserve your whole-hearted presence in the decisions that form your life personally and collectively.


Universal ARKitecture of the New Earth – Visual Storytelling Threads Weaving a New Code of Life

Journeying Medicine Spoken Through Many Voices From Many Doorways Of One Consciousness 

An “ark” by definition and historical understanding was a vessel built by Noah to house and keep safe his family and pairs of every animal of the Earth. It is also known as a sacred chest where the ancient Hebrews kept the two tablets containing the Ten Commandments. In either form, it is seen as a sacred and protective structure that contained the promise of a new life where a new architectural system of life codes¬†would be embraced and instituted to start anew.

We have entered a time when a new way of life and the call for a new code of life is upon us once again. Cycles repeat themselves, as is apparent throughout the history of this Earth for every ancient civilization that has walked upon it. A time comes when change is much needed and there are always messages, signs and guidance being provided if we learn to be present enough to listen and see. This does not necessarily mean the destruction of the Earth is to come, but it does mean the end of a way of life and being is completing and a new form is much needed to be embraced.

According to shamanic belief, everything is alive and carries with it a wisdom and power. Shamanism is found in all cultures of the Earth and¬†is the world’s oldest healing tradition. This ancient, worldwide practice involves engaging with spirit helpers and the forces of the natural world to develop relationships, solve problems and perform healing. Shamans travel to the parallel worlds where time and space have no meaning and use the powers of those worlds, the subconscious and the realities of this world to cause change. They are able to go within and enter an altered state of consciousness at will, in order to contact and utilize a hidden reality that most do not consciously perceive.

According to the shamanic and ceremonial traditions of the Inca, there are those known as naguals. Naguals are a form of very powerful shamans that unlike man that is driven by psychological ego desires, they have none. They are conduits of Spirit, receiving orders from an indefinable and indescribable source. Almost a non-entity, they have learned to break the psychological conditioning of the cognitive division that keeps us cut off from our sources. They can magically assume the physical manifestation of a different entity by shifting into its energy pattern, yet remain the same in Essence, since everything is energy. There are considered to be two different forms of shapeshifting wherein either the luminous body changes into a power animal or the physical body on the Earth plane changes into an animal.

Power animals are essential to shamanic practice, as shamans believe that everyone has power animals. These power animals act as guides or angels, imbuing their individual energy, power and wisdom to guide, heal and protect you. They provide the wisdom of their kind and are not only limited to mammals, but can also be reptiles, insects and sea creatures. Any living creature can serve as a power animal and plants and trees can serve as plant spirit guides, providing their own wisdom.

Depending upon the culture, the gifts each animal provides can vary, yet there are many consistencies across the board as well. It is important to let the animal speak to you in the way meant for you and to be open to their sharing without limitations. Shamanic practice honors with awareness the wisdom and life in all things on Earth, understanding and believing that everything has something to teach. Many western cultures do not get taught to value animals and the gifts they have to help support our lives and the world at large. Animals show up for us in many ways and they are believed to communicate with us by drawing our attention to things, sometimes through repetition. They try to get our attention because they have some wisdom to impart and are most eager to be of service.

We are all connected and we have each been part of all of the cultures, races and religions on the Earth. Animals are transcendent beings that speak to us in a boundless way, free of judgments or¬†enculturated restrictions, which¬†our ego minds would¬†otherwise be closed off to. It is this reason I was guided to bring forth their messages through my paintings, which began as a series called, “Universal ARKitecture of the New Earth.”

The animals have messages for us on individually personal and collective levels and¬†spread their love and wisdom to help us embrace the new energy.¬†These sisters and brothers share the same consciousness and will voice their storytelling messages of healing, each in their own way, offering us keys and insights to a new code of life for embracing. These medicine beings hold antidotes for a new¬†“ARKitectural” plan of¬†the New Earth.

“Universal ARKitecture” was communicated to me and it basically speaks of sacred vessels, which I see as the paintings to be channeled and created, housing within them messages, codings, energy, keys….spoken through the many voices of the animal spirits of the Earth and uniting us through a Universal language and symbolism that is of the Earth and beyond.

Their Essence will encompass an ecclectic tapestry of interwoven threads that span and honor the many ancient, forgotten civilizations and world religions of the Earth’s history, as well as intertwine Earth and Cosmic dimensions, past, present and future. The power animals and shape-shifting “naguals” emerge through timeless energy portals to share their wisdom and powers. This is¬†in effort to help guide us with supportive¬†keys¬†for co-creating a¬†new Earth with conscious awareness, embracive remembrance¬†and visionary innovation.¬†Subliminally sublime is the supportive guidance they offer¬†and the journey began through the path of the¬†Major Arcana of the Tarot and my first piece titled: A Walk Between Worlds: “Hatun Karpay of the Nagual” (The Great Initiation of the Nagual/ Powerful Shaman).

The Tarot are a highly symbolic deck of cards consisting of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Arcana means secrets or mysteries, which is why deciphering the symbols is half the gift of the translator, viewer or experiencer of the cards and their images. The original concept of Tarot and deciphering the symbolism they hold dates back to early Egypt and India. The gypsies also used them on the banks of the Mediterranean long before they were used by the Renaissance schools and a revival of their use and interest has surged in the middle of the 19th century and continues today.

The Major Arcana (Latin meaning “big secret”) cards are the¬†first keys to our initial understanding and is at the heart of the Tarot. They deal with the human condition and¬†symbolize a whole range of human life and experience, representing the joys and sorrows each man and woman can experience in a lifetime. They are 22 cards that illustrate the human drama through the strengths, weaknesses, hopes, fears and the lightest and¬†darkest parts of¬†an individual; basically the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of humankind. This is demonstrated through an archetypal figure or figures that express a specific Essence of real and abstract symbology of a person’s life.

I started with the 21st card, the “World” card, to embark on a journey through an experience of life spoken to us through the animals and all of these elements expressed. It encompassed the ancient Incan symbolism and energy of the four directions and the Incan Medicine Wheel. There is the potential that more paintings will encompass some of or all of the Major Arcana or simply and potently come through as animal spirit guides with collective healing messages for the New Earth. It is hard to foresee the inspired channeling that will come through, as I do not direct the messages and visions received and what is needed. I am a conduit for their expression and can merely share the Essence I am sensing is wanting to reveal.

Either way, each painting will represent a key to¬†a potential new code of life, beginning with¬†completion and ending with completion, as every moment is perfect, whole and complete and constantly cycling into new creation. The “World” card represents all elements coming together, which is where we left off in Essence with the In Lak’ech series of five I created. Each of those paintings represented one of the five¬†elements and now we begin with all five coming together in wholeness through “A Walk Between Worlds,” offering us a way to embrace this wholeness and energy in the now, as our experience of life¬†on Earth, individually and collectively.

We then may move through each of the Major Arcana cards 0-21 starting with the Fool, which marks a new beginning and spiritual awakening.¬† As we learn to integrate¬†the¬†Essence¬†of the symbolism each¬†holds, we then begin to¬†build a new foundation and new Earth code within each of us. This will take us full circle, ending once again with where we started at the “World” card (a whole New World/Earth) and a new model for a new collective experience of wholeness and harmony takes shape. 23 paintings in total, if the Major Arcana channel through in totality, providing supportive, foundational tools that represent a life journey to a new existence as a Conscious Global Human Being collectively connected in Universal Oneness.

It is my hope that these paintings will also help to bring conscious awareness of the animals on the Earth and aid in supporting their precious lives, while providing deeper understanding and compassion amongst us all. We are all connected and every living being holds infinite intelligence integral to the circle of life and has its own unique Essence that creates a colorful thread in the tapestry of magnificence we know as Universal Consciousness.

To order and view a larger image of “A Walk Between Worlds”¬†

Understanding Crystals and Their Role in Our Lives – A Lesson of Honor

I recently was asked my feelings about where the metaphysical properties of crystals come from and how they affect our realities. ¬†I often get questions like this and others, including: How one can tune in with crystals? How to choose crystals? Which may be most supportive for specific things desired including support of the New Earth energy? How to work with pendulums? Etc… I’m always excited to feel and hear people becoming increasingly more interested in knowing about and working with crystals, as they truly are a wonderful gift and can become great supportive friends in our lives that I feel, are specifically here to aid us in responsibly harnessing our innate Essence and power to be in harmony with the Earth and Cosmos.

But back to the original question, which prompted this post…Where do I feel the metaphysical properties of crystals come from and how do they affect us? – That is a complex question that I can only answer through my heart and feelings. The energies come from Universal Consciousness itself, from All That Is, from their resonation with the purity of Essence and natural attunement evolved through the Earth‚Äôs consciousness, infused with Cosmic energy. Many have also been infused with information from ancient civilizations including Lemuria, Atlantis, Sumeria, and so on, throughout what we think of as “time” and also embody extraterrestrial energies, holding record keeping information, knowledge and understanding that is multi-dimensional, unconditional and boundless.

First off, crystals are living beings, alive and full of Universal Life Force Energy, just like everything that exists. They each possess unique ‚Äúpersonality‚ÄĚ signatures that develop through the process of their evolution. Some come from within the Earth, others from the Cosmos, or blendings of each (as in the case of moldavite and tektites that are created from Extraterrestrial/Cosmic Essence by means of things like meteors that fuse with the Earth‚Äôs crust).

Crystals resonate their Universal energy at quantum levels in harmony with human energy. Their internal atom structures that create sound, color, light, etc., vibrate at different speeds like satellites, radars, computers…and humans are like receivers that tune into the vibrations. Crystals vibrate on frequencies in harmony with all levels of our consciousness, as if playing unique notes that can affect each person relative to their make-up and resonance with those notes. Crystals are naturally in harmony with the life force even in their raw, unformed state. They have precise internal make-ups that keep them constantly and consistently in tune and in harmony. They don’t actually hold electrical charges, but can produce them. They can keep you in tune through their own harmonic synchronization with the primal energy of life, which then in turn keeps you more in harmony with life itself. Each one is a unique and distinct individual, as are we, with its own harmonic frequency rhythms.

When we are willing to receive this energy and exercise our Essence, we can contact the energies from which the entire Universe is comprised and crystals aid us to do so, being such clear channels of this energy. This is why crystals and other minerals are so powerful and must be used through the highest consciousness of the individual for the highest good. This is imperative. The Universal energies contained within each is activated and directed by interaction with the same.¬†Misuse and abuse of crystals has taken place over “time” and they are in need of our helping them to balance and reattune, which is why they call to our hearts and need specific partners and keepers to work with and to assist. Sometimes the connections are life long, or “lives long,” and sometimes we are channels to move them to where they need to go or to assist along part of their journey, just as they assist us – all with the bigger picture intent to assist the Collective Earth.

Giant Lemurian Seed Crystal Sphere

They each vibrate a different energy frequency depending on their make-up ‚Äď for example, their ¬†colors resonate with corresponding Chakra energies, and specific types hold varying vibrational resonance. They ARE Universal Life Force Energy within crystalline and mineral structures that embody codes of collective existence that are timeless. They are here to aid us in tuning our own vibrations to that frequency and supporting us to remember who and where we come from and to harmonize with the Earth and Cosmos. They can help support specific energies, act as healing guides, support inner growth, amplify things, bring things to light, help with clarity, strengthen, etc..but overall they help us to stay in tune, clear and balance all levels emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. They are representative of wholeness and can help us to remember our own.

I hope this helps a bit in sharing my feelings and personal insights. It‚Äôs very complicated to explain in words, as for me the experience of crystals is all very feeling based and about intuition and learning to just “be” with whatever you sense while in their presence. To scientifically explain is not my forte. I have just always been connected with them, like with animals, and they are definitely my dear friends.

This question came at a wonderfully synchronous time, as currently a whole family of new crystalline friends have found their way into my experience and are birthing into being. They are very unique amulet Lemurian Seed Crystal spheres that will be available for those wanting to actively assist in supporting the New Earth energy. It’s so beautiful to experience the unconditional love these crystals have to share and teach us.

To accept and welcome a crystal into your life is an honor, which they as well mirror, and is not one to take lightly. It is a responsibility and commitment not to abuse. This is the way that all relationships should be viewed…our relationship to crystals, animals, plants, the Earth, the Cosmos, to each other, and to ourselves.

Phase Shifting into Multi-Dimensional Heart Consciousness

Humanity has been awakening to a whole new experience, where rapid,
collective vibrational changes are taking place on the planet. Changes that
call for adjustments to be made on our part, where shifting to a path
of harmony involves consciously moving out of the current path of convenience.
Accelerated vibrations are rapidly increasing and needing to be embraced, but this
does not insinuate a “better than” feeling towards¬†current vibrations. They are simply different and in need of compassionate¬†integration, as all parts create the whole. Evolution is rapidly upon us, as we are called to remember and reactivate the beingness of the light bodies we once knew. We are phase shifting from one experience to a multi-dimensional experience, as we journey through the opening doorways we¬†are manifesting with this

Earth is mirroring the shift movement taking place and experiencing a
birthing cycle in response. In this way, she is able to match the vibrational
changes we are moving into. In order to aid her in this transition and work in
harmony with the process, more conscious awareness and choices become
prevalent, as well as the need to always act from the knowingness of our
hearts. Challenges can be avoided, if we realize our connective thread and
choose to assist with the love of our light beingness. It is our natural
ability to adapt and to walk the Earth with harmonic presence.

We are all treasured children of Earth. She awaits our reciprocating support
and love during these vital transitions. Awareness, respect, nurturing, and love:
ingredients to cultivate the New Earth and a connective, joyful experience of

We are the guardians of our Earth and she relies on our honoring this
partnership with her. And the most powerful way we can support one another
cohesively, is to be a shining example of unconditional love. It’s simply the choice to be a
joyful being in every moment through love, honor, and conscious choices. We
have a profound affect on others in the smallest of ways. Just saying what is
in your heart reflects more power than any act of force or attached expectations. We are not here to proselytize another.

We are simply here on a joy quest to master the art of devouring the beauty of life. Allow the law of attraction to unfold, as it knows how to do the work on its own. Those attracted to you either are those that will get “it,” or they are those in search of “it.” “It” meaning, what you¬†are emanating from the heart that others resonate with.¬†Not much is necessary to be done or said. A simple, joy and love-filled smile from you can say it all.

Interesting piece of trivia: Did you know that if you rearrange the letters in the word ‚ÄúHEART‚ÄĚ you get ‚ÄúEARTH‚ÄĚ and vice versa? This is very significant symbolically in connecting the two vibrationally. When the frequency and vibration of our Hearts change,
so too does the Earth’s frequency, as a direct mirroring reflection. One is not
isolated from the other and so when we consciously expand our capacities for
compassion, non-judgment, and conscious awareness through unconditional love,
global change is inevitable and Mother Earth will flourish with the same joy.
I love the magic in seemingly arbitrary things we take for granted.

A way to this new experience of ever-loving, harmonious, magical, abundant, joyous, expansive synchronicity, is in finding it increasingly important to move towards peacefully cocreating with conscious awareness. There is power in one, but the power of many is unimaginably potent. Moving from duality to Unity Consciousness creates change towards
a balanced New Earth experience. And part of that balance involves a new
partnership between “Awakened Humanity” and the “Elemental Kingdoms of Nature” together with the other “Kingdoms of Consciousness.” New relationships between Humanity and Nature¬†are increasingly magnified in significance now more than ever.

Living with respect, love, and with compassionate sharing helps us to no longer feel alone.
Together we have much beauty to experience and so much more we can achieve. Becoming skilled with cocreative processes aligns and activates evolutionary vibrations to bring us closer to Source/All That Is/The Universe/Our God Essence.

I believe it’s never too late. We can manifest change in the here and now, that will transform the present, create a bright new future,¬†and reshape the past. Our power is in
the present moment. With every thought, belief, feeling, and action, it is possible
to create miracles in the now. We need to believe and nurture a bit
of that childlike hope we once had.

The animals have messages to share with us as well. We need only to listen and
resonate with their vibrations in order to receive it. With intelligence and
conscious awareness comes responsibility. The animals have been communicating the
Universe’s transitions. They’re showing us how our choices are affecting the
Earth. It is no mystery that change is needed. There is so much we can learn and share from and with them. They remind us of the beauty of our Earthly existenece and the need for integration of all of our parts. As we progress intellectually and spiritually, we mustn’t forget our emotions and our physical bodies and the beauty that manifests when we
harmonize them into intuitive, instinctual sychronicity.

May the peace of the nature of the cosmos be in each and every one of us. 

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