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Sharing My Gratitude Before We Head Off

Just a quick little gratitude post for this day – a long time in the making, but so well worth the patience for perfect alignment.

We are off in just a few hours here to kick off the journey.

Although we’re only headed to Malibu for now (where we’ll be for a week), just shifting our location will be a huge energy game changer, and since we’re in the wake of the New Moon, it’s just all feeling divinely guided for the new beginnings.

There’s been so many wonderful signs, messages, and gifts leading up to this in the past year, but also including just this week and these last couple of days.

These recent things included:

  • Enjoying amazing sunrises yesterday and today to see us off
  • Tons of cleansing downpours of rain to refresh and release
  • An earthquake to shake things up
  • Wild lightning and thunder to dramatically shift and rock things like “The Tower” card in Tarot
  • Waking up to check on the bunnies a couple of nights ago and the clock read 11:11 the moment we came together
  • A cool dream where a docile and tender falcon was letting me pet and play with him on the ground then he jumped on my shoulder softly for a while before flying off on a gate where a bunch of other birds of all varieties met him and they peered down at me while I was in an outdoor setting of trees and plants, which mirrored the Nine of Pentacles card in Tarot where she has a falcon on her, she’s in solitude, in her element, and enjoying the abundance of the garden of life around her – super awesome
  • Coming home to the current rv park last night to be greeted by 5 wild rabbits on the New Moon. This mirrored being greeted by the one rabbit when we first came to live in this park, which was also on a new moon. And since 5 is my favorite and lucky number, and is connected to Nestor, as well as symbolic of big change and surprises, I’m even more excited and grateful right now
    yesterday's sunset

    yesterday’s sunrise


    this morning’s sunrise


this morning’s sunrise

sunrise (2)

this morning’s sunrise


new moon rabbit

one of the 5 rabbits that just kept staring at me, just like the rabbit on the first day we moved in to the park here


It has definitely felt like a wonderful conspiring of support right up until the end here.

I can’t express how happy I am that this is all coming together.

And I also want to express my deepest gratitude for everything that has made it possible, for the wonderful and growth-inducing experiences we have been able to have while living here, for all of the amazing friends and clients I/we’ve shared a lot with here and had the opportunity and honor to see go through their own shifts, for the wonderful house that supported it all for us, for the garden that enchanted our lives and added another layer of enrichment for me, for all of my friends from the other realms here that have been a huge support, for the challenges, heartaches, and endings that provided the potentials for change that were embraced, and for all of the inspiration and guidance received while experiencing it all.

I am grateful for what life here has provided…the hard, the easy, and then some.

There have been some pretty major changes that have happened while living here…some of the biggest.

And as always, there’s more to come.

Thank you for sharing this journey of life with me.

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