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Inspiration from Crystal Cove

20151213_170119_resizedIt’s been a while since I’ve shared beach beauty from Crystal Cove here – which has been a favorite sanctuary of mine and one of the main things I’ll miss about living in this area, although I know I’ll find many enchanted places along our journeys.

Anyway, since my days are counted – only 27 days remaining until lift-off! – I thought I’d share some photos of the ocean inspiration and treasures I found on yesterday’s beautiful sunset walk we took at Crystal Cove after our long day of errands and more RV upgrades. Getting everything on the Magick Bus in tip-top shape before heading out!

It’s as if this little piece of peace at ocean’s edge knows I’ll be leaving soon and wants to see me off with love, as it just happened to be low tide, my eye caught crevasses where these beauties hid awaiting me, and we just arrived before the sun set, so the skies lit up in softness and golden splendor. 4:44 pm, nonetheless! What a blessing!

20151213_170019_resizedIt all tickled my inner child and was exactly the little infusion of magick and energetic boost needed to kick off this week and the rest of the 27 days here, which promise to be very full.

Hope they bring you into greater connection with your passions and spark an inspirational fire to fuel them.12348167_10207805063791728_2551819063593294755_n20151213_165956_resized12369213_10207805064151737_8037570188777236835_n20151213_170045_resized20151213_170221_resized12301635_10207805064591748_591025972316313979_n20151213_170249_resized12391945_10207805064391743_8183081985302979842_n20151213_170418_resized


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