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Gem of the Emerald Forest – Panda Gifts of Wisdom

Gem of the Emerald Forest by Tania Marie

I just completed the 6th painting in my series Universal ARKitecture last evening, which will be available in prints soon, like the first 5. To purchase the original you can contact me.

This new painting is titled, Gem of the Emerald Forest, and honors our sacred and endangered panda brothers and sisters. Each painting in this series conveys a theme reflected through animal spirit wisdom. I am guided by intuitively listening to messages I receive that reveal which animal spirit and energy will come through next. I have found that each always synchronously mirrors a collective theme.

Before I share some of panda’s wisdom, I found it serendipitous that a good friend of mine yesterday shared the news that Mei Xiang, a giant panda at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington D.C., just gave birth two her second cub on Sunday night. I had no idea, not ever watching or reading news unless someone brings it to my attention, but found it synchronous my friend shared this with me, just as I was putting the final touches on the painting.

I feel this painting not only conveys valuable wisdom, but is connected with the birth of this new cub that is an ambassador for conservation, diplomacy and peaceful relations. As the news report from Anthony Castellano shares:

“With only 300 pandas left in breeding zones and zoos around the world, Mei Xiang and the father of the new cub have become public symbols for endangered species and conservation efforts.”

You can read more and watch the video here: Panda Mei Xiang Gives Birth to Cub

Gem of the Emerald Forest by Tania Marie – A little better detail close-up of the panda. I’ll have professional images done soon of this painting, but this helps give you a better idea for now

I had only just started this painting on Friday evening (the first day I was “able” to begin channeling it), working a couple hours then and Saturday, but doing the bulk of the work Sunday and finalizing it yesterday on Monday. It’s sitting in my office/studio right now, as I am loving the energy emanating from it. Being that my company is named Emerald Bridge, due to my resonance with, and focus on, the Heart Chakra energy, this one reflects a resonance for me in relation to that.

The Heart Chakra has the ability to be the balancing integrator of opposites (between body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity) and acts as an energetic “bridge” between the lower and upper chakras. It is from this place of peaceful centeredness that love emanates as divine power. As you will see by panda’s wisdom, this energy is very much reflected in what it has to teach.

Panda’s have much wisdom to share with us. They are a rare gem that symbolize many valuable things we can learn from. Being generally solitary, they teach us the importance of solitude, going within and understanding the value of slowness and being still to receive. They are very agile tree climbers giving them the unique ability as a totem to tap into higher knowledge and teach us soul development. They teach us balance and finding that center that learns to integrate opposites in harmony. Their black and white colors depict the energy of the Yin Yang Symbol, indicating the importance of this balance between masculine and feminine energies, East and West, and anything of duality. They also draw our attention to the need to create more balance in our immediate lives. These contrasting colors represent differences in cultures and how we can break the barriers and boundaries, realizing we are one global community. They also teach us adaptability, connection to the Plant Kingdom, and Eastern beliefs.

Pandas are also masters of being elusive, despite their bold, contrasting colors and so they point us to where we are feeling a lot of inner conflict that may be causing us to “hide” rather than allow ourselves to shine and be seen. In this way they remind us to nurture self-encouragement and cultivate soul nourishment in order to reach our fullest potentials – basically, to realize the gifts of your uniqueness and to stop hiding.

Pandas are adorable and make you just want to run up and cuddle them, however they are also very strong and not to be messed with. In this way they teach us to be mindful of making judgments and not to judge a book by the cover. There is always more than meets than eye and by taking panda’s advice of going within, you will find the heart answers you need.

As a very exotic being, panda cultivates our love for the exploration of exotic lands and appreciation of different cultures.

And as mentioned earlier, pandas have always been highly treasured in China and because of their history of China gifting Giant Pandas as diplomatic gifts to other countries, they represent diplomacy, peaceful relations and have also come to be ambassadors of good will and conservation.

Pandas hold many hidden treasures for us to embrace. It is clear to me why this lovely being has channeled through in painting #6. Many of us are working with these aspects of integration, balance, working through inner conflicts to find peace, revealing our authenticity with courageous vulnerability, honoring inner wisdom and realizing the importance of times to withdraw in order to reconnect, seeing things with unconditionally loving hearts, and uniting as Global Human Beings.

I am always so excited and honored to see which animal will come through next, never knowing until the divinely perfect unfolding moment. 27 more of these lovely ones to come!

Thank you Panda for your gifts of wisdom and many blessings to the dear little one that has just entered the world via her mother Mei Xiang.

To commission a painting you can contact me at I offer animal companion portraits alongside the originals I create and custom paintings that mirror your desires.

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