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Oasis of Light

oasis23Day after Christmas explorations of Indian Canyons Hiking Trails brought a brilliant illumination of light around every enchanted moment.

oasis31I’ve spent a LOT of time in Palm Springs in my past, but I’ve never explored the trails and areas discovered this time around.

All things in divine timing.

oasisSeven miles of beauty on the Stone Pools and Murray Canyon/Seven Sisters Trails uncovered a stunning, hidden desert oasis jewel that was breathtaking.

oasis19They were truly some of my most favorite trails ever and I couldn’t help but smile at the dance of light that was present.

I found a butterfly on the trail beneath the towering palms and gently let her crawl onto my finger and hand so that I could move her to safety.

oasis11She had one damaged wing, but I’m believing that with the kiss I gave her on her wings, some Reiki love, and moving her out of harms way, that she will enjoy some more days spreading her magick.

oasis40So grateful to have found this area and I look forward to exploring more in the future.

oasis13I hope you find some inspiration and reflection of the light and hidden, innate beauty within you, as you journey through these images.

YOU are the treasure!

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Illuminating Renewal ~ Christmas in the Desert

christmas retreat

Christmas Eve retreat grounds and view outside the window

I love creating my own way to spend the holidays, airing always on the unconventional and mixing in things that have always touched the child in me.

We all have ways that speak to us for experiencing all of life. I choose to experience it by my own heart’s gauge, and am always open to how that may reflect, change, and create itself at any given moment.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve desert beauty

This year seemed to be about the desert for the seasonal celebrations, as that’s where I find myself again for the long Christmas weekend.

The desert couldn’t be a more beautiful way to relax and reflect on the year behind, the year ahead, and the integration of both in the now, while doing a lot of nature connecting.

There is a purity and sacredness to the desert that feels supportive of receiving clarity and standing in the raw nakedness of my personal truth.

This Christmas weekend’s retreat at a remote little sanctuary with the Pacific Crest Trail steps outside the door is perfect. And all of the little touches that have just seamlessly woven themselves together, are infusing my soul with much-embraced nurturing.pacific crest trail christmas hike (11)

Arriving yesterday on Christmas Eve afternoon to a just-made-fire by the hosts, an old record playing on the old-fashioned record player, and 360 degree breath-taking views, was more than I could have asked for.

After settling in, I enjoyed reading a book that has personal connection, and is supporting a deeper soul exploration and integration, while I retrieve more parts of myself and increase my understanding of who I am. It’s sparking new ideas for what’s next.

And there is nothing like being snug in your jammies by a real stone fireplace on Christmas Eve, with the wind howling outside out in the middle of nowhere, warm apple pie filling the air, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for viewing, listening, and feeling pleasure, like a Christmas story that tucked me in for the night.

christmas morning

Christmas morning sunrise

Today, Christmas morning welcomed a beautiful sunrise on the desert landscape, inviting tea and Christmas cookies, and then a gorgeous hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, ascending 1000 feet through enchanted terrain without a soul around except for the Elementals.

This provided the ability to take it all in and stroll intentfully along the way.

pacific crest trail christmas hike (2)

Christmas morning hike

It’s so wonderful not to have any plan or particulars to do. That left some exploration time of this little remote oasis to take in the other unique and hobbit dwellings and landscape.

Definitely feeling in my element. It’s like a desert Shire.

pacific crest trail christmas hike (3)

Christmas morning hike

A lot to explore both inside and out this weekend and I’m listening to what wants to voice itself to me…subtle or loudly.

I definitely don’t believe that we need to “go away” on retreat to do so, but we do have to consciously and intentionally make the effort to listen, where ever we choose to be.

And we can use our surroundings, the people in it, and the triggers to take a conscious look within as to their reflections.

oasis grounds (3)

Oasis grounds lined with olive trees and cactus gardens galore

I just particularly need the literal adventure, as it is my soul requirement in order to feel my most expansive and free.

pacific crest trail christmas hike (7)

View from Pacific Crest Trail of the little secluded oasis retreat area I’m enjoying below

Today there were conversations around what “enlightenment” is, how being mindful and conscious makes a difference, why people have a challenge with attaining things they say they desire, and an exploration of the spirituality around this time of year.

pacific crest trail christmas hike (5)

On the Pacific Crest Trail

And it all has been flowing a lot of illumination and connection in deepening and emanating ways.

pacific crest trail christmas hike (6)

On the Pacific Crest Trail

The images I snapped quickly along the way, reveal the light of this renewing energy of today that is available to us all.

Arise and shine!

pacific crest trail christmas hike (8)

Naturally etched stones watching over the valley – I see a horse’s head and?

pacific crest trail christmas hike (10)

The Three Guardians

oasis grounds (4)

Faery cactus garden with hard-to-see crystal tree at center with bells hanging at the ends of each branch and a crystal fish


pacific crest trail christmas hike (9)

View of the valley out toward Palm Springs on Pacific Crest Trail

pacific crest trail christmas hike (12)pacific crest trail christmas hike (1)

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