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“Parallel-universe therapy”

As a visionary artist constantly invoking my imagination, I love this post by Jon Rappoport. Jon shares about the breakthroughs that come from unlimited creation and taking leaps of imagination. These also in turn create boundless liberation and illumination. As Jon expresses, “What is considered hard fact dissolves, and imagination comes to the fore as the alchemical force that transmutes a few dimensions into an unlimited number.” Living a creative life does indeed provide endless possibilities and multiple reality potentials through parallel universe experiences.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

“Parallel-universe therapy”

by Jon Rappoport

January 5, 2013

One of the best questions a person asks himself is, “What if…?”

People do ask themselves that question all the time, but they rarely take it seriously.

They prefer to keep the answers at arm’s length. They prefer to assign someone else the task of putting answers into action.

What if…” sets up a kind of parallel universe, in which things are quite different.

It’s no surprise that artists ask the question; then they answer it with novels and plays and paintings and films.

For the individual, the question always suggests taking a new course in life, changing the old framework. As one edges closer to initiating action, body and mind and psyche go into an anticipatory state of high energy.

Yes, do it. This is good.”

It’s especially good because the subconscious sees new possibility, and not just…

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