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Last Chance to Pre-Register Today for Accelerated Reiki & Yoga Workshops

Reiki group healing session2013 continues to herald in the energy of harmony and community, along with an increased sense of service to humanity, finding balance between giving and receiving, making responsible choices, connectedness, peace, and love.

This is a transformative time to empower yourself  in ways that will enhance your life and the lives of everyone you touch.

Reiki is a beautiful expression of unconditional love and service that can unite you with others through the source of Universal Life Force Energy.

If you’ve been feeling the desire to connect more deeply, or needing loving support to help bring you back to wholeness from the intense shifts taking place in your life and around you, then taking a journey of the heart to help anchor in the acceleration of experiences, at the core, may be of resonance to you.

Reiki is one tool that can support this and is an option that perfectly mirrors the essence of this year.

Don’t miss out on the pre-registration special discounts that end today. Join others like yourself in a Heart Opening experience that will take you to a new level of living, giving, and receiving in empowering ways.

To pre-register please email at

It’s not often I get to the east coast, so I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to connect with everyone there and support this journey, as my greatest joy is in empowering others.

All the exciting details can be found here: New Jersey Workshops


Testimonials from a few past students:

“Tania, you are a reminder of how powerful it is to be of service to others with your love and energy. I am very impressed with the integrity and credibility of your Reiki course. You are very patient, kind and nurturing. I feel as if I was somehow guided to you for your service and energy; the world needs more people like you in this critical stage. I had a longing inside me for a deeper spiritual connection and you provided me with just that. I am grateful and honored that I received my Reiki training through you. Reiki facilitates a deep sense of calm and relaxation in the body-mind-spirit. I plan to incorporate Reiki into my healing work as a nurse, so many people can benefit from this wonderful gift. All one needs to perform Reiki is an open heart, set of hands and a willing spirit. Thank You! Tania, I have been born again.”

Amanda Barnett, RN, Sparks, NV

“Dear Tania, The moment I saw your photo on your website as I was searching for a Reiki instructor, I knew I had to meet you. I felt an instant rapport that assured me that you could help me transition into a higher awareness and purpose. And I was right! My Reiki I Attunement with you was incredible. My whole life has changed in such a positive way since that day in December 2008. You are a great role model and teacher. Your calm and quiet nature comforts and soothes me. You are wise beyond your human years and I look forward to learning even more from you in the future. Thank you for being there for those of us who are ready to move forward in our journeys.”

Your Friend and Student,
Diana Hooper, Reno, NV

“Thank you so much for the last class! I left feeling like I was “somewhere else.” Happy, just off somewhere. I slept wonderfully. I have a much more calm feeling and far more grounded and at peace than what I had with Reiki 1. That was very happy, light, almost child-like. This is all that with a better feel of direction and purpose. I guess that is the best way to put it. But still, I thank you. And thank you for being a kind and gentle teacher. You don’t even know how much that helps. Thank you for offering ways to help myself, that is mostly what I look for. I don’t care to have things done for me. Plus, that lets me know someone else has faith in me. There is such a gracious, peacefulness about offering Reiki to someone other than yourself. I don’t know how to explain it other than it just fills your heart with so much love. This has been the best investment, other than my children, of my life so far. (both money and time) Thank you again my friend. I can’t even begin to fully express how much you have helped me. Blessings to you.”

Shellie, NV

You can still register for New Jersey, Reno, or Park City Utah workshops after today, but the pre-registration offer will end at midnight tonight. The non-pre-registration prices are still offered at discount from regular prices, so you can still sign up at special offer. Just make sure to do so at least 2 days prior to classes starting, as all registration closes then. Pricing is the same for all of these workshops and is reflected at the link above for New Jersey Workshops.

A reminder on dates:

New Jersey workshops are Saturday 2/9 and Sunday 2/10

Reno workshops are available between Sunday 1/27 and Wednesday 1/30

Park City workshops are available between Sunday 2/17 and Friday 2/22

Utah Reiki Workshops? – An Opportunity for Reiki Certification in Park City

healing attunements reiki1

The giving of Reiki Initiation Attunements to the group in Bimini

I am grateful for all the beautiful gifts in my life that come in unusual and surprising ways/packages, and I LOVE to be able to gift others as well. It’s all about the circle of giving and receiving and to be open to them both in abundance, as they come to us in more ways than what sometimes we limit ourselves to seeing, because we have attachments to the way we would like to have it come.

Feeling much gratitude for being gifted some upcoming trips (thank you to the special people making these possible) that are enabling me to be able to gift others. As I’ve posted, I will be in Reno at the end of this month, 1/26 – 2/3, and in New Jersey 2/8 – 2/11. These trips provide me the ability to spread the Reiki love and offer Reiki training and certification, I might not otherwise be able to, which will in turn gift many others through all that are touched.

It seems that the Universe has a lot of in-person sharing, connecting and collaborating in store this year and I am embracing the nudges that feel intuitively in alignment.

Being one that gets 10 x’s colder than most people at any given time and place, it is interesting to see all the snow and cold this year has lined up so far and for my personal sacred journey later. It’s definitely aligned with a deeply-reflective, inner-truth-and-stillness-within year I’m heading into.

Tania MarieUtah Reiki Workshops?

When I posted the upcoming Reiki workshops in Reno and New Jersey, I was asked by someone I know in Utah if I was heading that way with any offerings. I paused at the synchronicity and said, well…actually I am, but hadn’t thought about offering Reiki while I was there. However, given the nudge, I decided I would at least provide the opportunity while I am.

So, if you are in the Park City, Utah area, I will be there between 2/16 and 2/23 and am happy to offer, and figure out setting up, a class or classes. This can be a private or group class. Just let me know of your interests and we’ll go from there in arranging the specifics. I can offer the same pre-registration specials (but with 1/27/13 as the cut off to receive them) and training opportunities you can find at the link below.

Don’t forget the pre-registration specials for Accelerated Reiki Workshops in Reno, Nevada ends 1/13/13 and in Nutley, New Jersey ends 1/21/13.

For more information on these workshops visit:

Accelerated Reiki Workshops – Opening to Living and Giving from Your Heart

Remember: These non-local classes must be registered and paid for no later than two days before class begins, as materials and manuals need to be prepared before traveling and a final count of how many people will be attending is needed. 

To register, contact me at 

If you are interested in hosting Reiki Workshops at your studio or sacred space in the area you live, have a group of people in mind that would like to receive teaching, or would like to co-collaborate on an event, retreat or weekend, you can also contact me at with your inquiries.

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