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The Power of the Heart ~ Sacred Tattoo Design

Sacred Tattoo Design

This sacred tattoo design was such an incredibly beautiful experience to channel, which isn’t a surprise since my client IS such a beautiful soul.

We had some awesome connections along the way that remind me again at how the things we do are so much more than meets the eye. I’m so grateful that through the work I do that it aligns me with wonderful people that in many cases become good friends, and in most cases are all special soul connections.

This piece took some twists and turns in the creation process, as I felt into the energy that was being presented. In the end, with patience and not forcing the process, I was able to see through layers to the core essence.

The design blends this client’s strong soul affinity with Asian and Native American spirituality in a beautifully synergized way. What we get is a strongly empowered Sacred and Divine Feminine essence that presents each thread of her soul tapestry.

She is a very strong soul and this has been misinterpreted at times, so with this design we are portraying her true nature and looking into her soul through the eyes of the Hawk and the artistry of her soul signature.

Hints of feathers share her Native American roots and shaman quality, which is powerful unto themselves, yet have a graceful fluidity, lightness, and movement to them.

I didn’t want there to be and blatant symbolism, but rather a beautiful and blended harmony blossoming forth in this sensual dance that shares a look into the mystery of who she is. Powerful beauty, mystique, abundant love and compassion from the depth of her heart, and strength of character, visions of a healer, transformation, and fertile blossoming all wrapped up together with amazing depth and spiritual grace.

It’s quite a larger piece that will span the upper portion of her back from bottom of lower neck down through heart chakra.

Both she and I have shared being mesmerized by the image and unable to look away. LOL! I’m just really in love with it and its energy, and so, so happy that she is too.

Below I’ll add the symbolism of each of the elements that are woven in this creation. Since they are collective symbols this information is not different for any one particular person, but how they are integrated and what they are blended with, as well as how they are drawn….all make them unique to the individual and speak a different story.

So here are the elements of the design with their collective symbolism:

Lotus Mandala – the Lotus itself is a powerful and ancient image symbolizes harmony, spiritual illumination and unlimited potential. The lotus is a type of water lily which rises from the sludge of muddy waters and opens into a beautiful flower. It is often used as a mandala, or circular symbol, but any way you use the Lotus in a spiritual practice, it will provide a resonant field that reinforces the concept of resurrection. Human mistakes and challenges are the fertilizer for brilliance and awakened creation as the Lotus shows us. Born in the murkiest of ponds, Lotus still emerges pure. Use the Lotus as a reminder that “this, too, shall pass.” Be assured that all fertilizer nurtures a beautiful new life. In the greater world, Lotus is a peaceful cosmic beacon for forgiveness, gratitude and compassion to prevail where the sludge of conflict has resided. Using this symbol on water invites a balance between humility and pride.

Mandalas – are geometric figures representing the Universe and this personal empowerment Mandala is a reflection of the very “fabric” you flourishing into all that you are. This Mandala will help to focus her energy in a way that is connected authentically to the heart of who she is and empowers her heart chakra.

Tibetan Conch – wanting to bring in her Asian influences, but staying away from the Buddha images and such, this was one of the elements that spoke out from what she had shared being connected to. One of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism, the symbol is the Right-coiled White Conch symbolizes “the spread of the teachings of the Dharma (principle of cosmic order/natural universal laws and those in harmony with it and the teachings of Buddha) and an awakening from the slumber of ignorance.” When it spirals to the right this is rare and considered especially sacred, believed to echo the celestial motion of the sun, moon, planets, and stars, as well as the hair whorls on Buddha’s head, his fine body hairs, the conch-like swirl of his navel, symbolizes his throat and melodious voice, and long curl at his third eye. It also “appears as an auspicious mark on the soles, palms, limbs, breast, or forehead of a divinely endowed being”. The right coiling white conch also symbolizes the deep and far-reaching melodious sound of the truth of Dharma teachings that spreads in all directions and when heard, not only awakens, but urges accomplishing your own and others’ welfare. In Tibetan Buddhism, today, it is a musical instrument that calls together spiritual assemblies and contains holy water. In this way it speaks to your “voice” and this channel for creative self-expression of your personal song vibration and frequency to others. White represents the Brahmin caste (priests). The conch is also an “emblem of power, authority and sovereignty whose blast is believed to banish evil spirits, avert natural disasters, and scare away poisonous creatures”.

Hawk – symbolizes Awareness, Perspective, Insight, Cunning, Observant, Truth, Visionary Power, Guardianship, Leader, Strength, Initiative, Decisiveness, Creativity, Messenger, Caution, Strategy, Maneuvering, Leadership. The spirit of hawk brings with it many different meanings that we can constantly look at in our lives at different times, to assist us into our wholeness like that of taking account of things in your life and observing all the details while seeing the meaning in ordinary experiences. Also, freeing ourselves from limiting thoughts and beliefs that stop us from soaring in our lives with greater and expanded perspective. Seeing the bigger picture, being insightful, visionary, asserting yourself without doubt, trusting your instincts, and having confidence in what comes to you. Taking initiative and ceasing to procrastinate are things assisted by Hawk where we know when to strike with precision and speed without letting opportunities pass us by. Seize the moment! But also using caution in the way we maneuver and knowing when NOT to take action because we listen to our instincts and support them for the highest good.

Feathers –  Feathers represent flight, freedom, ascension, lightness, grace, ability to flow with winds of change, truth, speed, communication with Spirit, celestial wisdom, the power of the element air, and are very connected to Shamanism, someone who is a Shaman and works with elements and Earth in ancient ways, as well as is connected to Native American Indians and the power of Bird Spirit. In the design I created a couple of feathers, as well as added a hint of wing to the left. They are a reminder to release the heaviness from our hearts, to be gentle with ourselves, nurture our innocent inner child, dance with grace through change, embrace vulnerability, and be willing to flow without attachments that hinder our expansiveness. They also represent the ancient ways, being in tune with Mother Earth, and sacred ritual.

Spiral – I created a spiral effect to the left, where the end of the feather turns into the center of this spiral…almost like a vortex or galaxy. Spirals symbolize creation, movement, fluidity, surrender/releasing, holistic growth, and awareness of the one within the context of the whole. It reveals the cyclical nature of life, the consciousness of nature from core center expanding outward, and the relationship between unity and multiplicity. It is the limitless spirals that move both “inward towards the Source of creation and eternally outward with Source’s continual self-creation.” In this way, the spiral reflects the contiguous journey home to who you really are and the journey to be one with Source.

Cherry Blossoms – The breathtaking but brief beauty of the cherry blossoms, according to Buddhist tradition, symbolizes the transient nature of life. They also reflect, in traditional Japanese values, that of purity and simplicity. The cherry blossom is also tied with the samurai culture, representing the fleeting nature of the samurai’s life and symbolic of drops of blood. They also represent the arrival of Spring, end of Winter, end of difficult/challenging periods, joy, beauty, freshness, new generation, life cycle, beauty and sexuality, love in a language of herbs, promise of fruit to come – fruits of your labor revealing in abundance.

Dragon – The dragon symbolizes transformation, transmutation, wisdom, protection, infinite self, supernatural power, primordial power and mastering all of the elements, also balance, magick, mystery, wonder, a powerful guardian and guide.  The dragon symbolism represents you as creator, bringing a visual of your inner strength within reflected on the outside and of your higher self.

As you can see, the Dragon is curled around in a graceful dance, merging with the rest of this tapestry. Everything is connected, interwoven, builds upon the others, enhances each, and is in harmony and relationship to all. There is a power to this Dragon, but also a gentle strength and sweetness, as she flows through and rests with awareness among the Cherry Blossoms. She is wise and incredibly empowered, but also we see a tenderness to her that comes from embracing the vulnerability within us and not having to display our power in such overt ways, but to emanate it with grace.

Energy moves through the top and bottom and flows out each side, so there is a fluidity and not static quality to the design, although the mandala is quite anchored, which centers and grounds with its sacred geometry.

The conch lies center of the Hawk at the third eye and beak, reflecting the inner wisdom it holds through the insightfulness of the Hawk. The full-faced very held and soulful, penetrating gaze of Hawk, allows her to focus her vision, both inner and outer, with the inner guidance of her heart and intuition that are aligned with natural cosmic order…the center piece symbolism of the conch.

Without saying more, I’ll let you explore this sacred design and see where you journey.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred visionary piece of artwork or tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

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I always add shading and detail to the drawings so that you can get a taste of what it might look like tattooed when details come together. But usually tattoo drawings by artists are done in just the simple outline of the piece and the details come together during the inking process…but this gives a reference to assist the tattoo artist and it helps you to envision the possibilities.

Sea Goddess Personal Mandala ~ Sacred Tattoo Design

Sacred Tattoo Design


Such a fun piece to create this one was and oh how I love the symbolism, as  fellow Pisces myself.

This sacred tattoo design was created for a special Pisces client with some beautiful intentions she wanted to bring forth and emanate with her design we’d be co-creating.

What came to me right away when I was feeling into things and got the sizing we were working with, along with the upper, middle back area we both had intuited for her separately, was to create a personal Mandala.

Yet, not simply one that uses symmetry, but one that is more organic, flowing, feels like the energy is moving, graceful and feminine, yet also has harmony and balance to it within that organic execution. And since my client likes things off-center slightly, having it energetically balanced, but not necessarily all the exact same so that there is a sense of the natural at work, felt right.

Because of her love for nature and the ocean, the imagery that came through was of things that mirror this, while also reflecting the essence and energy of her and things to help empower and infuse her life with more of, drawing forth her gifts, and sharing who she is in essence.

I always have synchronicities that take place, and interestingly the night before I did the full outline execution of the vision, I had a dream of the ocean and a home that sat at the edge of a pebbled beach, where the ocean touched. And then the vision flowed through. I always receive the guidance and support to help with the channeling and to connect more deeply with the energy at hand.

Immediately a few things popped out to include, which are the seahorse, starfish, and ocean waves.

There’s also a lot of that ancient and sacred feminine flow of life in spirals everywhere in it, mirroring the spiral of life, the cycles of life, and even the nautilus and the tops of seashells I was feeling in essence.

These spirals then showing up in the waves, the curls of the starfish legs, and the curls of the seahorse tails.

There is the element of water here, but also an earthy grounded feel, which creates balance – this through a hint of almost a leaf-like design on the starfish body and the way the seahorses hold the energy grounded that is flowing all around…so like that connection to your core and body, although you are able to move in and out, be a chameleon, shift, and change.

The little “wings” of the seahorse bring in an aspect of the element of air as well, and since seahorses are considered the “hummingbirds of the sea,” they are bringing in the wisdom of these little messengers of the gods as well.

The two seahorses also remind me of a painting I did a few years back called “Dance of the Twin Flames” which had two seahorses in it.

To me, this aspect of the two seahorses is not isolated to a union found/created outside of oneself, but truly speaks about the union, and honor and cultivation, of our parts and the Sacred/Divine Feminine and Masculine within each of us that we bring together in wholeness and to be in the wholeness of our essence.

The two beautiful sea horses (known as hummingbirds of the sea) symbolize the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in harmony as they unite. This equates to an honoring of all of our parts and both our left and right brain, as well as a marriage within us of mutual respect for each of the energies our parts have to share with us and that we can offer to the world in our most shining way when we honor them and bring them forth through our individual gifts.

As I’ve written before, sea horse wisdom shares the messages of joy, understanding the importance of the courtship dance within and without, stability in emotional waters, ceremony, bonding monogamously for life, great keepers of secrets, keen vision, psychic energy, analysis, strategy, independence, etiquette, sharing and mixing up of gender roles (as the male sea horse carries the young and births them), the water element, and connection with Poseidon.

Sea horses are graceful and almost mythological creatures that are one of those rare species that don’t seem to fit with any others in their category. They possess so many different qualities, similar to a platypus, and have been around since ancient times (40 million years ago). They can even change their color and pattern to match the environment they are in, so they speak to our ability to merge and flow with change with greater ease and grace.

And although they are known as “hummingbirds of the sea,” having dorsal fins that flutter as much as 35 times per second, they are built more for maneuverability than speed and actually don’t move around all that much. They prefer to wrap their tails around sea vegetation for stability, hence speaking to a grounding energy, although they live within the waters of life. They are able to hover just as hummingbirds, however their dorsal fin flapping speed is amazing since it takes place under water.

They are both remarkable and ethereal, creating and bringing an air of mystery and intrigue to our life, along with enchantment, magick, and a lot of balancing wisdom that grounds these more etheric concepts. They make dreams a reality…the unbelievable believable…the miraculous a daily potential.

The starfish that cradles the two seahorses as the backdrop and anchoring of the piece has such magickal symbolism as well. The starfish is a universal and celestial symbol of infinite divine love. It has been used to represent the Virgin Mary – or Stella Maris, which means Star of the Sea – an ancient title she goes by because she is believed to lovingly intercede as a guide and protector of those who travel over troubled waters or seek their livelihoods on the sea. For this reason she is also seen as an emblem of salvation during trying times, which the starfish reflects in this mirroring symbolism.

In addition to love, the starfish also emanates the energies of inspiration, guidance, brilliance, intuition, and vigilance, with its connection to the stars. In Egyptian mythology, the starfish is one of the many titles of the Goddess Isis – a name by which tempest-tossed sailors adored and honored her as. It is thought that the attributes of a marine deity may have been bestowed on Isis by sea-faring Greeks of Alexandria and that this assumption is then thought to point to Sirius, the bright star of Isis, being the Stella Maris.

The starfish is considered a keystone species that affects many other organisms in an ecosystem and plays a critical role in maintaining the structure of an ecological community – so this points to our interconnectedness and how your example of life not only changes things in your individual experience, but affects and can support the collective.

The starfish is also a symbol of healing and regeneration due to its amazing ability to regenerate an arm and an entirely new starfish. They are able to simply drop an arm and scurry away to safety at will in order to outsmart predators. Because quite a few of the vital organs are housed in starfish arms, this enables the possibility to grow an entire new starfish from an arm and part of the central disc, if ripped off it. So this points to our resiliency, regenerative and healing abilities, endurance, and personal power.

Starfish wisdom includes a connection to the Star People, regeneration, Moon magick, beauty, and tidal movement. They are a way for us to realize our potentials, promises of dreams, ways to connect with the mystical, and to flow with the waters of life in trust. They also infuse an essence of joy when you look upon them, like twinkling star treasures from the sea.

The symbolism of the number five (in their five legs) not only points to the pentacle and the five elements, but carries the essence of radical transformation, travel, adventure, motion, wonder of life, appreciation of the perception of chaos around us, action, and journeying within and without to name a few.

The legs of the starfish, in the design, are complimented by five swirling waves of the ocean in mirror to the spiraling energy.

All of this creating the feel of a flowering and blossoming effect with the entire Mandala shape AND the two seahorses inside also have a hint of heart-shape creation between the two of them…perfect for that unconditional love energy sitting over the Heart Chakra, emanating out in waves of flowing, soft, and graceful love for all of life.

In all, it’s sort of a watery star blossom emblem and celebration of life, worthy of a true Sea Goddess or Elemental.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred visionary piece of artwork or tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

There is currently a waiting list, but you can easily make your deposit at the link provided below to embark on this journey in partnership with me. I’m currently booked out until June.

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For more information about the process and pricing please visit: Life Changing Tattoos

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin

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